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 [WIP]Kamui Iramasha

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [WIP]Kamui Iramasha   Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:25 pm

Powers Overview:
Seishin Buki:
- Runes
- Augments
Angelic Release:
- Holy Fire
- Basic Photokinesis
Divine Ascension State:
- Holy Fire
- Advanced Photokinesis
- Angelic Properties
Divine Awakening:
- Holy Fire/Solar Manipulation
- Photokinesis Mastery
- Transcendent Angel Properties
Seraphim Form:
- Seraphim Physiology
- Holy Fire/Solar Manipulation
- Advanced Photokinesis


• Name: Kamui Iramasha
• Titles:
- The Seraphim
- Right Hand of the Angel Iramasha Clan
- The Iramasha Fist
- The Legendary Demon Slayer
• Age: 8,000s. Many believe he is only 5,000 although this is incorrect since only the elders tend to know of his true age.
• Gender: Male
• Appearance:

Face-Claim: Sephiroth | Final Fantasy
• Branch/Position:
- Councilmen Number 5
- Commander General of the Iramasha Guard
- Male Head Of The Noble Angel Family

• Race: Angel Iramasha


• Personality:
Dutiful : Kamui values his clan and performs all his duties to the highest standards, he will not leave a job undone or half-completed as he always aims for perfection. He has never married or loved, being a man of his clan and dedicating his life to the Iramasha Clan's growth and development as a whole. He serves all Iramasha equally whether an Angel, Devil, Hybrid, General or Nature Iramasha he will dutifully help them in any way possible.

Loyal: He is a loyal man, he is committed to the greater good and the betterment of his clan. He is a loyal person, showing much dedication to everyone who is an Iramasha, his loyalty also goes towards people such as Ryou Iramasha as he is often called the "The Right Hand of the Angel Iramasha" due to the massive amount of loyalty he shows to to Ryou and a times he even serves Ryou although there are times he will disobey with his own authority to do so.

Intimidating: A truly scary man to many. Often his very presence can intimidate people even if they are on his side. To his enemies he is something to be feared, he truly has earned his intimidating aura as he has lived through much of the clans' history and is one of the greatest veterans of the Iramasha Clan to date.

Selfless: Kamui takes pride in what everyone around him does; his clan and his family but never himself. Yes Kamui acknowledges what people have achieved but never once has he ever spoken of his own achievements, in fact no one has ever heard of him introduce himself with an informal alias he picked up. Nope, Kamui only acknowledges others for their achievements and takes pride in what they do. He doesn't care for what he does. This has lead for him to also simply selflessly fight to defend others and people who can't fight themselves.

Stoic: Rarely showing any emotion Kamui is a pretty stoic guy. He rarely ever smiles and always seems to wear a scowl, Kamui's emotions are always inside and on the outside he never gives a wide smile. He doesn't even have a sense of humour although he has been known to make remarks which incite a thin grin on his face, many being at other's discomfort and usually only when they irritate him.

Hidden Emotions:


• Background:
Born about eight thousand years ago Kamui is one of the eldest living Iramasha to date. He was born into the Noble Angel Iramasha Family as the heir to be the Male Head of The Noble Angel Family, his father was a respectful man with a kind personality but a big heart. His mother was a lovely woman and did everything she needed to do as a dutiful mother and wife, however from the moment of Kamui' birth the entirety of Iramasha Island actually felt the spiritual pressure of the newborn baby, this made it hard for his parents to be around him so the family elders sealed away most of his power into strange runic marks all over his body which would later be recognised as a weapon. Kamui's birth lead many to wonder just how a baby could have such power and eventually it was assumed by the elders he was "the Iramasha who would surpass the Soul King" this eventually lead or the entire clan at the time to recognise him as this person.

Kamui's title at the time brought him many privileges such as being trained by some of the greatest and strongest Iramasha of that generation. From the moment he could walk the boy was being trained to be one of the finest warriors of his time; swordsmanship, hand to hand combat, Chaos Energy Manipulation. The boy learned it all, however as he grew he never truly liked all the attention and special privileges he received for a title he began to resent as he grew. It is unknown why but after Kamui became 114, in body he was about the age of an 8 year old he actually resented the title of being called "the one who will surpass the soul king".

As Kamui resented his title he still did all that was asked of him, he was kind and jolly but the moment you said anything about him surpassing the Soul King he would become silent and angry. It wasn't until he become two hundred people began to notice something strange, Kamui himself seemed to have an accelerated rate of adaption. No matter the obstacle or problem Kamui seemed to evolve to surpass it. This again spiked the rumours of him being stronger than the soul king and as he grew older he entered a state of denial, no knowing if it was true but still not wanting it to be true. Kamui just sought to live a normal life, eventually things got worse. While a child his father had been seduced by a Devil Iramasha woman whom he later slept with, this was left completely unknown until she came back nine months later with a baby.

She simply left the baby with Kamui's mother, she was in deep rage as she knew her husband had been unfaithful to her. She confronted him and they argued, really argued, while they did that the noise made the baby cry, Kamui then decided he wanted his little brother. While his parents were arguing the boy named his little brother Tenka Iramasha although strangely at the time Tenka had a mixture of Angel and Devil heritage, he was on the first hybrid Iramasha. After the argument Kamui's mother left his father and left both Kamui and his father in a state of despair.

Desperate his father turned to the woman whom he conceived Tenka with, she herself didn't want to be in a family and left him a well, a few days later Kamui's father was found dead. He had commited suicide. Leaving Kamui alone with his little sibling left more of a mark of resentment than a feeling of sadness on the young boy. Still a child with his baby brother he saw no hope for them but to live on the streets and Kamui fighting to keep them alive, fortunately fate had different plans for Kamui and his little brother.

Hearing about the orphaned boy and his hybrid brother Kamui was taken in by the Angel Iramasha Main family with his little brother who they were all keen to see since at the time a Hybrid Iramasha was incredibly rare. The Head of the Angel Household welcomed Kamui to train to become stronger and for once in his life Kamui found a reason he actually wanted to train aside from being "the one who will surpass the soul king". His brother. At that Kamui began training extensively with the Angel Iramasha family, he developed a determined and wilful personality but whenever he was around his brother he never kept his serious act on and cherished his brother's presence.

When it came time to train Tenka the boy was about eleven in body, he developed methods to help Tenka learn about his hybrid powers due to the fact there was very few hybrids around and even less information on how to train as one. Kamui then proposed he spend equal time with the Main Devil Family to learn of his Devil Iramasha DNA. So Tenka was sent off to learn from the Devil Iramasha Leader for a period of two months before returning and repeating the order. Without Tenka around Kamui usually disappeared for the time he had off from his extensive training, he seemed to grow at an alarming rate bring stronger than most other Iramasha in his early years.

Teenage Years
After two thousand years of training and development, Kamui had become a fierce warrior. One of the Angel Iramasha's best. His little brother had also developed becoming an older child who was about eight. He had learned and mastered the use of Chaos Energy. His little brother had become his most cherished friend and the person he was determined to protect with his life. Kamui had already lived for an insane amount of time, when the question was raised by Kamui it was stated that Kamui's father was "The Angel of Longlivty" this lead them to believe Kamui's father blessed his children with "immortality" so they will never grow old and die of old age.

As people around him died, Kamui found Tenka to be the only one he could be close to and he wouldn't die like all the rest. They soon became strong warriors and developed a sense of patriotism to their clan and kinsmen. Kamui was a modest teenager, putting others before him and never taking credit, Tenka had also fallen for a woman by this stage; Rose Iramasha, she was a kind girl of Devil Iramasha birth and Tenka took to her instantly, at the time Tenka was shy and flustered but Rose found it cute and befriended him.

Afraid that he would live on and leave her behind Tenka began many methods of energy work to increase the life-span of Iramasha and when he finally did Tenka asked Rose to allow him to do it. Kamui who at the time was training nearby overheard her saying no, overheard her telling Tenka she didn't want to live forever and then running off when Tenka begged. He came back to Kamui and hugged him, they sat at an old oak tree for a very long time after that.

Young Adult
After the problems with Rose, Tenka had lightened up. Kamui had become a young man who's body was in its prime. Little Tenka now a teenager they had both become stronger. Now being 5,000 years old Kamui had learned a lot throughout his life. It was at this time he unlocked his Awakened Divinity State. Kamui had become a very deadly foe, he was smart and battle hardened, very strong but insanely fast. He was a force to be reckoned with.

Nothing was really new to him as an adult, watching the clan evolve was amazing to him. He could watch the generations of Iramasha come and go and in particular he watched the growth of the clan. It wa at this point that Kamui did something though which gave him an informal alias. He was offered the position of Angel Iramasha Leader. Shocked Kamui didn't want it, when the group came with the news Kamui gave quite a speech. I do not seek to rule as the Leader of my Branch. I am old despite my age in body and I am only here to guide the clan, I have watched the growth of this clan for many years and it should be the next generation which continues its majestic history and legacy to come. For this I deny the position you grant me as I would rather serve as its "Right Hand" for these reasons I will simply be the guiding hand to keep it o track"

In his speech he gave up the position and afterwards was approached by the councilmen to take a position among them. Kamui agreed to become a member of the Council, he was also promoted to Head of the Bovle Family, a position his father had many thousands of years before him. Kamui's little brother ha joins the Iramasha Guard and found himself enjoying the position.

----400 years from Present----
Four Hundred years ago, Kamui's little brother was kidnapped by a Rakshasa while on patrol. When the news reached Kamui he actually broke his stoic and intimidating aura as he felt the despair an anger flow through him. It eventually led him to go to Hell alone to hunt down the Rakshasa that took his little brother, when he finally found the Guardian of Hell he was already in his Awakened Divinity State. Kamui was about to face his most challenging battle of them all.

It was a long battle, when Kamui began to win the demon panicked, it resorted to sealing Tenka within itself and use his hybrid powers against Kamui. A problem though, the Rakshasa was facing emotions due to Kamui's presence, Kamui wasn't his mind was clear and seeing Tenka become the demon's source of power made Kamui use Soul Reading. The result failed first since the Beast was to strong at that moment when all hope was lost for Kamui, the very darkness of the Demon creeping around him it happened.

His body giving him the power, the pinnacle of Kamui's power formed. The Seraphim was born. His Divine Ascension transcended all of his other boundaries. He burned like the sun and glowed like it too. When he used Soul Reading he ripped the demon apart internally until Tenka was free when it finally was it was at a cost. The Rakshasa was his Ziamichi spirit now and then his brother looked at him the same way people used to, when they said he would surpass the soul king. It was then Kamui realised why people said it at the time, for hope.

In present times Kamui has also taken up the position of Commander General of the Iramasha Guard, he has also married and had two children, being an angel and demon respectively. Kamui is no longer referred to as the one that will surpass the soul king since the clans power has grew substantially and wasdifferent from what it was in its earlier years. Information on Kamui's Divine Ascension is a simple rumour and no one can vouch for the fact he did use Divine Ascension in Hell.


• Seish in Buki Name: N/A

• Seishin Buki Appearance: Kamui's Seishin Buki is usually invisible to normal eyes, while impossible to see unless he uses it the Seishin Buki is actually always on him but in a state of hibernation. It is only when he releases his power and ascends his forms does the weapon present itself. In form the Seishin Buki is a number of runic arcane symbols although they can also be seen as tattoos to those that don't understand them. Strangely each symbol has a different ability to it.

The first of these ancient symbols is located on his forehead, the symbol itself is an eye. The eye itself is nothing special but represents intelligence and knowledge, not only that but it also represents that the user is capable of "seeing everything", Kamui's eye is the most common mark seen by the Iramasha and it has been named: "The All-Seeing Eye" due to its ability.

The second marking is located on his chest, it is his second most seen marking due to it actually bring present on all of his angelic releases. It is a large cross, it symbolises purity and light as it represents his angelic properties. The marking gives him angelic physiology which is why it is always seen in any of his releases although he can utilise it while in his normal state. When used the marking appears in a luminous glow and he forms his first stage wings.

The third is located on his upper back, seen as a strange symbol which appears to be simple pentagon. While at first look one might underestimate it at each of the five points there is a strange symbol, the first on the right highest point is a symbol which represents earth, on the right lower point it has a symbol which represents air, on the left lowest point there is a symbol which represents fire, on the left highest point is the symbol for water. The highest point however represents light. While the regular symbol ends there it is capable of evolving when the conditions are met, after all symbols are illuminated the five points glow before straight lines shoot towards the centre of the shape, a final symbol emerges which represents "aether".

The fourth symbol is located on thr top of his left hand, it appears to be a strange and plain moon, it represents negativity and evil. It represents all that is bad and negative. It is essentially "yin". The fifth symbol is located on the top of his right hand, it appears to be a plain sun. It represents the opposite of the previous symbol, good. The symbol represents positive and good, it is essentially "yang". There is one more symbol, being located on his lower abs, but just above his crotch. The symbol is the only eastern symbol on his body; the Yin-Yang adorns his body an represents balance. It can only appear when all other markings are active and represents balance between all of his power.

• Seishin Buki Abilities: The abilities of Kamui's Seishin Buki depends entirely on what rune(s) are active. Each marking has a different ability and some have abilities which require certain parameters to be met. His weapon is not only unique it is incredibly powerful, not once does it leave him as it is on his body although invisible to the naked eye, the symbols are arcanic although some appear to be decipherable and others are not.
The Eye:
The Chest:
The Back:
The Hands:
The Solar Plexus:


• Powers:
Immense Spiritual Pressure: Kamui was born with unnaturally high spiritual pressure, even for normal levels he is incredibly strong. It is incredibly dense and strong which gives off an edge which makes the very gravity around him feel heavier when really it is simply his overbearing power that seems determined to make people fall beneath it.

Inhuman Adaptability: A man who possesses incredible adaptability and a mind that seems to find a way out of everything, his body adapts as does his mind very fast. This ability would be like if he was fighting a Devil Iramasha, when they use Unholy Impurity his body can become more resistant to its effects, this also works with many other races and their own attacks, another example is if he was hit by a cero, as he gets hit by more and more of the same cero he becomes more resistant to it although he will never become invulnerable to it.

• Racial Powers:
Iramasha Sync: Iramasha Sync is a natural ability all Iramasha have from the moment they are born into this world. Iramasha Sync is how all the Iramasha's are in tune with one another. They can share visuals in battle, energy, information and various other things by using this technique. To activate it all you have to do is say "Iramasha Sync" and it will instantly link you up to their network.

Chaos Unity: When the leaders of the Iramasha Clan are in desperate times they will each get the Angelic Gems and Demonic Gems to perform a fusion technique. When this move is activated each of the leaders will fuse with the other, along with the spirits of past Iramasha's leaders, into one powerful being. Other Iramasha's Can also use this technique with less jems, but they often have a time limit on how long they can maintain this form depending on their combined power.

Chaos Blast: This is the Iramasha's own version of the cero. It is a blast of either angel, demon or both (when used by hybrids) that is gathered from inside of their body and shot out in a massive wave or sphere. When used in a wave, it's faster, but not as strong. When used as a sphere, it is much stronger, but slower. Another thing to note is that when a Angel Iramasha uses Chaos Blast the blast is typically white or blue, while when a demon fires it the blast is typically black or bright red. If your a hybrid, it's both. However, some Iramasha's have customized their own Chaos Blast's to fit their needs.

Chaos Warp: When this technique is activated it allows the user to teleport from short range distances at first, then when they become more master this move more they able to use to technique to teleport from long range distances along with being able to warp anywhere as long they can sense someones spiritual pressure or reiatsu. When they become more powerful they sometimes able to slow down within a limited range and gain the upper hand on their opponents. Advanced and master's can also teleport through dimension's and create pathway's to other world's. Adept can do it, but it takes much longer and drains them.

However, Chaos Warp is not just limited to that. It can also be used for teleporting things and other beings. It starts by firing a burst of Chaos Energy from either your finger tips, palm's or anywhere else you can think of in your body. Then you can create it in any shape or form you want and try to have it attach itself to the thing you want to teleport. For objects, it's almost instant to teleport. However, to move massive land masses and things along those lines it would take a bit more time. Between one or two post for master's, three or four for advanced users, five or seven for Adept and 20 for beginners.

To teleport or beings it would take 1 post for masters, 2 for advanced, 3 for adept and 5 for beginners.

Note: A very common way to utlize Chaos Warp is for it to be used to control the flow of time around a certain area. For example, Time Control can be used to speed up the time. So if you have a slow attack, you can apply the Chaos Energy to it and speed it up. You can also increase your opponents speed as well. Another example of time control is by slowing down the flow of time around you or on a certain object. Say for instance you were about to get punch. Well, you can apply Chaos Energy to the punch and slow it down so it won't hurt as much. The same applies for energy attack's as well and pretty much anything else.

• Angel Iramasha Powers:
Soul Enhancement: The Angel Iramasha appear to have an ability where they are able to use energy from other souls to power themselves. For example, if they were in the Soul Society they would be able to call upon small bits of energy from multiple Plus's and some Shinigami to eventually and gradually make themselves much stronger. This will also work with other Iramasha as they are naturally incline to help each other and will succeed in making both Iramasha somewhat stronger for a short amount of time. But, Angel Iramasha's must remember that if they do not get full approval from each soul they take power from only a small fraction of that soul's power will come to them. So, unless there is a mass acceptance of Angel Iramasha being able to take this energy, this is usually done in more populated areas with large amounts of Plus's, Iramasha's, Human's or Shinigami. This ability also does not work as well with Arrancar, Demons, Vizards or Hollows; the races listed would need to fully give the Iramasha their energy and be committed for this one to work.

It is also rumored that if enough souls are gathered by a very powerful Iramasha, one may even be able to rival the Soul King himself in times of crisis.

Soul Creation: Within certain realms, The Angel Iramasha have been blessed with the ability to manipulate certain factors within their environment by The Soul King himself. For example, while within the Soul Society Angel Iramasha on a higher level have the power to create certain living beings from the allowance of the Soul King, easily control the weather, forge various objects from nowhere to attack opponents with and even form imaginary realities within confined areas. They've even gone as far as to reshape other opponents or allies body to their own needs if enough power is backed behind it. This ability requires more power to master, however, so the higher your tier level, the better you are controlling this. Along with that, it's only at it's strongest in the Soul Society, with the World Of The Living coming in a close second. For, when they are not in the Soul Society, they rely heavily on the supply of reiatsu, reishi and reishi in the air in order to perform these feats. And in realms such as Hueco Mundo, The Kokuryuteshi's Realm and Demon World; this becomes increasingly hard to perform, but manageable.

Divine Purification: As with most types of Angel's, The Iramasha Angel do have the ability to purify various races. What in the world does that mean? It's really quite simple. If they are able to weaken or overpower a demon for example it would be possible to make an attempt at converting them into a more pure race such as an Angel or even going as far as to rebirth them as a human to atone for their sins. The same can apply for Vizards, Demon's, Arrancar's and Hollow's. However, these are more extreme examples of purification. On the combat side of things, this purification also becomes heavily useful against these races attacks. For example, a high class Iramasha Angel would have the ability to negate certain Demon Spells or cut through a weaker level cero shot off from an Arrancar or Vizard. Along with that, the Divine Purification would even allow for them to even shift the blast entirely into a holy energy and use it against said Arrancar or Vizard to cause more damage. Not only that, but more highly skilled Angel's could even disarm or immobilize certain low class or weakened Demon's or Arrancar merely by touching them and attempting to rid their existence by the pure angelic radiating inside of them.

This Purification can even be used for non-combat purposes or healing purposes as more powerful Angel's have the ability to even cure people of illnesses, do away with most toxins or poisons and even perform miracles by sometimes making the most impossible injury or damage done to person become undone. Those who are even on a lower level can at least give their comrades a sense of extra energy with their presence, do away with most common sicknesses and things of this nature. Along with that, this purification can even be extracted from some Iramasha's to be converted into various objects that generate holy barriers that have the potential to reject most types of foul creatures and do great damage to them or prevent them for entering the area altogether.

In short, it would be wise not to underestimate this holy ability of the Angel Iramasha.

Soul Reading: Angel Iramasha's have the ability to actually look into ones soul (See: Inner World) in order to determine what a person or creature is like on a more spiritual based level. For lower level Iramasha, they can easily be rejected, injured or whatever else have you if they wish to enter someone's Inner World without permission. On top of that, it also requires more effort on their part as they are not accustomed to it as more powerful ranking Angel's within the Iramasha are. However, as they get stronger, eventually they will no longer require the need for permission and can sometimes enter a persons Inner World without their consent. When this happens, the person in question will either fight them off to eject them out of their soul, allow them full access or The Angel Iramasha will deal with whatever rules the Inner World they are entering has in store for them.

Now, moreover, if someone is able to fully accept this Angel into their heart it can be possible for The Angel Iramasha in question to do positive deeds for them. Take this situation for example: There is a Plus Soul in danger of being overwhelmed and turning into a hollow. If an Angel Iramasha is present, they can easily enter that Plus's soul and remove the hollow infection so that they may pass on to the Soul Society in a more peaceful matter. Another situation that would be considered a good deed with this ability is an Angel Iramasha even taming one's Ziamichi Spirit in order to enhance that Ziamichi's overall control and power. And the last example of this ability being used for good would be for an Angel Iramasha to somehow awaken a person's hidden or suppressed memories. So, by these three examples alone, there are many ways for an Angel Iramasha to do good, but there is also many ways for them to do negative impact.

Thus, on the flip side, an Angel Iramasha can possibly enter an Arrancar's Inner World and begin the task of destroying their vast collection of Souls until said Arrancar was no more or dropped dead if they failed to fight said Angel Iramasha off. Another example of using this for negative impact would be to completely shatter a Shinigami's Soul Chain if they were able to locate it or said Shinigami did not reject or rebel against The Angel Iramasha. Finally, they could even split a Ziamichi Spirit or Hollow away from their host and cause some serious mayhem for said host.

Therefore, this ability must be used with utmost caution. It can turn the tides in a battle, or can easily be used against an Angel Iramasha if an experienced fighter knows how to handle dealing with someone inside of their inner world. Alas, though, most Angel Iramasha choose to simply use this ability as more or less a passive move to see inside a person's soul. So, on that final note, use it as you may.

• Chaos Moves:
Regular Chaos Moves

Custom Chaos Moves
Name: Chaos Link
Description: Chaos Link is a technique where advanced and master users of Chaos Energy can enter someone's mind in order to read their memories and past experiences. They can also share their memories with the person they linked with. However, the link can only happen if the other person accepts. There is no way to perform Chaos Link against someone's will.
Rank: Advanced and Master.
Character: All Iramasha's with enough Chaos Energy can.
Notes: Adept can use Chaos Link, but will only be able to read recent memories and experiences.
Name: Chaos Restore
Description: An Iramasha with Advanced or Master control over Chaos Energy can replace a limb or non-vital organ with ease. For Advanced it takes one post; for Master's it's almost instant. You can only use this move three times in a thread if you are advanced with a cool down of 3 post, and six times if you are a master with a cool down of two post. If you try to go over that limit there is chance something can go wrong.
Rank: Advanced/Master
Character: The Whole Clan
Notes: (It is possible to generate limbs at an instant without any cool down with the Angelic, Demonic and Master Gems)
Name: Chaos Orb
Description: A technique that uses a ball made from Chaos Energy to track a particular individual anywhere they are. There are a few restrictions about the person that is subjected to pursuit. The user must know that person's reitsu's pattern. If someone can be targeted for pursuit, they maybe very far away, the orb will be able to confirm their position.
Rank: Advanced and Masters
Character: Only Noblemen, Iramasha Leaders and others of high rank in the Iramasha Clan
Notes: (none)
Name: Chaos Vortex
Description: Chaos Vortex is a restraining Chaos Move mostly. It starts by the user summoning up a large amount of Chaos Energy for one post. After a one post charging period, a vortex that can be of any color appears above the user's opponent. Once there, a large beam of light, that can also be any color, shoots from the center of the vortex and encases the opponent within it. From there, the walls will soon begin to become extremely heated to the point to where if you even touch them your hand can possibly melt and there will also be lightening surrounding the walls to detour people from escaping. After the walls come down, the gravity inside of the vortex will be becomne five times stronger then Earth's gravity and will most likely cause the opponent to fall face first into the ground. It can also make it difficult to use any other kind of energy besides Chaos Energy due to the sheer amount of Chaos Energy that's slamming down on the user. Not to mention that the gravity can eventually begin to tear you apart if you are severely weakened or on a two, three, four or five tier.

The only way to counter this is to either shoot some type of strong energy into the vortex to disrupt it, place a defensive kido around you until the vortex is gone, use Chaos Control to teleport yourself out of the Vortex or place your own barrier around you or raise your reitsu if you are stronger then the user.

The Vortex can also only be up for a maximum of three post by a master, two post by advanced and one post by Adept. But when the vortex is about to disappear, all the energy it collected will explode and cause a massive explosion. If the user is not careful, they can also get caught up in this blast.

The drawbacks to using this power, though, is that you can only use it three times per thread. So, after you use it once you cannot use it for another five post no matter who you are. It can also cause moderate exhaustion for three post after it's summoned and can slow you down for one post.
Rank: Adept, Advanced or Master
Character: Anyone can learn it if you have the skills
Notes: (When amplified by the Demonic, Angelic or Master Gems this move can create a maximum of three vortex's, the walls can have lightening, heat and fire surrounding them, the gravity is increased to be six times stronger then Earth's and the explosion is much more powerful and can even split itself into multipliable reitsu seeking blast that won't go away until one post after the explosion.)
Name: Chaos Break
Description: Chaos Break is the brother move of Chaos Soul. Upon usage, a mirrored version of the Chaos Soul seal appears under the user, and two clones of light or shadow appear, as usual. After entering the mind of someone, seals on their powers and inner demons can be attacked - Advanced can break most seals, while Masters can only be stopped by other Masters using Chaos Soul at the same time.
Rank: Adept can learn, Advanced can nearly master it
Character: Every Iramasha can learn this skill.
Notes: Adepts in Chaos Energy can only damage seals, and not break any.

• Chaos Fighting Style:


•Angelic Release Appearance: When Kamui first releases his power his reiryoku gathers within him, this is his entire power as it is drawn inward. After his reiryoku removes itself from effect Kamui's Seishin Buki chest marking begins to glow, it glows a soft gold but quickly after its awakening the dormant reiryoku suddenly bursts outward in a sphere which forces everything away with a 100m radius. After the reiryoku burst a blinding light suddenly emits a large sphere being about 50m in radius although this second sphere is actually incredibly hot and is similar to a small sun, those of weaker level are often incinerated, the reiryoku originally didn't happen until Kamui saw the devastating effects of his release.

After the blinding light and intense heat subsides Kamui emerges in his Angelic Release. Very little changes about Kamui when he enters his Angelic Release, his outfit doesn't change although his chest symbol glows constantly with its cross design, his hair changes from its light grey to its pure white which he had in his youth.

His wings, while tangible when he first unlocked his stage he has recently found methods to change the state of the wings from ethereal to corporeal. His wings are a pure shade of white and usually seen as 1.5m long. In the centre of his wings there is a strange disc which is more of a circular frame. The final change is the soft golden glow which emanates from his very being giving him a heavenly aura.

• Angelic Release Abilities:
Their overall skills will increase from the amount of power being generated from them. For instance, with the activation of this release, the Angel Iramasha's Reiryoku, Reiatsu and Chaos Energy will be doubled or tripled in more intense cases; allowing them to be able to perform even greater feats of techniques, Chaos Spells, Special Moves and other abilities that rely on these types of energy. Along with that, their physical strength will increase two times as well to make them more fit to deal with the punishment an opponent who forces them to go into this state can dish out.

Additionally, when they release into this state, they will gain a bit of mental clarity should they accept this blessing from the Soul King. For example, if an Angel Iramasha who had an unstable mind beforehand were able to transcend to his Angelic Release, he would be able to fight with a much clearer head without the mental haze in his head blocking him from his true goal. Moreover, this Angelic Release is even capable of giving the Angel Iramasha bits and pieces of information about the world around them. A display of this capability is shown when a Iramasha arrives in a place such as Hueco Mundo and they are given images, words or voices explaining to them how the world operates in a sense; such as if it has any Chaos Energy, reishi, the races nearby if the Iramasha is able to detect them and other various things about their environment that can be deducted rather easily such as the weather or climate. Not all Angel Iramasha comprehend this ability, but it gets more clearer in the next state.

Moreover, though, some of the last changes an Angel Iramasha would notice in this state is that they will most likely gain one or two new powers for their Angelic Release in addition to their previous powers being advanced thanks to the extra flow of energy being generated throughout the core of their being. Examples of this would be an Angel Iramasha learning how to use fire alongside his lightning or someone getting super strength to go alongside their other powers.

Basic Light Manipulation: Kamui possesses a basic manipulation of light photons and waves, this allows him to do a small amount of things with light, the most common being visual illusions through the manipulation of light to what the eye interprets although only the eyes are affected. He can solidify photons to create photokinetic constructs, and use light to fire it as blasts.
Holy Fire Manipulation: As his angel evolutions are based off the legends of the Seraphim Kamui can manipulate "holy fire", this form of fire is capable of purifying hollows similar to a zanpakutō and also doing someone similar to a plus. The fire itself is still capable to be used for offensive purposes and actually has a stronger effect on those who relate to demons and hollows more, while it is less effective on Shinigami and angelic beings.

• Awakened Divinity State Appearance: Entering his Awakened Divinity State causes Kamui to glow incredibly bright before he dissipates into light, after a few moments a giant pillar of light forms and Kamui emerges in his second state, while before it had the effect of destroying everything around him in his second state Kamui's evolution reaches new heights and actually condenses most of his power inside of him unlike before where the power exploded from him, this sudden influx of power drags everything within 15m towards him.

The second form of Kamui's power transcends him past his previous capabilities. Before he could be called an angel, in this form he has become an Archangel. Kamui's now has another set of wings which are almost exact replicas of his first set, a difference though is that this set is only 1m long which make them slightly smaller than his original ones. Kamui's hair now reaches to his knees and maintains its pure white appearance from his youth.

Another thing that change in Kamui is his eyes, by looking at them they appear to glow and burn like golden fire. It looks very strange considering his eyes even glow a strange golden aura. His outfit also changes, his original outfit becomes white and gains golden shoulder plates which have a white "X" stretching across his chest and wrapping around to form one on his back before rejoining with his shoulder plates at the back. His chest is exposed still although his cross rune is active still with a brighter glow.

• Awakened Divinity State Abilities: Angelic Release is the first stage that the Angel Iramasha go among their three releases. This is often unlocked once they have reached one tier or early 0 tier. The main requirement that is needed to transcend pass their Angelic Release is that they are somehow pushed passed their limits in combat, have a great need to use these powers such as having a loved one in danger or needing to protect something or they somehow called upon by the Soul King himself in times of peril such as the case when some Angel Iramasha obtained this release during times of war. If they should meet these two requirements together with wanting to accept this evolution as with their previous ascension, they will more often then not learn their Awakened Divinity State and reach the next level in Angel Iramashahood.

Thus, like the transformation into the Angelic Release, all their previous abilities will be taken to even greater and more powerful heights of strength then ever before; Thanks in part to the flow of Chaos Energy, Reiryoku and Reiatsu being increased three times over the previous enhancements from transcending into their first release. With this additionally amount of energy being generated from within the Angel Iramasha, they will generally be able to push all of their special attacks, Chaos Spells, Spiritual Based Powers and things of this nature to even greater limits then before. In fact, this is the level where most Iramasha will begin to create more deadly and fierce Chaos Spells, begin to create majorly advanced versions of their powers and even make their own Seishin Buki more powerful along with the traits from their Iramasha Class.

So, for instance, an Angel Iramasha whom has transcended to the Awakened Divinity State will begin to see the abilities or powers they get with their Seishin Buki begin to double unlike with their Angelic Release where this gets no enhancement at all. It's even possible for the Seishin Buki to gain one new trait when they are ONLY released in this state as well. Additionally, going back to their Iramasha Class, each of these traits from that part of themselves will begin to become stronger with this doubled increase in their ability. For e example, if The Angel of Ice had transformed into this Awakened Divnity State, all of their ice based powers could possibly have a greater range across the battlefield then compared to Angelic Release Iramasha or regular Angel Iramasha without either of these forms.

Next, the other changes that would begin occurring upon an Angel Iramasha activating this release is that their physical strength and endurance would increase two times more then before in order make them endure more harsh environments. An example of this would be that an Awakened Divinity State Angel Iramasha would be able to live through being thrown into a pit of boiling lava; rather it be man-made or a more powerful spiritual based version of this. Or, an Angel Iramasha would be able to take far more damage then an Angel Release Iramasha or Regular Angel Iramasha thanks to their increased defenses.

Moreover, the mental clarity that is seen with Angel Iramasha when they transcend into their Angelic Release seems to be increased as well. For example, the Iramasha in question would not only see their own minds being sharpened with a new mental focus, but they would begin to effect others around them as well. You see, Angel Iramasha's with Awakened Divinity State do possess the ability to give their allies this same mental awareness they obtained upon their Angelic Release should they accept The Angel Iramasha's blessing. That means, if the character would allow this, The Angelic Iramasha could begin to cure any type of mental illness going on within their mind (Temporarily boosting their Will Sheet as well for as long as they are in the Divinity State), give them a sense of feeling more powerful, replenish about five or ten percent of their overall power and even do light to moderate scaled healing upon their bodies. However, this ability varies from how strong the opponent is, how many people are with them and how much energy the Angel Iramasha in question is dealing. When dealing with larger numbers, this ability becomes more difficult and weakened then compared to having a handful of comrades. Or, if they are damaged or injured in battle, this become rather weakened or less effective.

And, on a related note, The Angel Iramasha who learn Awakened Divinity State will see an increase in their ability to analyze their environment. Previously, in their Angelic Release, they would only get bits and pieces about the things going on around them such as weather, climate, if it has any Chaos Energy, reishi and the other races nearby. With Awakened Divinity State, this trait is taken even further as The Angel Iramasha are now able to figure out what comprises certain objects, attacks or beings to existence. An example of this would be an Awakened Divinity State Iramasha being able to gradually calculate over the span of one to two post what elements a massive barrier would be made of. Or, in another case, figuring out what makes an energy attack like a Cero and if there are any hidden properties in it like a concealed attack or something of that nature. Together with that, they'll also be able to analyze what race a group of people are for three mile radius with Awakened Divinity State; the zone moving each each movement they make. However, they'll even be able to sense distant powers in further distances upwards of nearly a city the size of Karakura Central in terms of mileage and not size.

Lastly, the final change an Iramasha who transcends into The Awakened Divinity State will be that they go through yet another physical change. Usually, this time, they have an even more powerful aura to them then previously before. Some people would even go as far as to describe as more realistic angel as they can begin to look older, younger, more mature, more child like, more feminine, more muscular and things of this nature. They will also usually gain a second pair of wings to symbolize the unlocking their second release state as well.

• Divine Ascension Appearance:

• Divine Ascension Abilities:

• Seraphim Form Appearance (If you have unlocked at least Angel or Demon Form's or have reached 2-3 tier, your character has the ability to create their own unique form. Be sure to tell us how they look in this form)

• Seraphim Form Abilities: (List any special abilities, techniques or upgrades they get in this form)


• Class Title: The Seraphim of Might

• Class Traits:

• Skills:


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Warp: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Fighting Style: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Gem Creation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


• Roleplay Sample: (If this is your first application on the site, please be sure to show us a post from another site or make a new one to show us how you RP. If you have already made a character, you may remove this!)
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Oi! I'm dropping you a line in order to see how is this appilcation coming along. It's been awhile since we've seen you and we wanna know what's up? Do you want us to archive it? Do you still have plans for this character? Hit me back and respond!


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Just archive Kamui. I had muse for him but now it is just gone... Quite sad. I am sorry it has been over six months or so since joining but I either have no time to work on characters and when I do something else gets in the way. I'll probably just make something less complicated and then build myself up to make characters like Kamui.
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[mod]As written above, i'm archiving this.[/mod]

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[WIP]Kamui Iramasha
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