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 Let It Snow Blood: The Battle In Seltjarnarnes [Iceland Event]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Let It Snow Blood: The Battle In Seltjarnarnes [Iceland Event]   Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:58 pm


9/30/2415, 4:50 PM; CST Standard Time

This is another smaller region of Iceland that has fallen to the conflict between the Vanguard and Shadow Fall war. It is a small island town that has roughly 150,000 citizens within its border. The battle will take place on the cities outskirts as a black dome has come down upon the region. The objective here is for protags to break past the blockade of SHadow Fall troops, while the antags objective is to kill and destroy anything that threatens the city. So, they are on the defend and suppose to secure it if at all possible. The time is 4:50 and it is now evening and turning to snow under a crimson red sky.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Let It Snow Blood: The Battle In Seltjarnarnes [Iceland Event]   Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:27 am


White, white like his name. White like the eyes, blind to the world, but clear in front of the minds most darkest thoughts. White like a virgins skin, before a knife cuts it for the first time.

Snow was slowly falling down, pilling up on the soldiers in front of the city like tension everyone was feeling at that moment. The noises and energy waves of other battles were well heard even in the island city, which in result set the soldier moral lower and lower. What didn't make their situation better was that the person supposed to lead the defense unit for the city and in so, lead them, was the Archduke of the First Circle, White Eye. A person, who was either feared, hated or simply ignored for being just a lunatic.

As the white tears descended down from the red sea in the sky, the boy, self-proclaimed priest of Pain and Suffering, raised his arms in a silent prayer to the universe, his Queen and forces, which shaped the beautiful world of broken dreams he was living in. White was praying, praying for today to be the day, when he can finally pull the wings of the Ice Princess and regain the bit of self lost that time.

The Masked Demon, White Eye had extended his arms like hugging the sky above, red tears falling from the blind eyeballs and dripping on the thin layer of the white snow. While quietly whispering words, which came astray in the boys mind, Whites twig-like fingers slowly clenched into fists, blood sprouting from the places where the nails had punctured the pale, sick looking skin.

His arms slowly went back down, though tension in the shoulders didn't let go. The whole body of the lost child started to shake violently, until it reached the breaking point and powerless White Eye fell on his knees in the newly formed layer of snow. Howls escaped the boys lips, dark and depressing. Those closer hurried to move as far from the unsettling male, as possible, while others just tried to ignore the mockery of leader.

There was no chance. He knew that Ice Queen, The Fairy Of Doom will not come. Again all hope was lost and his chance for picking up what was lost faded out of the Masked Demons hands. The Queen will be unpleased with him, the God will laugh at the boy and the little murderers in his head will continue their endless dance. But then, like spring after winter, marching footsteps, noises of flying beasts and presence of strong willed gave a new life to the dead flower of Whites soul. There was still a hope, a way to show, he is a good boy. With fire in his eyes and power in veins the Archduke raised from the ground.

The enemy forces had arrived. Those fighting for the "good" and "right" arrived to harm not only their enemies, but also the people, who had no need for the freedom Vanguards promised. What awaited the enemy wasn't large armies. Mostly foot-soldiers ShadowFall could manage to protect such a small city. The guardians of the city snarled, stomped their feet and rilled their fighting spirit for the task. White was completely ignored, their formal leaders presence being completely ignored as the battle was coming closer and closer. Suddenly, whole battle field was covered in blood red mist, energy similar to Za Koa influence, but in the same time holding a more alien origin. Bloodlust, desire to feast and destroy now truly awakened in the veins of Seltjarnarnes soldiers, while enemy forces would experience quite different sensation. Hundreds of quiet whispers would fill their heads, talking all in the same time, whispering about murders, homicides and spraying everything red. Those with weak will would suffer more than those with stronger mind, but all would experience this small insight of Whites own madness.

A strict, clear command filled the battle field, surpassing everything else in the battle field,
"The Fallen army, attack!!!"

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Let It Snow Blood: The Battle In Seltjarnarnes [Iceland Event]   Mon Dec 14, 2015 5:46 pm