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 The Pack

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The Pack 479px-endlessknotsvg

The Pack

  • Information: The Pack are a rare breed, rumored to be born capable of opposing the natural order of the world. This so called “rebellion” seems to branch from the natural ability the Pack are born with, which happened to create the clan's fighting style. The Pack however do have a reason for this opposition, as their main focus used to be to create the perfect warrior. However upon realizing that there can never be a warrior perfect in all fields, they changed their focus to perfecting the way one fights.

    To help with their objectives, and something the clan has become commonly known for, is that they all have a love for combat. This love causes them to constantly search for the perfect battlefield, a place where they can use everything they have acquired without restraint, but to this time none of them have ever found it. Another way for them to obtain their objective, which happens to be their most notable trait, is the fact that they have highly above average fighting abilities. Because of the clan member's drive to constantly become stronger along with their natural fighting ability, their potential is becoming known as “limitless.”

  • Resources: None at the moment

  • Family Traits: Relentless Sense: For members who relentlessly seeks out combat, they are born with larger amounts of energy, not spiritual power, than others, which allows them to continuously fight without worry of being slowed by exhaustion. they can fight for a total of 60 posts in which during that time period he suffers from half the fatigue loss as others, before he begins to suffer from full fatigue loss. This also carries over to the members being able to negate techniques which lower tiers equal to their rank being used on them.

    Fighting Spirit: An uncommon occurrence, one only capable of being used by those who possess an unquenchable thirst for battle that they constantly seek out various battlefields. This technique is performed by extruding the user’s pure fighting intent directly onto their victims, as a form of intimidation. Being such, this technique makes use of the Intimidation Limit, which is equivalent to the victim’s Fatigue Limit. With each of the user’s posts reducing the Intimidation limit, once fully exhausted the victims will be completely intimidated where they will faint for a total of 5 posts, howeve mind blocks equal to the user’s rank can make the victims immune to intimidation. Every time the Intimidation limit is reduced by 10 points, the user is allowed to lower one of the victim’s tiers by 1-rank. For Gohan, his method of using Fighting Spirit doesn’t change much, however he uses it to increase his presence to his victims, thus purposely attempting to make himself the primary target. If Gohan is not rendered the target of an attack, then the amount consumed from the Intimidation limit each post Gohan is not targeted is doubled.
    Rank – Amount consumed from Intimidation limit
    Beginner – 1
    Adept – 2
    Advanced – 3
    Expert – 4
    Master – 5

    Natural Adaptation: One of the reasons for the pack's “limitless” potential comes from this ability to naturally adapt to any environment that they are exposed to. With this ability as time passes, Members will become accustom to fighting under the new environment with no problem, this allowing them to train for a skill in battle that allows them to survive the environment they are under (Beginner environment being adapted instantly, Adept in two posts, Advanced in 3 posts, etc by a 1 post count). (Ex. If fighting underwater he is able to train for a new skill allowing him to breathe underwater longer.) This passive does not include man-made poisons as an environment but does include increases in gravity, however natural poisons can be adapted to as long as they do not kill him within the time limit it takes him to adapt. The skills created from this adaption can only be physical based.

    Augmented Longevity: Rumors have it that the pack's cells have actually adapted themselves enabling them to continue their search for their battlefield, this adaption being caused by his Relentless Sense. To begin with Gohan's family were already ones who lived longer than others, capable of living about 100 years. But when their Relentless Sense started to influence their cells directly, the life expectancy has drastically increased by about 20 to 50 years.

    Battle Sense: Coming from the family's sheer love of combat along with their fighting ability, the spiritual members have created a sixth sense for finding battles. Basically the members are capable of tracking and completely watching a fight as if they were there, but depending on how far the fight is away determines how vulnerable a member is doing this or not. If a battle is within their city then a member can watch the fight without doing anything, if a battle is within their state then a member must constantly have their eyes closed to watch the battle, if a battle is within another land then the member must remain perfectly still to watch the battle. While using this technique the member does suffer from a mental strain but depending on how far they are "seeing" varies the amount of strain. When watching battles within the same location Gohan receives Beginner-rank mental damage every 5 posts, but upon the 5th post the mental damage is increased by one rank. Once the damage hits Master-rank, he will be knocked unconscious for 1 full topic, minimum of 10 posts. If this Master-rank mental damage is done three times for the same battle or within the same topic, then Gohan will receive Grand Master mental damage which can only be healed by Grand Master healing arts that can heal mental damage. For watching battles within the same Land he receives mental damage every 3 posts, while for outside Lands he receives damage every post.

    Battle Born: It is safe to say that Gohan and his pack were born for the battlefield, showing their true strength when engaged in combat against others. Through the countless battles, like others a member learns from those battles, but they also grow stronger from them. This reward for surviving countless battles, makes itself present in their tiers, increasing -1 tier for every 3 fights, does not include training. This allows the member to increase their tiers without the need for training, but only the need to fight. The increase does not exceed the Master cap unless the member is naturally capable of bypassing that limit.

    Pack Mentality: Gohan is not part of a family, he is part of a Pack and can add members to that pack as he goes through life, likewise he can remove members from the pack with death or by leaving the pack to become an Omega (Rouge) or an Alpha (when an Adult/having found a Mate). In order to mark someone as a pack member the member must bite them to transmit their mark. Once Marked however all of the members of the pack are able to sense each other and communicate with one another on a purely instinctual level, likewise emotions can be transmitted through the channel to allow the Pack Members to know the mental state of their pack to promote harmony.

    More like me...More like you: This ability provides for the full synchronization of the pack members, fully integrating their energy unto one another. Their energy would now be shared, taking on the attributes of their significant other as well as keeping their own unique energy. Meaning if the pack held a member of each race then the pack members energy would be something unknown to anyone since it would be a natural mixture of each. This allows each member a plus energy boost depending on how large the pack is. For each member in the pack other than themselves each member gains a boost in energy equal too 5 tiers above there natural tier(2-5 Tier user would have 2-0 Energy supply with two pack members).

  • Hierarchy/Ranks:

  • Template To Join: Must Join IC
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The Pack
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