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 Grassland Stand-Off: Hafnarfjörður Showdown [Iceland Conflict Mission Event] [Open]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Grassland Stand-Off: Hafnarfjörður Showdown [Iceland Conflict Mission Event] [Open]   Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:05 pm

[adm]I'm trying to keep things moving with the event, and as a result, Tina has three days to get a post out. If not? Then she will be skipped and Horus will have another three days before the city is re-claimed for Shadow Fall if a protag fails to replace her.[/adm]


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Grassland Stand-Off: Hafnarfjörður Showdown [Iceland Conflict Mission Event] [Open]   Sat Nov 21, 2015 2:30 pm

Videl had certainly not thought that the demon before her would act as he did. No, she thought that he would dodge to the side or move backwards, perhaps use his sword to block her attack. But moving in on her attack in order to get inside her guard, that was definitely not something she would have expected from one such as him. Eyes widening ever so slightly as she noticed the blade, she quickly began twisting her torso in mid air, putting all her weight behind the punch as her body began rotating to take her other side away from the blade as it dug in to her flesh. Barely showing any response as the demon's blade cut through her torso, and then Videl's eyes widened in earnest. Due to her pivot, instead of her back facing towards Masakaki it was her front, and before she could pull herself back in to a defensive position steel pierced in to her kidney, a grimace of pain flickering on her face for a moment as she pulled away from the devil.

If it was not for the damage the demon would take in her following attack, the agent of chaos would have probably ended the city of hafnarfjorur right then and there. However, the blows done to him by her airborne concrete attack lessened the rage burning in her veins. and so it was not to be. Looking down at the man as his demonic energy surged, a sigh escaped the lips of Videl Yuudeshi. If this was the best the man could do he was better off removing himself from the field of battle. Oh, sure, he was strong, but she was by far stronger and would not be merciful in her dealings with him. At that moment her body decided to remind her of her current condition. Eyes widening, a hand gripped at her wounds as a cough brought forth blood from her mouth. Her body was still human after all, and she was one who specialized in offense, not defense. The extent of the damage to her internal organs was at the point where she could not continue this battle much longer. And so, glaring down at the demon that had inflicted these wounds upon her, the agent of Chaos planned the demise of the pink haired demon.

With loud, nauseating cracks echoing from the body of Videl Yuudeshi, the black miasma of the void burst forth from her in far greater quantities than her previous release of it had. Even as the miasmic cloud surrounded her and started to hide her from view with its sheer density, those within the city would likely see the bones which now burst forth from her flesh, her rib cage seemingly having been ripped out of the flesh of her chest like a row of bone spikes. How she was still alive in this condition was a mystery in and of itself as her energy seemed to intensify, going from a flightly, airy feeling about it to a darkness even those demons of hell would shiver from. It was a feeling of complete and utter eradication, of the bringer of end times. Her voice, barely louder than a whisper, could be heard clearly across the whole of the city despite the other sounds of destruction.

"The void is my home. I am of the void, the void is of me. I am one with the void."

With those words the black energy of the void surged around her, whipping around in a maelstrom even as it began to converge upon the form of Videl Yuudeshi. Mere seconds later, out from the turbulent energies of the void came the being who had started it all. Without a single wound upon her form, Videl Yuudeshi's body certainly had changed. Her clothing now the same coloring as a raven's feathers, sclera as dark as pitch, she looked down upon the form of Masakaki. How had Videl completely healed herself? Well, it was quite simple. In this form her body completely comprised of solidified void energy. Thus, it was easy for her to use the void energy she had summoned to replace the lost portions of her flesh, reconstructing her body from the additional energies. And so, it was now an uninjured Videl that faced down the sole demon who protected this city.

With just a casual flick of her finger Videl sent the remaining void energy falling in to the city below, ready to rid the world of this place. Even as it did so, Videl shot off towards Masakaki on a wind dash, arm pulled back. As she reached him her fist flew forward towards his face as a burst of wind would originate behind the demon, intending to slam in to him from behind and force him in to the punch. Following that her other fist would fly towards his chest as a similar blast of wind would again try to force Masakaki in to the fist of his enemy. Bringing up her right leg, a roundhouse kick was sent towards the demon's side, intending to send him sprawling away from her. Finally, on the burst of another wind dash, Videl would appear above Masakaki, her left leg lashing out fiercely in to his chest in an attempt to shove him harshly in to pavement of the city below, the city he was protecting.

If any of these attacks managed to make contact, the demon would feel the odd sensation as portions of his very existence started to disappear, the flesh of those areas vanishing as if they had never existed in the first place. Floating just over the city's tallest buldings, a scowling Videl Yuudeshi stared down at him as one would look at an annoying fly: nothing but a pest, a waste of time. Her void betrayed her thoughts of him, uninterested and without mercy at all.

"Begone, brat."

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Grassland Stand-Off: Hafnarfjörður Showdown [Iceland Conflict Mission Event] [Open]   Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:00 am