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 Days of our Frozen sorrows

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Days of our Frozen sorrows    Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:41 pm

Noctis moved quickly through this snowy mountain as he had decided that this was going to be the best place for him to commence his training. Though this didn’t seem like the place that most people would use for training Noctis figured that it would be the best place for him especially if he wanted to better learn to utilize his absolute control. And considering he was deep in these frozen mountains with snow falling all around him Noctis was sure that this would be a perfect place for him to practice controlling the temperature especially since the area already had such a low temperature. Noctis was sure that if he was able to raise the temperature of this area and start to melt the ice all around him as well as then refreeze it. That it would easily show that he was starting to become a better mage. As being a great mage was easily what was expected of him. Considering the fact that Noctis was a member of the Pendragon family, and a descendent of the Great Merlin.

And being a Pendragon meant that you were expected to be a great mage no matter what type or style of magic you used. Meaning that Noctis had a lot to prove to his family to show that he could make his ancestor Merlin proud and claim the title of Sorcery Supreme of the world. Now this mountain was not like most. First considering the fact that it was covered in ice and snow plus the fact that the two mountains that Noctis stood in between did not only make a cavern but they also seemed to make the mouth of what seemed like a demon. Which is why some a lot of the locals in the area called it the demon mouth cavern. As they also advised Noctis that going to the cavern would most likely not be in his best interest. Since this location had been known for strong demons and hollows to appear at. This being something that intrigued Noctis was he wanted to see how well his magic stood against another person.

Plus the fact that he was now trying to gain a much better control over it. So he figured that putting against an actual opponent would allow for him to better gauge his control as well as also allow for him to learn how to utilize it more or less in combat. Standing still in the mouth of the cavern Noctis would proceed to speak the incantation industria sigillum. Instantly black lines of energy would spread all around Noctis forming a pentagram with red magic seals at each point of the pentagram. Soon the energy in the area all around would start to focus making it seem as though a powerful being was in the area. Now not only was this going to allow for Noctis to hide personal energy presence, but it would also make it seem to others as though a much more powerful person then Noctis was in the area. As now Noctis would proceed to wait and see if he could find himself a powerful opponent.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Days of our Frozen sorrows    Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:48 am

[adm]Locking out this thread since Elendril has left.[/adm]


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Days of our Frozen sorrows
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