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  Chronicle Four | The Catalyst - Chapter One: Buried Feelings - Part 3

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Chronicle Four | The Catalyst - Chapter One: Buried Feelings - Part 3   Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:02 pm

He could see that she was levitating above the ground a few inches while he glanced back at her. He thought about her question as he turned back to face forward, thinking that she most likely was trustworthy enough to tell what he was doing here. "You're right, I am not an archeologist, though that would have been an interesting career to pick up maybe. I don't expect to run into danger, but I do plan on keeping us safe on our journey. I don't like taking chances, since anything can happen. As for the sword itself... let's just say it's part of my ancestry and is rightfully mine by birthright. I wouldn't mind just letting it rest, but again, I don't like the idea that someone else could dig this up and harness its power; I wouldn't want it to fall into dangerous hands." he answered truthfully. There was no reason to keep the information from her since she was spending her time accompanying him after all. Not to mention that he was aware that she had a magical presence, though he had no clue to what degree.

The parasol thing only made his observation concrete that she had some sort of affinity to magic and probably had more spells at her disposal than he could ever dream of. He was only starting off in the application of magic after all, so he wasn't going to put his faith into his magical abilities just yet. Ironically enough, the very item they were searching for would have so much supernatural power that he was slightly intimidated that he wouldn't be able to handle it. From what he remembered from his visions about both the appropriate counterpart that had handled the sword before him, that reincarnation of Lex was able to strike an entire building with one strike and cut it clean in half, among other things. Even though that variant clearly did the necessary requirements to handle such power, he wasn't sure if he himself actually could. He had to keep in mind that unlike the other Lex, he had not seen actual combat, had not fought in an actual war and did not know what it meant to actually hold such an invigorating yet destructive power in his grasp.

Suddenly the scouter would begin chiming very lowly into his ear, indicating that it had found something within the area before they reached a more spacious room within the temple. He hesitated at first, letting the scouter do its work to scan the entire room as he panned his head left to right, giving it a chance to analyze everything within the area. It didn't take long before he fully scanned the room, showing that nothing inside was harmful or set to be a trap, alluring the man to walk forward as he suddenly pressed a button on his scouter to shine brightly from the lens to illuminate the vicinity around him. He felt rather silly for simply not having a flashlight of sorts on him, but he would keep that in mind next time to have something to illuminate dark areas once he got out of this jam. Without a doubt however, the scouter read that the sword was currently a few feet under the ground, which was beneath several stone tiles. With another spell, he started lifting up the stones in a slow but steady manner, not trying to activate anything in case there was a trap that his scouter could have possibly missed. He wasn't sure if Minerva could see the large room practically being pitch black, but he had hoped that it didn't freak her out, considering that she didn't seem hindered from things like being afraid of the dark.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Chronicle Four | The Catalyst - Chapter One: Buried Feelings - Part 3   Sat Aug 01, 2015 5:52 pm