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 The Door Boss (Open)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Door Boss (Open)   Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:54 pm

If anyone would have been walking passed the main entrance to the Vanguard's main base entrance they would have seen a tiny girl crouching down on the ground. She pulled her hoodie up and over her purple locks, her tiny hands tightly grasping each end of the bunny ears which creatively decorated the top of her jacket. The young Human-Sugiuran voice would have been caught in between the hip ups and quivering sobs, as she was barely holding herself together from completely breaking down into heavy tears. The events that fell before her wet mess was something any person would have laughed at, especially since most of it was caused because of her poor planning impatient enthusiasm.

It started with miss information about the location of the vanguard base; this misinformation was ultimately Yuzuki's fault. During her rush to get everything together, she can clumsily messed up the coordinates to the vanguard, something in which brought her to a completely different area. Fortunately she was able to get out unsceethed, but now she was lost more then ever, was anything she put in was never correct at that point? Trying to go through the list of different people she could contact she realised that her father would be the best choice. Kamui would most likely lead her to some deserted area where more of his 'games' would continue off from a year ago. Fortunately Yuzuki father was able to give her the better informations and a way how to get to the base in one piece, something in which Yuzuki didn't think she'd be able to do on her own.

And within mere moments of getting to the front doors Yuzuki had realised a huge downfall to her entire plan. She had not once warned anyone of her arrival or even sent a notice to their leader about discussing things of peace. She didn't want to join them exactly, she only wanted to learn how everyone thought, and tried to find neutral grounds between organizations within this world. BUT. She can't do any of that if she doesn't even get through the front doors of the first place. Due to her timidness Yuzuki didn't feel it was appropriate to just walk into a 'secrete' organization's place, nor did she think it would be very safe. Even if these doors were locked, she could in theory rip the doors open with her strength alone, but what good would it do to break their property and try to ask for peace. If it wasn't unlocked then what happened if it was booby trapped; the horrible ideas in which was flowing into her head one by one was only causing a panic in the small princess. Which lead her to the events of the first part of this post, practically in tears from the mere idea of her misfortunes to this point. If she really wanted to, and really really wanted to; she was fully capable of ringing up her brother, and getting him to let her in. However he would have to be the last case scenario, so all she would have to do is wait from someone who seemed to be apart of this organization to let her in, its the only safe way.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Door Boss (Open)   Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:43 pm