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 Art of the Sword [Stefan/Private]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Art of the Sword [Stefan/Private]   Wed Oct 28, 2015 11:40 pm

Tension was high and the adrenaline running through Yuel's veins pumped at higher concentrations than ever before. For the first time, she was participating in a war. For the time being, the currently sixteen year-old girl was unclear as to the reason for her participation--only that she fundamentally felt it necessary to continue swinging her jagged sword. This time around, she still retained memories of when she discerned her timline's fracture. At the very least, Yuel trusted herself--it wasn't as if she would ever enter a fight without reason.

Thinking back on it, the last time she was seriously malicious was the last time she was time-wise coherent. To be honest, Yuel didn't really regret that fight when reflecting on it. She just regretted how it ended; the guilt of assuming she killed that man, and as a result destroyed any remnants of normalcy in her life. That was the turning point, wasn't it? At the very least she felt some level of confidence in not dying from here on out. Especially in the fight to come. At the very least, she could put faith in her own potential in survivability, right?

Thinking of the past only offered a few seconds of distraction from the nerve-wracking event before her, taking into consideration how fast Yuel processed information in a focused state. What else could be considered the epitome of a focused state than the few minutes before engaging in a life-or-death battle? In fact, now that she thought about it, the scene before her was already the location of battle wasn't it? Or was what she was seeing some remnant memory from the future?


The blood-curdling screams offered Yuel an escape back into reality. It wasn't the few minutes before the battle. The battle was happening now. No... she was definitely still in preparations only a moment ago. Was it a quick jump to the future? At this point, it wasn't even much of a point of concern.More importantly, Yuel needed to focus on putting her all into the matter at hand. For her own sake.

With her arm drawn back and ready to lunge, Yuel's eyes sharpened drastically. And just as she lunged... the scenery changed. Her bloodlust once emanating at its peak drastically dropped as soon as she took notice to the new scenery. A slight string of information entered her mind, likely another remnant memory. This was Iraq? Was the war being held in Iraq? The surroundings could accurately be summed up to "desert". Light brown, random dead-looking plants poking out of the ground, and endless dirt ground.



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Art of the Sword [Stefan/Private]
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