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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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╔ Unraveled ╬ Reality ╗

"No... No no no no NO!" The woman's body shook and trembled. After her exchange with her sister, she had to leave the castle and escape her mind. Herself. Run from all that made her angry. All that made her feel hot in such a frozen tundra that she called home. A deep growl slowly emitting from the woman's lips as she felt her clothing causing nothing but her to be fried as she began tugging at the so-called regal clothing which hugged her curving form and bringing it to be no more than shorts and a tattered lace top. Her eyes flickering from Magenta to Maroon at a panicked haste as the woman held her head and growled louder. "GO AWAY!" The woman shouted to herself as she began hearing the uproar of Deri's cackles within her head. Darkness had begun to flare within her and she could feel it happening already.

'What's the matter, Queeny? Can't handle what you took in? HAHAHAHA!' Roared Deri's voice in the back of her head once more, continue to cackle and laugh. Drawing the woman more and more towards the edge of insanity as she felt herself hit the ground. Her soft palms hitting the dusted ground as the woman felt her body shaking and losing control. She couldn't hold herself to stand and couldn't bare to keep herself on the ground. Such a conundrum that she was unable to escape. She couldn't escape herself and such was becoming painfully try. The woman's hands grabbed tighter onto the dirt below her, letting the find grains get under her nails and taint the clean pristine condition of her skin with its filth. Her long hair falling out of the up-do which would have kept it out of her face and off of the ground however the winds of the wastes made such too easy. Slowly the woman sat up and glanced about, taking note of exactly where she was. Her eyes falling upon the old fence, the decorative brick which had once been drawn on with chalk by two small girls. The woman stared at the location she called home as just a small child and felt the tears for in her eyes. Soon Deri's voice became audible once more.

'My my... This is when and where it all began, isn't it...? Your mother and father died, leaving you to this all on your own. To run a country your baby sister thinks you can't do. To fend for yourself for ears and sustain off of the flesh of humans! Oh how delicious and juicy their meet was... Am I right? Don't you miss it...? Your sister sees you as weak because you refuse to survive. You refuse to do what you need to in order to move forward, destroy and conquer. Stay by me... Follow what I say... And no one will stop you.... Are you ready?' The words of Deri, the bloodied queen of the alternate realm, screamed out to the young queen. Could this really help? Should she trust her darkness and follow it to her salvation? Or keep fighting? What was right? Her body trembling to a stand as she looked up at the dusted sky and slowly began to walk. The feel of her stomach tensing with every step caused the woman to shake and shudder but kept her moving onward. Hunger, like in the past, driving her onward as she took each calm and slow stride. She made her way past her childhood home to the rubble of the home her and her sister sought shelter in, where they had first reunited. Her eyes staring at the broken down house before continuing onward in slow long steps.

In the distance, Sidera took note of a figure who seemed to be walking among the wastes as she was and such was astonishing. No one came out there. No one explored what was barren. Why was he there? As she tried to figure out an actual reasoning for him being there, she felt her stomach tense up more, revealing her growing hunger as she felt as if she had not eaten in ages. Why? Soon, she found the twins stepping out to either side of her. Sidera's eyes widened. She didn't summon them. She didn't call for them. That's when it clicked, as their small smiles danced before their queen. The appearance of innocence on the most gruesome of monsters only made her grin in return before she heard Deri speak once more. 'You know what you have to do... To all competition... And in order to survive... Adapt or die... Eat... Or be eaten. So what will it be?' The woman's words were too true and eventually, Sidera let her eyes fall shut. As she thought, her stomach tensed and the children began to drool before their beloved queen. After a short moment, Sidera licked her lips to stop herself from salivating before breaking into a sprint towards the man in the distance. "I choose..." Her movements were fast as she felt her wires forming around her fingertips and dancing to the sides of her to meet her small companions. With a quick flick of her wrists, the wires pressed themselves into the children and began embedding into their flesh as all through moved towards the man.

"To Eat!"

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