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 The Rocky Conflict: Battle For Árborg [Iceland Conflict Mission Event Thread]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Rocky Conflict: Battle For Árborg [Iceland Conflict Mission Event Thread]   Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:59 pm

It didn't take much energy to cut through the horde, the strange animalistic man beside him managing to keep up but being noticeably fatigued and suffering from minor wounds. As they advanced, slicing through the mindless demons Carter could sense less and less resistance when in his mind it should have been stepped up since a single angel had appeared, the yin to the demons yang in a way.

With the flick of his wrist blood splattered the ground, flinging off of his Zanpakutō as another nameless demon fell at his feet. With that one down his eye looked forward, the battlefield being almost clear, the demons giving them a wide opening, staying back from them. His sapphire blue eyes narrowed in adrenaline as he focused, trying to gauge just how many more he had to move through to get into the city and begin freeing it.

That though would have to wait as a wave of demonic energy pulsated outward, from within the horde, tree shattering in a demonic light as a pillar of crimson and indigo energy shot into the sky, a dark energy filled with plague, rot, with foul smells, ill intent, murderous glee. "Spoke too soon." He would murmur with a sigh. The energy that was coming at them told Carter right away that this fight just turned back into the demon's favor. They held numbers and now they had a beast that was on even footing with Carter, a titanic bastard that made the ground tremble and quake in its coming.

He turned to the man beside him, " Try and not get hit. " He ordered before patting him on the back between his shoulder blades. Twin black patterns of wings with three feathers would appeared mirrored on each of the man's shoulder blade. They would protect him from up to six hits, at the same time black images of wings with no feathers appeared over Carter's robe around his own shoulder blades.

With that done he would kick off of the ground with force, a white light washing over him as he released his angelic form, his chest widening, his hair growing into a long white pony tail with a golden band holding it up, his body aging to that of a grown man, his arms thickening with muscle and power, his eyes turning pure white with two golden orbs in the middle. His armor remained but his robes vanished in the white light, turning into pure energy that manifested in wings attached to slits in the back of his arm on his back, the wings opening and catching the air before propelling him at the beast that was leaping toward them, his intent to be to intercept the thing in mid air.

This would give Hizazel a second to recover and prepare, Carter would attempt to keep this battle in the air between himself and the beast before him. "I'm your opponent!" He would roar, cutting the thing off from heading toward where Hizazel was, leaving the horde to the man as he did battle against the assumed leader.

In his left hand Nacuto would appear from his previous attack against the horde, the Zanpakutō gleamed a rose gold coloring in the red light. Carter focused bringing his right arm outward and pulling his forearm over his face as if he was blocking an invisible attack with an equally invisible shield. Within the blink of an eye light manifested in the form of a shield on the upraised arm, in the shape of a cross with a hole in the middle of it, from the core of the shield a noise would emit like the voices of angels, growing and arching outward with concussive force behind it toward the demon. The noise being empowered with his holy energy and pressing down on the beast, the blast would disgust and cause trace amounts of fear in the creature if it hit that would make it slower in battle, make its prowess with a weapon weak from the pure echoing in its mind of countless angels.

He would give no 'ground' though and continued the assault as he propelled even closer to the creature noticing black spires on its back that caused the air to vibrate, his inner voice telling him to be mindful of them. In the blink of an eye he would vanish in the red light of the sky, his angelic Lux Gradus making it appear as if he had instant transmission as he appeared right above the demon, Nacuto gleaming in the red light once more as he held her over his head before slicing downward at the beast's head with the full force of his angelically enhanced speed in the light.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: The Rocky Conflict: Battle For Árborg [Iceland Conflict Mission Event Thread]   Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:48 pm

If there was anything to describe how he was feeling, it would be tired. His legs jut barely stayed still under his weight as the area seemed to clear. Hizazel took in a deep breath as he assumed the fight was almost over, but his assumption would come back to bite him as he watched a large spire of energy illuminate the sky before him. There was a roar that made hizazel's bones rattle and a shadow began to cover his current position. Hizazel slowly looked up into the sky as he watched a gigantic demon fall towards him and his partner. Before he could think of what to do he heard the man's voice come from behind him. "Try not to get hit." He would say before vanishing into the sky in a ray of blinding white.

He was headed straight for the creature and at his pace he was going to hit it full force. "Okay if that's the game we're playing, then this is getting serious." He said as he positioned himself to use one last move before attempting to join the fight that was taking place in the sky. He could hear the screams and roars of the incoming reinforcements that were tailing the giant demon. Hizazel smirked as his eyes began to lowly glow a crimson red. His body began to rise rapidly in temperature and the area around him began to hold a red tent to it. Hizazel curled his fists and stood tall as a red fire erupted violently from him. At the cost of using this ability Hizael now stared forward into darkness. Around him he could see the heat that moved through the creatures around him, which woud serve as his only form of sight for the time being.

"Just have to hold this form for a few more minutes." He murmured to himself as he prepared himself to reach his second transformation. He launched himself forward towards the large mass of heat that he could only assume was the wash of demons headed towards him. The fire would burn hotter around him, burning anything that reached for him to ashes.
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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: The Rocky Conflict: Battle For Árborg [Iceland Conflict Mission Event Thread]   Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:44 pm