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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Lets play a game of dodge fist?(Open)(Training)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Lets play a game of dodge fist?(Open)(Training)   Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:08 pm

Sijel stood In the middle of the wasteland as he and his father looked at eachother from the far ends of the wasteland. Sijel had been training with his dad to get stronger, and so far as outlandish as the training has been it has been great in some aspects. Sijel however had no idea what he was supposed to be doing here today. His father just took him out here and said be ready. And that's exactly what sijel figured he was.

He now stood under the blazing sun as he stared at his father who stood a good 500 feet from him. It was uncanny that sijel could even see him, but he's learned some interesting things about himself as he accepted his demon. For instance he knows now that he's not looking at his father directly, but more or less looking through one of his butterflies that he let release among the thousands that lazily floated around in the wastelands they were in for the day. "The object of the game is to block at least 10 of my hits consecutively!!" Yozu evela yelled across the wasteland. The noise was barely audible, but Sijel would soon know what he was supposed to do.

He saw his dad gesture him to attack and sijel did so without a seconds thought. Wings erupted from his body in the same shape as his butterflies. The rounded edges of the wings then sharpened allowing sijel to fly faster than the normal butterfly. His wings began to rapidly flutter and he ran forward a few feet before launching himself forward gliding across the ground. One could only see a beam of blue light gliding past them from a distance. As sijel began to fly he was met with an incredible amount of force to his face that caused him to go flailing to the ground. He was then punched into the ground from his gut causing spit to fly from his mouth.

His dad then slammed his foot into his son's side and caused him to go rolling across the ground. "Dad what the hell?!" Sijel roared in shock as he stumbled getting up. "I told you you have to block 10 of my hits." Sijel's father said calmly before vanishing. He was fast, much faster right now than what sijel could even track with his eyes alone. He began to look through his butterflies surrounding him, but all he could make out was the sounds of zooming near them and sudden blurs that ran across the vision of others. Sijel was suddenly slammed in the face with a face. His vision vanished as he spiraled back onto the ground and slid a couple of feet.

Sijel sat up and looked around for his dad that couldn't be seen once again. "How is this going to train me in any way?" He called into the air. "Well when you can see me that means you can train to stop me, and when you can stop me you can train to counter me and when you can train to counter me you can train to attack first." Yozu said through several attacks. Sijel was nowhere near the place he should be in order to even get a glance at his dad. Maybe he could get there though.

Recently sijel has been looking into forming different butterflies. For him it's not too hard depending on what he's trying to accomplish. For instance though it seems like it the butterflies that he uses to look through aren't necessarily the same as the ones he uses to explode. The pattern on the wings is different. The ones he uses to look through h have the shape of an eye on their right wing which is what he uses to differentiate between the two. Each butterfly he's created has something different about them but his most common thing is the color. Though he'd not yet been able to use them in an actual fight setting he'd figured he'd have to very soon, but he needn't fight now, he'd need to figure out how to increase his power quickly.

"You don't need a butterfly just modify your eyes." Came a voice in his head. Enoryan his older half and mostly demonic side sounded slightly frustrated. He's been more talkative than ever now. Normally he wouldn't hear that voice until it was whispering in his ear to go crazy and let the madness take over and destroy everything. He couldn't help but think it had something to do with the fact that sijel embraced his demon heritage, but Enoryan never spoke about it, everytime sijel even mentioned it he would just mute himself and wouldn't speak for hours until the subject had changed either by sijel changing it or sijel doing something else outside that he wanted to speak upon.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Lets play a game of dodge fist?(Open)(Training)   Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:37 pm

Sijel layed across the ground as he spit blood from his mouth. His father was going insane at this moment and he couldn't bear to get beaten under this heat any longer. He layed there for a few more moments before slowly sitting up and staring at the ground he now sat on. He stumbled to get to his feet and when he finally got his balance leaned over as his stance weakened. He caught himself again as he began to take constant deep breaths. His father had beat him a lot more than he thought he did and the damage showed in him right now. They had been at this for about 30 minutes and sijel still couldn't figure out what to do. His half had gotten silent and would occasionally take disapproving breaths.

"Just adjust your eyes." Sijel mumbled to himself as he looked up. He was irritated at this point. He truly didn't know what the hell his other half wastalking about when he said to just change your eyes. How the hell is he supposed to change his eyes. He began to throw a tantrum in his head receiving a chuckle from the demonic nightmare. Sijel also received a barrage of attacks from his father who had appeared from nowhere. He was grabbed by the neck and slammed into a boulder a few blocks behind him. "Come on little one, do something." His dad whined as he vanished again.

"Again how do I change my eyes, it's not like I studied upon this damn stuff." Sijel called out as he stood back up. "Lets try a different approach." Sijel's father called out and like that he was gone, but extremely slower than before. Sijel was able to watch him and stop some of his attacks. "Okay, you ready, we're going to do this like we're in a game." He said as he vanished again. "It's going to get harder as you get better!!" Yozu called and he was gone.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Lets play a game of dodge fist?(Open)(Training)   Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:47 pm

It was taking some time, but sijel had began to catch his father going at over Mach 2, however he was still attempting to block him. He could block him going about 100 miles an hour, but no faster. His body could evade the attacks and he learned that if he uses his fathers momentum he could counter that way, but his body couldn't move past 100 miles before he got extremely dizzy and lost his balance.
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Lets play a game of dodge fist?(Open)(Training)
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