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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Spread your Wings, Holster your Gun

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Spread your Wings, Holster your Gun   Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:46 pm




Step, step, step, step, step…

Footprints cascaded along the bluffs as their owner placed one foot down, replaced by another as the size seventeen feet brought their boots down into the ground, kicking up sand and dust as their owner looked up into the sandy sky, looking directly into the rays of the sun as the tilly hat he was wearing kept the worst of the elements out of his eyes, not that that would have really mattered much to the Vizard.

His feet continued to slide about in every direction as he released a wave of detection outwards, his Cybermind using his unique eyes to scan the landscapes as he acquired… a large source. It caused for him to pause for a moment, the gust of wind that travelled behind his body blowing away at the t-shirt and jeans that he wore, a smile on his face as his golden locks were blown about. "Ah, seems I have finally found someone to fight against…" The voice that was let out was slightly weak, almost a whisper, as if its owner rarely spoke.

So it was that his body vanished once again, collecting something around his body as a unique source of energy flowed around his body, filling his form with this unique energy as he appeared before the source, seeing a woman with peculiar blue hair…

And then he was off again, his feet continuing to pound outwards as the speed of sound fell behind him, his body tilting with momentum as his long legs made strides faster than any human eye could follow, raising upwards as around her body, the dust and sand rose up within a cylix, creating a wall of earth around her body for a good two hundred feet in every direction.

"Heh… Hello there." The voice said, as before her body would emerge the figure who had created the rotating behemoth around their bodies. Streaming along with the wind itself were rays and blips of light green energy, flowing and circling along with the dirt and sand.

The figure who had emerged held his arms down on either side, his appearance almost.. Sickly. This man truthfully weighed just under a hundred pounds, but he was 6'7''. What else could be said about him? He had long golden locks, falling down around his head. He wore jeans and a pure white T-shirt, and at his right hip was a blade in its scabbard… and at the left was simply a plain blade. "I am Colin Washi, also known as the Eagle. I come seeking battle, and to give my blades a bit of a warm up. They've been cooped up for far too long…" He explained, his arms moving down to his side as he gripped them both.

As he tilted his weight forwards, the hat that he held on his head could be seen just above his eyes, the cybernetic eyes that were linked directly to his mind. At his left hip was also a peculiar handle, almost like a blade but looking just like a flat piece of metal that was attached to him. Now, he would wait, and then he would begin… the Hunt.



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Spread your Wings, Holster your Gun
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