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 Third Princess of the North, Yuzuki Sumashuu [APPROVED 2-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Third Princess of the North, Yuzuki Sumashuu [APPROVED 2-5]   Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:26 pm

..Basic Information..

    »Name: Yuzuki Sumashuu
    »Titles: The Third Princess of the Northern Sugiuran Kingdom
    »Gender: Yuzuki is that of a female, and will commonly act and consider herself that way.
    »Affiliation/Rank: When discussing organizations she is currently rogue, however she is still the daughter of Aceldama Cruor meaning she had affiliations to the Northern Sugiuran Kingdom as a princess.
    »Origin: Power. /ˈpou(ə)r/ Physical strength and force exerted by something or someone. This something, or in fact someone is known other then Yuzuki; being born with the natural gift of raw strength, she naturally came to be with the origin of power as well.
    »Sugiura Class: Even though she would be classified as a Tsurugi; poor Yuzuki has yet to find herself an armour that she could fully trust to withstand her strength.

    »Appearance Description: Even though Yuzuki is one of the youngest children, from her visuals alone she does look like that she's a couple years older than her sister. Her form looks to be within her preteens, having a pretty modest form and very youthful expressions and facial features. Even though she's such a power house there doesn't seem to be any muscles on her that much, if anything she looks more like a frail preteen than anything else. The reasons for this is because she never trained to get to where she is at, she was naturally born with this type of strength and therefore never had to body build. Pretty obvious facts about her is that she did hit puberty despite her real age, proof of such would be her hips becoming more rouder and her breasts starting to grow in. till having a couple years to grow; Yuzuki reaches an easy 5ft and 1.5in and weighing in for about 100ibs making her a healthy and average child during their preteens.
    Yukari was meant to be a mix between Aceldama and Sagumi nearly to the T; her hair is a mix of both of a longer medium length and short, seeing how the length is only in the front in which she ties tightly within her hair acessories. The short part of her hair is found in the back of her head, this is mostly hidden by her long hair when looking at her from the front, and she will be found with her pulling her hoodie up over her head meaning seeing the back of her neck isn't as common as one would think. Yukari also have mismatched eyes one of which is a darker maroon red, and the other being just like her mother of both dark bluish purple and lavender. These are the only notable features about the youngest princess; her clothes will be featured within the appearance pictures.

    »Appearance Pictures:
    Regular Attire:
    Parties, or Social Events:
    Professional Events, or Dates:
    Sleep Attire:
    »Animalistic Traits:For her animalistic features they aren't something that everyone can see about her, with the exception of one which is inside of her mouth, being the daughter of the Sugiuran of Gluttony she did get bestowed the animalistic feature of having sharp teeth like her mother. Her other animalistic features are more something in which others can compare her too, being that of a rabbit, even though she had the strength and therefore speed that many which they could reach, she also has a paranoid like attitude which in turn gives her fast reflexes much like a rabbit. Her hearing, sense of smell, and her eyesight is way better than that of a regular human, and she could pick up the faintest of smells from far distances. Infact since her animalistic features are so imbedded into her system, instead of just regularly sensing different energy signatures she could visually see the different types of signatures.

..Personality Traits..

»Crybaby: Due to traumatic events in her childhood, mainly connecting that to her crazy family and insane older brother, Yuzuki now has a problem when it comes to registering and understanding emotions. She gets the title of crybaby since she doesn't understand how to do much else, sure she can laugh or smile, but if she gets too happy, or too scared her main course of action is to cry. Anytime she is under great stress or is experiencing an emotion that is very strong her mind can't comprehend what to do in the situation, that causes a slight panic and she goes into a state of complete hysteria. Due to this unfortunate trait she tends to get on people's bad side, becoming way too annoying for them and she lost many friends because of this; something that depresses her everyday.

»Compassionate: Yuzuki loves most things, she believes everything is beautiful in their own way and she only wishes to get to know it all. She doesn't believe in violence and she thinks its the worse way around things, especially since during wars so many lives are lost; something in which she can't comprehend why that's okay. She would be the type of person that if she saw a demon or a hollow or even a shinigami she'd try to go out and help them, not because of their racial differences, but because they needed it. Since she has this trait, she mainly known as a very neutral party, only when her country and her people are in trouble will she be forced to take a side. Political affairs don't normally bother her, but she wants to find a way to bring the entire world into peace, something she is willing to do for the lives of everyone.

»Untouchable: Of course she isn't completely untouchable this was mainly putin for people to understand her fear of being touched. Due to her traumatic events, she only lets a selective few to even touch her, if someone else were to place their hand on her shoulder or give her a hug she would either react in a violent manner (ie. push them away or slap them) or start to break down into tears. She also feels that way when people sneak up behind her, or move in a way where she can't see them anymore; these are triggers because she has an irrational fear of her back being exposed to others. So, if someone ever gets her into a conversation she would always be the type to try and press her back against something solid or keep her distance from them.

»Lonely: Yuzuki has gotten used to people leaving her, especially because of her raw strength or her twisted personality. From all the times that people have left her it's perhaps one of the only times she doesn't cry, for that Yuzuki understands how to do stuff whilst being alone. She would go out of her way to find games you need with people and try to make it with just herself; thankfully her siblings do like to be with her, some more than most, so if she ever wanted she could always turn to them. However a lot of them always seemed to be busy with important duties, so while they were scrambling around to become adults faster little Yuzuki tried to hold onto the tiny bit of childhood she could.

»Hemaphobia: The main reason for why Yuzuki doesn't like to fight against people and is against the ideas of wars and death is because of her fear of blood. Infact is goes far beyond blood, her fear of gore or seeing people's innards would maker her vomit on sight and perhaps faint. While blood makes her queasy and scared beyond hell she has never passed out from a small amount of blood, she'd need to see a dangerous amount of blood before she'd start to react in a manner that could be potentially dangerous for her. A lot of the time she sees blood it mainly reminds her of all her traumas a thing she tries to keep locked away, though due to some of her abilities she is capable of shutting off this fear among other things to be able to fight if need be.
»Trait: Text Here.

..Background Story..

»Growing Up: On the contrary to people's beliefs on the Northern Kingdom's family, it wasn't as messed up as people believed it to be. When you are the child growing up in this sort of family it becomes the norm, and why wouldn't it seem that way? She grew up in a larger family than most, having three older brothers and one older sister, she would sometimes see her aunt from time to time and her mother was there for her when she needed it the most. Being a family of royalty seemed to be a lot more work than the child thought it should be, her mother constantly trying to study up on their past while caring for four other children. It pretty much looked like a juggling act. However during the times Yuzuki didn't get to be at her mother's side she wasn't alone, her brothers and sister would keep her company and try to teach her new things or games to play. With wasn't until her father came back home that her oldest brother started to act a tad weirder; is attention was a lot more focused on playing games with her and he never seemed to care much for Sagumi. Yuzuki on the other hand wanted to hear lots of stories of her father, inspiring to want to be like him, it was then that her powers begun to blossom slightly. During these precious moments were when her body started to mature closer to that of a 'lady' her power was increasing in strength. Simple tasks such as eating food with cutlery was becoming more difficult, especially since her grip alone was causing the forks to twist and bend in odd shapes. That's perhaps when she started to notice why her family was different then most, and why she continued to feel like the black sheep of the bunch.

»Yuzuki's Trauma: To pinpoint her Trauma on one person would be accurate nor fair, though a majority did come from two family members in particular; one of which she could forgive more easily. Within the first year or so of Yuzuki's father returning her older brother, as mentioned before was already acting weird. His games would slowly start to revolve around two player games, which started to isolate her from the rest of the children. Due to her father being back this wasn't that hard to go unnoticed especially since the other kids would flock to him for training or just to hang out with him. Yuzuki instead had to play 'Big Brother Kamui's Games'. Those games weren't exactly the funnest of games, most of the time Yuzuki wasn't allowed to speak in them; mainly because he was trying to teach her how to eat things without chewing. As Yuzuki begun to get older her powers begun to blossom more, but so did the games increase in frequency; while normally she'd just fight back her tears and just allow everything to happen, Yuzuki wanted to try to tell him to stop. However things wouldn't turn out how she thought it would be, the more she tried to fight against the more he tried to get her to like it which meant more big brother and little sister games for her. While most of the gmes mainly focused little Yuzuki's mouth, it seemed that her big brother wanted to try and explore other areas of interest; in protest Yuzuki would have gripped onto his wrist, squeezed it as tightly as she could when he stuck his fingers elsewhere. While she didn't have the crushing strength she does now she was able to break his wrist in a few spots and fracture his fingers from the sheer force of her tensing up. While she did end up hurting her big brother, she was a bit hopefully that this would get to his head to stop, but it did no such thing. Instead the games they played became more twisted, finding that her hands would be bound and she'd go back to not being able to speak anymore. She found if she just sealed off her emotions and just tried to get these games over faster was the only way to get them to stop, even if it was only for a day or if she was unlucky a few hours.

The other cause of her trauma was from her mother, she didn't do anything in a malicious manner as her brother did with his.. overbearing love. Hers was much for endearing, and loving, and it was something that marked Yuzuki as the black sheep of the family. Perhaps it was because of her already being mentally disrupted by her brother's increasing games, but when it was Yuzuki's turn to go hunting it didn't go as her mother planned. While most likely her other brother and sisters were capable of catching their own prey, Yuzuki didn't want to be apart f the hunt, but her mother didn't want to stop there. In retrospect Yuzuki could now understand her mother's actions, she was only trying to find another way to keep her daughter, even though her children mainly accepted it with open arms. Needless to say Yuzuki's response to the gore and blood of eating someone wasn't that of a positive nature; that's when she first learnt of her phobia. However far different from her brother, her mother didn't try bringing that up again; in a way Yuzuki did feel comforted by that. Her mother would pay extra attention to the food she made her and still treated her like one of her children, something that Yuzuki did fear she would lose if she wasn't just like her mother. This was the trauma she could grow to accept and forgive, after all Yuzuki couldn't stay mad at her mother.

»Current: Once Kamui had left the northern kingdom, Yuzuki was finally freed from all of their games, but it was all with a price of course. Her mental stability was on the edge and she couldn't seem to process regular emotions; seeing her in emotional turmoil brought her mother great pain in which Yuzuki didn't wish to continue. On the other hand, her father would instead just pick her up, and without much of asking he'd start to tell her stories to cheer her up. During these times she felt the safest, perhaps which is why she grown far more attached to her father. During the short time of her staying within the Kingdom she'd find more comfort trying to stay attached to him as possible; even though she was never interested in training and further raising her destructive power, she cared more on the history and stories he shared with her. Some even though carrying violent backgrounds were filled with everything she believed in, though in her eyes she didn't need to find a way to make humans strong enough to fight on their own. She believed everyone in the world deserved a place, no matter what race; she only wished that through her father teaching some sort of answer could be learned to solve both of their goals.

..Natural Abilities..

*These are abilities that are not connected to her Chi Human powers or her Sugiuran Powers*

»Raw Strength: Much like the title says, she has pure raw strength; something she was naturally born with and was bestowed with the origin of. The reasons she was born with such a thing was both her mother and father, though most father, since both of them had either a natural talent for their strength or was trained to gain such a talent she was the creation of both of their efforts. Yuzuki never really trains for her strength, lifting weights and such never seemed to do a thing for her, so she just rather run around in the field and play. To measure how strong Yuzuki is most bodybuilders would wish they could reach her highest even though she isn't as strong as some of the strongest people on site, she can reach their strengths if she just trained it. Due to her strength she is fully capable of destroying building with her bare hands, or even ripping out building mental bars has if a child was pulling a flower from the ground. Yuzuki has only raw strength, meaning all of her muscles are as strong as each other, her biceps to her tongue, her toes to even her finger tips; all of these muscles are in the same strength and it's something she can't control. She could have the unfortunate side effect of giving someone she loves a gentle hug and could accidently crush most of their bones. Since she never really trains with this power, Yuzuki doesn't really know how to the throw a proper punch, nor does she really understand different martial art techniques. Something that her father and mother tries to train her in, however Yuzuki didn't believe in training in something for violence; so she'd let everything go in one ear and out the other, or run away.

When it comes to speed if Yuzuki wanted she could reach the speed of someone's shunpo or flash step just by exerting the muscles within her legs, however while others tend to do with this much ease. Yuzuki is forced to destroy the area around her, meaning because of the sudden usage of her muscles, the second before she dashes right at you and pushes the ground for leverage, that ground is completely caved in and destroyed. With that in mind if she wanted to jump very high it would leave the same sort of destruction, and perhaps even in a worse state. While she can do the stuff that other spiritual beings can she has to use certain muscles in such destroys the areas around her. However her speed is just a burst of strength meaning unlike shunpos she can't control them all that well, she'd find a target and go straight for them. Meaning without forcefully stopping herself she'd keep going until; A. she slows down or B. she smashes into something.

»Senses: As briefly mentioned within her Animalistic Traits Yuzuki is born with some amazing senses. While her sense of touch may be slightly heighten to most, even her taste for different poisons or strange things that could've been added to food, or her sense of smell that is only slightly heighten to most humans. Her main powers lies in her hearing and vision.
Hearing. Yuzuki's hearing is amazing to say in a understatement, she is the type of person to hear a pin drop 100 of meters away, or the type of person that could hear the heart beating and distinctively tell the differences between each person. This ability however does come with a bite of it's own, she cannot shut this off, and thankfully she was born within the Northern kingdom which devised technology to help her with a lot of her natural issues.
Vision. While her mismatched eyes makes her visually look cool and are pretty much the mixture of both her mother and her fathers, they aren't only just for show. Just like her hearing Yuzuki's vision is far greater then that of a person's sensing ability, which is something she practically disregards unless she has too. Due to her vision being so keen she is capable of seeing on a spiritual level, as in she can see the different types of spiritual energies a person have. Even when a person isn't releasing their power she could faintly see their energies coiling around them, though this is only to a greater effect if their were using them in some sort of ability, such as maintaining a certain appearance. She doesn't have x-ray vision though, meaning if a solid object is obstructing her view, she cannot see past it, while her hearing is another thing her vision isn't superman.

»Regeneration: Much like her mother and father, Yuzuki's regeneration is nearly instantaneous when it comes to more shallow wounds. Her body rapidly recreating dead, injured and lost cells, recreating the lost limbs or flesh that may have been removed during any unfortunate situation. Though the time it takes to regenerate any lost limbs or severe wounds would take a couple more posts before them being completely healed, however this doesn't stop her from using her body while it's half healed. As long as she has the main important parts she could still use it to attack, however with it only being half healed her power level does drop meaning when she could normal destroy buildings with ease, now she would need to hit them a few times before toppling them down.

..Equipment List..

»Noise Canceling Headphones: Depending on which outfit she is wearing her headphones are more or less noticeable, however you will always be able to see the small mic coming from behind her hair. These headphones are mainly there to help her cancel out a lot of the sounds she is capable of hearing, making it much more bearable and allows her to live out everyday life with much more ease. The reasons for the mic is because it allows her to be able to hear her voice much better rather not getting that clear echo inside of her head. These headphones have a different setting in which she can use them as a portable headset/cellphone only family members or very close friends have access to this system, especially since it's attached to her head most of the time. Other than from its cellphone functionality these headphones can be shut off at anytime and unlike regular headsets were it still cancels out sound, when shut off they allow all sound to come back to her as if she wasn't wearing them. You can visually see when the headphones are shut off, especially since her mouth piece would cease glowing along with the other parts of it.

»Power Control Bracelet: Because of Yuzuki's inability to control her strength, many of the creators within the northern kingdom but their minds together as they tried to find a method of stabilizing her power. Even though it wasn't much, by concentrating carefully she'd able to use the bracelet as a medium to place most of her strength in. This is so she is capable of doing simple tasks such as hugging someone, holding their hand or even eating with regular day cutlery. However during signs of great danger, or when she feels threatened the bracelet will go into an emergency system. This emergency system will shutdown all functions of her bracelet, giving her full control of her power once more; meaning her simple actions will now bring destruction.

»Endless Pockets: The pieces of glowing equipment upon her hips are small passageways to own personal storage within the Northern Castle. Each and every item within her storage is carefully organized and labeled, making it so that everything she places into her 'pockets' can easily be brought back by just finding their name among the list. Anything from clothes to food and can placed within the confines of the Northern Castle, the only things he cannot place through the storage are living things. One of her prized possessions is her chainsaw in which she only needs to use under the worse of circumstances; this chainsaw is made by the same people who have created most of her equipment making it able to withstand most of her strength. Since it was only most of her strength sometimes her weapon will shatter underneath her strength, taking a couple of posts to reform itself back into it's normal state.

..Chi Human Abilities..

»Abilities: Hasn't Achieved.

..Sugiuran Abilities..

»Abilities: Hasn't Achieved.

..Skill Sheets..

..Will Skills..
    »Willpower/Determination: Master
    »Mental Deduction: Adept
    »Pain Endurance: Advanced
    »Focus: Adept

..General Skills..
    »Durability: Adept
    »General Speed: Beginner
    »Strength: Master
    »Weapon Skill: Beginner

..Chi Skills..
    »Geppo: Adept
    »Vindeca: Advanced
    »Tekkai: Adept
    »Yang Surge: Beginner

..Tsurugi Skills..
    »Sugiura Magic: Beginner
    »Animal Instincts: Advanced
    »Martial Arts: Adept
    »Synchronization: Adept

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Third Princess of the North, Yuzuki Sumashuu [APPROVED 2-5]   Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:13 pm

Application Checklist

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

Aight so there is only one issue and that is with the smelling of energy which i asked you to remove since ya don't explain it later after the animalistic traits. Besides that though good app solid shit guy. I'll also be giving you approval to have a Master within your strength
Tier: 2-5


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Third Princess of the North, Yuzuki Sumashuu [APPROVED 2-5]
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