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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Violence Is Relaxing (Nix Shraik&Gamedragon)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Violence Is Relaxing (Nix Shraik&Gamedragon)    Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:23 pm

❅Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A❅

There were countless possibilities for a person to do in Karakura City. Almost everyone could find something to amuse themselves with in this places. Starting from arcade games to reading your favorite book with a cup of hot cocoa. There was something for all tastes even if it was a bit illegal. Boredom was something really hard to catch in this city. And it was Dustian Shraik, A.K.A Heinrich Sage, which decided that today he wanted to be entertained by having a good fight. Usually the man wasn't a aggressive type. But then again the reason behind this desire was purely that he wanted to stretch a bit his muscles and play around in the Imaginary District.

So, around 2-3 PM a young male, around 19-20 years old, stood at the entrance of a weird glass dome. It was huge, like a small football stadium, completely empty inside. The man in his fancy silver suit seemed pleased with the world or at least with himself and with precise movements entered some data inside the console next to the entrance of the dome. Seeming pleased with the result his gaze focused on the glass door which slid open and led him in the dome. This dome was something like a huge game, a person could set from thousands of setting what he wanted and then enter to start "playing" it. It was obvious that this place wasn't meant for those with no fighting abilities.

Everything inside the glass dome shimmered for a moment before turning into a giant warehouse. As the mans enemies appeared countless troops, equipped with standard military gear and seeming serious about what they were planning to do. With experienced movement these men engaged the battle, moving closer and closer to Dust. He smiled, feeling that this game will be a lot of fun. With the flame of excitement he went for straight forward attack. The first two soldiers appeared pointing their guns and firing a steady flow of laser bullets. Upon connecting with the Shinigamies skin these bullets just disappeared as nothing had been fired at the male at all. Before these two noticed the man was already between them, grabbed the NPC's heads and hit them each other. There was this beeping noise and both soldiers disappeared in data particles.

The next few were taken down by sneak attacks, as Dustian used his stealth to hide between the cargo inside the warehouse and ambush his enemy. After that followed series of attacks from him using the sheeted sword he had at his side. While his movements weren't the most precise, they were skilled enough to take down multiple NPC soldiers. Next were some simple Kidō's to wrap up what had been left and with that the game had ended. Somehow with the warehouse world shattering the male didn't seem too pleased about the end. Dustian had hoped on something more, but he needed to admit that putting the games level on Normal wasn't maybe the most smartest thing.

Then did he notice that he had a spectator. It was a young girl he could swore he had seen somewhere before. As the guy slowly went to the exit it hit him that he did spot her when leaving the Vanguard base after bringing his application of joining. With a pleasant, polite smile the male exited the dome and looked at the girl.
"Hello there! Did you want to use the dome miss?" Everything from eyes to even the ears was smiling at the girl and radiating positive energy.

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Violence Is Relaxing (Nix Shraik&Gamedragon)
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