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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Jay Dub's Round 9 Groundpound Tracker!

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Jay Dub's Round 9 Groundpound Tracker!   Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:31 pm

Post 1: Maaaaan! Did I have fun in this one! Haven't seen Eva in a while, so it was absolutely refreshing to crack those knuckles and crank out this post!

Post 2: Ahahaha! I'm absolutely loving the group dynamic here! With the pun loving Ash and the socially inept Yuel paired up with little ol' Lydia, there's no end to the potential craziness that could happen! Shout out to S_E and Gamedragon for le awesomeness!

Post 3: That's three in a row! This time, I cranked out a post with James and Yuel! I think James might be warming up to her in his own weird way. He doesn't have very many intelligent comrades -coughcough- Carine -cough- So I'm sure he'd appreciate it in some way. I kinda feel like he's starting to see her as his own kid, even. If he cared enough to have them, or didn't hate humans with a passion in the first place xD As it stands, no go on the kid thing, but I still hit 1k!

Hoping to see more from Lilith soon, Lycoris is really stimulating the muse for me, and it's so much fun playing that two-faced asshole of a James I initially wanted him to be.

Post 4: Well, I'm honestly a tad disappointed by this post. I had the muse for hero James, but in practice I feel like I failed to encompass what Hero James is really like. Still really enjoying the thread, especially after reading Frost's little snippety bit about James' incompetence which is slowly becoming a thing xD

Post 5: OH MY GOD I hate her so much! xD But despite the fact that she's frustrating to deal with (because I actually have to force myself to think critically), I actually really like Yuel's character, and can see a loot of potential in her. As far as my plans for her go, I really don't think James will replace her Shishou, but I do think they'll have a very interesting relationship. Cheers to S_E for making my day xD

Post 6: So for this one I feel like I got a little bit lazy. I don't really have all that much Lydia muse today... hmm. But I did manage to crank out a little bit more character development for Eva in this short post! That counts for something!

So far, this is too easy! Been less than a day and I'm like an hour away from completion! All I have left are the Lycoris post -salivation resumes- -- Ahem, and this Game/SE post, with Lydia... sigh. I've gotta pull it off though! Guts!

Post 7: Whooooo-wee! Did I get a lot of character development out of James in this post! Not only does he go for an inbetween, when being tested by Lycoris, he also even starts giving her advice, despite the shit she put him through. It's as if for some reason he felt bad for using her.... But I dare not say that ;3

Post 8: Lydia muse restored! I wish Nix would get back here! She's just not Lydia without him -sigh- but I still managed to get her general traits across. She's bae guys! 17/10 would smash <3

Post 9: James accepts training from Moonie humbly, showing that though he's not keen on admitting he's not the best, he's also not keen on dying because of pride.

Post 10: Yuel done fucked up now. lmao rip Yuel, u had a gud run gg
But seriously, James releases his first transformation in training with Yuel. I had a great time making him out to be fucking nightmarish to someone who has no power, save their alchemy. She's gonna have to try hard if she wants to knock him down.

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Jay Dub's Round 9 Groundpound Tracker!
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