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 Out At The Docks: The Frozen Conflict Of Keflavík [Iceland Event Thread]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Out At The Docks: The Frozen Conflict Of Keflavík [Iceland Event Thread]   Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:07 am


9/30/2415, 4:50 PM; CST Standard Time

It is currently snowing and night has begun to fallen in the area. The time in this board is currently 5:00PM and the war is well underway. This is a small bay town with a population of 200,000, this is a relatively decent sized area compared to years past. The thread itself will take place outside the dome of the city that is covered in a dense black fog. The Antag's objective is to purge the incoming Vanguard FOrces and keep them from entering the dome and secure the area. While, the protag's objective is to make it through.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Out At The Docks: The Frozen Conflict Of Keflavík [Iceland Event Thread]   Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:50 pm

"Orders must be followed, I presume..." The mellow tone of the green-haired Sexta echo'd in the empty corridor. The clacking of his shoes echoed throughout the room, presenting his left hand up beside his head signalling a goodbye to Rose Mischevang. Quite the strange woman that one was, but nevertheless he continued on his way out of the corridor in which he was received his task. With a flick of his wrist he'd open a Garganta, his destination would be that of Iceland. Keflavik to specific. He was to protect what was Shadow Falls there near the docks, apparently the area was a big fishing port for all of the deep sea fisherman. Or at least those that still did that sort of thing. He wasn't exactly too sure on how the population of sea life was these days, as it wasn't something that was of much interest to him.

It was odd, the mood that Bikuta was in wasn't much like himself. As of late, he had become somewhat depressed in some sense. Though he wasn't sure what the source of it was. Perhaps he was just unhappy with his purpose, perhaps it was time for him to find himself somewhere else. He hadn't done much with his new position. When he was with the Kurikku it seemed as though he was always busy with recruiting, training, or missions. These days he sat in his corridor, tinkering with what he could. As well as making sure his room was completely spotless. Rather boring life, however he was in a slightly better mood today seeing as there were things to be done. However, he'd come to find out it was only standing post at these docks.

A rip could be heard in the skies above as he created small platforms beneath his feet to keep him elevated above the city. Gazing upon the landscape he'd notice the brisk chill that was in the air. Not to mention the small white particles that fell from the sky and rested on the land below. Most of it melted, but some stuck. The snow below looked to be a bit more like slush. The area was encased by a dome, residing inside of it was a dense black fog. He wasn't entirely too sure what was in it, but he wasn't entirely too interested in finding out what it was exactly.

Brushing his hand through his hair with one hand and picking up his hat with his other he glanced around searching for any spiritual entities. There weren't too many by his sight, but it seemed like those that were there were waiting for something to happen with this dome. They all were just standing by prepping for something. He'd shrug and reach his hand into his pocket bringing out a small dime-shaped item. This item was known to many as Hollow bait, however it was a tad bit stronger than that of Hollow bait that was used by Quincy. It attracted up to low tier Arrancar and everything in between. He picked them up from the Kurikku's headquarters before departing along with many other things, knowing that it would come in handy in the future.

He placed the Hollow bait between his thumb and pointer finger, applying pressure enough to crush the small disc. As he would he'd crack a small grin on his face. "It has been quite some time, I'm rather excited to see what is to come of this..." His tone still calm and collected. He straightened his posture up a bit before the skies began to rip with many Garganta behind him. "Welcome family..." He muttered before looking down at the Vanguard, whom seemed to be grasped by the spike in spiritual pressure emitting from the skies.

"Friends of the Vanguard, I wish not to bring my forces down to you... However, it is something that I have been ordered to do. You know how it is." He smirked and continued, "My friends seem hungry, so I would proceed with caution." As he finished speaking the near three-thousand hollows began to pour from the sky and crash into the ground forces that were upon the land. Their tiers varied from 4-1 to 2-1 depending on what stage of life they had reached. Bikuta crossed his arms and watched as the action took place. He figured someone of a greater magnitude would show up sooner or later...

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Out At The Docks: The Frozen Conflict Of Keflavík [Iceland Event Thread]   Mon Nov 23, 2015 11:51 am