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 Hans Albrecht [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hans Albrecht [WIP]   Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:49 am

- Name: Hans Albrecht
- Titles: The Silver Lion
- Gender: Male
- Age: 65
- Bloodline: Pure (tank-bred)
- Affiliation/Rank: Vanguard/Member

- Appearance Age: 65

- Appearance Description: Lean of build, 6'7'' tall and corded with hard muscle, Hans has yet to decline from his physical peak with his bones and musculature remaining in the same condition as they were at 30 years of age, maintaining his body's strength and durability, though his skin and hair continues to age as normal due to the defects of his manner of birth.

Now 65 years old, Hans' icy blue eyes are webbed with wrinkles, veins show prominently in his arms and his thick long hair, almost like a mane, is as white as snow, hence his moniker 'The Silver Lion'. The skin on his face clings tightly to the skull, making his sharp features even more pronounced and his angular jaw gives an impression of nobility, further accentuated by a full moustache and slightly curved eyebrows.

- Appearance Picture:


- Personality: A warrior born, Hans strides into the battlefield like a god of war or a force of nature, exuding a presence of invincibility that demands awareness. In the midst of combat, his steely gaze alone can be enough to strike a sense of impending doom in a foe and when he attacks, it is with such lightning ferocity that no quarter is even possible.

Focused to the point of molecular precision, there is nothing for Hans to think about in a battle other than the next fraction of a second, the next degree of movement and the very angle of attack. War is his craft and he is a master of it, as he was bred to be.

Outside of combat however, he is the archetypal monk. Pensive and austere, Hans spends much of his time in meditation, either training and honing his skills in his own mental realm, or contemplating deep thoughts, or even nothing at all, emptying his mind at will when peace is desired.

Despite being deliberately avoiding of crowds, Hans generally has a benevolent and kindly attitude, always respectful of the other person no matter what their station, though given so much as a shred of a reason to believe that one might prove a danger to humanity (whether to an individual or a nation), he becomes possessed with a stormy demeanor and the urge to destroy the threat immediately.

Whether he carries out such a desire or not depends on the context of the situation, though generally speaking, there is nothing more sacred to Hans than human life. In his perspective, should a human threaten another human being, the offender is no longer human but a mere target.

Given the form of his weapon, a Colt Single Action Army revolver, Hans has a taste for all things antiquated. He is also a skilled painter and when not engaged in meditation, he is often engrossed with working on a canvas for his next piece.

- Background:

Born not of man, but science, Hans was first conceived in a tank from genetic material provided by all the top members of the Quincy organization, donating a portion of their skills, powers and even memories to create the ultimate soldat. As his body developed, education began as soon as possible through cognitive representation - a kind of mental reality influenced by imagination, only in his case, a controlled imagination.

In this stage he was taught all the basics: mathematics, different objects and their classifications, socials rules and mores, and as many different languages as possible. Everything he would need to know to be able to see and comprehend on his own someday.

Then at the age of 6, he received indoctrination, becoming instilled with Quincy lore and knowledge. It was also at this stage when fragments of memories from his genetic donors began to unfold, revealing glimpses into lives that were not his and different modes of thought that sometimes contradicted one another. This would forever pose a permanent risk of debilitating his very psyche, something that was carefully managed by completely suppressing his personality.

At the age of 12, his education moved onto the physical: running, swimming, diving, climbing, jumping, a myriad other skills and exercises, all still taking place in his mind with his body being shaped by it as it matured.

After the age of 15, this mind-over-matter method of development was taken to its extremes as it phased into combat training, each scenario so vivid and real, they carried the risk of death; all the better to prepare his body for actual life and death situations.

Finally, upon reaching his physical peak at the age of 30, Hans was released from the tank and brought onto the battlefield as a soldat. Performing prodigious feats of martial prowess wherever he went, Hans proved himself a true son of the Quincy organization and had vindicated every doubt that might have been held against him. Yet for all his ability, he was little more than a machine to be commanded and never rose above his station as a mere soldat. All of this changed however after meeting the Shinigami known as Desmond Hayden.

As the last survivor of a containment team that failed to prevent a Hollow outbreak, Hans soon found himself alone and beset on all sides, fighting off wave after wave of enemies as he struggled to live until reinforcements could arrive. Unexpectedly, said reinforcements came in the form of a Shinigami recon team with Desmond Hayden as their leader.

It was Desmond himself who carried Hans off the battlefield and when he asked why, the Shinigami responded: "You're a human, right? Every human life is precious and the ones who threaten it aren't, it's as simple as that." With those words, something awoke in Hans that day and for the first time in his life, he began to think of himself as a person.

So profound was this experience that when he returned to the Quincies, the change in his psyche was noticed immediately and he was sent to headquarters to be reevaluated. Such a mental shift was deemed a heavy risk, as having a sense of self could clash violently with all the differing memories and personalities of his genetic predecessors, potentially leading to a psychotic breakdown and Hans becoming a renegade.

Summary execution seemed the only viable solution until one member offered to take personal charge of Hans, proposing that he'd be placed in a civilian setting under close supervision for at least 6 years. After some intense debate, the motion was eventually carried and Hans was relocated to Japan, where he was given a new home and identity.

Having never known anything but battle his entire life, living as an ordinary civilian was a completely alien experience to Hans. Despite knowing how to socially navigate from the education he received during his formative years, he felt a great aversion to crowds and had little desire to leave his house. It was his supervisor who introduced him to painting for the sake of having something to do and not too long afterwards, Hans became an adept artist and soon sold his own work.

For a time, Hans knew peace but it was also during this phase that his psyche underwent a major transformation. His physical defect of normally aging skin and hair, initially dismissed as minor issues, suddenly became major aspects of his identity and as his ego and super-ego developed, so too did his sense of morality.

Seeing the poor, he found himself wanting to help them; seeing criminals, he wanted to persecute them; and knowing that hollows, demons and Shadowfall could at any moment shatter the fragile peace of human society, Hans wanted to punish them.

Using Desmond's words as a guiding principal, Hans sought to do exactly all that: feeding and donating to the destitute, exposing criminals wherever they hid, acting as a first response unit to any hollow or demon attacks, and even rooting out undercover Shadowfall agents, all of it by his own initiative and all the while contending with his genetically inherited memories.

In his sixth and final year as a civilian, Hans could expect to resume his duties in full capacity as his evaluation showed much promise. Rather than succumbing to madness as his superiors had feared, he would return with his resolve as a Quincy reaffirmed and perhaps become trusted to make decisions. A single fragment of memory however revealed that his supervisor was in fact his mother, and from thereon, Hans would face the darkest and most trying moment in his life.

Despite being born from the genetic material of many different Quincies, a single human egg cell was still required for Hans' conception and the donor of that egg would technically be his biological mother, though her identity could never be revealed as part of the personality suppression fail-safe. The very concept of parenthood was forbidden.

Though never realizing it, Hans had been watched over his entire life by his mother, who always sought to protect him from danger, not only in the battlefield but within the Quincy organization itself as well. It was she who collected Hans after Desmond had carried him from battle, as well as being the one to propose his relocation to a civilian setting, thus saving him from certain execution.

Realizing what her son must have finally learned from his genetic memories after so many years, she revealed her plan to defect to Shadowfall and offered to bring Hans along, to take him away from the Quincies and find a place to be free. Torn between duty and his newfound humanity, Hans chose to reject his mother's offer and arrest her for treason. Being unwilling to cooperate however, they were forced to fight.

For all his power, Hans was shaken and unfocused. His mother took advantage of every moment of hesitation until he began to fight in earnest and just as each were about to land the killing blow on one another, Hans' mother let go of her weapon and let herself die. "Live, my son," were her final words.

Shaken to the core, Hans returned to the organization a broken man and though no longer deemed a potential threat, he could not serve as a Quincy in his current state either. He was therefore allowed to continue living as a civilian indefinitely. This however could never suit him, not as restless as he was now.

A decade later, having traveled the world during all that time hunting criminals, terrorists and demons alike - partly to rid the world of evil, but mostly to take his mind off the death of his mother by his own hands - Hans gained a reputation as a heroic figure for those he had helped, becoming known as 'The Silver Lion' due to his long graying hair.

Eventually, he grew tired of the killing and retired as a painter in Iceland, finally knowing some measure of peace, though it would not last forever. When the forces of Shadowfall attacked, Hans set aside his brush and joined Vanguard to repel them. Now in his 60's, he has once again taken to the battlefield though not as a soldat, but as his own man.


- Human Skills: (What skills does your Quincy have that doesn't involve spiritual powers?)


- Quincy Items: (List any type of Quincy Tool or Item your character has in their possession here.)

- Quincy Cross: (Write down your Quincy Cross here)

- Sanrei Glove: (If your character has a Sanrei Glove, type it out here.)

- Other Skills: (If you have any other Quincy Related poweress you want to add, put it here. You can find more info about them here:


- Type: Gun
- Appearance:
- Reishi Color: Light blue



- Name: (What is your Vollständig's name?)
- Appearance: (What does your Vollständig look like?)
- Abilities: (What does your Vollständig do?)


- Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

- Marksmanship: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


[b]- Roleplay Sample:

Thalia looked back on the dusty trail along the grassy knoll as the sun began to set. Seeing dark figures stalking behind on the horizon, she said to her Fallen companion, "We got followers. I think it's the same pack that attacked us when we left home. I told you we should have pursued them."

Damon looked back as well, taking care that his horns didn't get in Thalia's way as his red eyes scanned the distance. "I still stand by what I said."

"Yeah, yeah, they have as much right to exist as us and blah fucking blah. I just happen to value my life more than theirs."

"On that, I must agree. Here they come."

Damon pulled his sword from its sheathe as Thalia unslung her musket and took aim. The pack of Fallen stopped in their tracks some hundred paces away and made threat displays, wary of the markswoman's gun.

"I don't think they want to fight us," Damon said.

"And I don't think they have a choice, look how skinny they are," Thalia replied. "We should kill the bastards now or else they'll just wait for one of us to go to sleep."

"Attack now and they WILL retaliate."

"Tch, have it your way."

And so they all stood on the grassy knoll, facing off whilst waiting for the other to make the first move.
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[mod]Okay so just gonna hit ya up on this one since its been nearly a month, please tell us what ya doing with this one and if we need to archive it or if its ready or well anything ect[/mod]


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Hans Albrecht [WIP]
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