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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Setting Sun

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Setting Sun   Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:44 am

In this time of war, even the world of the living was not free of the Demons hiding in their midst. Of course there were havens free of the more public evils that ravaged the planet, but the unknowns remained just under their noses, perhaps even in their own ranks. The predator's false eyes looked over the utopia the remainder of Humanity had forged. Science had progressed vastly since the earlier age of Karakura, a time it knew only by stolen memory. The towering buildings, hovering fortress and countless armed soldiers that filled Karakura had turned it into quite the powerhouse. Through the seldom times it had come to the world of the living, observing the greater monuments of the near-apocalyptic place it had become took priority in its book for the time. There wasn't a need to spread chaos when things were so consumed by that aspect already. Still, the more fortified places like these clung to an order nearly a kin to the way things once were. Surely disrupting it would be fun, but it wasn't something currently in its power.

Fitting of the world it now resided in, the masked fiend took the body of a more innocent soul. It rested in the flesh of a Human; a young woman no older than twenty; though adorned in the gear of a hunter. Her hair was a darker pink, eyes crimson and skin a tanned white. Various firearms, daggers, and new-age weaponry were holstered on her attire for the chance encounters with Hollow kind Before their meeting, the subject served as a soldier, taking out the few Hollows that crossed through the forest and neared the Utopian city. She sat above a large branch in a tree not far from the city limits, but a distance from the barriers and other contraptions that kept the fragile order of Karakura in place. The sun was just now beginning to set, the bright light that once covered the sky dimming, but still present. Hollows were more active under the cover of shadow, matching the reason the hunter chose a time close to the present to make their rounds. Of course, one could never expect the monstrosity they met not too long ago.

A struggle had taken place, but before a transmitter could be activated to signal for help, darkness consumed her. Now it laid claim to a new host, slowly adjusting to their body and taking in their power and memory for its own. It was odd inhabiting a woman again. It didn't have a true gender, the true physical manifestation simply being an eldritch abomination fit for battle. Still, the stolen personality of multiple subjects had lead it to develop a more male mentality; so the flesh coat of a female form seemed a little unfitting.. It wasn't problematic enough to effect it outside a mental tic in the confines of the future deceased's soul. Every now and then the woman's eyes looked down, scanning the forest floor for others. Given their guise, it could only be assumed they were still on the watch for the coming hoard of Hollow that ventured through the night.

Surprisingly the fiend took much enjoyment from watching the sun slowly descend. Many people enjoyed the sight of the sun's fall, but the creature did for much more nefarious reasons. The darkness, not unlike other Demons of the night, served as the grounds where it was strongest and had the most freedom in the world of the living. The constant night of Hueco Mundo made the passing of day to night feel less like a time of prosper, but the day itself being a time of weakness. With the sun's light coming to an end, any restriction left on it would pass soon. It was just a matter of waiting patiently. The dulled red light continued to rain over the forest, the woman's eyes looking over the darkening landscape below them periodically. It wondered, would there be any others around the Forest? Perhaps someone more interesting than the wanderer it now inhabited..Only time would tell.
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