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 Yuel Duulheim Upgrades: Timeline Fracture, Will and General Skills

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yuel Duulheim Upgrades: Timeline Fracture, Will and General Skills   Sun Oct 25, 2015 7:33 pm

  • Name Of Character: Yuel Duulheim
  • Link To Character Profile: link.
  • Reasons For Upgrading: The Mongolia thread specifically for the time-continuity upgrade thingy, a bit of an update concerning her prowess in swords, and some other threads in addition to Mongolia for the will skill upgrade. A Trip to Karakura, Calling All Heroes, and Summoning a Vasto Lorde.
    What Are You Upgrading: First and foremost, the time-continuity upgrade thingy. In the Mongolia thread, Yuel goes through some dark emotions as a result of assuming she killed someone. For a fourteen year old girl that only concerned herself with the sciences for the most part, the impact of killing someone was much more than she could handle. With her being rash as is, Yuel attempts to influence and utilise tachyons and their ability to transcend light-speed easily. With a dash of PH Physics, the tachyons contract time like space would according to special relativity, to the extent of negative progression in layman terms. In the end, these tachyons are sent to the past--specifically, her past. What with relativity being focused on being "relative to the individual", the time travel for the most part has only adverse affects on Yuel herself. When she uses these tachyons, she surrounds herself in them and integrates them into her body, sends herself through the blackhole that already contracts space more than enough, and accelerates herself into her past so to speak.

    With all this being said, the end result is a fracture in her own timeline, and relative existence in space. Basically, the only actual application of this time continuity thingy is that Yuel's existence is warped. She can be in multiple places at the same time from different points of her personal history--though all her simultaneous existences would never meet as that's an anomaly we don't need to get into for simplicity's sake, so I'll just avoid it altogether. Additionally, her linear timeline being all messed up, Yuel's memories are scattered. She is able to know information from another thread that she is in (that only she would be aware of in that thread), regardless of what order they're set linearly.

    If someone I'm threading with is uncomfortable with this more-or-less metagame, then it won't happen; to ICly explain it, Yuel's timeline is fractured. There's no guarantee of her knowing information from all her points in time simultaneously. As for her going towards omnipresence in terms of being in multiple places simultaneously at different personal points in time, that just means she can be in several different locations, and she may act more mature and grown up in some, or more childish in others. To reiterate, the only timeline this directly affects is Yuel's, so it doesn't directly manipulate anyone else's. By emphasis in directly, I mean that if Yuel was in a thread with a character in two different times or locations, naturally they would be subject to some of the effects by extension, but at most they might just be confused or something.

    To some extent, considering Yuel's bound to find out about this issue sooner or later, and her knowledge in "present" would no longer really be a factor to consider since it's all jumbled up, Yuel can predict her own presences in these different locations at these different times. For example, if she met someone, and they were about to teleport to some other area, or just travel there super fast or something along those lines? Basically, she could calculate the probability (which she's really good at considering her ties into quantum physics) of her being in the location they intend to go, and say something like "meet you there".

    Speaking of pseudo-teleportation, as her existence in space is messed up and her timeline is fractured, Yuel is prone to phase in and out of space at any given moment. Just to clarify for future reference, technically speaking this is possible to occur when she's attacked, thereby avoiding the attack altogether. Of course, that won't be happening, unless OOCly it is decided between myself and my RP partner that they would be okay with this happening, primarily for plot reasons. It can also be used to avoid death, but again, this is only actually applicable in the event that my RP partner is fine with her avoiding death in this manner. Furthermore, it can be used to easily exit a thread, and only in the instance that I'd like Yuel to leave the thread and there's no combative situation to pull Yuel out of the way from, will I probably not ask my RP partner beforehand if it's okay, so much as tell them. I'd assume that wouldn't really be a problem since it's akin to teleporting out of a thread to exit, or something along those lines.

    Since this timeline fracture, well, fractures her timeline, with permission from my RP partners, these abilities can come into effect in threads that technically occur before the Mongolia thread in Yuel's timeline.


    Concerning Yuel's affinity towards swords, it's been noted in the Mongolia thread that Yuel has held weapons before out of interest, and has always found comfort in a sword moreso than any other weapon. After having actually used it in combat, it can be assumed that Yuel's preference towards the sword simply stems from an abnormal affinity towards it, in which she directly combats a character that physically outclasses her in every aspect, as well as weapon skill. Keeping up and being resourceful by use of natural observational skills and calculated movements, as well as intuitively assuming a stable sword stance, it should be noted that Yuel's experience in weapons have drastically improved, as most battle relative subjects do when thrust into actual combat. That being said, this bit is me asking for an upgrade in Yuel's Weapon Skill from Beginner to Adept. While it is only one thread, the circumstances seem to make the jump viable in comparison to small instances of using weapons in combat or training with them over the span of several threads.


    Concerning the mention of a will skill upgrade. Both Yuel's physical and mental exertion constantly noted in all of the threads linked, as well as visible progression--especially in Mongolia--of her psyche provide drastic changes not only in her mentality, but the strength of her will altogether. Specifically, I'd like to upgrade either Focus from Advanced to Master, or Willpower from Adept to Advanced (both if you're feeling especially generous?).

    In terms of why I think she deserves the focus upgrade, all of her threads constantly reference and enact a sudden transition of Yuel being docile or care-free, and especially ditsy, to an efficient machine that calculates countless variables while keeping her cool. Regarding the Abyss Thread, even though I've made one post in the thread thus far, it already makes note of her pulling through a literal change in space. In the end, she did vomit, but imagine going through such a sudden change in experience that sends your body's equilibrium into disarray--for a powerless person such as herself, while mental fortitude may be one of her stronger traits, there's a limit to how much she can push her body, of which she had already done trying to create the device before actually going through the nauseating procedure.

    In the Calling All Heroes thread, certainly Yuel went into a panic after being confronted by a gillian. But, for a girl who's experiences stress "normality" in regards to supernatural occurrences or life-or-death events, it's fairly understandable. Despite that, she still stays to help an unknown shinigami destroy the gillian, going so far as to invent a brand new set of abilities that go against the all standards of being a spiritually inept individual. All the while, she's still coping with the gender-change and the new discoveries it garners.

    In the Trip to Karakura thread, although she lost it in the end Yuel made--supposedly--revolutionary discoveries concerning quantum mechanics in her sleep, and was even able to handle walking through the Outskirts of Karakura, where the Calling All Heroes event occurred, in which she was deeply traumatised afterwards to the extent of dedicating her time to find a way to have to avoid the area of the event altogether. Despite, she goes ahead through the same path, and even gets lost on the way, staying isolated in the general area for several days, yet she still comes back incoherent only due to fatigue and hunger.

    Naturally her most impressive feat concerning a display of focus is in the Mongolia thread. There, she does fuel her motivation to fight through anger, but musters incredible amounts of focus to pull off an impressive feat. Using her observational skills and calculating her movements as well as doing all her moves with multi-purpose, all the while carrying confidence and a calm exterior despite this being her first occasion of legitimate combat, Yuel pushes her opponent to the brink through meticulous planning, luring, and a perfect execution. Although she suffers immediate drawbacks of trauma, one must still take into account her lack of experience as a whole to all the circumstances, and her own personality and maturity at fourteen.

    In regards to the willpower upgrade, most things in the focus explanation attribute to willpower as well. In the Abyss thread, the post makes note of Yuel pushing herself mentally and physically to create the device. In Calling All Heroes, Yuel stays despite being scared initially. In A Trip To Karakura, Yuel stayed without adequate supplies and rations in a unfamiliar terrain over multiple nights, with the specific location being a particular source of trauma. In terms of willpower, I don't believe Mognolia actually provides much progression in terms of her willpower. At most, the main exertion of willpower in the thread was Yuel deciding without hesitation to basically commit suicide in an attempt to save James. For an inexperienced fourteen year old, that seems to be a fair amount of willpower at display.

  • Any Extra Notes: While the abilities offer some supernatural-esque abilities, I'd like to keep Yuel at 6-0. She's still spiritually inept, and the time-continuity bit effects her timeline, but not so much her soul's exertion of spiritual energy, or any other energy for that matter. Just in case any of the listed upgrades gear her towards no longer being 6-0.



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Yuel Duulheim Upgrades: Timeline Fracture, Will and General Skills   Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:48 am


I've read through this and I feel comfortable with approving it since a lot of it can be dealt with OOCly or just effects her. So I'll approve a focus upgrade from advanced to master and the will to advanced along with everything listed here. Go ahead and post this up in the app after you read this. I'll be moving it into approved upgrades.


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Yuel Duulheim Upgrades: Timeline Fracture, Will and General Skills
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