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 Jay's First Baddie! WIP

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Jay's First Baddie! WIP   Sat Oct 17, 2015 11:33 pm


» Name: Illius Sharp
» Titles: The Bioterrorist
» Age: 18
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Freelance

» Shifter Appearance Written: Illius's biomancy allows him to change his form based on the people he has consumed. It is worth noting that this ability extends to every single person he has ever consumed.

» True Appearance Written: A somewhat tall man, he stands somewhere between average and tall compared to most his age. His straight hair appears slightly curly when it is wet. He can be seen almost consistently with a cigarette in his mouth. His attire, perhaps somewhat old fashioned for the age, consists of a black suit coat with an ascot.

» True Appearance Picture: (If you have an image, feel free to post it here. If not, remove this)


» Personality:
Flirty: Illius has had more than enough time to work on his flirt game. He shamelessly flirts at anyone or anything with a skirt. Regardless of any prior obligations he may have. He's been told he's quite charming.

Romantic: This is perhaps the defining trait of Illius. Due to his task of having to kill a female strong enough to withstand the ritual of sacrifice until the very end, Illius has adapted to be more romantic, so as to fill the remainder of their life with joy before his task must be completed. After having learned of the true nature of people, Illius has since been unable to suppress his prior tendency to keep their memory whole. Though he no longer cares who or what he kills, he still ends up having a soft heart for the women that constantly surround him. Although initially, he had romantic feelings for Mama, the demon who turned him, after he found out she lied to him, he has long since turned his back on those feelings. Although she does not seem to mind personally. He no longer has the same taste in women, to that end. He prefers a woman who can hold her own to a woman who will brainlessly follow a charming face to her demise. He firmly believes those types to be weak.

Regretful: Illius greatly regrets becoming the type of monster to kill women, who might be the sisters of others, much like Feldspar did to him. Despite this, he still spurs himself to commit any manner of atrocities. If it might draw the eye of Feldspar... that he might know his name... any amount of death will suffice. It won't change what he's become- and he does hate himself for it- but it doesn't help him any to not move forward. He prioritizes this need for revenge even over his body's natural aversion to the slaying of others. Although, after around a year of his turning, this has become lessened greatly.

On The Edge: After Lycoris and James deceived him and robbed him of his arm, Illius' faith in humanity took a massive blow. He became desperate to find a way to regain it before time runs out. When Illius gets desparate, there's no end to the atrocities he might commit. The world is starting to look like it's a lot less cookie cutter to him. It could be said that Lycoris and James were the deciding factor in his descent into Chaotic Evil.

Bioterrorist: When he is hungry, or merely pushed to the edge, Illius has absolutely no problems with dirtying his hands. He will use every power in his arsenal to defeat his opponent, even if it means taking a lot of lives. Although, in his more reserved state, he won't do anything to harm or kill "other" humans, as for some reason, Illius still believes himself to be human, despite having been converted. If someone were to piss him off royally, his reserved state will fade, giving rise to a cold-hearted killer that hides beneath the surface, begging to come loose. It is through his utter cruelty and willingness to commit genocide that he gained the title of Bioterrorist. It stuck quite well.

Cruel: Illius has often displayed in combat a tendency to play with his foes. Impaling them through the knees or stomach and missing vital arteries and tendons, he plays a sort of cat-and-mouse with anyone he finds to be irritating or bothersome. Despite his normally caring nature, it should be noted thoroughly that an angered Illius is the worst kind of Illius. Given the fact that his newfound demon blood requires him to feast depending on how much energy he has used, if he's hungry and upset, chances are you won't live long if you anger him. Illius sees all living things as worthless trash. Garbage that couldn't save him, or his little sister. Liars, and cheats. None of them good, no matter how much they try to see themselves as such. He for this reason has dehumanized every other person. Leaving only himself as an imperfect human in his own mind. He too has fallen to the level of worthlessness this world has thrust upon him.

Progressively Worsening Memory: As he consumes people, he is able to share their memories for an instant, his brain reconfiguring to be able to store them. Although he can accurately partition which memories are his, it still does not prevent the memories from taking up space. His brain rearranging only serves to make his own memories less of a priority. Thus, the more people he consumes, the less he will remember. Although, strong memories like those filled with desire or other such emotion are usually easily recalled. Every other type of memory, however, may take him a while to locate, as it feels as though a hazy fog is being lowered onto his memories. It is for this reason that, combined with his hunger, and despite his choice to not take life, he consumed until his arm returned. When it did, he had no recollection of anything but his hunger for revenge, and a name. Feldspar.

Surprisingly, Loves Puns: Illius will never tire of a good pun, even if it's made in combat by his very worst enemy, he will still appreciate it. Of course, he'll still brutally slaughter them, but will promptly give them credit afterwards! Yay? Whether it's a simple play on words, or an elaborate six step pun that takes knowledge of several different subjects to understand. If he understands it, he appreciates it.

» Likes: Puns, Independent Stronk Women, Close Quarters combat.

» Dislikes: Dependency. And Cupcakes. And Mages, ironically.

» History

Blood. Blood was the only way he felt close to her anymore. That warm splashing was the last thing he remembered about her, a hazy fog covering his memories. Blood was the only way he could see her face again. And he was hungry. Desperate, from the loss of his arm. He needed to feed. To consume... And so he did. Finding his way to Brazil with the interest of contacting the Monsuta, Illius quickly found himself overcome by hunger upon arrival. So tempting... He had forgotten almost everything he was. His memories were slipping away slowly... All those women... All the time he had spent meant so little to him in this moment. Every moral, every thought, they were all just binds on him now. He hadn't used his powers since that single day, two years ago. He had eaten... But it never failed to leave him wanting. He needed to consume. To consume... Consume everything.

Grabbing hold of young and old, male and female and everything in between, he consumed. Killing and amassing in power by slaughtering small villages he realized he needed more. Then, he did it. Launching a Biomass attack on a major city, he was promptly subdued by the nation's nanobot system, and later intercepted by Tora himself. In order to pay off his debt for attacking one of Tora's cities, he was contracted with the Monsuta. Not exactly how he'd planned things working out, but it worked.

» Natural Abilities:
Biomancy: This ability refers to the conversion and transformation of living energy through means of magic. In Illius' case, it is mostly Auto-biomancy, as he can only use living energy from others to augment himself in ways listed below (Under 'Unique Abilities'). He can use this ability to change himself in a variety of ways, making himself increasingly powerful depending on the amount of people he has killed and consumed. Illius' actual strength remains constant, it is merely how much energy he maintains that changes this for the better. Think of it this way: His biomancy allows for him to collect energy to augment his strength. He is technically at maximum strength when he is full on energy, but he also doesn't need it to fight (like a spellsword - Could use magic, could use just a sword, but magic + sword = even stronger than just the one).

Consumption: This is the act of killing and absorbing a living organism's biotic matter to further augment his power. It can be done in a variety of ways, but all of them involve killing things. This becomes a bit of a rolling ball, as, the more people he can consume, the more people he can convert into biotic energy, and the more abilities he can use to kill more people, to consume more people, etc. The strength of his consumption is limited only by his level of control over his biomancy. The people or creatures which he is attempting to consume will, once fully dead, attach to his body by leechish tendrils, which rapidly break down their cells and convert them into biotic energy which Illius may use. Any of his attacks that are completed (and end in the death of a living creature) by using a part of his body (or biomancy) can absorb more energy for him. This includes long distance attacks, such as any of his Biomass attacks listed below.

Of course, the more powerful the person, the more biotic energy which he can consume from them. This means that, if Illius were to kill a 1-tier person and consume them, it would give an equivalent amount of energy as a 5 city block area worth of powerless humans. This currently does not convert their powers into his own, it merely takes their energy from their cells as they are broken down. Naturally, consuming that many people means that he would now have more than enough energy to consume almost twice that amount of energy using a Biomass attack. Thus the rolling ball analogy. Consuming two people gives enough energy to consume one additional, so with the 1 tier example, consuming a 1 tier would allow him just enough energy to consume 2.5 city blocks worth of people in addition to whatever energy Illius has left over from fighting said 1 tier. Assuming it took a 5 block biomass attack to kill said 1 tier, and Illius used all his energy on that, the consumption energy he would gain (assuming the 5 city blocks were completely empty of all living things but the 1 tier) would be enough for another 2.5 city blocks worth of Biomass attacks. So to summarize: Energy starts at 1, +1 kill energy = 1.5-- assuming a biomass attack is not used. In the case of Biomass attacks Energy = max, minus max energy for attack, +however much energy the people killed yield. And the energy gained from Biomass attacks can exceed the maximum previously acquired, but only in such a case as he has not reached Maximum Strength yet (The ability cap that keeps him from just lolabsorbing entire continents to one-shot everyone and break the earth in two or some shit).

Please also note that Consumption = Feeding for Illius. He can survive extremely long periods of time (upwards of two years) without feeding before such negative effects as memory loss (temporary) and high fatigue occur in tandem with an insatiable urge to feed, and increased thoughts of death that begin to plague him.

High Speed Regeneration: This is a more passive byproduct of Biomancy. Any remaining energy is put towards the healing of wounds. This means that if a heavy wound is sustained to the arm of Illius, making it unusable or completely removing it, it can be healed in a single post, depending on his energy levels. Vital organs cannot be regenerated passively. To fix more major wounds like the piercing of a vital organ, or in case of an attack which shuts down regenerative processes (as in the case of Lycoris) Illius must consume enough people as would equal his tier. Ergo, if Illius were a 1 tier, he would have to consume 5 whole city blocks worth of people to heal such wounds. This would be increasingly difficult if a vital organ were pierced, as he would not only have the failure of that organ to deal with, but also the task of amassing enough energy to even begin a Biomass attack should he have fallen prey to such wounds-- before he dies to them, that is.

High Body Resistance: Likewise, Illius can withstand most amounts of shock which would kill an average human, on average being able to survive falls from 300 feet or lower with minimal damage. This ability increases drastically to a height of an average level skyscraper when at max strength. At minimum power, he can survive being burned alive by an average heat flame. This raises to 1000 degrees Celsius at max power, making him nearly fireproof, depending on the strength of the flames, obviously. He is bullet resistant in regular strength, and bulletproof at max strength, even able to take varying levels of energy cannon fire.

» Unique Abilities: (What type of special abilties, attack's or powers does your demon have? Be clear on what they can do!)
The abilities listed below are all abilities granted under the Biomancy portion, written above.

Max Strength: (not to be confused with strength augmentation below) This refers to the amount of biotic energy Illius has consumed before being unable to consume any more. Currently, it is capped at 3000 powerless humans. The amount of life energy in 3000 powerless humans is equivalent to consuming two 1 tier opponents. Illius cannot handle the life energy of 1 or 0 tier opponents, so even in the case that they are defeated, he cannot consume them or their energy will kill him. Given the amount of energy one person gives, this number can be astoundingly misleading, as for every person killed, enough energy is released to kill another 1 and a half persons without the use of biomass abilities (which use this energy actively). This is not the unit of energy itself, but rather the meter which contains the energy. He can hold no more than 3000 powerless humans worth of energy. In the future, the amount of humans needed to amass that energy will be what decreases.

Speed Augmentation: This effect passively increases Illius' speed as he consumes more people. Starting off at regular human speeds, once max strength is reached, he can run at speeds of up to 500 mph. His speed allows him to run along walls with some difficulty in the lower levels, and with ease at the higher levels.

Strength Augmentation: Illius can easily cut a person in two with a half-strength sword strike when unaugmented. However, as he draws nearer to max cap, things like tearing through steel, ripping entire buildings down using tendrils alone, kersploding powerless humans with simple flicks of the wrist, and tearing tanks apart by the missile launcher become possible. He can break craters into walls by throwing people at them, cause shockwaves that go 20 feet around by pounding his fists into the ground at full strength, and lift and throw cars around with some difficulty.

Jump Strength: Though he's at average when it comes to jumping without consumption, once at max strength, he can leap upwards of 35 feet into the air while running, as well as land rapidly or change direction mid jump.

Bodily Augmentation: Illius can use his biomancy powers to actively decrease his weight while jumping, allowing him to glide in short bursts, as well as change direction in mid-air by pooling the energy into his feet while gliding. This also increases his speed back to it's initial force, but it can only be repeated about 3 times in one jump.

Sword Arm: Illius can transform either of his arms into a crescent moon shaped blade, which goes slightly past the elbow. This does not cost biotic energy to use, and he can use his own life energy to sustain it indefinitely, making it his go-to move for attack and defense on the fly.

Whip Arms: Illius can transform his arms into spiked whips of varying lengths depending on how much biotic energy he wishes to pump into them. They can be extended to a maximum of 300 feet using approximately a quarter of his biotic energy, and a well placed stab with one of these can cause an engine to explode. They can be used for transportation, as well as mass killing powerless humans in an area, given the potency of their attacks. At max strength, these can easily blow cars to smithereens as well as chop clean through buildings based on his level of strength.

Claws: These weapons come with an increase in agility (through varying uses of biotic energy) and are the swiftest, perhaps strongest of his biotic weaponry. Utilizing these claws increases his speed by a level temporarily (up until master, where it caps out).

Tendrils: These are by far Illius' strongest weapon. Though they do not reach nearly as far as his whip arms do, these tendrils are significantly more powerful in their application. These can be thought of as individual noodles that spring forth from his arms. Upon contact with the target surface, they will shoot out in all directions, making the area look like a gooey web of muscle, then, they will pull all the surrounding objects inward toward the target with extreme force. At base level, these can pull up small chunks of cement, people, rocks, and motorcycles. At max strength these can pull things like large chunks of cement, cars, tanks, and in some cases even entire buildings down toward a target. On higher tier opponents, these can even be used as restraints, given their tendency to suck biotic energy from their host, thereby weakening their strength to negligible levels.

» Note: Feel free to change "Adjustable State Appearance" to any title you'd like for your Demon's Stages.

» Adjustable State Appearance: (What do they look like if there is any kind of stage? If they have stages, feel free to repeat as necessary.)

» Adjustable State Benefits: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Jay's First Baddie! WIP   Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:10 am

What kind of a name was Illius, anyway?

It wasn't like, some average every day shit-- That much was for certain. Honestly, if you'd asked his parents while they were still alive, they'd have said it just 'felt right'. Doesn't explain why they gave it to him though. He'd always thought his name was strange. The only thing he liked about it was that his family name was Sharp. It made him feel cool. Cooler than the other kids anyway.

His name seemed kind of... ancient to him. Like it was wholly outdated, especially given they time they were in. Like, for instance, Zeus or something in ancient Greek Mythology. Something about the 'us' at the end made him feel like one of those great heroes in the story books. Like... like.. like one of those guys. Uh... Demigods? Yeah. Made him feel like a demigod. Naturally, he loved that idea more than anything. He grew up thinking he was untouchable. A great and powerful hero. Unkillable by mortal standards.

But aside from that, he grew up in a relatively simple family. His mother and father were your average everyday parents. He was middle class, raised with other middle class folk to be humble and respect his peers. His parents taught him specifically that taking care of family was the most important thing in the world. Taught him to be cynical, but not distrustful. People wouldn't always put up with him, but family was bound by blood to. They taught him that blood is the strongest bind a person can have to another, and he believed it.

He had a younger sister, by 3 years, whom he was very excited to meet when she was first born. He had never had any siblings to begin with, but rather than be anxious that she would take all of the attention from him, he was excited instead to meet her. Well, he wasn't disappointed. She was the best little sister he could have asked for. They grew up, being as close to each other as siblings went. He would always play heroes with her, and she would always opt to be the princess while he was the brave hero. Again, he was untouchable.

When he entered middle school, the curriculum was easy to him, leading him to be bored with it all, in fact having his grades slump even though he was more than capable of handling everything. His sister was disappointed in him. She expressed it to him clearly, and he listened. She hadn't really been the concerned type to that point, so he was surprised when she entered his room and cried to him about his future. Blood is the strongest bind a person can have to another, and so he was bound to honor her wishes.

Entirely too much, to be honest. He not only passed all of his classes, he excelled in them. His intelligence was unparalleled. His parents moved him to a more... fitting school. One for people of great talent. Of course, he excelled there as well. He had an unrivaled strength for learning. He could seemingly pick up on any concept if given the proper foundations. His sister, however, struggled more than most, and would often ask her older brother for help with school related projects.

They were relatively normal folks, living relatively normal lives. Not really much to say there. They had peace all their life. Genuinely believing that blood ran thicker than water, as they say. But when the water is saving your life? It seems to matter a bit more than one may think.

Peace for the two was soon shattered, as their mother was stricken with a powerful illness, akin to a curse. She did all sorts of research, slowly taking the plunge into the occult. Their father, seeing who she had become was repulsed by seeing her like that, and left her-- the children remaining in her custody. This, however, only served to thrust her deeper and deeper, eventually joining a cult that worshipped Demons and called upon them for their healing power.

Initially, it was simply things. She went to meetings late at night, and returned with bags under her eyes. She would come home tired and irritable. She even began to beat her children. It was because of this that Illius and his sister Lily grew closer. Ironically forced by the same Blood kin that taught them how to live. When she beat them, they would retreat to Lily's room and lick each other's wounds. Lily apparently couldn't take it, because she one day came begging her brother to kill her desperately. Illius clearly couldn't oblige. He begged her instead to stay alive, if only for him. She accepted.

From those days forward, it seemed like everything would get better. But of course, if it did, he wouldn't be the hero he is today, right? Tch.

Well, anyway, remember that cult from earlier? Yeah, they were still around, and Illius' mother was getting progressively less coherent and sane. She looked a pitiful state, and one day, she just up and told them they were going to go see their father. They readied their things, excited for the small shred of hope that was their only other seemingly sane parent. When they arrived however, a large warehouse seemed a very strange place for their father to be.

Next, Darkness.

For days after that, Darkness was all they knew. Tied up, bound, and cast into enclosed spaces. They were routinely taken out of the box, or so they called it, to be cut about the hands and the face, and.. other places. They were tortured there. Illius, was no longer invincible. No longer a powerful hero. No longer a demigod.

He was a coward.

He could not stand up to them, there were too many. Their mother never came back, by the way. They were just stuck there, with the cult members... and him... They called him Feldspar. Something like a rock, from what Illius had learned. He was apparently the leader of this cult.

Away from Illius' perspective for a moment, this cult performed any manner of sacrifices every night, but he would have only heard screaming from within The Box. They had been saving his sister and he for last.

Illius was disturbed by the frequent blood-curdling screams that came from without the confines of the Darkness they called the Box. Every night a different voice. Could they not handle the cuts? They were worse off than he was. What was this place? Why would their mother do this to them? How could she?

Months went by with no clue what was happening... So many scars.. On both of them. Feldspar would always tell them things like "soon they would be free"... if that was the case, why did they bind them in the first place? With each passing day, Illius felt closer and closer to despair. It seemed they would never escape. Then, they did. One night, while they were cutting them and lashing and spitting on them, Illius managed to break free from his binds, and take one of them down.

Cutting his sister free quickly, they both ran out into the forest. Into more darkness.

But one cannot always escape.

This was the case. Illius and Lily were caught once more. By Feldspar no less. He had a 'Special Punishment' for people who ran away. This filled Illius with fear... but not for himself. For his sister. When the time came for the ritual, it happened. They tied him up. They made him watch. Made him watch as they ravaged her. Made him watch as they killed her right before his eyes... A young girl like that... His beloved sister... He slit her throat less than three feet away from Illius' face.

Blood, Darkness, and Rage.

The blood splashed warmly against his face as the last of her life faded from her eyes. The snapping of restraints. The tearing of flesh. He'd slain them all. The blood reached the seal on the floor, and Feldspar, seeing this, ran.

She rose. Blood, Darkness, and Rage incarnate. A demon. She rose from the seal and peered down at the terrified Illius with her blood red eyes.

"Is it power you wish, child?"

"Power? More like revenge."

She offered him a contract. For his soul. His soul died right in front of him that day. It made no difference to him. He held his sister in his arms, and absorbed her body into his own, his scars healing rapidly as he did so. Seeing all of her memories.. her happiness and sadness... the last few moments... It filled Illius with rage. Of course, our returning hero had no way to catch Feldspar, but he devoted his life to finding that man. To killing that man.

His life after that went back to normal. His mother died shortly after, having not been present for the very ritual that could have saved her life. Mama, the demon that turned him, gave him a mission which he held secondary to finding Feldspar. If he could not sacrifice women in the same manner as his sister was-- every three months, he would lose his powers. A fitting curse.

Funny what the mind does to cope. Eventually, he saw the women he had to sacrifice as dates. Women he met and happily enjoyed the company of. Rather than going into detail about each one, we'll say there were quite a few that didn't take kindly to being killed. Although there were some that willingly gave themselves over to him. Illius appreciated those, despite the brutal method of slaughter required to sacrifice them. It required people of strong spiritual origin.

Of course, there were those that fought back. But Illius was immortal. Unkillable. Invincible. He could stand their blows and still continue to fight. His body would simply regenerate. He learned this from Mama. He learned a lot about his powers from Mama. When they saw that their attacks did nothing to him... when they saw that he continued, unwavering... When they saw that smile on his face and it filled them with despair to the point that they would back themselves into a corner, crying and begging for dear life... They would simply be bound promptly by his tendrils, then sacrificed.

Those were the ones he regretted the most.

He smiled, but only to keep the image of the bad guy...

Then he saw her. She fit all of the classifications... and her beauty was such that he had never seen the likes of it before. He fell for her at first sight. A look at her drew him in like a siren's song, but made him question whether he could continue doing this... if it was really okay to sacrifice someone so beautiful for his own revenge... out of his own sheer hatred... But if a look enticed, then a conversation trapped.

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[mod]JWC, i need an update whether or not if you're working on this or not. If i don't get a reply in the next 48 hours, i'm moving it to the archives.[/mod]

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[mod]Beep Boop! Just checking in real quick to see if this is still being worked on! If it is, just drop a message right on here, if not, you can ask for this to be archived riiight here!

If you don't respond in three days, rules state that I will have to move it into archived, so if that does happen, just drop a message over to the staff request thread and we'll move it right on back to WIP![/mod]


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[adm]Archiving due to member inactivity exceeding two months. If you'd like this app moved back into active WIPs, please ask us here.[/adm]

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Jay's First Baddie! WIP
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