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 Dravocn Hecoro [ReVamp WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Dravocn Hecoro [ReVamp WIP]   Sat Nov 07, 2015 7:59 pm

Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]

Dravocn Hecoro

Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Dravocn Hecoro
» Alias: N/A
» Age: 1931
» Apparent Age: 21
» Gender: Male
» Religion: Shinto/Buddhism/Daoism, all at the same time, basically mixing it together.

» Association: Gotei 13, though considering he doesn't like taking sides.... not very much into it other than for it's information

» Appearance Written: Dravocn's short fine cut hair is a faded black with a very light sheen. His eyes are seemingly dead and deep violet and are slit in a rather alluring way, like he doesn't care, but also somewhat of a deep longing and sadness. Dravocn's body is that of a pale youth with lean muscle, he holds no tattoos, he doesn't have any facial hair other than his very thin eyebrows. He's well kept, and as he looks onto someone, a small little cluster forming a bit of a thick yet small strand of hair seems to drop over his face and depending on how annoying it gets he tends to push it away, otherwise he'd leave it alone. He smiles with a warm smile that seems to say 'I like you, would you be my friend?' no matter his mood or the situation. His teeth every so slightly shine as he keeps himself clean, as he feels he must make up for his charismatic issues by making himself well presented.

As Dravocn walks, he smiles, and it seems almost permanent, most people shy away from him because this smile seems to make him look like he's about to snap at any moment. However he may seem, he doesn't really pay attention to people as he walks, he's more or less focused on his thoughts, and despite being in such a deep thinking process, he never runs into anyone or anything. His arms are usually behind his back with one hand clasping the other, arms slacked and relaxed, as he stands straight and tall, and even as he seems like a perfectly natural shinigami, you cant help but imagine him with hollow shoulder-guards as you would see on an Arankar.

While in the Seireitei, Dravocn wears the usual Shinigami garb, however he did make some fabric modifications to it, as the standard was much too uncomfortable. The fabric is now of a velvet silk that feels like smooth skin, it never wrinkles as he added some of his spiritual energy to the fabric to add a little flavor, it always seems to be ridged despite the flexibility and leisurely movement he is allowed to make while wearing it. He's got a strong sort of grip, one that says 'I command respect, but i am a friend'. He tries to present himself as friendly as possible, though he doesn't care what people think of his ideas or actions because as it stands, only he can understand himself to the fullest extent. His steps are light and quick to change, almost like he's dancing, his steps are light in case he needs to dodge.

When alone is when he truly relaxes, his smile drops to a straight face as it would need to relax from all of that smiling he did in public, his eyes close fully, his reiatsu becomes distinctly still, he sits down with his legs folded up to his chest, his arms either wrapped around them comfortably or placed on top of his knees as he'd rest his head in them. He takes pleasure in this, he would actually smile had he not been trying to relax his face muscles.

When in the human world, he tends to wear a few outfits. A formal pitch black suit and tie made of the same altered fabric as his shinigami garb, and a white mask of a smiling kitten made of the same material as the Seireitei inner walls infused with his spiritual energy as well. Another of his outfits happens to be a black long-sleeved turtleneck, and comfortable khaki dress pants with pitch black dress shoes, and thin framed glasses, all made of the same fabric as his shinigami garb, except for the dress shoes and glasses, the shoes were made of the same material as his mask for the tuxedo, the glasses were made of his spiritual energy becoming solid enough to instill into a mold-able metal, making it more spiritual energy than metal and glass. This next outfit is a nice temperature adaptive black long-sleeved t-shirt, black cotton filtered loose skinny jeans, and black sneakers, and shades, complete with padding that plays as armor hidden within the fabric, as well as his spiritual energy within the fabric to create a flexible, loose, comfortable and flowing outfit. This last outfit, he wears a white temperature stabilizing hoodie with bleached cotton filter, white temperature resistant loose skinny jeans with cotton filter, and shin high black combat boots. He tends to alter these outfits every so often not aesthetically, but by adding functions to it as well as instilling improvements in the previously installed functions.

Dravocn DOES have scars however, these scars were self implemented and no they weren't emo-kiddy, they were for experimental purposes, he has small cuts on the outer and inner corners of his eyes, as well as above and below his eye socket. Those were obviously when he experimented with his eyes, he had actually placed a powder made of spiritual energy into his eyes that due to the mold-ability of said energy, he had altered his eye's form, however he wasn't able to do any more to it as he had spent all of the powder. He has another set of scars along his arms and biceps and along the underside and backside of his hands. These were to create a tightness and relaxant in his muscles as he didn't wish to become bulky despite his training, tightening the muscle is due to muscle growth, he added relaxant into it so as not to make himself unnecessarily tense and in-flexible, he did the same with his legs and torso except the torso was cut in a cross, down the middle of his chest and stomach, cut under the man chest, and a cut in-between each ab. The reason for the cuts in the hands were simply because he wished to stunt his nail growth and increase his touch sensitivity while killing his pain receptors in his hands as pain causes hesitation and in turn near failures if not failures.

Dravocn's reiatsu is actually a reflection of his emotional and mental state, usually it's a calm invisible still essence that you wouldn't notice unless you really focused on it. When angered, his reiatsu starts vibrating erratically, giving off a sort of distorted vision due to heat effect, without heat actually being produced so abundantly. When this man is quite happy, his reiatsu seems to bounce like a bunny in all sorts of directions, from a bouncy expansion horizontally while rising, to a vertical and mirrored wave expanding outward in both directions. When sad, it's a little odd... it acts almost like teardrops in a puddle, as the invisible reiatsu ripples from his feet out, and the sadder he is, the faster the 'droplets' seem to fall, causing a faster ripple with bigger waves. As said earlier, it is a reflection of his emotional state AND mental state... and as he is a sad interior with a happy exterior, and the mental stability of a mental patient for homicidal and suicidal tendencies who hasn't been taking his meds recently and finds his doctors rather annoying.... you get the idea... anywho... when he 'snaps' such as... lets say anger... that erratic vibration of this invisible reiatsu seems to do more than distort his image, but tear his image apart like a bad frequency or a freakishly bad heart rate monitor from the hospital during surgery, and by the time you'd be able to see him again, he'd already be somewhere else... much like lightning... and that was just anger. Sadness, and mental instability causes an extreme of these 'water droplets, the edges of his reiatsu on all sides ripples... waves and ripples in all sides as you would imagine, would make seeing someone a bit difficult to see... however easy to track. Happiness and mental instability.... just a rather fast bounciness to what it originally was... needless to say Hell, is a simple explanation to the one who decides to piss him off in battle.

» Appearance Image: [Put an image of your character here if you have one]

I. Personality

» Personality:
Training- Swordplay, spiritual training, meditation, zanpaktou training, weights, sprinting, dodging, you name it.. he'll likely do it for at least two to four hours a day

Studying/Experimenting- After all the research he's done, and everything he's read, he likes to test them out and do several controls while along with the exact replication of the experiment the living had done, he even has controls in different locations, like from the living world with exact replication and the other controls, then the Soul Society, then Hueco Mundo and see how they would fare

Reading- Dravocn simply enjoys keeping up with all he's missed, history, sciences, and the literature people have come up with are also fantastic

Self Experimentation- Dravocn finds that the best way to fully get a hold of all information of an experiment is to experiment on oneself, this also means the implementations of successful experiments, and the harmful effects due to failed experiments, though he seems to find out what's wrong quickly and changes the problem quickly before it does any real damage. An example would involve the scars from cutting into himself for scientific studies for various effects, as well as the runic engravings from various spiritual studies he's had.... even spiritual studies is proper science in his eyes, in the psychological, sociological, and evocative senses.

Creating- You will find Drav tends to make inventions or art out of materials he's gathered, when he wants to make serums or such he always puts the materials into hyper-concentration so he has a great amount of it all in order to make such a concentration

Ending speech with pet names or sir or ma'am- sweetie, sweetheart, angel, dear, etc. He only really talked to his sisters and parents and girlfriend so its a developed habit that he finds he likes because it makes him more comfortable with the interaction, and as he had only ever called his mom and dad sir or mam, he clearly doesn't call males any pet names often, unless he finds them just oh so adorable


Watching those he cares about die- Dravocn has seen his ex die, his sister, knowing his parents had died in the barbarian attack, his heart has ripped apart so much he's not sure if he could handle another death of someone he cares about

Killing those he cares about- This is just much worse than watching, but being the cause or directly influencing the death of someone he cared about, it's a brutal experience

Becoming mentally handicapped- The poor guy already has a social handicap, if he were to become mentally handicapped as well, not only would he struggle with his research and studies, but likely training and possibly lose himself in his inner world as well

Amnesia or Alzheimer's- Forgetting who he cares about, forgetting research he'd already done, forgetting nearly everything, repeating horrible interactions with people, all things that he finds horrifying about these problems

Becoming blind or deaf- Out of the two, Drav finds that being blind is the most problematic, as it would hinder his research more than deafness. However both would interfere with his training and fighting skills, deafness would just create bigger problems with his social skills... i mean come on, does he need any more hindrances with his social abilities?


Becoming one with his zanpakto- As it seems to be, the soul society has a distinct separation with their zanpakto, as yes they treat their zanpakto as people... at least most of them do, however do not fully recognize that their zanpakto is an extention of their spirit, and as such Dravocn not only wants to be the first to experience and experiment on this level of oneness, but finds it is only suitable and a deserved gift and apology toward his zanpakto to reach it's full potential

Becoming one with all forms of science- Dravocn finds that science is an ever improving species, yes, species, an intangible being that is ever improving just like the people as they evolve slowly throughout time. Dravocn has heard of androids, robots made to look human, and cyborgs, humans with technological additions to their own body. As it stands, only the image of technology being added to the mortal has been seen, but what if the biological and technological were to not only improve said mortal, but become one along with the mortal, it wouldn't be considered an android as it was mortal before the additions, and it wouldn't be a cyborg as there would be no trace of technology in the mortal's body or existence as instead the biological had turned the technological into something to spread into the body like stem cells and evolve the mortal, along with evolving with the mortal as stem cells would normally do. After seeing the evocative effects and power spiritualism has over the world, in both it's metaphysical sense as well as it's physical manifestations, adding the spiritual and magical power and essence to this amazing being. Its an thought and hope that Dravocn can create such a being upon himself and survive as well as he would hope, he doesn't have an order in of which he wants to become one with, he could become one with his zanpakto before or after he does this as long as both effects are permanent, the ultimate and perfected being of maximized hybridization of existence.... Insane?
Probably, but it is a very prominent wish in his mind, one that not even the Soul King could think the repercussions would create as the Soul King is an excessively powerful being but isn't exactly everything in concept that exists.

Overall Personality:
"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

Drav has always been one to think thoroughly and still keep adaptability as well in his plans, making sure to have a backup plan if something that would disrupt the first plan happens... and then planning for that and having backups for that.... again ... very thorough

"​The secret to making something work in your life is, first of all, the deep desire to make it work; then the faith and belief that it can work; then to hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out step by step, without one doubt, or disbelief. Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence."

​He's just as passionate and effective with his work as he is an amorous guy.... working with such pleasure and enthusiasm that he seems like he's willing to kill the person who disrupts him while he's working.... and he is perfectly willing to do that .... just saying

Devoted to his work and studies
"I know the price of success: Dedication, Hard Work, and an Unremitting Devotion to the things you want to see happen."

​This guy stays up for nights on end, if he has to, to finish his work.. he could be sick as a freaking Ethiopian that got bitten by a mosquito carrying malaria.... and he'd still work through it... this just tells you how good his adaptability is as well as his resistance to certain kinds of exhaustion

Loving brother​
"Believe and admire, protect and show, watch and listen, love and know. A brother's love is a sister's greatest treasure, a sisters happiness is a brother's deepest desire."

​He's willing to do anything for his sisters, even the adopted ones, he's gone and built a house for his sisters before just because they ran out of money when they were younger their parents were killed. He's taken care of them ever since he was eight and they were four regardless of the hardships it would have for someone so young to feed them three meals a day, get them good stuff... and earn what all he did... he really did earn the love the hard way.

Responsible and Trustworthy
​​​"One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know what you should do, even if you don't feel like doing it"

Dravocn is the kinda guy you want to trust with your last billion dollars in cash, he will take care of everything and if he fails he's willing to pay you back that billion however it takes, he's also good at keeping secrets ... whether it's yours or his own, he's got kind of an atlas syndrome going on with him when it comes to responsibility ... so it's more of an "i'm sorry for pretty much everything"

Uncommonly Polite
"Politeness is so rare these days that it is sometimes confused with flirting."
"Treat everyone with politeness, even if they are rude to you, not because they are nice, but because you are nice."

Seriously this guy is like Palace Butler Polite..... he talks like he's from the classical era... and yes, he's even more polite and nice to women.

"The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of a planter for the future. His duty is to lay foundation of those who are to come and point the way."

​Dravocn is willing to do anything if it means a benefit for science, himself, his sisters (adopted or otherwise), and his allies/friends regardless of whether or not it hurts others... as long as those he likes aren't those who get hurt and it makes sense, he's okay with it... because he hates people as a general term... he'll give chances to specific people...

Dark sense of humor
"Religion has actually convinced people, that there's an invisible man, living in the sky, who watches everything you do of every minute of everyday. And he has this special list, of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any, of these ten things, he has a special place full of fire and smoke and ash and torture where he will send you to suffer and burn and scream and cry forever and ever until the end of time!... But he loves you. He loves you and he needs money! He always needs money! He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle money!”

Dravocn has always had a dark sense of humor, since he's always hated people and never trusted anyone but his sisters. Drav finds it hilarious when people he could care less about die, even when it comes to mass genocide. He laughs at the idea of irony, people were awful to each other and now awful things are happening to that person. He tends to only care for those who show good kind person qualities.... though intelligence would be preferred ... he can handle a nice person who isn't exactly smart.

Socially Inept
"Hi I have Asperger's Syndrome
-high anxiety
-poor or intense eye contact
-may appear rude, rigid, aggressive
-exaggerated emotional responses
-do not understand non-verbal cues
-may react or respond inappropriately
-may experience repetitive body movements
please be patient, I am trying"

Dravocn has spent his life working, studying for higher and better job so that he may take care of his sisters, and sleeping ... leaving no room for social activity unless his sisters asked for him to take a break and hang out with them... since they knew he was only working for their benefit. But because of that he's never had any real social activity and had no time to learn... now at his age it's like teaching an old dog new tricks, making it extremely frustrating and saddening when he wants to talk to someone.

Maybe a little bit too much of a lover boy
"sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy, is the most lonely person"

No seriously, he's got a major insta-crush problem, I mean this is a guy who can spend around an hour with a girl and have hopes way to high for the future with this person regardless of what had happened in the allotted time. He seems to like the idea of having his heart broken... because the likelihood of him actually getting a girlfriend on the first meeting is slim to none and he knows it... he just hopes too much... this also might be a problem when it comes to loyalty to the person he actually ends up with.

"Pistanthrophobia is the fear of trusting people due to past experiences and events gone bad"

"Once upon a time, there was a foolish traveler who had gone on a journey. Why was he foolish? Because he was fooled by everyone he met! Everywhere he went, people made up all kinds of sad stories to tell him. The traveler fell for every one of them.
'Please, some money for medicine...?'
'I have a sick younger sister...'
'I don't have money to buy seeds to plant in my fields.'
Pretty soon, his money, his clothes, even his shoes had been cheated away from him.
However the traveler was always glad to help. For every one of them, he'd smile and say 'I wish you happiness.'
But by this point, the traveler was completely naked, and with nothing left to cover himself. He decided to leave the main road and travel through the dense forest where no one could see him...
Soon he was discovered by the goblins that lived in the woods. The goblins wanted to eat the traveler's body. So they begged and pleaded, and used kind words to try and trick him...
Of course, the traveler was fooled. First he let the goblins eat one of his legs. Then an arm. Then more and more....
Before it was over, all the traveler had left was his head, he'd even given his eyes away to the last of the goblins.
And as the last goblin was eating the traveler's eyes, he turned and said 'Thank you, traveler. In return, I leave you this present.'
What the goblin left was a slip of paper with the word 'Fool' written on it. The traveler couldn't see it, he didn't know what it was. Even so, tears began to flow down his face.
'Thank you.' the traveler said 'this is the first present anyone ever gave me. I'm so happy, I'm so happy. Thank you.'
Even without his eyes, he cried and cried, tears of joy. Then, the traveler died, with a smile on his face."

He hates people as a general term and is very cautious, he has very high standards for people he thinks deserve to live or be unharmed ... excluding his sisters who love him to death, he's extremely cautious and very nice at first... but you earn everything he gives you.... his trust in you determines how well he takes care of you... and trust me ... he will take care of you just as he did his sisters


1 All those adorable and cute- Dravocn can't help himself when he sees something he considers cute, he'd instantly feel like he must hug it and pet it.

2 Smiles- Smiles are just beautiful, they bring light into someones dark days, they shine a light into the empty tunnel of one's dying soul, they are in of themselves a beautiful poem.

3 Blushes- These are just adorable, attractive, and just downright fantastic to see, it almost forces one to smile... especially Drav.

4 Unstudied Subjects- Whether it be small bits of history that were skipped over, the make up of the salt in the sea, or the different personalities of domesticated sharks compared to wild sharks, it's always a curiosity and something to learn about, granted Dravocn tends to study more useful bits of information, those were just examples

5 Willing Test Subjects- Dravocn will be just happy and enlightened when he aquires a willing test subject, someone who'll sacrifice their bodies to science even at the risk of pain or injury or possibly death, though Dravocn tends to try his best to prevent those three risks, even among enemies he'd be using as subjects.

6 Change- If it furthers the progress of society or science for the better, Drav is all for it.

7 Understanding- It's always a bonus when one understands a subject, especially if that subject is a person, as the person will find comfort in the kindness and effort you were willing to give in order to understand them.

8 Biology- Advancing one's body to create or help create a healthier or stronger person, is a fantastic thing to behold.

9 Technology- Who doesn't like a new piece of great technology that is a giant step from what you previously had, especially since it has multiple functionality that can help you throughout even battle

10 Arachnids and Serpents- Dravocn simply finds them adorable and beautiful misunderstood creatures that deserve more love than they're given credit for... plus serpents like to hug more than you think... and no, it's not to kill

11 Mythology- Dravocn finds mythology interesting, the beliefs of the past, the creatures within the myth itself, the wonder of how he could make such a thing real

12 Deeper inspection on previously studied subjects- Anything for new and fantastic advances for society, life just gets better when you go from processing two megabytes per second and end up going into quantum computing

13 Keeping tabs on old test subjects- Just in case there could be more information later than expected, changes in personality, actions, activities, strange nuances that weren't there prior to testing

14 Being Trusted- Such a warm feeling in one's heart, especially since this means that they feel comfortable with this otherwise disturbed person.

15 Constructive Criticism- Always glad to help and be helped

16 Patience- Dravocn likes to have fun when he can, this means he likes to take his time in doing actions if he's allowed, and sometimes wait for others to do their thing, as it's a sign of courtesy which is not so common.

17 Relentless Effort- One who is determined to do something, will eventually do it, and will accomplish their goal far better than someone who'll give up at the bare minimum.


1 Dishonesty- Dravocn doesn't really see the point in lying, it causes wars, hatred, arguments. Lying is simply false information, whether for good or bad reasons, it proves only to lessen the trustworthiness of another, and therefore, Dravocn has chosen to speak truth, no matter how sad, or unwanted.

2 Failure- This does not mean someone else's failure, in fact, it's his failure and his failure alone that he detests so much. Failure means that he was not of sufficiency or more, failure means he had failed himself and those around him, failure means that he must train harder, missed vital if not important components, wasn't observant enough, somehow distracted or too confident.

3 Big Egos- This is a general rule of thumb for any person in Drav's opinion, if you had done something exceptionally well and are proud and happy about it, you have either until you are over it or three days to be unable to brag about it. Until then, he's proud of you and glad you're so happy... but three days is when you start to get annoying and therefore should likely calm yourself and think about your next exceptional act... otherwise you have peaked, and that is truly a sad sight.

4 Being Interrupted- Whether it by while one is speaking or while he himself is doing something he finds important, he will be a bit annoyed but he won't be overly furious with you if you so choose to interrupt him... he will however be kind in your endeavors and will both do (if your interruption was because you wanted him to do something) what you wanted him to do and will later wait until you are finished doing the things you are doing before acquiring your attention. He would at least hope that you respect that.

5 Fear- Dravocn has this problem when it comes to fear, as fear means hesitation and without prior thinking, he won't mind if you are scared, but this is again a problem he has with himself, and it is nothing but a simple annoyance that he will try his best to quickly throw away... keyword... try.

6 Ridiculous Hypocrisy- Dravocn can understand that hypocrisy is something everyone does, whether you don't notice it or you already understand how much of a hypocrite you are, but to go to extremes or having very high standards or ideals that you yourself don't work toward fixing or completing, then you have no right to complain and should therefore sit down and take a few moments to think about why you are nothing more than a grain of sand compared to the boulder or boulders of a person or persons you are having a problem with.

7 Being Upset- Again, something he has an issue about himself, focus with others tends to dissipate and therefore causes sloppy movements or actions that weren't thoroughly planned out, whether he is better at fighting while upset or not does not make him feel any better about this fact, and so he promised himself to remain calm during any activity.

8 Lack of Progression- This is in terms of society and himself, as he enjoys a consistent or regulated progression in activities or science, Ipods to Ipads for example.... he does not enjoy, from the simplistic natural telescope to the Hubble telescope however, he thoroughly finds great happiness in. Basically... if you aren't going to make a big change in society and ESPECIALLY if you're going to sell it, then don't bother... in laments terms... go big or go home.

9Arguments- Dravocn doesn't particularly enjoy tension, especially if it is between two or more thick skulled people, or people who don't know what they're talking about enough to have a civilized discussion or debate about the topic they show no ability to provide proof about, and therefore tries his best to remain as far away from such annoyances as he can.

10 Ignorance and Arrogance- Judgement without basis is what these two words mean, it's one thing to be Ignorant and judge within oneself, but to be arrogant and fight for your original belief that you now know is wrong, that is sad.

11 Placebos- This is just irritating, to give someone a drug that does nothing and telling them that the drug does what they want it to without actually affecting them in the way you told them it was supposed to work... it is dishonest, it is stealing, and it is feeding off of the good faith of others... enough said.

12 The Sexually Proactive, Deviant, and Intentionally Provocative- This is sad, irritating, and downright a disturbing addiction. To be trading sexual favors for material gain or worse is irritating and sad, especially the person who accepts the offer. Rape and other forms of sexual deviancy are just downright unacceptable behavior and should be punished with death and a new life for the victim, however if the victim was being sexually provocative then the victim is just as guilty.

13 The Drug Addicted/Reliant- One of the saddest sights of mankind is a drug addicted person found in a trash bin without house, home, job, or car, just waiting and begging for their next 'fix'.

14 Hollowed Souls- This does not mean Hollows, Vizards, Arancar... in fact.. this could mean anyone.. anyone who changes their personality, ideals, thoughts, feelings, or actions to fit another's.... that is a hollowed soul, or a mirror-man... and it's just annoying and dishonest.

15 Makeup- Contrary to popular belief, makeup doesn't bring out the more beautiful or saddened or depressed you, it just covers the real you in fragrance and powders and wax that will cause more of the flaws on your body that you're trying to hide, if you truly want to be beautiful, then be yourself, as uniqueness is the most beautiful thing in the world.

16 Destructive Criticism- If you're going to criticize, don't try to put someone down, help them understand how to make it better... enemy or not, if you truly want your enemy dead then kill them, don't criticize... bolstering yourself during battle accomplishes nothing other than making you look sad.


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I. Tanjo 誕生

The being we are about to introduce to you, is one who has been through a lot of loss. Not more than some, not to extremes that people would imagine, but of time, essence, stability... you shall see.

The being was born in the darkness of night, the frosted ground of winter surrounding his hut. A Super Moon, Blue Moon shining down upon them, something that happens very rarely in the world, and for the birth of a child on such a winters night under the bright moonlight, this is a rather grandiose event for the two parents, finding themselves blessed by the gods above for such an amazing gift.

Looking upon the strangely colored eyes of the child, they speak to each other in excitement, not concerned about the deformity that could be on their son. The child was silent but breathing, it wasn't crying, it didn't need to be attacked, nearly instinctively breathing. Time seemed to stand still, the snow around the hut seemed to be still in the air as the boy was born. Whether the boy was human or not was a curious question on its own, as the eyes were a clear indicator that this was no normal child... but then again this was a special lunar day. Eyes slit, deep and vibrant violet, staring up at its mother as if wondering what would happen next. The inexperienced mortals accepting the deformity as a blessing from the gods, shamanism not uncommon within the tribes of ancient Japan.

You would find the settlement of these tribal and, soon to be, Japanese people among the island continent surrounded by volcanoes, coming into civilization slowly from their hunter and gatherer way of life. Far before the dawn of the Shogunate, the family of the newborn had the bright idea of improving their society's productivity, this was the invention of Rice Farming. The production of rice skyrocketed thanks to the family's idea, using the wetlands for irrigation and giving them enough money to purchase land, for both expanding their rice farms as well as being land owners and employers to the clans they had found passing through. The Yayoi period had started to become the foundation of the survival and expansion of the Japanese culture.

A few years pass and the boy had grown up to the point of walking and talking, four years into his life his parents had a set of twins, two infants that looked far more normal than their first born child. The boy looked unto the two girls as they cried, his gaze upon them slowly set them to relax as he gave them a loving kiss on each of their heads, one that unbeknownst to them would spark the beginnings of a bond between the three that would go unbroken and last through the ages. The twins slowly began to calm, their eyes slowly shut as their slowed to a steady, relaxed pace. Once again, another sign to the parents that their son is a gift from the gods.

The children grew up rice farming, learning the payoffs of hard work while ending up living a life of luxury for owning the food and rice farms. Their parents were convinced their lives were blessed since the birth of their first born, praising him and treating him as one would a demi-god. Despite his surroundings, he had no interest in the praises and treatment he was given, he didn't believe he was one worthy of such praise... not yet. The other villagers were working in toil, he worked the farms when he could find the blind spot of his parents' eyes to do so. His determination to earn his life was what earned him the respect of the villagers rather than their disdain. The beautiful land surrounding was a sight to see at any angle, the boy finding that his favorite spot was the shore just before the entrance to the forest with the fantastic view of the mountain. It's where he felt the most comfort and decided that the spot he would live would be there until the end.

This looks to be a great start for the soon to be Shinigami, however this was but the uplifting light that would soon become the heavy hand that shoves this boy down into the darkness of sorrow and depravity that we shall be explained soon.

I. Sonshitsu 損失

On a dark night, the still blue lake rippled like a shudder as the ground shook. The boy, eight at the time and having been training his mind and body in attempts to earn the praises from his parents rather than take the praises blindly, walked awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of a loud roar, one that almost shook him to his core. The violet snakelike slits that were his eyes sharpened in fear as the pupils dilated from the sudden burst of light attacking his receptors. No one seemed to wake from such a loud beast in the night, as the boy found out from frantically running through his family's manor to make sure everyone was safe. Another loud roar filled the forest, but once again no one awoke, the boy turned to the forest and quickly gripped his father's ceremonial bronze sword and approached the source of the sounds carefully and fearfully.

Upon entering his favorite woodland area, he became confused as there was still no sign of the loud monstrosity. The deeper he went, the more fearful he became that he was being played with already and that he would have made his family wake up the next morning without their son. He gripped the sword rather tightly upon the grip of the blade, looking for any sign of life... this forest never seemed to be so scary.

While he hunted, a loud crash was heard nearby as a tree fell against another, looking like it had been torn from the middle by some unfathomable beast. The boy stared at the splintered insides of the tree with both awe and terror. He didn't see anything do that, it just happened, and there was no way that was a bear or any sort of animal... that had to be an angry spirit. Shamanism or Nature Worship was not something scoffed at by the people of this time, and it was actually highly regarded, hence his parent's finding him as a blessing of the gods... so this thought process wasn't beyond comprehension... even though the truth was different than his people believed.

The boy had never felt this heart wrenching fear he now felt surging through his body, he couldn't help but quiver in fear as his eight year old body stood in the middle of the forest he loved so dearly... in what may be the angry spirit's hunting grounds. There was nothing like this feeling before, not even when the other children were beating him up, because at least then he knew he would survive. In moments as that tree crashed into another, two more further away fell against their neighbors, the dark green sea of trees lost more and more of it's population as the monster seemed to be moving away. Upon this, despite his best laid thought processes, the boy did not cower away in fear, but pursued to make sure that his family was not going to be harmed... even if he had no idea how to defend them from this beast, much less himself.

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