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 Let It Snow Blood: The Battle In Seltjarnarnes [Iceland Event]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: Let It Snow Blood: The Battle In Seltjarnarnes [Iceland Event]   Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:33 pm


The Worm was dying. The thing which had taken hold of The Beast was slowly dying, falling back to sleep inside the girl. It was just what The Blind Rat, White Eye, so desired. His new friend was trapped, trapped with monsters, darkness and misjudgment. She needed to understand that her life was a blessing, not torturing, but the only way to do this was through even greater pain. Pain made heroes...And good amount of music.

As the girls will didn't twitch, it even grew more powerful, stronger, she without thinking once again went straight for the direct assault. This time, because she aimed for the males head, the boy didn't utilize the same technique, but in the place adjusted himself just so her shoulder would connect with the pale boys small mouth. At that moment he opened it, four times wider and sporting a set of terrifying monster teeth, and as the shoulder slammed inside his mouth and hit him his jaw closing like a bear trap.

From the brute strength Elysias punched possessed something in Eyes skull broke, but with his own strength it was enough to in the same time pull of a piece of clothing, flesh and bone from her. Actually, with the force she put in the kick it was even easier for him to fly far away and rip the whole shoulder, and in so her arm, from the girls body.

It would result in him landing few meters away again, his back hitting the ground, but her arm still in the males mouth. At this time blood would cover every inch of the boys body, though not much of it would be his. As he would get up, a weird, confused and dazzled face expression could be seen. He took out her arm from his mouth, blood staining his pale gray face and lips. With a slow, gentle touch White brushed his face, then licked on his lips.

The was something weird swelling up in the boys chest, his body heating up more and more, his lower part becoming uncomfortable at this moment.
"This...What...I feel...What?" Confused, the boy looked at the torn off arm, then Elysia, then back to the arm and then on his newly found libido.
"This...I want more...No, I want...Is this..."

With the combined speed of the Tānāgati he had left, as well, as Sonido in sound breaking blast the male charged once more, the scythe in his hands going in rapid speed, boosted again with both Sonido and Tānāgati. It seemed like a round saw attempting to go through the girl. If hit by this assault she wouldn't be reaped once or twice by the blade, but dozens of times, in so dropping all her mental stats rapidly.

Though there it wouldn't end, as his next move would be to dash behind her back, turn the scythe into a long, red needle and thrust it right in her spine, between the head and rest of her body, in the same time releasing a wave of corrupted demonic power through it inside her. If successful, this would ruin the structure of her spines nerves to the level of loosing consciousness. Though, just before that, the male would whisper in the ear of the girl
"Is this love?"

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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: Let It Snow Blood: The Battle In Seltjarnarnes [Iceland Event]   Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:03 pm