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 Diablo (complete)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Diablo (complete)   Tue Nov 17, 2015 6:21 pm

Theme disturbed vengeful one
• Name: Diablo
• True Age: Unknown (forgoten with time.)
• Appearance Age: 25
• Gender: female
• Orientation: Freelancer
• Hollow lvl before trans: Adjuchas

• Appearance:

• Bone Appearance: bone cat ears that rest atop of her head.

• Hollow Hole: 3 holes one on each wrist and and a third on her neck.

• Reiatsu Colour:black and red.

Cold and calculating:
Diablo was always calculating everything out down to the littlest detail. Her style was cold and would usually always be a success. Her cold demeanor only served as a warning to those around her to back off and leave her alone. Because of this even when she was alive she was not the type that people really wanted to be around and this only served to fuel her calculating nature. She never hurt anyone alive though as she became a hollow and eventually arrancar she learned to embrace what happened to her. And in doing so her nature only ended up making her that much more of a dangerous enemy to those around her. Her calculations and focus tend to go hand in hand. If there is a use for an item or object outside its normal intended use. The things she thinks of made it where she survived as long as she did till the day she ended up getting a little to over confident and got herself sealed away by 4 quincy and 4 shinigami. In the time she was sealed she learned to focus more on everything and she also learned that over confidence was her biggest flaw and used the time sealed away to get rid of that completely.

Strong willed:
Diablo's Will is not one easily broken. She can go through a great beating and will not give up. This was made greater when she got her regeneration ability. Her will only grew as time passed as she focused for many years on growing stronger her will grew as well. Her mind as well grew stronger as her will grew. This in turn made her mentality become focused upon training her ability to work on multiple psychic forms of communication. She also focused upon her mental misdirection. This mixed with her strong will made it to here her will was even harder to break.

Extremely focused:
If diablo sets her mind to something it will happen. It may take a few days to go down though. Her focus causes her to never give up even if it is said to have no possible way to work. Her moto is if it gets in the way of my success kill it. Her mind is not one tracked but if the cause she fights for is in her best intrest she will give 200%. Her mind is a lot like a steal trap she will remember details that most would call unnescesary mostly for the fact that even the slightest detail can be of use. Her focus causes her to use anything and everything to the fullest potential. Even if there is a chance that others will say it has no use at all.

Calm and Collected:
Diablo is always calm under pressure. With all the fighing she had been in before she managed to gain the powers she has. Her calm and collected manner of fighting always seemed to throw her target off guard. The way she would simply smile as she looked her target down at times would play mind games with her prey. Her calm and collected demeanor ended up coming naturally to her. The threat of death was always there so she ended up learning to push the thought out of her mind completely. The knoladge more enemies may come was always there as well so she decided she would have to be calm in order to give her a possible edge in battle. This in turn lead to what she is and how her name at one point was well known before she ended up getting sealed away and thought lost to the wind's of time.

• History:

Her life while alive.
Diablo was known by the name of Netasha Delarosa in life. She did Was not a bad person though she was always seen as cold to those around her. She grew up in a interesting time though she had no idea how drastically her life would change. Her parents were part of a high end world though they did not pay attention to anyone around them. This drove Netasha to become self aware at a very young age. She would read books insteed of going out to play like normal kids. In the end she came to the realization that everything was inter twined in a odd circle. The reading she did caused to to overthink everything. This ended up getting to the point where she would calculate everything and would even plan out her day to make the most of it. This caused tons of people to shy away from her.

Netasha was a lonely child Though this was caused by her obsession with keeping everything in check and having a place for everything. In her mind if you were going to do something right you would have to do it yourself. She trusted no one and in the end counted on no one as well. Her life rotated around her though she did help when there was time in her busy days to do so. She made sure that she could do everything her day would allow. In the end though this ended up being her downfall for all the training she did to sharpen her mind also sharpened her spiritual energy though she had no idea what that was at the time before she died. This was the beginning of her decent into madness according to those around her at least. She would start to see strange beasts and monstrosities in the village she lived in. She would tell others about the strange monstrosities but no one would belive her sense no one else could see them. Though the others that could see them denied it cause of not wanting to sound as crazy as her.

This began to take a toll on her mind and as the years passed she slowly began to learn to ignore the beasts she was seeing. This was her main lead to her downfall. Upon learning to ignore the beasts this gave them the opportunity they needed to attack the unsuspecting female and in the end kill her.

Life as a spirit.
After her death Netasha noted that only a few people could see her. Though most of them seemed to ignore her. She usually found herself in a crowded area. So Those who ended up actually seeing her ended up thinking she was a normal person walking. She ended up getting frustrated with everyone ignoreing her in her own eyes that she slowly walked off. As she did she took note that they were not ignoreing her but they could not actually see her. This slowly drove her into a form of disspear. As time passed on she slowly began to come to terms with the fact that she was no longer among the living. As she did she slowly began to go back into her normal routine though with the difference of learning to keep her calm in stressful situations. She soon found out that if she was calm and collected her thoughts were easier too gather. Her mind slowly began to evolve to suit the situation she was now faced with.

She could still see the hollows or as she called them the beasts. The difference was that now she knew she had to avoid them at all costs. As she ran through the city she found some people who could see and converse with her. She talked to them but they had no idea why she had yet to cross over. This only served to cause her intuitive mind the longing for more. It made it so that she found she could not help but contemplate the why and how she was still on the mortal plane as a spirit. As she contemplated this she ended up seeing a person in a strange outfit. As she saw him she started to run towards him but as she did something grabed her from behind. As the thing grabbed her it dragged her to a strange place that seemed to resemble a desert. She had no idea where she was though given everything that had happened to her she knew that she had to stay calm and assess the situation. Though before she could she felt a mass of sharp pain all over her body as the hollow that snatched her bit down into her. After the bite she felt a strange sensation as she slowly turned into a hollow and her newfound power slowly began to surge through her body. She had no idea what was going on but she knew that whatever had happened she liked the power if had bestowed upon her. And thus the hollow Grim Reaper was forged.

Life as a hollow
Upon reawakening as a hollow Netasha had no idea what was going on with her. At first she acted upon basic instincts for she could not control her actions. The hunger that bore its way into her from the change was to strong for her to fight. Her instinct caused her to charge at the first decently strong woundering sould she had managed to come across. And upon feeding upon it the knoladge she existed slowly began to spread but thankfully to her knoladge there were not all that many enemies that would attack her as of yet. Her knoladge of the new world she had been pushed into was new, scary, And extremely exciteing. It took her some time before she slowly began to exert her focus to manage to take control of her new body.She found that she had the ability to open a gateway to a strange new world that seemed to have a desert like quility to it. She had no idea what this place was called but she did not seem to care. She decided to go to this place to get used to her knew found abilities and to get used to her knew body and hunger that boiled within her.

As she experamented with her knew body she soon found that she could concentrate and fire a ebam of Cyan Colored energy from her fingertips. She was able to use her hands as well as her mouth but she did not care much about that. She began to practice with her Newly found ability (cero) though she had no idea what to call it. As she slowly began to train this ability her hunger slowly begant o take over yet again. Though insteed of going back to the human world she found some random weak hollows to sate her hunger on. She knew that there was a chance that she may have enemies in the human world so for the time being her mind would not allow her to take the risk. The fact that this world was completely new to her only caused her to question everything even more then usual. Her mind slowly began to calculate everything at a faster pace then ever before. She also soon found out that she could only fire so many of the beams before she would wear herself out. After a few years Feeding upon the weaker hollows in hueco mundo she Thought it was about time to head back to the human world to continue her training. She had finaly completely mastered the ability and she found that she could use it alot more then she could when she started to use it. Not only that she took note that her power was growing with each passing day and she could swear that she felt a strange sensation building up within her body.

Netasha ignored the feeling that was building up within her cause it currently ment nothing. She was not well known yet and her time in hueco mundo mostly focused upon her staying in hideing to feed get stronger abd build up her stamina and ability to use her skill. After she returned to the human world she had realized that she had been away fo nearly a decade if not longer. She had lost track of time completely and she had no idea what was going on in this new world of the liveing she had stumbled in on. Everything was so new to her and it only served to excite her even more. Though as she looked around she took note of things that semed off to her. There were a few more hollows roaming the area though there were people that used strange bow like weapons and at times even swords that both seemed to cut down hollows. She took note that they seemed to notice her and this caused her to fall back. The foes before her seemed to be out of her league and they seemed to be faster then she could even see. She retreated back to hueco mundo for the time being. She knew that she would have to get faster and build up a new range of skills so that she could even keep up with the new foes that appeared before her.

As she returned to hueco mundo Netasha had no idea what the people who soon targeted her saw. They saw a beast with a odd skeleton like figure that had a snake like body. Her mask had a set of horns like cat's ears and a form of spikes like lighning streaks not far from that. Netasha was seen but sense she ran away they had no idea what to call her. The fighting had yet to start and she figured a name would be useful but she had no idea what to call herself either. She decided to let all that crap go for now sense she had to get to where she could actually stand a chance to even fight them. In this case she stayed in hueco mundo to work on her speed. In working on her speed she also decided she needed to learn to be able to create a new form of her attack that could aid in her combat as well. The thoughts on how she could use what she new quickly began to boin up within her mind. Her calm and collected aditude only surved to aid in her thought. If she could manipulate the energy that she used within createing the original blast maybe she could cause the energy to Take on the form of the weapons that the new enemis used...

Netasha soon realized that if she did this then she could possibly make it seem as if something other then a the beast she was ended up killing her targets if they were among the liveing... This only managed to get her excited as she began to practice her energy manipulation to get to where she could alter her cero's attack so that it looks as if she was fireing swords and or arrows depending on the situation she was in. She could not help but belive this was a great idea and she could not wait to see how this would play out. As time passed Netasha soon began to get the hang of altering the flow of energy within her Cero attack. She had finaly managed to get to where she could alter it to the point where she could fire a form form of the Cero arrow attack. And her speed was gradually increaseing as well. She was able to move in what would appear to be soft bursts though it was no where near as fast as she was wanting to go.

The things she was feeding on slowly began to grow in power as well as she found it easier to take out enemy hollows that were around her strength and power sense they had not all focused on speed and skills as she had been doing for the unknown amount of years she had been focused on. She could not help but feel that strange sensation growing and growing within her gut. As she began to master the cero arrow ability she ended up gaining a better understanding and was able to fire cero's that looked alot like swords. Though as soon as she managed to get this ability the feeling in her gut had grown to the point where she had began to change. As soon as she changed she found that she had evolved into a Menos Grande. SHe had no idea what was going on but she soon felt the urge to go after other's like her. She could still use her attacks but her speed suffered from the change. She did not mind though sense the change came with a great boost in her power. Her power was already evolving and growing by leaps and bounds before the change but she could not help but wonder what would come next.

Over the course of many years She soon devoured enough to end up evolveing again. The course of time through wich she evolved from Menos to a gillian was substantial. And she knew that it was more then likely going to take just as long to evolve again if she even could. Her intelegence took a blow from the change but her focus managed to keep her in control of her mind and actions still to a point. As soon as her evolution was complete she continued to attack and go after her foes to gain even more power. Though this to made the years passby rather quicky. Her sense of time had already been tragicly messed up through the changes and the fact that this place seemed to have no sense of the passage of time only made that worse. As the years passed she found herself getting smarter and smarter as the time passed. It took another many years before she managed to do it but she soon ended up changeing yet again to The state of Adjuchas. She had no idea what had happened but she was just happy to finnaly get back to her own sense of training though the massive boost she ended up getting in her abilities ended up proveing to be helpful in more ways then one. Her base speed had gotten much faster, and her ability to manipulate the energy she used to create the arrows and swords managed to inprove as well.

Netasha was still verry new to this new power and she wanted to get used to it before she did anything to drastic like go out and face those enemies that she had seen. So she went back to training and ended up training her flexability as well. She figured if she was going to fight them she would have to be a tad bit more athletic then she had been able to in the past. She tehn decided to go on with her training in Hueco mundo for the time being so she could still feed and get her training out of the way. Many years had passed and she finnaly managed to master her Arrow and sword abilities. Her speed had improved to the point where she could make at least one after image without even useing a skill for her speed. She somehow managed to evolve to where she could make a after image on her base skill alone. This even supprised her and she knew that it was to good to be true. But she still managed to do it and this got her to belive she was ready to return to the human world and begin to see if her skills had managed to make it to the point where she could survive within the human world easier now.

As she arrived in the human world she found a quaint little cave that she grew to like. In the end she decided to make it her new home and thus many rumors spread. As her powers grew she realized the spiritual preasure she was giving of grew with leaps and bounds. This made it where she was able to be detected a lot easier then she would have liked. Though at the same time this brought curious prey to her. As she stayed in the cave she began to work upon condenceing her spiritual pressure so that it was in a more controlled area. Though this also only caused her preassure to grow with its training. This did not worry her to much as her first prey slowly made its way into her cave. It was one of those people that fought with arrows. in her mind this was the perfect time to test her speed. She then created an after image with her speed that would seem to wave at the foe. The target proceded to shoot at the image with its arrows though by the time he did it was to late. She had used her cero sword ability to impale it from behind.

Soon after doing so she moved in on her prey and quickly began to feed upon it. Though as the sword impaled the foe she felt an odd sensation that she ignored. It felt as if she had began to feed on this person without actually touching him. She would ignore this but it would still bother her for a few years later. She was so excited about her first fight going so smoothly she decided to drag the body out and dump it in a random part of the woods. To her there was nothing wrong with doing so sense it was her prey and they were stupid enough to find her and challenge her. Though in doing so this would be the start in a ripple in time that would quite possibly start to haunt her as time progressed. As she went back to the cave she found one of those people that use the swords. She had a feeling she should know who they were but she Just kind of shrugged it off. She decided to stay back for the time being cause she knew what they could do and it made her slightly nervous. With this she ended up getting a good idea. She then ended up sitting back and pointed at the target with both of her pointer fingers. She could not help but think this was going to be awesome.

As she did an orb of Cyan energy built around her fingers and within a few seconds she fired two Cero arrows. The arrows hit their target and knocked it to the ground. She then found out that this was still a rather new person to this sword thing but she ended up feeding on them all the same though. This gave her a strange sensation. Not only when the arrows hit but as she fed upon the targets as well. She could swear that a strange power was bubbling up within her begging to be set free. For the time being she decied to leave it be. Though it would be known as her calling as time passed. With each sword wielder she managed to defeat it would be known that the feeling would return. She had no idea what was going on but she did take note that her cave was given an odd name by the humans. The feeling of dread that came from entering it cause her spiritual pressure had ended up growing so much that it actually began to affect those who were not even spiritually aware. With the feeling's that came from the cave a rumor among the living started circulateing. The rumor was that the a demon or possibly even Diablo had to live in that cave. The secondary version was that it was a portal to the real of death and the grim reaper stood watch over the cave. She lived the name Grim reaper so much that she took it as her name. She loved the name diablo to but for now she decided grim reaper was better.

As her time in the cave grew she could not help but try to think of new and exciteing ways to lure prey into her clutches. After many years of training she soon managed to find a way to communicate to those around her through her mind. She found a way to alter her mind in such a way that she could use it to speak into the minds of those around her. In such she began a tactic to slowly drive her target crazy to the point they pretty much commited suicide by entering her cave. This did not work on everyone but it was something she was proud of. as she lured unsuspecting victems to their death this caused the shinigami and quincy to become slightly more active in the forest that she was hiding out in. She had been takeing care of them for some time now and the raise in activity did manage to concern her. Though her mental trick seemed to work on some and others it just lead them into the cave to try to locate the sorce of this strange voice in their head. As those who looked for the sorce located her she found that she would have to do something to protect herself. In the end she then decided to work upon a way to hide her presence using her new found mental capabilities.

As her powers evolved she found out that she had more and more things she could tap into. They were buried in her mind but as she remained calm even in the hardest of times this served to aid her in her thoughts. After a few more years passed she learned that she could alter the mass of energy around her to blend into the suroundings. She could alter her own spiritual presense to mimic the presence of the people around her. This in turn gave her new and creative idea's on how she could use her mental prowess. In her mind the art of misdirection was one that in her time was sorely underused. It also became the staple point her her abilities to remain unseen and kill without the attention it would seem to force on her. This would end up backfireing on her in the end but for her mind at the time it was a pretty good idea. As her mental prowess began to grow over the years of utilizeing and practicing her ability to mimic other spiritual presences she found out that her spipritual preasure was growing at a rate higher then even she thought would have been possible. She kept trying to condence it and for the most part she was. Though at times it would leak out farther then she would like and it would draw more enemys then she would like to her cave.

In doing so she decided to work on a new skill that would aid her in hideing from the enemys that came to locate her. With this the ability to alter her appearance in the minds of those around her slowly crept into her mind. If she could manage to alter their minds ins such a way that she could appear to be a normal human that would greatly aid in her fights. She could be stealthy and feel upon her targets without them even knowing that she was there to kill them and not some lost human stuck in a cave. She had to work this out just right and she knew it would take time to evolve her mind to the state where she could give false images of herself to her foe's mind. They would not be perminate it would just bee when they were looking at her. Or in her general surrounding area. As she worked on the ability to alter her appearance she managed to kill a few shinigami that woundered in as she practiced both her mimic ability and slowly learned to gain the ability to alter her look in the minds around her.

As she worked on this she found herself clawing at the mask she wore. She had no idea why but after a many years she managed to create and master both her new abilities. She could now trick those around her to think she was either a complete human, Or one of those sword users or arrow shooters. In her mind this was way to good. She had a way to maniplulate her prey into a false sense of security around her. and in the end get her food with less hassle then she had to go threw. Though she found herself still clawing at her mask and she had no idea why. Soon it became so bad that she could hear cracking comeing from her mask as it started to break from her clawing at it. As the mask slowly began to crack she let out a large scream as the mask shattered leaveing only the two cat like ears that rested on the top of her head. She felt a sudden and massive surge of power coming from as and she felt something odd in her left hand. As she looked to her hand she found a large sword in her hand.

The sword appearance did concern her but was even more concerning to her was that she had a humanoid hand? She knew she was not using her power upon herself so how did she look human to herself? She h ad no idea that she had evolved again though the power it gave her was something that made her smile as she gave a soft laugh. Ohhh this is amazeing. I have no idea what has happened but I can do ohhh so much with this... She had no idea what was going on but she liked it. And then it hit her. Sense she had a new look she needed a new name. She loved the sound of Diablo so she took that as her name. She found it seemed to suit her though she had no idea where the outfit she was wearing came from but for some strange reason she really seemed to like it. Then in her own mind she could not help but Think that the age of Diablo was only just beginning.

Life as a Arrancar
Diablo could not help but be happy with her new look. She had a more human appearance so she did not have to alter her look as much as she did before. She could not help but wounder if she had any other form of skills. She held her hand outright and began to focus. As she did an arrow made of shadow slowly began to form in front of her head. A soft smile formed upon her lips as she help out her other hand. As she foused her energy into that hand a sword made of shadows slowly began to form in front of her hand. She had placed her sword at her side and in her excitement she threw the shadow sword and the shadow arrow into a nearby wall of the cave. She was excited by these new powers but she knew she had to learn to master her new weapon. She did not want to end up having to get into a form of close range combat and be completely outmatched with her new weapon. Diablo trained for years to master her sword. It took alot longer then she had hoped it would. THe blade was extremely long and the handle was rather long as well. In total her sword had to be the size of her whole body if not possibly taller. She learned multiple diffrent fight styles with the extra long blade. In the end this was a excelent training exercise in more ways then one. It aloud her to learn how to fluidly move with the sword, As well as learn to master her new skills as well She would train with the sword for hours and then she would learn to use her shadow skills to their utmost potential as well.

It took her a long time to master all three of the skills though she found that it was worth it in the long run. The manipulation she found made it where she was able to summon 5 arrows to send anywhere she aimed her hand at one at a time. Diablo also found as she mastered the sword skill she could call forth four swords. As she trained with them she found that she could control teh swords through her hand and feet movements. This gave the shadow blades a long reach and strong fluid motions motions that seemed to move as if they where nothing more then just a full blown extention of her body. In time she was able to master her real sword in the same maner though it was no where near as impressive as her shadow swords she became more fluid in her motions with her sword and her body as well. She slowly adapted her posture to allow her to move her body in a soft fluid dance like motion as she fought. This aloud her to fight in close range battles if she needed to and her fluid motions aloud for semless motion within avoiding attacks and seemlessly adding in her own attack while in the middle of evading the enemy strikes. This was something she was not used to in actual combat but she knew it was something she would have to work on. As she tried to think of ways to work on her fighing ability she ended up getting a swordsman enter her cave. She figured he would be the perfect person to test her fighting ability on.

As the two of them fough the unknown fighter ended up landing two strong blows upon her. They were both on her chest and the cuts were pretty deep. Thankfully her spiritual preasure was high enough that it stoped the bleeding. As they fought she ended up getting the advantage with her sword. As she ran the swor through the targets chest she felt the weapon draining the power from the target. It was as if she was feeding on him without ever actually feeding on him. As she killed the target she soon came to the realization that she could feed on her prey through her abilities. This in turn would aid her in keeping a low profile. Or that at least was what her mind told her at the time anyway. She could not help but feel empowered when shetook a step out of her cave. As she did she heard of some kind of war going on between something called quincy and shinigami. She Found that she could use this war to her advantage. She figured she could use her new found abilities to add fuel to the fire. She decided she could manipulate the war to continue so she could have a near endless supply to feed from.

AS she thought about how she could use the war to her advantage she decided she needed to up her game. The enemys were getting stronger and her speed was no longer cutting it. As she began to train her speed yet again she found her new state had an amazing skill to boost her speed. As she stumbled upon it she found her ability to make miror images was easier then before. She found the skill managed to enhance her speed in ways she had not thoguht possible. As soon as she found it she began to train With her new speed skill. the faster she managed to go the more after images she found she was able to make. It took some time but she soon began to manage to make 5 after images with relative ease. She could possibly make more but for the time being she was rather happy with the outcome. As soon as she began to make multiple after images with her speed she could not help but think of the shadow skills she had created. As she thought about how she could use the shadow skills in more elabirate ways she ended up finding herself vanishing into one of the walls of her cave when for a split second her focus ended up falling apart.

As she ran into the wall she closed her eyes but she felt no impact... As she stoped moveing she slowly opened her eyes to see that everything looked the same but oddly diffrent. She slowly began to walk around this realm she had entered. She had no idea what was going on but it was clearly linked to teh world she was in originaly. in her haste to figure out what was going on a spike of her energy shot out around the cave. Teathering the cave in the Shadow realm to the original world. The teather was based upon her energy signiture though She had no idea what the sudden surge of energy would even be used for. She could not help but attempt her speed again. She did not realize her focus on the shadows was the way thet lead her into this realm. As she ran she focused upon her original world. as she focused she found herself falling outwards from the shadows in a random spot within her cave. This caused her to come to the conclusion if she focuses she can enter and leave that realm or simply use the shadow's to transport herself to any place in the area she had her energy surged into the surounding area within that strange realm.

She decided to test this theory out. She ended up gathering her focus and jumped into the shadows that lay all over her cave. As she entered the Shadow realm she decided to go further into the realm to find out if the energy surge had something to do with her linking to the shadows between the two realms. She spent days exploring this strange realm to see if the surges ended up happening again. As she walked around a surge ended up happening in each new area she visited within the realm. As she exited the shadow realm she found that she could use the shadows in the original realm. She attempted to use the shadows in the forest to go back to her cave. She soon walked into a shadow under a tree that was nearby. As she exited the other shadow she found herself back in her cave. This only surved to excite her. Now she had the ability to get home from places she had been in that strage realm. She was happy she had an easy transport to and from places but she had to master the skill. It took a few years to completely master as she ended up trying to use a diffrent version of her original attack.

She tried to focus her original attack with a mixture of the shadow attacks she had been useing. She ended up creating a extremely powerful version of her attack. Insteed of just useing her finger. She ended up useing her whole hand to power the blast. The energy flux ended up causeing damage to the area around her. She then moved with a soft burst of speed to enter the nearby woods She aimed the attack into the air so she did not damage the surounding area. She wanted to keep knoladge of her area a secret. Though she has taken many of those who ended up finding her out. She just ended up learning a powerful skill and she did not want to draw any more unwanted attention. She had not even noticed that her wounds had healed. Soon after she ended up getting attacked from behind before she even noticed it. As she looked down she saw a blade stabbed through her chest. It missed any vital organs thankfully but she ended up kicking the foe that was behind her. The blade quickly ended up pulled out of her chest. The pain slowly surgered through her body as she looked to the wound

She soon began to growl as she vanished within a burst of speed. As soon as she reappeared behind the attacker and rammed her sword into the enemys head. Soon after she did that she looked down to the wound in her chest as the wound began to heal over. She had no idea she was able to heal. This was something else that would come in handy. She had no idea what she was going to do but she knew she wanted to expand upon this ability. She made her way into the shadow realm. She decided to train her regeneration She decided to wound herself in many different ways over the course of years within the shadow realm growing the power of her regeneration. It took a years to expand her mastery of her regeneration. Though it had an unforeseen effect. As her power of regeneration ended up going into overdrive. It took a mind of its own and she was unable to turn it off. Though it was not something she was upset about she could not help but wonder what was going on. Though before she even ended up getting it all wrapped around her head she felt an odd sensation within her.

Diablo grabbed her sword as a soft laugh escaped her lips. she then proceded to stab her sword into the ground as she spoke. In the end I come for you all! Her power began to grow as her arm aimed she spoke her body slowly began to alter after she said the release phrase for her sword. as the power formed her sword slowly disappeared as it slowly appeared over her hand and began to take a whole new shape. She looked around as her new power seemed to fill the shadow realm. She could not help but stare at her new sword. It was still pretty large but it was still a little bit smaller then her old sword. this was cause this sword had no handle. She could not help but notice that she was a lot stronger in this new state. SHe actually loved her new look as well. The look was not what she was expecting but it was a welcome chance to the look that she had gotten used to. She could not help but wonder what skills she gained with her new form.

She could not help but smile as she began to focus on her attack. She first began to focus upon her shadow blades. Though something seemed rather different about the blades . Multiple swords slowly began to appear all around her as she jumped into the air. As she jumped the air and swung her sword to aim it at the ground. As she did the 20 swords that formed around her body dashed toward the ground as the rain of swords hit the ground as she could not help but grin. She could not help but smile as she took note of the new skill. She decided she would attempt her arrow skill now. She slowly jumped up into the air as she began call her arrows. As she did 25 arrows appeared around her body as she moved upwards into the air. As she reached the apex he her jump she aimed her sword at the ground yet again. as she did the arrows shot towards the ground and the arrows began to rain down upon the ground . She loved this everything seemed to grow all the more powerful and she loved the power it gave her.

This new power was something she was enjoying but she wanted to learn to master her new skills and power. The time passed and she found her time allowed in the new form was limited. So she decided to train within her cave. It took her years to master her new form and her skills. Her mastery of the form ended up working out the kinks of the skills. Though she did end up she could create more blades and arrows if she focused more upon the attacks. She could create up to 30 of the shadow blades with her sword rain. and 35 for her arrow rain. She would go back and fourth to different area to feed when she needed to. Her power had grown to the point where she was not even able to condence it enough to keep it from leaking outwards to fill the area she was in. In fact as she focused on condenceing her spiritual preasure it began to take a physical manifestation as it poured off her body. The powr she was feeling was one that amazed her and in her own mind she felt she could not loose to anyone. this in turn caused to to get more relaxed then she should have and this inevitably lead to her downfall.

The sealing of the arrancar.
Diablo was on the top of her game. All the abilities she had gained, All the fear she was spreading. It excited her. She could not belive how well everything was going. She remained in her cave as she began to ponder on ways to expand her influence throughout more then just the area's she had been prowling. she had so much under her thumb that she had no idea what to do with it all. In her mind she was the self proclaimed queen of her own little domain. She could not help but get excited over the fact of all she had done in what to her was a short period of time though it amounted to a few thousand years of careful planning and evolving to get to where she was. She had no clue how things could get any better then this. Though things were about to get a lot worse though. She soon heard weird chanting that seemed to be coming from all around her. As she looked down to the ground strange markings began to slowly form upon the floor.

Diablo had no idea what was going on. All she knew was that there were a set of strange clothing lying at her feet and she could not move. What the hell is going on here? She screamed as a shinigami who was only focused on giving energy to the sealing slowly began to speak. We know the chance is low that we can kill you. But we broke off from the rest of the soul society to bring your reign to an end! We will seal you away and you will harm no one ever again! Upon hearing this she could not help but growl as she slowly began to struggle against the sealing process but it ended up being to no avail. This seal of yours will not last forever I will be back and mark my words you all will pay for what you are doing to me! As she spoke her final words the sealing process began to reach its end and the blood was ripped out of her body and entered a pair of pants that held strange markings upon them. Then her power/soul was ripped out and placed within a shirt with similar markings to the pants. Then soon after Her body was placed within the coat that layed beside the shirt.

She is right though. There is no way this seal will last forever. We must think of something to make it where she will never leave this area no matter what.. We should make it where only quincy and or shinigami can enter this area and that none will be able to escape unless one of them removes it. You are right on that we must make it where nothing can ever happen to this area or the outfit in general. We should place a form of maze and seal here so that nothing within can be damaged by the setting of time. We should tell stories of what happened here. As they left they placed a seal on the cave Diablo was sealed in and in the end it formed a maze untouched by time. Though soon after doing so the effects of the sealing ritual slowly began to take effect. They had figured nothing was to happen when the ritual was over. Though they were wrong. The effect of the sealing process was a slow pace.

As soon as the seal on the cave was complete those who participated slowly began to die till they were all dead. 4 quincy and 4 shinigami bodies lay on the ground at the caves entrance. It was thought that they had a fight and ended up killing eachother. Though none knew of what really happened to them and the war continued on as if Diablo never even existed to begin with. as time would pass the knoladge of her existence would soon pass into a void. Forgoten lore of an age long sense dead.

found at last!
Thousands of years passed and Diablo focused on enhanceing her ability to speak to others through her mind. It did not seem to be going anywhere but she knew it would have to come in handy someday. She continued to train her mind as the years passed. Then oddly enough one day she heard someone walking around the cave. She could not belive someone was foolish enough to go against a possible law that would have been made after she was sealed. She could bearly see through the minds eye everything that was going on. As she took note of a strange looking quincy female approaching her. The quincy's curiosity seemed to control her and she figured she could use this to her advantage. As she laughed to herself the quincy picked up the items that lay on the floor. The clothing she was sealed in was among the items she picked up.

Diablo could not help but think about how perfect this was. It was a way that she could be freed from the accursed prision she was in and she had a pawn to do it. As soon as the quincy was stupid enough to put the outfit on her fate was sealed. It would not kill her but thanks to her the power she would gain through slowly stealing it from her would be enough to break the seal given enough time. When she realized the quincy could not remove the outfit as soon as it was put on she knew she had all the time in the world. She then slowly began to talk to the quincy and act as if she was the quincy's friend. Well hello there. I see you like caves? I am rather impressed you found your way through that maze. Who might you be? I do not have a name anymore so I can not really give one. She said rather eager to find out who would be the one about to help set her free from the seal. I am Namine pleasure to meet you lovely voice in my head. And from then on she was bound to Namine till the day the seal would finnaly be released and she would be free to plot out a new wave of vengeance against those who had sealed her away! And this was the beginning of the story that would shake the very core of the world as it was known. When the seal breaks All hell will break loose when she is finally free!

• Sealed Zanpakutô:

• Racial Abilities:

Enhanced stamina:
Diablo's Stamina slowly grew over time as she trained her speed as well as her other abilities. Though as they grew so did her ability to fight and use them for longer periods of time. As her stamina grew her time limit on some of her abilities grew as well. Her stamina reached the peak of its possibility and she strove to push herself further and further. As she hit the brink of her limit she far surpassed what was thought to be the limit of stamina possible for someone such as herself in the time she existed. Her stamina grew while in captivity of the seal cause of her pushing herself futher and further in hopes to communicate with people on the outside. Though this was realize soon after when namine found her seal and took it and her outside of the cave they were banished in.

Enhanced Durability:
Diablo went through a lot in her time. The fights she went through as a hollow that evolved into self torment when she learned of her regeneration ability. Through out her life as both hollow and arrancar she found herself in tough spots. Even though she always emerged victorious her durability slowly grew with her. It was true she could not use any of the skills to aid her durability very well. But with each regeneration it made her skill tougher and tougher to cut. Her durability grew to be around the basic if not adept versions of the arrancar's tough skill ability but she would learn that sense she chose the path of regeneration her durability would be near impossible to reach the max of its potential.

Enhanced speed:
After Diablo first became a hollow she focused upon getting stronger for the first few years of her life. As she came across stronger and faster prey she learned that she would have to move faster in order to catch her prey. As she fed she also worked on her speed constantly. After a few thousand years of training she soon managed to get her speed to the point she was able to make a single after image without even using sonido. Though by the time she managed to get to where she could do this she did not even have the ability to use sonido yet. This only served to make her ability to use sonido when she ended up learning to use it all the stronger as her base speed being boosted to such a level made her sonido all the more powerful and better for the use. She put a lot of focus in this and regeneration cause she wanted to kill her prey before they could even know that something had even hit them.

art of Misdirection:
Diablo prides herself on the mentality of lead your foe to their own distruction. In this turn she ends up using an art of misdirection on her foes. Examples of this is using a arrow form of cero or her shadow arrow's to kill a shinigami and in the end convince them to belive a quincy ended up killing the foe insteed. She will do the same thing with her quincy targets as well. If she knows of who races are involved with she will do her best to pin someone against the other in such a way that it would look as if she was doing the person or race a favor by having contacted them on the so called dire straight that she tells them. She will even go so far out of the way to make it look like she shows pitty on the group she talks to when the chance may be high that she will betray them at the drop of a hat.

Pain tolarence:
Diablo's Training to enhance her regeneration will have her going through harsh punishment. She will end up doing things to harm herself on purpose in order to work on it. Be it stab herself, Get into fights she know she can easily win but allow herself to get beat up for the purpose of aiding her regeneration enhancement. This training will also end up drawing quincy and shinigami to her in her backstory with allow for all the more painful experiences to come her way. In the end though this Does not just aid her in her quest to enhance her regeneration. It also ended up allowing her to take more and more punishment in a fight and to be able to take more pain then would be expected for someone of her looks and stature.

(虚閃 (セロ), Sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash". While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Vizard can fire Cero from their hands, fingers, and other parts of their bodies. The power, force, speed, and blast area of the Cero is dependent on the strength, spiritual power, and sometimes skill of the user (i.e., the stronger the user, the stronger the attack), and there are some Arrancar who have come up with their own variation of Cero. The charging and firing time for Cero varies greatly, from charging relatively fast to firing it to instantaneously firing one without much charging. Despite the damage it can cause at long range distances. Diablo's cero is usually Fired from her fingers. And the color tends to be Cyan. She can do quick charged attackes with it and a finely honed charged attack. She tends to use this to weaken targets before she moves in for the kill. Though against stronger foes she tends to rely on other skills before this one.

Gran Rey Cero:
(王虚の閃光 (グラン・レイ・セロ), guran rei sero; Viz "Hollow Kings Lightning"; Spanish for "Grand King Zero", Japanese for "Royal Hollow Flash")By mixing their own blood with a Cero, and Diablo can fire a Cero with much greater attack power and speed, in addition to having a change of color unique to them. It is many times more powerful than a normal Cero, disturbing the fabric of space as it travels. Upon release, it spins like a razor as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power. Her basis on this was to take weaken stronger foes so that she could feed on them easier. Though this skill is rarely used by her she did train it to become a greater assest to her in combat. The color of this for her is Cyan as well. Its desctructive power made it to where it was one of the bigger damage skills though the damage was mostly to the target and the surrounding area.

(響転 (ソニード), Sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound", Japanese for "Sound Ceremony") is a high-speed movement technique. While somewhat similar to Hohō in regards to function and speed, Sonído appears to be more instinctual, seemingly requiring no previous knowledge to perform. It produces a different sound; rather than the swishing or sometimes silent Shunpo of the Shinigami, Sonído makes a booming or static noise. Though the technique is exhibited by most Arrancar, the proficiency with which it can be performed is limited only by the individual. Diablo's Sonido would seem akin to teleportation given how fast she can move while using it. She does not actually teleport but she can use it in a tigh spot to make after images of herself. She has never tested to see how many afterimages she could make but the last recorded number for herself in testing was 7.

Her regeneration works on a cellular level and it is always active. This is due to her Inability to fully control her regeneration. As she evolved her regen to aid her in her attempts to survive within the harsh enviroments she was growing up in it took on a life of its own. Due to this her regeneration is kicked into overdrive and makes it better in everyway to Diablo. Because of her level of regeneration this makes her extremely difficult to kill. Even if she gets put in a situation where her head gets cut off his head will survive 1-2 hours after her head is cut off. Though if its placed back on his body he will regenerate and return to life. sHe is hard to kill but if you cut off his head and never put it near the body she will stay dead. She can only regenerate to the level of mass in his hands per round. She can completely regenerate lost vital organs. To regenerate vital organs the amount of time needed depends on the organ. It can take anywhere from 3 to 5 posts. The lesser vital organs take 3 the ones that are higher in need will take 5. Her stamina will be slowly drained with each time he uses his regeneration to actually heal a wound inflicted by his enemies. much like minor wounds that requite more then a two hands worth of regeneration will take more posts to heal up to a max or 5 posts. When her head is cut off she can move his body. But it has no sense of direction. It moves on it's own much like a chicken with its head cut off but unlike the chicken the body will try to find it's head. she can die if one simply leaves the head away from the body. This can kill her perminately if the time away from the body exceeds 5 posts after decapitation. Though she may try to trick the person that cut off her head to think she is dead when she really is not.

(rest of the app is down at the second response.)

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• Unique Abilities:

Diablo learned to enhance her body's movements through the acrobatics she at times spoted the humans doing. In seeing this she felt that the articulate movements would help her in fights. In exence it made her ability do dodge the enemys attacks in articulate fashion higher. This ended up causeing her to train in this for many years as well in order to enhance her ability to attack and dodge. Her acrobatic skill ended up growing to the point where it would make it to where her close range combat become more like a dance to where she will actually point out at times while the fight is going on that the dance is going rather well or badly depending on the situation. Her acrobatics even allows her to use her cero skills in new and articulate ways then she was able to use them before.

extra long sword blade weapon mastery:
Her zanpactou in its sealed state is a very long bladed sword. Upon reaching her Aarrancar state Diablo had to Gain a knoladge of and a fight style based around her new weapon. in witch case she trained daily with her new found weapon and used it as a catalyst for her quincy kills when she feed upon her prey using her absorption skill. It took her many years of daily training but she ended up being able to master the swords ability. She managed to get the mastery to the point where she could perform complex acrobatics while using the sword and manage to miss hitting the ground with her blade. In combat with shinigami she trained with the blade in order to gain a mastery of the weapon in combat. She managed to get to the point where she could make her sword stabs look like arrow puncture wounds to confuse the shinigami during the war to belive that the shinigami were killed by quincy insteed of the arrancar/hollow that ended up killing them.

Key note on this ability. It will never be used as a basic skill This is simply a finisher move she uses to kill her prey. She uses her energy manipulation to focus her power into either her sword or into a form of an arrow depending on her target. She then proceeds to stab them in the chest in order to syphon their power from them. She feeds on Their Reiatsu energy and power. This in turn is used to make herself stronger and also used to enhance her capabilities. She Has gained a mastery over this ability outside of the combat spectrum only. She can not get the focus needed to use this ability in combat unless the target is so weak that they could do nothing to stop her focus build up to finish them off. This skill is primarily an ambush tactic she used to grow through the hollow ranks when her mind became sharper as her days as a hollow grew. Again I state this is not a basic use freely in combat skill. If she uses this skill she aims to be dealing a finishing blow to the target before her. (finisher skill only.)

As diablo grew in her abilities she learned that she could use her abilities she was training herself in to kill without being detected. She ended up using this To become an assassin in her own right. This made it where her name was would slowly loose its tred but she did not care. The less her name was used the less likeing her foes would be able to find her. Or so she had thought anyway. Her abilities as an assassin only grew as her power grew. Though in the end the arogence she once had ended up being her downfall when she was sealed away.

Sensory Deception:
As diablo evolved she learned to use different forms of mental manipulation upon her foes. This ability allowed her to mask her power to mimic that of a her foes or the enemies of her enemies. such as it allowed her to mimic but not actually take on the energy of that of a quincy when fighing a shinigami and visa versa. She used this to lure her prey into her cave of doom. This was also made to be a necessity for her survival. For at one point in her life it was made known that a powerfull hollow resided in a cave. This brought m ore attention to her then she desired to. So she learned to mimic the feeling of the quincy and shinigami she had faced up to this point to put her foes into a false sense of security upon entering her domain. This took Many years to gain a mastery over and many failed attempts along the way and many successful ventures as well. This skill ended up being her go to skill before her presence was fully found out when she was thought to be a greater threat then the factions belived.

Skilled Linguist:
Diablo was around for thousands of years. In her time alive she learned a few different languages. Though as she died and after so long became an arrancar she learned multiple other languages as well. She did this to Confuse her foes and to make it where her art of deception worked on multiple different race's. In her mind language should not be an obstruction to making her goals of causeing chaos slow down. So she learned as many languages as she possibly could within the multitude of years she was around. She even made mental notes of them so that when she was sealed away she was still able to continue her language training as she practiced her mental communication.

Energy Manipulation:
Diablo learned to manipulate her energy in such a way that it can take almost any form she desires. In her energy manipulation she tends to use this mostly within her sensory deprivation and her cero skills. In doing so before she had a zanpactou she was able to manipulate her cero attacks to take the forms of arrows and blades. Later within mental and physical manipulation she was ale to manipulate her own energy to mimic that of either a normal human,shinigami, and even that of a quincy. She had hundreds if not even thousands of years to learn to perfect this for in her mind stealth is the key to survival and she used this to the best of her abilities to cope with her assassination style of thinking.

full Mental Protection:
As Diablo worked on her mental abilities that she could use to manipulate other, She learned that her own mind could be weak to such attacks as well. So over the course of many many years she slowly began to build multi layered mental barriers around her mind in orer to protect it. as her abilities to protect her mind grew so did her barriers in power. Over the course of a few thousand years she ended up placing barriers so intrigal in nature that it would take years if not one's entire lifetime to be able to break. This was one thing she was intricate on when she was doing for she wanted to make sure her mind was safe. Most the barriers she placed on her mind are self aware and constantly shift their nature when they take notice of someone trying to break into her mind.

Cero Arrow:
Diablo took note of everything around her. In the end she could not help but think of intricate ways to kill people to feed on them through her absorption skill. She took note in how quincy and shinigami fought before she had a zanpactou. In doing so she learned to use the quincy arrows to her advantage. Using her energy manipulation she would create a cero that utilized the quincy arrows. In doing so there was a chance that she would be able to get off free cause of the kills looking more quincy attack in nature then hollow. In doing this she evolved to a point where her mind was slowly getting faster and sharper as her time as a hollow proved to be more time consuming then she had originally hoped.

Diablo has the ability to open the gargantuan to Hueco mundo but she rarely ever actually goes there. She can open the portal easily. Though she figured if she managed to master her art of self transport within the shadow realm she figured there was no reason to really return to a place that only seemed to give her more of a pain then anything else.

Shadow Realm:
This is the realm that links the shadow's of the world. Diablo ended up finding this realm by accident when she was learning how to use the shadow's for a form of transportation. This realm was her second home as she worked on her shadow transportation skill. In esense you use the shadow realm mixed with the standard realm to use the shadow transportation she created. In esense you pass through this veiled realm to go from one set point to another. You do not move through the shadow realm unless you enter it to find new way points to set up or to possibly even find a way to escape your enemy. For if they do not know of this shadowy realms existence they will not be able to see you while you are in this realm. Diablo has spent many years in this realm setting up waypoints and simply comeing up with battle stratigies upon finding those rare foes back in the day that ended up givingher more trouble then she thought would have been possible in that point in time.

extreme High and condenced Spiritual pressure:
Diablo's spiritual preassure only grew more and more as she fed and evolved through the Hollow ranks. As she became a hollow and evolved herself as well as her powers it only served to grow even more. As her power grew she knew it had to be condenced so that she can better hide it. She spent years learning to condence her spiritual pressure. At times when she was focused her spiritual pressure would take on a physical form and pour outward around her shooting massive surges of energy all around her. As this happened she spent a lot of time condenceing it so that it could be used to portray captain and beyond spiritual level presence when she used her ability to mimic shinigami energy. This took her a extremely long amount of time to master though in her mind it was more then worth it in the end.

Diablo's REserection is something she is rather proud of. She Spent years trying to master it and its abilities. She was not sure if she would have to master it or not but she figured the practice with the weapon and skills at the very least would end up aiding her in her combat prowess. She would train with the weapons and abilities till she managed to master them. Soon after in her own mind she was ready to take on whatever was thrown at her and Upon her release she would do just that. In her own mind no one would stand in her way.

Cero Blade:
Diablo took note of everything around her. In the end she could not help but think of intricate ways to kill people to feed on them through her absorption skill. She took note in how quincy and shinigami fought before she had a zanpactou. In doing so she learned to use the shinigami blades and transformations to her advantage. Using her energy manipulation she would create a cero that utilized the shinigami swords. In doing so there was a chance that she would be able to get off free cause of the kills looking more shinigami attack in nature then hollow. In doing this she evolved to a point where her mind was slowly getting faster and sharper as her time as a hollow proved to be more time consuming then she had originally hoped.

Telepathic communication:
Diablo ended up learnin how to communicate to those around her using her mind. ANd in doing so she ended up learning how to use this to her advantage as well. Be it convinceing her foe they were hearing things that did not exist. To strictly driving them insane by making them think the objects around them were actually alive and talking to them. She would even go as far as to try to convince the target that the objects are secretly plotting against them. This skill was most usefull when she got sealed away for it gave her a way to communicate with the one who had found her. This also made it where she had someone to talk to after being found as well even though it was known the bond between the two of them would do more harm then good to the one she was bound to.

Telepathic imaging:
Diablo invented this ability to go along with her sensory deprivation ability. This was designed to telepathicly give herself the image of anything she wanted those around her to see. If she was trying to mimic a quincy she would use it to give herself the image of a quincy. Same with the normal human and shinigami as well. She used this ability many times within her life as a hollow and even more so as an arrancar. She slowly gained mastery over it over the course of years. Though she ended up looseing track of how long she trained with this skill.

Shadow blades:
Diablo can summon four swords made of shadow's that hover behind her back. two of the swords follow her hands in the attack patterns she displays. The other two follow the motions of her feet. It took her a long time to master this skill though it was mostly used to confuse the enemy into thinking she had backup where there was actually none. She can throw the blades at the enemy as well and if she does after about 1-4 posts they will return to her back. The amount of time it takes for them to return depends on how many of them she actually throws at the enemy. This goes with her acrobatics trait that ends up making the attacks of the swords fluid and much like her attacks her movments while doing the attacks make it look like she is doing an intricate dance to attack her foe insted of using the blades that are attacking them.

Shadow Arrows:
Diablo can create a shadow version of her cerrow arrow skill. This creates shadow arrows that float above her head. She can create up to 5 per post while out of her reserection state. Though calling more can take anywhere from 1-5 posts. This will depend on how many of the arrows she sends against the foe. If she only uses one it will take one post and so on like that. She came up with this while the original quincy war was in full swing. She figured create the enemys weapon so that she can spark the war to escalate so she can reap rewards from the fighting that was takeing place. This also makes it where her intricate ideals that she tends to create within the fight can become more flexable knowing that she has something to fall back on to distract the foe so she can flee if the need arises.

Shadow transport
Diablo lived in a dark cave for many years. She learned the cave like the back of her hand though she hated walking around it. So in the end she created a way to move through the cave's intricate caverns through the shadows. She made a skill that allowed her to move from one shadow/shadowy area to another using a intricate web that connects the shadows together. An unseen thread that links them all through a series of points. As she moved she found that she could link shadow's to places she had been so she could use the shadows in area's she has been to as a form of transport. She could not use them to attack in this movement but she could end up using the shadow's to flee if her need arouse. She ended up placing markers in multiple places in her time as a hollow and even more places as she became an arrancar. This caused her ability to free roam and disappear during her time to exceed that of most that used the GArgantua to come and go to different area's to the human world.

• Resereccion Name: Grim Reaper

• Resereccion Release Phrase: In the end I come for you all!

• Release Actions: She stabs her sword into the ground as she speaks with a smile upon her face. She then holds one hand straight outward from her body and moves her hand in such a way that makes it look like shes holding a sword. as she does this she moves her wrist in such a way to make it look as if she is pointing the sword at the target that stands before her.

• Resereccion Appearance:

• Resereccion Abilities:

ability boost:
This is the standard ability of the release. This boost' Diablo's skills power and even her speed far beyond what she thought possible. While in her resurrection her shadow blade skill gets enhanced. This mean that insteed of regular swords the ability summon's 4 shadow longswords insteed. These knew swords still have no movement restriction allowing her fluid movement to flow seamlessly still as it does in her standard state. This boosts everything else as well and allows her for greater options in her combat that she tends to determine along the course of her fights.

Shadow sword rain:
Diablo gains the ability to summon multiple swords that appear in the sky over her head. With a flick of her hand she can hurl the 20 shadow blades that appear over her her at her enemys. The way the shadow swords fall down upon her foes makes it look like a rain of swords. This is not just where the ability gets its name. This ability takes time to recharge though however. It can take anywhere from 4-6 posts depending on how much focus she has on the attack. The stronger the focus on the attack the more blades that can show up. she can call anywhere from 20 to 30 shadow swords to rain down upon her enemy.

Shadow arrow rain:
Diablo gains the ability to summon multiple arrows that appear in the sky over her head. With a flick of her hand she can hurl the 20 shadow arrows that appear over her her at her enemys. The way the shadow arrows fall down upon her foes makes it look like a rain of swords. This is not just where the ability gets its name. This ability takes time to recharge though however. It can take anywhere from 4-6 posts depending on how much focus she has on the attack. The stronger the focus on the attack the more arrows that can show up. she can call anywhere from 25 to 35 shadow swords to rain down upon her enemy.

(Leave the skills alone until the application is approved. You can then go back and add them if you want to)

General Skills

  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills

  • Perquisa: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sonido: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hierro: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

• RP Sample: N/A

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[mod]So, do you still intend to work on this character or not?[/mod]

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Yes i am. Just pondering a few things. AFter all i was supposed to be getting help on her. but thats gone no where yet. lol.
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[mod]Hello is this still a WIP?
Please be sure to follow the rules and keep WIP in the name unless it is finished.
If it is finished please put FINISHED in the name instead.[/mod]

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Diablo (complete)
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