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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 [Operation Heal & Recover] A Helping Hand?

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Operation Heal & Recover] A Helping Hand?   Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:10 pm

Artist: Danny Rayel - Song: Civilization Is Over - Word Count: 587

Nize was just curious at start. He knew one of his kind must'n go even close to Seireitei, where Shinigamies and Irimasha alike would just kill him. But the male wanted to know. To know how it looked, why people were so active all the time and what actually was a day for a regular Shinigami. He desired to learn all these things and in so the Septima Espada took a peak. He dressed in clothe which most closely resembled a Shinigami ones, Nize had met only them, masked his spiritual pressure by clothing it with the Reishi surrounding him, and with a fire of excitement went forward in Rukongai.

What he saw at first, in the most far sectors of Rukongai, was sadness, misery and suffering. He had never knew what is poorety, but seeing everyone in such bad shape, nothing but pain filled his heart. It was just unbearable to watch it all and without even thinking twice his hands started to act on them own, creating bread, food, fixing houses and streets, creating clothing and even curing. It all he could do with his knowledge on living beings, even if those were Hollows, and powerful ability over Reishi itself, from which almost everything was build of. Where the Arrancar went voices of gratitude and thanking to the God could be heard. His own face lighten up and a smile quickly formed on the boys white face. Thanks to the clothe and the way he masked his own energy most thought him as Shinigami and in this situation it was only good.

Few days he in so spent in the lowest districts, coming and going, creating more and more happiness to the people. If talked to Nize would blush red, but keep quiet and people didn't bug him too much. They felt grateful. His healing did save lives, now there was new places where everyone could stay and society itself looked much chipper then few days ago. As Nize went further to Seireitei it seemed his help was less needed until he reached the war damaged zone. Here everything was even worse. The dead, the injured, everyone needed help and of course there wasn't enough to be given. He clenched his fists upon the sight and with iron determination started to do what he could.

First, he, while avoiding any Shinigami, started to tend to those needed of healing. They were many and it seemed a never ending job. One after another Nize put his arms on them, scanned their Reishi bodies and then using the energy around himself to fix those. If it was poison or Hell's Miasma he just let in those bodies his own energy to grab hold of everything bad in the bodies and then removed them. Hours after hours, there was no stop, but in the same time camps after camps of the sick cleared out too and, of course, brought questions who was that cured these people so quickly. Thanks God most jumped to conclusions that it was just someone from the 4th Division and then there these would come to end.

Nize himself was just sitting in one of the alleys between two building, taking a little brake. The boy had just emptied another tent and felt pleased about what he had done. A fake Shinigamies badge lay in his hand, he copied one from a member of 4th Division, and was starring on it with a tired smile. A little laugh escaped his lips. Helping people was soul filling.

Coding By: [THEFROST]
Art By: Caria0

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[Operation Heal & Recover] A Helping Hand?
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