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 Lex's 5th Power Slot

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Lex's 5th Power Slot   Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:54 pm

This power is designated to Lex's 5th power slot out of his 6. Like most of Lex's power slots, there is an item connected to where his power comes from. In this case, it is a special rose that allows him to have a sentient being at his beck and call after making a contract with them. I don't know how many would be a fair number, so I'm just going to throw a number out there and say he can have a maximum of 10. First up is the rose that allows Lex to enter the area where these creatures are and that lets him make a contract with the creatures.

Name: Prailius Rose
Description: It is a silver and royal blue petaled rose
Function: This flower allows anyone who obtains it to enter into the hidden forest of the Prailius clan, known as Konuma Forest, and be able to make a contract with a specific fox species known as Prowers and canine species known as Privanes within its confines. Since there is an infinite layer of genjutsus placed over the entrance of the mountainside that harbors the forest within it, several labyrinths inside the mountain itself, and another infinite layer of genjutsus and weapon traps at the entrance of Konuma Forest, this flower dispels and deactivates each and every genjutsu and trap upon the holder's presence with the rose.
Origin: The Prailius Rose only comes from the area that holds the Prailius' summons. This heavily vegetated area holds many different unknown fruits and flowers, but the only flower that is recognized to have any significance at the moment after a petal accidentally fell onto a Prailius summoning contract while it was in the middle of being activated. To have this flower means that a Prailius clan member successfully has a clan summon in their possession, and several different decorative things may be seen worn of these flowers on a possessor of a clan summon.

With that being the item connecting Lex to this specific power, I will move on to the actual summons and what the branches are for the Prowers.

Kisana: The Kisana type of Prowers are all dark grey furred foxes with black tipped fur on the ears, feet, and tail while also donning the royal blue eyes that all Prowers have. This branch is seen as small height and weight when first being obtained, usually standing at about 8 inches tall and weight at about 60 pounds. They are usually passive and submissive when first starting out. The Kisanas are more geared towards espionage actions and support during battle, not actually doing any of the fighting. During a more casual setting, Kisana types are usually seen to be a bit clingy, always rubbing up against their owners and yearning for attention.

Trovese: The Trovese type of Prowers are all light grey furred foxes with white tipped fur on the ears, feet, and tail while also donning the royal blue eyes that all Prowers have. This branch is seen as medium height and weight when first being obtained, usually standing at about 5 feet tall when on all fours and weighing at 195 pounds. They are usually aggressive and independent when first starting out. The Trovese are more geared towards offensive actions and attacking during battle, actually aiding in a lot of the fighting. During a more casual setting, Trovese types are usually seen to be very independent, but loyal, always running off in the immediate area to do their own thing unless called upon.

Leidrus: The Leidrus type of Prowers range from light to dark grey fur and have white or black tipped fur on the ears, feet, and tail, all of them donning royal blue eyes. This branch is classified as a legendary branch for the fox breed, only being reached once enough combat experience is reached by the individual summon. These summons are seen as anthropomorphic creatures, still keeping most of their physical traits like coloring and distinguishable scars or appliances.

Now to show Lex's specific summon that he will be trying to obtain known as Nina 'Demina' Prower.

Name: Nina
Physical Description: Nina is a small dark grey female fox with black tipped ears, feet, tail, and also has royal blue eyes. She is introduced as small enough to hold in one's arms and to rest on someone's head, but while growing she can become as big as an average canine (1-3 feet tall) and is of the Kisana branch.

Feral Form

Anthro Form

Special Characteristics:

Name: Energy Support
Description: Nina may be able to supply whatever owner is available with her supply of spiritual energy (up until the amount that is necessary to stay alive) It takes one full post to transfer energy to the owner after making and maintaining contact with the owner.

Name: Senses Alteration
Description: Nina naturally has a heightened sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, but due to being an expert at tracking, she's learned how to also dull these senses in case enemy forces try to use this against her. She is able to do this for her owner as well, using her spiritual energy to either heighten or lower their senses during the heat of battle for whichever situation they may be in.

Name: Privinity
Description: This is a very unique ability only privy to the legendary branch of the Prowers and Privanes. Once reaching this plateau, a summon is able to retain, take, and give information/skills to anyone that their owner desires. A lot of the requirements for this ability to be fully effective is for either the mood, personality, or goals of the person to be known to the summon or owner. When either one becomes aware of either of these requirements, the summon can then give or take information/skills to and from whichever desired party.

Name: Privinity: Treson Primus
Description: This ability allows the summon to give information that they have learned to others that they choose. They are able to give many variants of skills and knowledge to their intended target this way, and it is usually used to promote a productive environment or either a defensive location very quickly.

Name: Privinity: Treson Negus
Description: This ability allows the summon to take information that they desire from others that they choose. Because this is usually involuntary from the intended target, this requires some understanding of the target's mood and personality. They are not required to know them fully, but have to know relevant information about them. From there, the summon can either simply extract the information for themselves, or forcefully strip the information altogether. (as in the target will no longer know that information or skill) This is not only a good way to interrogate others, but also to gain knowledge to help their own community, which is usually what they extract information from others for.

Name: Treson Croxus
Description: This ability allows the summon to take information from dead targets. This takes some time to do, usually about 30 minutes (3 posts) to do and complete concentration is needed. Summons must simply look at the body, Because there is no need for voluntary permission or any resistance, there is no need to learn anything about that person, like their personality or their mood, and can simply start extracting knowledge from the person immediately.

Name: Prower Synch
Description: Once a petal of the Prailius Rose is used during the summon of any Prower, they are able to telepathically speak to their owner(s) at any given time from any location until they are called back.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Lex's 5th Power Slot   Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:31 pm

[mod]This looks good to me, moving it to approved.[/mod]

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Lex's 5th Power Slot
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