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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active Since June 3rd, 2010]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: 空ろPower⇧Grade[wip]   Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:56 am

» Name Of Character: Blank | 空ろ | Utsuro
» Link To Character Profile: 空ろ
» Reasons For Upgrading: During the thread with Kamui, warning not safe for work, Blank had been bestowed with a Juin. A thing that Kamui had been placing in certain individuals and discusses the Juin is effected her slightly different since she is so young and still growing, so with the addition of the Juin she was capable of getting a power or two. I'm unsure if she should get any tier upgrades at all, nor how any of this works, but I'll only list the powers and see what happens afterwards.
    Accelerated Learning: Due to the interactions Blank has already had with people of much stronger energy capabilities and powers; such as Kamui and Sunshine; as well as the Juin that Kamui has bestowed her with on the roof of Blank's mouth. Blank has been able to be gifted with a mutated learning system in which gives her additional influences to learning different skills and gaining higher tiers based on who she is interacting with. In order to increase her natural attributes, such as Strength, Speed, Demon Magic etc, most people would require to be within fighting situations or intense labor training. Since this juin ability does increases her learning she could get the same effectiveness through situations which would be deemed more social than combative. Meaning she doesn't necessarily have to throw herself into danger as she can learn these skills with that of a much stronger person through a 'social thread'.

    Due to Kamui placing the Juin within the roof of her mouth, the Juin is capable of bleeding it's abilities within her brain; which is how she gets this learning capabilities. Since she is growing as mentioned before and her body is capable of mutating the juin into her regular growth, and as well as the fact the every child's mind is much like a sponge. The Juin has amplified that, making it so that whenever she repeatedly does something and learns something of the first time she has a much easier grasp of learning and mastering such concepts. Not only would this effect her learning, but also her ideals and understanding of the world; this could potentially be one of her greatest weapons once she gets older, but it also allows her to be easily deceived. If someone were to feed her the wrong information she'll accept it as truth until A. she figures it out herself. or B. she is told by the same person it was a lie to begin with.

    To further elaborate on her learning, if someone were to give her the simple task of folding paper, the child would be able to continuously keep learning to fold it in better folds as well as learn how to get the same folds through different ways. If she was guided or learned the concept or idea of origami she could potentially use that simple idea of only folding paper to create millions of different art works through practice alone. She can't however learn something she doesn't know about; simply put if someone were to teach her how to make long sounds with her voice she wouldn't be able to use that to sing if she never knew that existed.

    As some may have caught on the abilities are not only linked to that of her intelligences it takes on that to a physical level as well. However much like when she learns about different things she has to continuously practice without physically doing the activities her learning and her abilities will not expand. A way different natural abilities could be affected by this juin would be her regeneration. Since his juin is now within her body if her body learned how to physically heal, the next time it needs to heal it would remember and understand making it much better as faster much like the example of her folding paper. The same can be said with her speed or durability, though they would all need to be physically learnt and dealt with appropriately before she can think about getting state raises.

    Partial Souls: Blank had received this ability because ofthe Juin being added into her; this ability is more or less of as a trade off for the Juin. Since her body is still developing the similar side effects one would have when gaining the Juin doesn't completely apply to her with that her body had to create some sort of tradeoff, and since later on her abilities will be focused more on the collection and using of souls, this is a perfect start up. Where the souls are kept are within her lantern and cannot be taken out by anyone, but herself; unless of course it is through the transaction, which is later explained. Depending on how many souls she has collected the brightness of her lantern will continue to increase until she either blows out her lantern or uses the souls. Fortunately she is capable of turning off her lantern without losing her souls, they continue to stay within the lantern in a dormant state until she gains abilities to hold the souls within herself.

    This ability is more or less a passive; in which putting it bluntly is whenever she gets pregnant her body absorbs the fertilized egg thus killing the potential child and taking the partial soul. Since there has been a huge debate it is believed that when a woman gets pregnant the fetus doesn't get a full soul right away, it instead gets a partial soul, one the child is born that's when the soul is complete. However since Blank is killing the fetus before it gets a full soul, she is only able to collect partial souls with each time she becomes pregnant; as an example if she wanted one whole soul worth she'd need to get pregnant twice. Each partial soul is only worth to a half soul, once she collects two partial souls her body will automatically fuse these souls together to create a full and empty slate soul. Even though right now she doesn't have any abilities aimed towards these souls as of now, she is capable of giving Kamui, the creator of her juin, one soul every two souls she gets. This transaction will automatically be completed by him physically touching her juin mark in any way shape or form and doesn't take more than a minute to complete. If he so wishes he is capable of waiting till more souls have collected up for him before decided to take his fair share.

» Reasons For Upgrading: During the thread with Sunshine it clearly states that he helped boosted the creation of this tiny concept by cutting off his arm. Since Sunshine's body is filled with the Oil of Becoming One from his hell beast; Yawgmoth, little Blank now has this oil inside of her. During the week she stayed with him before leaving to the human realm, she had been constantly exposed to more of the oil and secretly released a tiny amount of oil into her own system each time she done anything Khalaism related. Due to embracing more of her nature she had also gained the ability to be able to create her own oil with a few drawbacks.
    Sunshine Oil: Blank doesn't have control over her oil much like sunshine does, and with her she can't seem to create a whole bunch in one setting. Since she can't create much of it and she only connects it to something sexual or 'trading' she can only produce this oil through her sexual organs. She'll continue to keep producing this oil the more the person allows her to do things under the ideals of Khalaism or keeps her pleasure in a heightened state. With that said, a person can't just try to get her sexually active and she'll produce it, she has to do something in which she deems is for Khalaism, such examples of that is when she 'collects peace' or harvest the organs of recently deceased people or if she 'spreads of the word of Khalaism' which leads to just sex. This is like this because whenever she does these simple acts 'for Khalaism' as said before the oil does into her system and raises her libido and fertility, making her much more susceptible towards sexual activities.

    Her oil is in the same manner as Sunshine's however she can't affect their soul and body the same way he does, while he corrupts them into being that of a demon, she is unable to do that whatsoever. She is far too weak nor understands completely how her oil even works to begun to think about effecting people to that level. The reasoning for this is because while Sunshine's oil corrupts on with despair Blank doesn't have that ability at all, making it nearly impossible for her oils to do the same as his without being taught.However much like sunshine's regular oil she is capable of heightening the pleasuring sensors in their body with whatever touches this oil. With a mix of pheromones as well as corrupting their nervous system, the oil is able to affect the host's brain in triggering that pleasured area each time the infected area is touched. She hasn't reached the point of being able to send someone into a mind boggling pleasure, but it is enough to send someone off into a nice mood. However she can't even allow such a thing to even happen if the person themselves doesn't accept the oil at all. If they deem it unsafe or try to get away from it the oil will leave no effect on the host and will only just fade away.

    Lastly, the oil takes on a darker colour than that of sunshine's, however has the same texture and thickness as his own. It isn't very sticky, but it does have a grip on it much like regular oil, but more resembles that of body cream/butter. Once it applies it will feel very warm before fading off into their senses, since it is a liquid the natural effects of being exposed to air will cause it to cool down. The oil will stay on the host for the full duration of five posts, but it can be reapplied to refresh this effect.

» Any Extra Notes: Blank is a tier 5-5 demon with only beginners in every single skill; she had been living with a 0-2 for a week before going down into the human realm where she spent the night with a 0-3. I thought maybe this should be addressed just incase she is entitled to any upgrades in her tier or skills.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: 空ろPower⇧Grade[wip]   Sat Oct 03, 2015 11:09 am


I'm just leaving this post to check up and see if you are ready to be reviewed. The reason being is because there is no WIP or finished title in the tag, but it seems fairly brief and this line made me wonder if it was ready:
Quote :
Power 1: (What are the details of this upgrade? Put in a tier upgrade, new power, new skill and etc)
Power 2: (What are the details of this upgrade? Put in a tier upgrade, new power, new skill and etc)


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: 空ろPower⇧Grade[wip]   Mon Oct 05, 2015 12:22 am

Alright, for the time being I'm going to go ahead and approve this upgrade but it's going to be monitored closely. The first ability is fine, it effectively just allows her an intelligence ability in conjunction with being able to progress through purely social threads, that's fine.

The Oil is also fine's already a thing.

The Soul thing is what we're going to have to watch though. For now, on the surface, it's fine. She's taking souls and putting them in a box but in the future we're going to have to keep a close eye on it for abuse. Given the strange nature of these abilities however, if another staff member overrules this approval you'll need to work with them to find a compromise, but for my part I think they're fine.

I'm going to bump her up to 5-3 due to proximity to zero tiers as well.
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