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 Super Mega Ultra Hit Squad Alpha[SMUHA]

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AAA Battery
Zero pouted. What else could she do when her answer was proven to be wrong? Argue her case? She could most definitely do that, but that would take all day given how darn stubborn she was. No, she would simply accept the fact that she was wrong whilst making a mental note to supply the hunters with candy if she ever got her hands on time travel. She was satisfied that she got a smile out of the other female and a laugh out of the red-haired male. She couldn’t be ‘upset’ when the two had been amused by her answer. So, a mischievous smile graced her face and she adjusted her scarf before interlocking her fingers behind her back once again.

She didn’t make a mental note of the male’s allergy like she normally would’ve - Zero was really good at remembering weaknesses - not because she thought it useless, but because she could not bring herself to believe he was genuinely allergic. In her most humble opinion, no one was allergic to candy, it was simply impossible with the variety out there. Besides, he looked like the sort of person who indulged in sugary treats more than he should and she was the same way. It was pretty much a miracle that she hadn’t died of a sugar overdose yet, but the thought of the doctors ruling her cause of death as an over overconsumption of sugar amused her greatly - it got a soft chuckle out of her.

Though she wished to wander her thoughts for a little longer in the hopes of finding something else amusing - which was bound to happen - she dragged herself from her reveries and into the present moment. Zero didn’t think she missed anything, having caught snippets of their instructions whilst she had been partially immersed in her thoughts. If she did, well watching the other two would be enough to fill her in on the specifics of their task. So, instead of charging in first, she decided to hang back and see what the other two intended to do. With the talks of teamwork, she expected her two peers to huddle together and construct an overcomplicated or simplistic plan. One that sounded like a good idea, but would ultimately fall short - she wasn’t about to think of the many reasons any plan constructed by the two would go wrong.

Now, one would suggest the success rate of a plan made by two people would be increased with the addition of the third, but they would be wrong in this case. Zero wasn’t the sort of person to follow plans very well for she was prone to doing stuff on a whim. This wasn’t to say that she wouldn’t cooperate with her partners, but that she would probably forgo the plan entirely in exchange for some fun. Coupled with her selective memory and there was a good chance that she would forget whatever plan was made. But, it didn’t seem like talking to one another would come into play just yet.

The other female decided that she would be taking the initiative and attack their red-haired teacher first. If she was capable of it, Zero may have been surprised that she of all people had gone first. The brunette had expected the male of the group to strike first, but this was good either way. Not only did she get a glimpse of the power the female had possession of, she also got a glimpse of her strategy. She, Zero, believed that it would fail though, but an A for effort was something she was willing to give the female.

Zero would see the result of her assault though before deciding to carry on with her own. The ‘plan’ had already been formulated in her head and it would be tweaked depending on several factors. But, the basic gist involved fire, some lightning, candy, and maybe a flaming tornado. Was she concerned about her partners being caught by her own assault? Not at all. If they had an ounce of common sense, they would move and if they did get caught it wasn’t her fault.

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