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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 In Deserts Of Ice And Madness[CLOSED]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: In Deserts Of Ice And Madness[CLOSED]   Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:00 pm

Artist: Dalibor Krigovský - Song: Moriens Spiritum - Word Count: 542

Ice cracked under the lone Arrancar steps, scarring off the only bird in all the surrounding, a white seagull. Snow was in large flakes landing in the males face, stinging it and sending chills to the bone. His whole body was exposed to a cold never felt before. Like razor-sharp knifes, the small snow flakes were cutting Nize's bare face, arms and neck, making him quite uncomfortable in this surrounding. Land under his feet suddenly broke and he managed to move just in the right time or otherwise he would fall in a bottomless hole. Somewhere above him a noise of a roar could be heard. It was there when he arrived. When he was called.

Few hours ago Nize Split was just walking along the endless mazes of Garganta and the in between dimensions that existed. With the familiar feeling he could tell that he had reached the space "reserved" for Human Realm. The boy had already managed to tell them apart, when he was where. It wasn't the males intention to actually go anywhere today, just walk like that and try reasoning with himself. He still haven't decided what to do regarding Shadow Fall, Hueco Mundo, Rose, Queen Ashlei or the fact that his body was coming closer to its end by every day. All that was lingering in his mind, just floating like that and not getting anywhere further.

Suddenly something sharp went through his head. It wasn't a object, but something mental. Something like a baits lure or powerful creatures presence. But no, even not like that. This went deeper, it clinked to his soul and pulled the Arrancar like a fish coughed by the hook. His head turned in the direction of the empty void and with steady steps he went further in the direction he was led. At one moment it almost felt as his chest will be pulled out from the rest of his body, but as the Garganta was opened, not by Nize intentionally, this feeling let go and he could breath again. The boy stepped in the cold.

In the first moment Split was more amazed then anything else about where he was. The male had never seen ice and snow in such free way. The land was fully ruled by the element and nothing could stand in its way. The boy felt that the Reishi amount in here was way bigger, then any other place he had been in Human Realm. Nize quickly covered himself in a invisible coat of heat generating Reishi, that kept him warm in any situation. The luring presence again went through him, but this time it was more like a invite, then a actual order. It wanted for him to come, but didn't push the male to do it. It was all up to him.

So he closed his leather jacket, his tail wrapped around the males waste, and Nize with a determent step started to walk, not knowing where he was going. It was the first time the roar filled the frozen land. His path was dangerous, time was something lost to the male and the only thing he could tell for sure was that everything was full and made of ice and Reishi. This land was nothing but that.

Coding By: [THEFROST]
Art By: Caria0
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In Deserts Of Ice And Madness[CLOSED]
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