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 The Pack [wip]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Pack [wip]   Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:42 pm

The Pack
the hounds of baskerville

Asena Baskerville
the host and pack mind

Original Name: aegle marie constantine
Nicknames: asen, ana, leader
Role: main body, pack mind base
Original Race: soul evolution human
Current Race: ziamichi host
Gender: agender, female presenting
Sexuality: none
Age: physical sixteen, cumulatively one thousand three hundred and forty-five
Affiliation: none
Rank: none
Alignment: true neutral
Loyalty to: SIGHT
Status: Alive
Theme: tba

the golden retriever

Asena may be agender - however they are still visually female, and that's the first thing that most noticed.

Their body shape is pleasing to the eye - with smaller curves, but nonetheless a still well balanced proportional positioning, Asena could be considered for such things as modelling. She is naturally thin, the exact weight doesn't matter. Her skin is kept in amazing condition, soft to the touch, and lacking any extra hairs or deformity. Also, her skin retains a healthy glow, despite it's slight pallor. The glow also deceptively makes her look softer, more innocent. Her muscle mass is balanced as well, generally leaving them on the peak of beauty that most would like to retain. Of course, it is worth noting that this is all manufactured, and thus not natural - and it requires no maintenance from them.

Asena's hair is about lower back to upper thighs in length. It is naturally wavy despite the length, almost as if it was styling itself. The hairs are surprisingly thick, making them easy to style as there is not many of them either. Their hair does seem to recall a mane of sorts, often leading people to think they are a feline rather then a canine derived hybrid. On top of their head, are two ears that are slightly cat-like - but they're only so because of the light covering they places onto their ears. These coverings help to regulate noises around them, so that they do not accidentally deafen themselves, which is useful. The ears themselves, should the covers be removed, are the same shade as their hair, and very soft to the touch. Speaking of the shade, Asena's hair shade is of a beautiful golden blonde, very reminiscent of a golden retriever.

Her face structure is round and soft, giving them the appearance of a child rather then an adult as their cumulative age suggests. These soft features often seem innocent, as those their expressions - they tend to be light hearted. Yet, anyone with a practiced eye can see that these expressions are only skin deep, and sometimes even forced. Generally, Asena is seen with a blank expression on their face. Which is unfortunate, because their eyes are enrapturing in their own rights - generally a shade of blue, they seem to shift over time. In some cases, they change colors completely, which is most often when one of the pack takes control of the host's mouth. Otherwise, their features are fair, and relatively soft to give a feeling of natural trust to those that see them.

the one whom fades

Asena is the host mind of the Pack - and therefore, her own personality is rather non-existent, despite the best efforts of the pack.

Asena's current personality is rather difficult to ascertain - as the pack often take over her body or speak out of her own mouth. However, from the few times that none of the pack have to take control, Asena is seen to be an extremely calm, reasonable person. As stated before, her expressions are virtually non-existent, the girl having a blank face. She is very robotic in her answers, mostly mechanical and following the program that was installed within her more then anything else. She doesn't seem to have much drive outside of that, most of her actual person wiped away in the transfer and connection of all the other pack hosts.

Asena however, does show some sparks from time to time. Generally, her personality is innocent, unassuming and curious. This personality is possibly a defect, but generally only activates around safe personnel, so it doesn't interfere with her duties. Basically, it's her off duty mode, and considering how often she's on duty, that doesn't help all too much. But she seems to be soft, wondering and exploratory, but also very cautious. Those that have interacted in her soft mode seem to think of her more as a child in those cases, like a small puppy perhaps. In a way, it is extremely endearing, and perhaps allows her to worm her way into people's hearts unknowingly.

When she is faced with battle, or the need to preform her duty, she becomes like iron control. The pack in this case, are forced to listen to her, and cannot control the body unless she gives them permission for their skills. And even then, she retains all speaking and expression capabilities, making sure that their facade is never broken. Asena herself seems to be extremely calm and lucid, making it very rare for her to be blinded by emotion or other means. However, the one time that this happened, it seemed she becomes even more heightened as a personality - and as such, they made sure that she remains calm at nearly everything. The only time they allow her emotions is when her duty is failed, either by her charges being hurt, or some other such ideal. This coincides with Asena's natural desires, and thus provokes a very loud response.

However, one day she may evolve beyond being nearly as blank as possible. Asena is agender, but the sake of convenience, uses female pronouns due to her appearance, but by no choice of her own.

Personal History
the prologue

Asena was born as Aegle Marie Constantine, within Rome. Her life was seemingly normal and simple - she was raised by her parent's friends after their passing. She was always told to keep an open mind, and accept people as they are. Her childhood was spent playing with the other kids, and often going to the orphanage and playing with kids there. She wanted to make other people feel happy, so she would often hum to them a song her mother hummed. When she came of age for school, she happily went along. To her, such things as who ruled where were inconsequential. She just wanted to help other people become happy, and threw her all into it. She always seemed to know just what to say to make people feel included, comfortable or soothed.

However, this is what first attracted attention to her. Her capability of making people feel included started to show the rudimentary nature of her powers. She only discovered her powers accidentally at the age of twelve, when her school was attacked by a mix of demons and Arrancar. She easily linked her entire class together, and coordinated their evacuation and counter-measures, by acting much like a network. Of course, word of this spread through the school, and eventually one of the teachers heard it. The teacher was very interested, and offered to help Aegle with controlling it. The two got on famously, and the progress she showed was amazing. But, slowly she matured and so did her powers.

At the age of fifteen, her teacher gave into the secret organization that they were part of.

Aegle was brought to a facility, and told that if she participated in a project, that she could basically help planet Earth. The child was selfless - she always wanted help others, no matter the cost. Debating on it for a few months, she accepted. And thus, she was taken away from her guardians, from her life, and brought to the lab to be experimented on. She endured all the experiments with a gentle smile, even as they infused dog dna into her. She smiled as they slowly erased away her past and her emotions. She smiled still, when they were pushing her body's limits by making her use her powers over and over.

And finally, she smiled that day they put her in the pod.

Lupa Baskerville
the moral mediator

Original Name: kanasaki midori
Nicknames: lulu, lup, squirt
Role: the conscience, the mediator
Original Race: chi human
Current Race: ziamichi spirit
Gender: female
Sexuality: demisexual
Age: physical thirteen, cumulatively forty-nine
Affiliation: none
Rank: none
Alignment: neutral good
Loyalty to: asena
Status: formerly alive, currently assimilated
Theme: tba

the saint bernard

Lupa is physically the shortest of the pack, but she holds a sort of presence that few can place initially.

Lupa's skin is relatively pale, but that's fine. It's soft to the touch, showing her young physical age before she was taken into the pack. She has a bit of body hair, but most of it is located on her head and well in private areas. She seems to be a small, round things - not necessarily fat, but not skinny either. She's like a small squishable thing, with a low muscle mass because she honestly doesn't do a lot of physical things. Honestly, she looks like a small dwarf, but without all of the muscle of course. Which probably explains why people make fun of her height a lot.

Lupa's hair is green in color, which might surprise a great many. It's a soft green that's pleasing to the eye, neither too bright, pale or too dark, but having just a perfect shade to be soothing. The length is surprisingly short, reaching only to her chest in length. Many people can think of her hair as deceptively long, but that's probably because she keeps them in a twin braid sort of style. It seems to work well with her dog ears, which are relatively greenish, but a lot more brown then her hair, making them stand out. They're also pretty fluffy to boot, much like her tail, giving the indication she's from a heavily haired breed. Of course, most people forget that her hair is very thin, but she has a lot of it - so they tend to be surprised when they find her hair everywhere.

Lupa's eyes are much like her hair - a shade of green that's very pleasing. In fact, many that look into her eyes are reminded of a forest. Wide, open, and full of warmth, but a degree of danger within every step. The eyes themselves are pretty open, giving her a fully innocent look - paired with her soft face and jaw, it makes her look very childish indeed. In fact, she looks more like a kid then the older woman she was in life, and few people see her without her bright smiles and gentle looks. Of course, her face can pull some pretty dark expressions, but generally it's seemingly made of light. It doesn't help that her good expressions tend to be exaggerated either, proving them to be the primary expression on her face.

the one whom fades

Lupa is considered the motherly prescence of the pack. She is also the mediator, often resolving arguments in between all the varying personalities of the pack.

Lupa herself is a kind, forgiving individual. She never cared for a person's origins, only their actions now. She finds herself often trying to comfort or help others, simply because she has a bright heart that allows her to love in a capacity that few can understand. She is someone that would help first, and ask questions later - and she always finds herself trying to understand everyone she comes across. She always wants to be everyone's friends, and always worries about their state of beings, including physical, emotional and mental. She easily finds herself talking and helping others, and often is seen as neutral in every arguement, simply because she makes an effort to understand both sides.

She is a person of simplicity, preferring to keep things straight and to the point. She always gives advice, rather then straight up answers. Her sentences often start with ''I think'' or something similar. She never words what she gives as advice as factual, but always presents it as her own opinion. She derives true joy from watching others learn and grow, and thus always tries her best to guide people. She does realize that people will always choose their own path, and that's alright with her, since she simply hopes the best for everyone. She isn't idealist, because she realizes that people won't always be able to make it out. But she tries her best.

Of course, this makes her seem like a push-over - but do not cross Lupa. She is a ferocious, if not dangerous person when crossed. Her life is a set of moral code mostly revolving around caring for others yes, but she will defend her loved ones with absolute ferocity. If someone harms those she cares for in any way, they will find themselves at odds with a person that will not rest until they are destroyed completely. Of course, she will extend forgiveness if needed, as long as her loved ones can forgive, but there are some things she will never forgive.

This of course, feeds into how stubborn she is. To be fair, most of the pack is stubborn yes, but she's the most stubborn of all. Once her mind is made up, she will not move come heaven or earth, unless she wills to. And that intermixes with her mothering, and her need to protect others, making one very potent combination when pissed off.

Personal History
the forever-forest

Lupa was born as Kanasaki Midori, within Karakura City itself.

Her childhood was fairly quiet. Her mother and father raised her properly, but full of love. They didn't spoil her per say, but endeavored to explain everything to the young child. She had no needs to be met, other then her rather large curiosity. This curiosity caused her to go digging in the family archives. These archives were kept by her family for nearly seven hundred years. Although they were not a noble family per say, they had quite some sway in some areas until about a century ago. Therefore, these records were surprisingly well rounded and kept. But her curiosity led her to these archives, due to a familial duty that her mother always spoke of.

This duty was learning how to invoke protection for the family.

This duty was a tradition. And Midori was someone that figured that protecting those she loved was more then a duty - it was an obligation. She always freely gave her love to those that needed it, finding those orphaned or without a family the most in need of her talents. This was very apparent as a teenager, when she volunteered in every help service that she could. To her, volunteering was perhaps the best of things she could have done. Her mother seemed to be hesitant at first, but Midori had won her over eventually. Namely, when one of Midori's people tried to break her heart, she came out stronger then before. She was of course sad that her charge had tried something so terrible, but she understood something.

Not everyone could be saved, and that was fine.

She spent the rest of her adolescence and her young adulthood volunteering. Her family made decent money, so she didn't have to worry about house arrangements. Her parents were supportive of her doing her best to help the world, and despite the fact that she couldn't really use her powers proficiently, she did her best. Midori felt the most alive when she was going to help, and that included taking care of people that come off a hard battle. As she grew older, and more beautiful, several men seemed to want to be part of her life - but none of them were a right mold for her. She wanted someone that shared her interests, and wouldn't mind that her volunteering was the bulk of her time.

But eventually, she thought she found someone.

This man would spend so much time with her, and she could tell that something was on his mind. Often times, his eyes seemed to show a sort of regret - a guilt that she thought dealt with his past. So she did her best to comfort him. Slowly, he began to show her that he was part of an organization that wanted to promote understanding in between beings. Eagerly, she began to work with him on a volunteering basis, convinced that she would help someone. She had always been good at research - how else was she going to find actually worthy charities? - and that's what he made her do mostly. Then one day, he looked excited, and asked her if she wanted to take part of an experiment.

No risks, he said, and she would be able to help a lot of people.

She agreed.

Velvela Baskerville
the steady heroine

Original Name: hera kyveli stavros & shamira
Nicknames: vel, vela
Role: the pillar, the hero
Original Race: ziamichi with a guardian spirit
Current Race: ziamichi spirit / fused with previous guardian spirit
Gender: female
Sexuality: androsexual
Age: physical eighteen, cumulatively eight hundred and eighteen
Affiliation: none
Rank: none
Alignment: lawful good
Loyalty to: asena
Status: formerly alive, currently assimilated
Theme: tba

the german shepard

Velvela is perhaps one of the more members of the pack.

This comes in primarily in the fact that she is actually more average then many of the members of the pack. She's about an average height, which is different from Asena's and Lupa's shortness, and Ylva's and Tala's statuesque forms. Even Medeina's shape is tall. So perhaps the fact that Velvela is so shocking normal in height and more so body shape, makes her disntinctive. She has a well balanced body - chest just the right size for her slightly rounder frame, arms and legs all in proportions, and a face that looks like it belongs on an eighteen year old. Her skin seems normal, and if one squints, they can see thin hairs on her arms and legs. And she just feels warm too, but that's because of her dog body heat.

Velvela's hair is surprisingly short - it's even shorter's then Lupa. Her hair is maybe chin length. In fact, it looks like the typical protagonist hair, and she's proud of it. It's a nice, soft brown in color, and is easily mussed all over the place. It also likes to spike up, probably because there's a mix of thick and thin strands. Basically, it's very stylable, often times that she complains about it when people just go through her hair and make it do weird things. Generally, her hair style is just out of bed hair, sometimes brushed too. But her hair seems to sustain it's own style, and she doesn't mind it much. After all, the wind tweaks her hair style despite her wishes, after all.

Velvela's face is surprisingly light - it's not exactly baby fat, but it still holds a sort of childish look to it. Her eyes are surprisingly big, and her face is almost permanently curved into a smile of some sort. In fact, she's said to have the second-best puppy eyes in the pack - have you seen Asena's puppy eyes? It can make robots cry - because her eyes were so big, round and just full of innocence. And this is despite the amber color that seems to entwine in her eyes - although sometimes, it seems more orange then amber. Her face is always easily led with her expressions, no matter what she tries to school her face into. However, if one were to stare into her eyes for too long, they would see something like a very ancient wisdom staring back at them.

the rusted crown

Velvela has all of the classic hero tendacies.

Basically, the girl is courageous to a fault. She doesn't find danger well - dangerous. She's impetuous, hot-headed, and rash. She seems to always dive first, ask question laters. And she's pretty good at it, because she's got the luck that most people envy. Either that, or her instincts are super killer - and it basically means she does best by the seat of her pants rather then working on a plan. In a way, her out of this world courage, rashness, and generally heroic foolishness make her a perfect oh fuck plan. And she knows it too. She knows that she'll jump off the roof before someone can tell her it's a bad idea if she sees a shortcut - she knows this, but doesn't seem to want to actively stop it.

Velvela isn't dumb however, as she's perfectly capable of figuring things out. She just isn't the type to stay still for very long, and is very active. It probably explains why she keeps jumping from place to place without really stopping. She's always on the go, no matter what people would rather she not be. This leads into the fact that she's super energetic and enthusiastic. She's literally the hype in the pack, which means if something or someone interests her, she's always pulling out all the stops for it. Which often gets her yelled at by the others, considering her casual disregard for her own safety. Yeah, it doesn't go over that well.

In all honesty, Velvela is that driving force in the pack. She's passionate, she has a strong moral sense, and she's basically their conscience a lot of the time. She's the one that likes to argue with the more grey pack members and bring them to realize what they're doing. Sure she might seem like a foolhardy adreneline junky at first, but she has her own set of wisdom that, once someone realizes what she means, doesn't seem that foreign anymore. She knows there's more to life then just sitting back, and often relies on the pack to ground her - because she knows her attitude is bad, but she's not going to stifle herself to fit into other people's conventions.

She also likes to think of herself as a hero, fancy speeches and white knighting included. However, she is surprisingly a good judge of character, even though she might seem gullible. She's honestly probably just playing along for a bit, trying to see someone's true intentions.

Personal History
the prologue to a hero!

Velvela was born as Hera Stavros, in some corner of a European country. She can't remember exactly where it was, only that she was born there.

Hera's life was pretty unassuming. As a child, she explored, ran and shouted like the other kids at the orphanage. She didn't know who her parents were, and what happened, but she was a child with a bright outlook. Of course, considering the recent world climate, it wasn't like the childrens were being adopted. She actually refused adoption more then a few times, and asked the parents to take one of the younger kids instead, to give them a loving home. She said as long as her friends would write to her about their new life, she was okay.

The matron of course, seemed to be a bit frustrated every time, but eventually she won her over with her charm.

When Hera turned eleven, the matron found her sitting at a swing by herself, humming a lullaby. Of course, at this point, the woman decided to tell Hera about her parents. They had been close friends of the matron, and helped her get the orphanage off the ground. She told the child about how it was a family tradition for a special item to be passed down from mother onto daughter. And that despite Hera's mother no longer living, that the child should recieve the heirloom from her instead. The small girl was excited, and given a pretty choker. It looked relatively old, with a nice shiny stone in it, that was the same color of her eyes.

She wore the choker every day since then.

Of course, she got more rambunctious as she grew older. She could see spirits, and how some of them wanted to pick on the kids. She did her best - often picking up an iron pipe and beating them - to protect the orphanage. However, when she turned sixteen, a booming voice entered her head, and started to teach her. This was the first time that she had heard Shamira, her family's guardian spirit. She took the words of the spirit literally, and that was the start of their misadventures. Most of it was rather minimal - like getting the kid that fell down a well, and getting told she had Lassie syndrome by the matron - but it all meant something to her.

One day, she decided to go on a long walk.

A strange woman approached her, telling her about her she lost her son. So Hera, out of the kindness of her heart - she was going to be a hero, like the people she heard about in Japan and stuff - decided to help. A mere hour later, something hit her in the back of the head, and her world blanked out. She woke up in someone's arms, and then they were saying how she was perfect for the project. And how they should put her in the pod before she wakes up. She still remembers Shamira's voice telling her to wake up right now, something was seriously bad, but she heard something close, before her consciousness slipped away again.

Medeina Baskerville
the shadow of death

Original Name: senka karmen mlakar
Nicknames: med, deina, mede
Role: the shadow, the death-dealer
Original Race: supernatural human
Current Race: ziamichi spirit
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual
Age: physical eighteen, cumulatively sixty-two
Affiliation: none
Rank: none
Alignment: neutral evil
Loyalty to: asena
Status: formerly alive, currently assimilated
Theme: tba

the alexander archipelago wolf

Medeina is the one amongst the pack that might seem the less distinctive amongst all of them.

Medeina is slightly taller then average - but unlike say Velvela, where her being average makes her stand out, Medeina just seems so forgettable. Her body shape is lean, but still relatively tall for a woman. Her skin is of a paler shade then normal, but it's otherwise well taken care of for the most part. Her shape isn't very eye catching either. She seems very similar to a board, considering her chest is relatively flat, and her body just seems to be rather thin. If anything, Medeina is ignorable simply because all these traits together cause her to fall into a sort of not exactly beautiful category, at least initially, and she intends that.

Her hair is a dark black color, which explains how she looks pale most of the time. The locks are long, reaching to at least the back of her thighs, and are generally tied in two ponytails at the side of her head, usually hidden by some big accessory. The strands themselves are thin, and there's a lot of them, giving her hair some weight if she's not careful. What's the most interesting about her hair, is that it seems to easily manageable, and doesn't seem to be messy period. She brushes it, and it stays brushed, unless she goes diving headfirst into a gust of wind or something. It's just so easy to manage that her style looks effortless - which it is, most of the time.

Her face is slightly angular, giving her a slight severity to her features. In all, she's not instantly eye catching beautiful, but if someone took the time to look at her, they'd be surprised by how pretty she could be. Her eyes are a suprising shade of black, and they often turn into shades of purple, depending on her emotions. The darkness of the shade shows how calm she is - the lighter the shade, the less logical she is. However, the brightness of her eyes is rather like a work mood meter. The brighter her eyes are, the more she is interested/enthusiastic or even happy she is. The flatter the shade is, the more depressed/moody or even just straight up sad she is. This works with how her face doesn't seem to go through a lot of emotions period.

the survival instinct

Medeina is a girl that seems to stray on the side of grey way too often.

In fact, Medeina can be described as a very organized person. Much like Tala, her strengths lie within her mind - but hers looks more towards opportunity. She is someone that is ambitious and will take advange of others if it suits her. She doesn't consider herself good - she mostly serves her own interests and that's it - and she's not afraid to do horrible things if she thinks there's an advantage. Her organized nature allows her to keep this under wraps most of the time, easily using her logical mind to figure out the timing of things. Because of this organized and logical mind, she seems to pick up on things that the others miss.

Of course, Medeina is someone that can read body language, and has a general idea of how people work. Unlike Tala, which seems to marshal the forces, Medeina seems to be the type to understand intents and motives more then anyone else. She might seem quiet, but she's actually often watching, listening, observing and making lists in her head. She always tries to find a way out, no matter where she is and what she's dealing with, and this caution is what allows her to easily slip out of people's grasps. And she's also good on her feet, capable of building believeable lies rather quickly if needed. In fact, she seems the best suited to gather information, simply because of how she can convince people and pick up things that most discard.

Medeina might seem a more grey individual, and perhaps a mite self-centered, but when it comes down to it, she will always find the path that best benefits her interest. Although she claims these interests are herself, she does actually care. It's just hidden under there with a healthy dose of ignoring the shit out of it. Medeina is however the most likely to remain calm in all situations, as very few things get to her. She is someone that is made of steel, and is always looking out for the pack's best interest - even if she's not super vocal about it either. When she speaks, people tend to listen, since she just generally doesn't share her thoughts or wisdom with anyone.

She's just that quiet person, and everyone knows what they say about the quiet ones...

Personal History
the decayed lullabies

Medeina was born as Senka Mlakar, somewhere within the mountainous regions of the world. She doesn't know exactly where, only that her parents would often move to different mountains.

Senka's childhood was lonely, as she was the only person with her two parents. They lived a barebones life up in the mountains, the young child taught the values of a clear mind, a quiet heart, and how to be quick and efficient. They often hunted, and her mother showed her the survival tricks that she knew. Her father was the homemaker, often building them a small cabin, and then destroying it when the time came to move along. Living in the mountains wasn't necessarily deadly but it was taxing. When she turned eighteen, her parents preformed onto her the ritual that her mother had gone through as a child.

This made her to be stuck in her eighteen year old body for the rest of her life.

Not that she minded as the next five years were education in a different matter. She learned how to kill human, spirit and creatures alike, learning how to quieten her steps, and how to make sure that no trace of her existence bore fruit onto others. And then, at the end of those five years, they set out a final test for her - and that was assassinating them in their sleep. She succeeded, her graduation being her parent's blood on her hands. With a final homage, she cremated the bodies and kept a fragment of their ashes in a necklace she wears to her skin. And then she went out into the world.

It wasn't hard to find patronage - several organizations could use a well-trained assassin. None of them had ever glanced at her face however, as they communicated with her through devices. Eventually, the organizations she worked for would self-destruct, and she would move onto the next job. About ten years ago, her contract landed with a group of researchers. She had served them long and hard for years, when eventually they invited her to a closed meeting - one that she had to be physically present for. Of course, as she was always cautious, she went in with reservations. What she didn't expect, was the frank offer to participate in a project to enhance her abilities. She debated, but eventually accepted.

She was the first to arrive that day.

Ylva Baskerville
the hateful destruction

Original Name: vansi fenrir
Nicknames: yv, fenny
Role: the destroyer, the hater
Original Race: demon
Current Race: ziamichi spirit
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual
Age: physical twenty, cumulatively three hundred
Affiliation: none
Rank: none
Alignment: chaotic evil
Loyalty to: asena
Status: formerly alive, currently assimilated
Theme: tba

the great wolf

Ylva is a striking figure amongst the pack.

Her stature is surprisingly tall - she is the second tallest of all of them, coming behind Tala in height. Her skin looks healthy and normal, but when one touches her they have this odd feeling. Mainly because her skin is a bit harder then most would expect. It's smooth to the touch, but it has this sort of hardness to it that makes people a bit hesitant. Her build is a little more on the buff side, but yet she's still slender. She just hides a lot of deceptive muscle under that soft look. Otherwise, her body seems to be well proportioned, keeping her from seeming excessive in certain areas unlike some people that live in this world.

Ylva's hair is the second shortest of the pack - where has Lupa's falls to her chest, Ylva's fall to her shoulders. Her hair is eerily similar to fur on touch, being so soft and yet quite thick in nature. Mostly people are immediately drawn to the color of her hair, because of how unusually stark it is compaired to the rest of the pack. Her hair is a pure, snow white, and seems to sweep itself into a natural style as well. Although, she seems to like making small braids in her hair to keep it nice and concise too, most people don't understand why Ylva's the way she is about her hair. Maybe she just wants to hide her wolf ears, letting people assuming that she doesn't have them, unlike the rest of the pack.

The former demon has a surprisingly gentle face structure. It has hints of aristrocracy, but otherwise seems to be pretty open and soft. However, her neutral expression looks like someone exclaiming disgust at everything and everyone. It is a face that seems to hold untold hatred for everyone and everything, and it shows in the curl of her lips, and the slight frown on her face. But what's more important then that, is the look in her eyes. It is cold and ruthless, and even feels off with the she shifting pupil. Her eyes tend to be a golden color most of the time, but it does shift shades at times - mostly becoming red or a dark color.

the finite end

Enter personality here - again I'm lazy shuddap.

Personal History
the last time

Enter personality here - again I'm lazy shuddap.

Tala Baskerville
the iron commander

Original Name: Euria Mendoza
Nicknames: chief, boss, tallie
Role: the strategist, the control
Original Race: animalistic spirit
Current Race: ziamichi spirit
Gender: female
Sexuality: sapiosexual
Age: physical twenty-five, cumulatively one hundred
Affiliation: none
Rank: none
Alignment: lawful evil
Loyalty to: asena
Status: formerly dead, currently assimilated
Theme: tba

the grey wolf

Enter appearance here b/c I'm lazy right now so yeah.

the sound mind

Enter personality here - again I'm lazy shuddap.

Personal History
the campaign logs

Enter personality here - again I'm lazy shuddap.

General Traits
the common lines

Project Name: MIND 011222132520
Common Name: The Pack
Age: five months
Race: Supernatural Human with Ziamichi Spirits.
Affiliation: SIGHT
Rank: Guard
Status: functioning at perfect capacity
Theme: schwarze sonne by e nomine
Battle Theme: i'm my own master now by jamie christopherson

Common History
the fusion of all lines

The pods had slammed shut.

The experiment was on it's way, the several scientists gathered eager, needy to know that their program could work. That their shared knowledge would usher in a new era to humanity. And thus, when they threw the switch, they were disappointed at first. Nothing happened. No suddenly connection, the pods were still, and there was nothing. They couldn't have known what would happen next. In an effort to make something happen, they sent a booster to the host's blood. It was meant to boost her powers and give them the results they needed. She had always responded positively to the use of it in the past, so there was no problem. Slowly, but then surely, the canister emptied, the substance within her blood.

And then something went horrifically wrong.

There was light - a glow that surrounded the host. Then the glow spread into the tubes - they were excited for this. The connections were establishing, as it touched every pod. The network flickered, and stabilized, and they were about to celebrate - when the first horrible scream tore the air. Surprised, they could only watch as that pod seemed to glow in very bright light - the screaming becoming louder and more horrible the more it glowed - and then the pod was empty. By the third pod, the scientists were scrambling to pull the others out. They managed to pull one of them out - but that was the most horrible one of all. The test subject came to consciousness and was about to attack them, as the light started to shine from inside of her. And then she screamed and writhed.

Until her body disappeared in specks of light.

They pulled out the host, but found it hard to. The pod wouldn't open, and the light was growing brighter, until a surge of power blew out the top of the machine. The emergency function of the pod activated, and ejected the host from inside of it. They rushed her to the infirmary, and activated the protocols they had set in her mind just in case - the host would be absolutely loyal to them due to the mental tampering they had done to her. And thus they waited until she woke, only to hear something strange from her mouth. The voice of the last victim of the light berated them. But it wasn't only that - it switched, to another voice. And then another. Until they heard all of the test subjects, except for the main host.

They were studied. Relentlessly. The host had turned sixteen not too long ago. The first month was exploring how their mental system worked - and how their powers worked. The second month was training them extensively, and then the third month was a round of hard testing. The fourth month, they were allowed to become a guard, the main host now having a degree of existence. And the fifth month was routine of training, experiments, tests and duty. And then began the sixth month.

General Powers
the same connection

General explanation here about powers and stuff.

shapeshift into animal species
take control of body - partial or full
mental communication between themselves + 1 'owner'
wolf/dog traits and stuff
whatever else?

Host Powers
the binding link

Asena may have been a Soul Evolution human, however her powers were not trained. This is simply because she was satisfied with what she could do, and did not

Some description about the racial power here b/c she only has one kthnks.

anima stone description [internal]

anima stone ability [psychic link, mind pack]

Pack Powers
the same connection

Explains how the pack works, and how power distribution works. Basically how the pack is a collective, so they can use all the powers from each other, but each favour a certain flavour of power. Because of this, they don't fall under any racial skill sheets, but rather emulate what they used to be, and how some of them prefer some powers, but can use all of them. Also, despite their differences, how they all fall under one tier and one skill sheet b/c they're a collective, no longer individuals - so their powers and such seem to come into line, but not their ego identity.

five powers, but pretty simple b/c I want to develop them all together b/c it's going to be long term development. deal wit it.

Skill Sheets
approximate statistics

General Skills [Host]
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Ziamichi Skills [Host]
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Control Over Spirit: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Seal Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sync-Rate: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Human Skill Sheet [Host]
  • Anima Stone Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Sorcery: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Dash: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Soul Detection: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills [Spirits]
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

a beckoned run away leisure

List; Comm; Perm;Temp
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The Pack [wip]
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