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 Upon swift winds of Curiosity (( Open//Jj ))

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Upon swift winds of Curiosity (( Open//Jj ))   Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:36 am

River would look too the Shinigami, as he would speak too her with such.. soft, and kind words. The golden orbs softening their gaze at him, at his words. It appeared some creatures did have sympathy for the devil, at least, for this one that is.Not once before in her lifetime had someone spoken too her, but then again.. she would always awaken in a time of war. No one was friendly during war time, yet.. she was sure a war was near, if not happening now. This odd Shinigami; His words gave her a sort of feeling she never felt before, no one had ever listened too her , or what she had meant... and he had done so. . His words still bouncing off of every corner of her mind. She’d smile softly, it was a nice thought... but, as if a Shinigami could understand. She defended humans, would attack her own kind. She was a walking contradiction. She was happy he didn’t understand though.. she wouldn’t wish her life on her worse enemy. Sighing softly too herself, he tried at least- or he was pretending too try understand.Her eyes would narrow , staring too the horizon as the Menos would grow closer and closer to her. Then she would feel something, well.. something she had never felt before.

A persons touch, she had been in battles, and she had defended. But never had she allowed a person too touch her before, a human at that... no creature, if she was touched it was an attack too kill her, or an attempt too kill her. Her eyes would go hollow for a moment, void of any sign of emotion, as she proceeded too her thoughts. She would stay quiet as he would drag his fingers down to her dress.Hearing his next statement would cause her eyes too widen slightly. Each life time it was a constant struggle between doing good, and well.. being a demon, what she was supposed to be the best at. The exhilarating high it gave one, too destroy those weaker then yourself, naturally... but she had too be the different one.

She had too be the Davana who woke up next too a river, and saw a beautiful sight that would return too her in various forms and situations in each life time. She would pause and look too her Vidvansaka... did they mean they were more then their parts as well, or had they just been a symbolism for the beautiful destructions she had been birthed too.

The creatures she summoned, the creatures she was so sure loved destruction, even if it meant the destruction of their selves. As if approaching from her very thought, a Vidvansaka would land in front of her. A sword and shield in it’s hand, it would appear even of it’s great stead the warrior would be tall, towering over River. If the creature had eyes, she was sure it would staring back. Oh, her loyal Vidvansaka. Her thoughts would be pulled away as she noticed Kuro-kun had decided too charge back into battle. She’d move too meet her warrior at the end of the barrier. Too finish off the group he had assigned her too destroy. Walking with her protector at her side, she’d hear Kuro’s voice call out too her.

Tilting her head at his words, she’d smile and she’d raise her hand, and the warrior would stop at , it’s sword poised too kill and it’s shield ready too defend. “Anta khatma hō gayā hai.” she would say softly in a language that she learned long ago, in one of her other lives. The Vidvansaka would prepare itself, as the curtain would unveil the two: The mist would begin too rise slowly, it held a slowness too it. But within a matter of minutes Kuro would be able too see more then just forms, the mist had still but barely. The area they had once been in; that snowy, mountain filled area. It would be filled with corpses now, and blood. It appeared as if the only remaining Vidvansaka had been the one who made its way too it’s mistress. Her orbs would be focused on the snowy battleground. There was some sick irony at play here, the soft smile would tug at her shapely lips.
Not too long ago, she had thought this place beautiful, a pure place finally. Yet, this was just proving something too her. Corruption can taint the air, if it can do that it meant... corruption could be anywhere it wished. No place was safe, and that only assured the Davana of one things. One could call it backwards, or just wishful thinking. But that meant... you could purify a place that had once only held darkness, and fear; like Kuro-kun had claimed to do. It made sense too her, Death was always just a door way.. but, what was death for a far Death had just been an endless maze; with endless doors, too a painfully twisted, beautiful world in which she would be kicked out of, time and time again. Only too keep treading on, too keep fighting without a second’s thought. Even if it meant that after a while, certain memories bled together, as if rain on a water colored painting.

This life time... would be the time her painting would be in acrylic. She’d glance too Kuro, after all, there was a first for everything.. nothing get’s old but, well of course- herself. She laughed at the thought, and the Vidvansaka would tilt it’s head, confused and without an order. Gazing up, River would smile. “End this fight for me, I grow tired of those pathetic creatures.” The Vidvansaka would move too help Kuro, working too distract the creature, as it ran past him and jumped high in the air, it’s great wings flapping against the wind soo it could gain the Adjuchas’ attention.

“Kuro-kun, when you deliver the final blow on that Adjuchas, please... take out my Vidvansaka, make sure too take out it’s wings first. “


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Upon swift winds of Curiosity (( Open//Jj ))   Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:52 am

I'm being serious here!

Captain of Squad Thirteen


The sadness in her eyes as he Kuro looked at her… it made him feel something deep inside. She was truly unhappy with her life, it appeared to him. The sight of her eyes, unused to human contact, reminded Kuro of another person he had once known who could not stand to be touched. But… that was of no consequence. Right now, the woman before him was obviously in some kind of mental peril, and while Kuro could understand that on an instinctual, emotional level… it did not exactly process correctly in his mind.

* * *

Kuro stood straight, watching as the mist around his body slowly began to rise. Looking outwards, his eyes gazed directly into the black holes of the Adjuchas' Mask. "...Wait, she's a demon… and you're… a Shinigami? This makes no logical sense at all.' Kuro blinked, his swords lowering a small amount as his eyes began to slowly narrow in response to the Hollow's speech. "That's not all right! She's a… Da.. Darava." Kuro informed his enemy, giving a resolute not as he did so. "And besides, she's still a person capable of making her own choice. Just like how I made the choice to kill your brother."

At those words, the Adjuchas leapt forwards, its claws coming down fiercely onto Kuro's body as the male rose up both of his blades, connecting as he smiled at his opponent past the blows, the muscles in his arms enlarging. "You… made the choice… to prey on that village…! It was white as the snow here was, until you attacked it!" Kuro's words left him as his smile vanished, his grip tightening as he bashed away the Hollow's body, sending it spinning to the side as Kuro's body began to turn.

In his mind's eye, he could see them. He could see the men, women, and children slain by these beings. Their protectors who died in vain. Their children, hope for a new generation, destroyed. In his mind's eye, Kuro saw all of this. In that moment, he released the restraint deep in his mind… as Piero's power began to flow all around his body.

His form came slowly around again, although he seemed to have changed. His hair had shortened considerably, and a pair of orange dog's ears had emerged out of the top of his head, his regular ears gone. His eyes were both purple, and the mark above his eye and the black arm had both vanished. His cloak had become a loose fitting sleeveless sweater, a circle of ashes on the ground the only remains of the Shinigami's haroi he typically wore. Draped around his neck were several necklaces, the bottom most of which was a black fang, the other two holding keys. His left arm had a black tattoo like flames that emerged from his wrist, but the entirety of it could not be seen due to the black fingerless gloves he now wore. Around his legs was a white pair of genes, secured by a black belt.

The most striking difference, however, was the orange and black tail which now flowed out from the base of his spine, its length reaching down to his ankles, over three feet wide when it was fully fluffed out. His eyes slowly closed, a black collar forming around his neck as he slowly reached his arms out, sheathing his two swords.

The Adjuchas' eyes were wide, even as its torso slowly began to slide off of its legs. The light faded from its eyes as its right arm and left arm began to be dragged by gravity, falling from its body as its torso began to break down into twelve more pieces. Its face also began to subdivide, although it had been more artfully cut. Like a watermelon, it slowly came apart in wedges, falling away as its corpse fell to the ground. Finally, the black circle that was now laying around its body would activate, a wave of shadow emerging from the snow as it stretched outwards, Shadow Energy consuming the remains and breaking it down, removing it from this place as Kuro's eyes looked back at River.

"..Sorry… for bringing them here…" He told her, his eyes looking downwards as the shadow ring flowed outwards, covering the entire top of the stone tower as purple and orange streaks ran through it, Piero's Disturbed Energies activating as it passed over the snow. At last, all of the shadow would halt, before returning back to Kuro's body… leaving the tower just as pure and white… as it had been before.

...Piero…. You didn't just… SO WHAT IF I ATE THEM! YOU DON'T KNOW! KAHAHAHAH! While Kuro was a bit disturbed at what happened, he chose not to let it show to River. Instead, he looked back up at her servant, two of his fingers slowly drawing back from his hand onto his wrist as his eyes closed, the beast falling down onto the ground before him. "Thank you… for your service." He told it honorably, even as the light faded from its eyes, its severed wings laying on the ground on either side of it, a single hole in its chest that had cut off its life, as painlessly as Kuro could manage.

Perhaps she'll wonder… what happened.

Kuro's release state, Painful Shadows, was the greatest power that he possessed. It went beyond even Bankai in levels of raw power, but he had not had Bankai activated when he triggered the Painful Shadows. What it truly allowed for him to do was access all of Piero's energy.. And convert it into speed, strength, and stamina. With those three traits granted to him, Kuro had used them to dash forwards at the Adjuchas, before slashing at him with his blades. First he had used both swords to slice through his torso and legs, before moving the blades in a circular pattern, performing a technique that allowed for him to fluidly attack the hollow's arms, legs, shoulders, head, and sides.

While this was occurring, he had placed a ray of Shadow into his right foot, leaving it on the ground as he used his momentum to move behind the Adjuchas, before releasing his blades on his opponent's skull, his left foot pressing into the ground as he used it to move forwards once again. River's words were the last thought of his mind before he had begun this assault, so it was with them that he would finish. Rotating back around and completing the circle, Kuro leaped forwards, dashing into the air with that same inhuman speed as he appeared behind the Vinvansaka.

Placing his blades above both shoulders, he then brought them downwards. With this single slice, he severed both of its wings, another slice cutting at the back of its neck to remove the connection with its spine, before performing an actual Shunpo and appearing below the Vinvansaka, his right blade sheathed and his left being driven forwards as he placed his right arm against its chest. A ray of shadow shone on the end of his blade as he stabbed it forwards, placing it solidly into the Vinvansaka's chest as it would burst on the inside, destroying its vitals before Kuro slid backwards once more, one last Shunpo being executed as he warped back to where he had started.

Performing one last turn, he slowly came back to where he had been before, and the first second since he had entered Painful Shadows came to pass as he did so, causing the inevitable results that River Sage would be witness to.

"...And now… I will have to pay the cost for my weakness." He told River as he calmly walked over to her, reaching out a hand to help her back up. "..After all… The price of using this is intense internal damage and unconsciousness. But… I'm glad I met you, even if I end up freezing to death out here. This form really isn't suited for the cold!" He joked, the breeze passing over his chest and bare stomach.. His eyes looking into hers... the light would fade from his own, the strength giving out in his legs as his head dipped forwards, and the Shinigami's form would crumple undignified onto the snowy ground…

That was… unless she stopped him from impacting with the cold earth...

Has.. the Sun set... at last..?


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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Upon swift winds of Curiosity (( Open//Jj ))   Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:02 pm

River wouldn’t have bothered too watch the fight, her yellow orbs staring too the fallen corpses of the menos. She’d move around, looking too them. She could hear the creatures disbelief, as if someone like herself- and some one like himself would never be able too work together. Technically, maybe they didn’t. That perhaps this was just a stand still, and next time the two would meet, they’d fight with the very same ferocity that he had glimpsed of her, and that she had seen of him- that possibility was very real in the mind of this warrior. Even though she would change, everything would remain the same in this world. Hearing the battle with her incredibly sharp hearing. She hated those who spoke so much in battle, however it seemed quick as she would feel the different energy waves, fluctuating and then dying down.

Then she would feel a different energy, one that would cause her too look suddenly. The darkness seemed too flow out of it as if it had been a flowing, fast paced river. She hadn’t expected it, her hands would curl into tight fists, oh no.. here it is again. She’d close her eyes, there was something wrong with her. She’d keep her back too the fight, she seemed too engrossed in the corpses around her, hiding her thoughts. The Vidvansaka, would be able too sense it’s Mistress’ change in thought. Watching the battle in place of River, it would stay on it’s feet too avoid the attacks of the adjunchas, but the battle would be short lived; as it would watch the man it’s Mistress had been working with change forms. The energy would flood the area, and the Vidvansaka would remain unfazed by it, a warrior with out fear.

It would move too be near it’s Mistress, when it would watch the creature fall too its death. The Vidvansaka didn’t care much too stare too the dead like it’s mistress, the dead were obsolete. The male would speak up, and the Vidvansaka didn’t care too put the effort in too trying too understand what he was saying, no doubt it wasn’t referred too itself. With sword and shield still in hand, it’s gaze would fall upon River. River would glance too him and smile, “Do not worry, Kuro-kun."

She’d watch as darkness drape over the battlefield, she’d jump up suddenly and the Vidvansaka would join her. After all she wasn’t too sure what the move was, staring too the orange and purple hues in it. It’d only take River one powerful push from her wings too keep her in the air, the Vidvansaka would have too continuously flutter it’s wings too keep it’s hulking frame up.

She’d watch the energy be sucked back too it’s force, following the trail till her eyes would lay upon Kuro, staring too the purity as if it had never been tainted. She’d drop too the ground, as he would attack her Vidvansaka, upon it’s wings being clipped it would prepare too attack the man back, only too be stabbed, as the creature fell it would shift into mist.. it’s form never getting a chance too hit the snow. She would stare as the mist would decorate through the air, once again and it wouldn’t be near as thick as the last mist, he’d still be able too see quiet well; it just adding a soft, and slight pastel affect too the area.

River would stare too the shinigami as he would shunpo infront of her She’d raise an eyebrow as he spoke of a price he had too pay, holding out his hand too her. She wouldn’t get a chance too take it as he would continue too explain too her what the price was, frowning at him as he would fall towards the ground. The Davana would stand up quickly on her own, moving too catch the Shinigami, her wings instinctively unfurling too curl around the two, it’d also help her catch him. She would look too his unconscious form.

“Mode of operation, your last temptation too run and hide.” A voice would echo through out the mist, as Chrrybdis and Scyllia would form from the mist, his arm thrown around his sisters shoulders as well. She would stare too him with a hard gaze, as she kept the dying shinigami in her arms. She was at conflict. “O-Or.. you could kill him, after all.. he is tainted... we all sensed it.” Scyllia would speak up, her hands infront of her mouth and a slight stutter too her words.Holding him up against her bodice, with one arm and one wing cradled around his own torso, her own free hand would gently rest against his neck, enclosing slightly as a shimmer would gleam in her own eyes.

“And your putrid heart is kept from loving, and your doomed eternally too live.”

Her hand would stop as she looked too Chrrybdis and he’d give his grin, twirling his braids in one of his hands. Both her eternal partners had the mind state of a demon. “A brazen complication, the last domination.. your soul... your path.” He’d continue softly as he would walk towards the two, Scyllia would stay away as she watched Chrrybdis move too them. His hand would move too rest against her own, which still lay on the dying shinigami’s neck. She’d close her eyes, as with his free hand Chrrybdis would move too pluck a feather from one of her wings, it shifting too her wand from before.

“The Price we pay for living, is a price we can survive.”

Scyllia would speak up softly, as she would move too her brothers side. She’d look back too the dying Shinigami, her hand moving off of his neck and against his chest, too see if he had still been breathing. Chrrybdis would grip her chin suddenly, moving her face up too look too him. “The price we pay for loving, is a price we can not find, I love the pain in your eyes.” He’d speak softly, as he could sense his Mistress, she was going too save him, he was going too help him save him. “One sensation, the final destination and your soul survives.” Scyllia spoke softly, understanding where River had been leaning. Then she would speak up softly.

“The Price we pay for living, and I know what it is, i’m not forgetting.” She’d look too Kuro, as she would whisper the words too awaken her a Path state: “Mērē pīchē ā'ō “ Her wings would suddenly explode, as the feathers would dance around her, and grip too her bodice, creating an armor around her bodice, covering everything in purple and grey armor, her horns would seemed too be a bit farther then what they were, and even her wand had been transformed into a great Battle ax, had it been anyone else.. they would need too hold two hands on the great blade.

She’d continue too grip him against her, first she’d need too get him to safety, before she could find someone too help him. “ Śikāra kē mum̐ha .” She would whisper another ability and the remaining mist would suddenly swirl around them, as golden eyes would stare worried for her new acquitance. The mist would kick up snow as it swirled around them and suddenly the two would be plucked from their location, the mist completely gone. Leaving the area, untouched as if there was never a battle here, as if Kuro and herself had not been here.


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Upon swift winds of Curiosity (( Open//Jj ))
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