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 Training in the Park (CPKallday) (Steiner Franz) (20Piopi)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Training in the Park (CPKallday) (Steiner Franz) (20Piopi)   Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:29 pm

Fuma Park. This place was the type of place that Kenta would usually go to relax and unwind. Today though was different. Today the Vizard was waiting for someone, or someones.

Kenta sat underneath one of the many trees that populated Fuma Park. Lately Kenta had been 'training' some people, usually people that he would never see again. He didn't have a Dojo of any sort, and he only just made a form for people to sign up which is why he was here now.

At first, no calls really came in, usually just prank calls from people that held the usual bullshit like, 'Is your refrigerator running?' Then when he came home from the box factory he worked for downtown yesterday he found that there were two missed calls, both from the roughly same time. He called the numbers and told them to meet him at Fuma Park around 6 o' clock. During the calls he noticed that both customers sounded pretty young, well young from his stand point, but young nonetheless. Kenta looked down at his watch, '6:32,' "They better not be late," Kenta sighed. The ex-Soul Reaper leaned his head against the tree his was sitting under and continued to wait.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Training in the Park (CPKallday) (Steiner Franz) (20Piopi)   Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:20 pm

Character Name: Steiner Franz
Time of Day: Evening


It had been while since his battle with Yoma, but he still remembered the pain he had felt in that fight. His healing wounds still stung, his body still ached, and his mind still buzzed with thoughts of what had happened on that day. He had fought a shinigami. An other worldly being with powers beyond normal comprehension had been engaged by Steiner Franz and to him that was scary. He was a brave guy, he knew that, but being seeing something straight out of his mythology books and novels had caused him to face the cold hard reality of things. He was just a man. No matter how much he trained by himself or how much he pushed himself, he was powerless. No amount of push-ups, sit-ups, or jogging would fix that. His battle with Yoma had opened his eyes to his insignificance, but more so had proven that though he had drawn the sword from the stone like a mythological hero, he was no Arthur. Far from it in fact. He wasn't royalty, he didn't command respect, and he sure as hell couldn't keep up with sinister individuals with powers that defy'd logic. He just couldn't.

It didn't deter him from wanting to help people, but now he hesitated, and hesitation was greatly costing him. Hesitation could cost people's lives, could cost him his life, and that thought bothered him. It was with that thought that Steiner had called this "trainer", he wanted to fix this hesitation, and work on getting stronger. Maybe even find something in himself that would help fight those that defied the rules of nature that had been forced into his mind since day one. So, as the time on the clock struck six, he waved goodbye to the employees he was just now getting to know at his new job, grabbed his bag in which Excalibur lay, and began to jog toward Fuma park. The very same park that only a week ago had been a battle ground for Steiner, would now be the place that he would work on tapping into some of that potential. If I had any potential, Steiner mused to himself as he passed through downtown at a brisk pace heading toward his destination. It would be some time of course for Steiner to make it there, he took back routes, and alleys to cut minutes off the time to reach the park. Eventually he found himself standing at the entrance of the park, he looked at his phone which told him it was 6:40, and then wiped his brow. He had made it, but he wondered if the trainer was there or not.

He walked into the park, ignoring the sparse individuals who were out this late at the park for no given reason. He walked quietly past a few love birds as his eyes drifted to the very spot where his battle had taken place, the wind blew his hair about, and his heartbeat elevated at the mere sight of what had been a zone of conflict for him. It hadn't been fully fixed yet and several craters where Yoma's detonations had occured remained, showing the power, and deadly nature of his opponent. "I couldn't protect anyone that day.", Steiner said to no one as he balled his hands into fists in frustration. He felt powerless, more so than ever, by seeing the wreckage. He didn't like the feeling at all and grumbled to himself as he averted his eyes from the scene. He quickened his pace to a brisk walk as he made his way deeper into the park, the dying light of the sun casting an eerie glow over the park and the night light posts coming online to illuminate specific locations brightly.

He walked for a good ten minutes before spotting a man sitting under a tree. He didn't look ordinary nor did he seem like a guy who couldn't hold his own. He began to walk over and then stopped, in his haste to arrive on time he had forgotten to change out of his work clothes. A McBurger uniform was not a suitable training outfit, but it would have to do. He removed the shirt, revealing a sweat stained tank top, and a few scars from his fight before and from his rough childhood. He threw the shirt in his bag, pulling out Excalibur, which had been damaged in the fight with Yoma as well. It was visibly cracked now, much to Steiner's dismay as now the blade was rusted, covered in mold, and cracked. Needless to say, it was now what many people would refer to as a piece of junk. Yet, to Steiner it was a memento from his past, a past that he still didn't have answers for, but one that needed to be remembered. So, after discarding his bag safely on a nearby bench, Steiner made himself know by walking toward the man under the tree. "I take it you are Kenta, right?", Steiner said with the most confident grin he could create standing there smelling like burgers, fries, and sweat.
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Training in the Park (CPKallday) (Steiner Franz) (20Piopi)
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