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 Personality Radar

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Personality Radar    Sat Oct 17, 2015 4:20 pm

Just killing time at work and filling out more personality test. This one deals more with work, however. So take it at your leisure.

Quote :

In the radar above, you will find a description of the behaviors that you tend to adopt in a professional circumstance. These behaviors are grouped together into 5 dimensions called Clusters of Criteria: Communicate, Manage, Dare, Adapt, Excel. They cover the main personality traits that employers seek in individuals.
There is no such thing as having a perfect profile! It is normal to have high scores on some criteria and lower or more average scores on others. It all depends on the answers you have chosen throughout the test.

Personality can be defined as the set of behaviors, attitudes and feelings which characterize individuals. It is shaped throughout your life during your experiences. Each individual is characterized by a certain number of traits which will determine his/her character and lasting impact. We aim to visualize the personality traits which will be sought after in your professional life. We talk about Soft Skills, as opposed to Hard Skills which correspond to technical abilities.

Communicate To be in contact with others, convey something to someone, generally through a form of communication (written or oral).

Manage To organize, manage something or someone.

Dare To have the courage, audacity, and boldness to do something.

Adapt The ability to modify one’s attitude, thoughts, behaviors depending on new situations, to adjust.

Excel The ability to move beyond a set guide, achieve greater performances than ones previously accomplished.


Ease in public 5 / 10
You can be reserved but that does not prevent you from expressing your opinion in public or to new people.

Opening up to others 5 / 10

You favor your opinions and generally pay moderate attention to new ideas.

Diplomacy 8 / 10
You prefer to avoid conflict. You carefully express your point of view making sure not to offend your audience.

Persuasion 9 / 10
You like to negotiate, you are generally able to find the right words to bring others around to your way of thinking.


Leading 5 / 10
Leading a team does not come naturally to you but you can accept the group's decision.

Taking responsibility 2 / 10
You are careful and show restraint before committing to a project, you do not wish to assume sole responsibility for any failure.

Organization 3 / 10
You are flexible, you rely more on your ability to adapt than on your comprehensive approach to achieve results.

Vision 7 / 10
You like to adopt an objective approach and go to the heart of the matter rather than to spend time on tasks which require going into detail.


Self-confidence 4 / 10
You sometimes question yourself and may tend to doubt your potential.

Independent mind 3 / 10
You do not appreciate criticism and like to trust the opinion of the majority.

Creativity 8 / 10
You like to be innovative and find original solutions, you are not very conventional.

Autonomy 6 / 10

You like to develop independently even if you like sharing your achievements.


Stress management 6 / 10
You are able to manage your stress even if you avoid exposing yourself to pressure.

Responsiveness 4 / 10
You like to analyze situations and give yourself the time to make a decision. You may sometimes lack spontaneity.

Patience 7 / 10
You are able to look ahead to the future and wait to enjoy the benefits of your actions. You favor the long term over the short term.

Respect for authority 8 / 10
You value respect for authority and customs, you do not like to break rules.


Determination 4 / 10
You are able to review your objectives in the event of difficulty, you prefer to avoid confrontation with obstacles.

Ambition 5 / 10
You aspire to make professional progress but don't prioritize your career.

Work ethic 5 / 10
You are not afraid of hard work even if you like to keep time for yourself.

Competitive spirit 3 / 10
You prefer to avoid situations of rivalry and favor cooperation. You do not necessarily feel the need to be the best.


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Personality Radar
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