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 The Recovery Period (Azure)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Recovery Period (Azure)   Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:39 pm

Artist: Ib OST - Song: Memory All Alone Version - Word Count: 755

Beep... Beep... Beep... That was the sound that a certain Iramasha was forced to awaken too. Eyelids that seemed impossibly heavy to the recovering boy began to slowly open, pupils dilating at the sudden bright intensity of a light high above. It was enough to jerk a reaction from their arm to shield their eyes... But that wasn't the case, their arm was incapable of moving, and Ash was forced to stare at the impossibly bright light. It hurt. It only seemed to stay bright enough to completely blind his vision as a low groan came forth from him. Why can't he move? Why couldn't he -feel- anything yet? Why... Why can't he see? A horrific headache began to pound against his skull from the bright light attacking his rather sensitive eyes, eyes that have been used to the embrace of his eyelids for far too long.

The beeping hurt... The light hurt... But soon, all the pain began to subside as Ash was finally able to see the room. The light above was bright, and that was all he could see at first. Slowly, his head turned to the left to see a monitor, the device tracking his vitals... He seemed alive enough. He had a pulse, and that was all that really seemed to matter at this point. Besides the monitor was a small table holding a few items.. Cards and flowers, some labelled to be by friends as one of the cards had... Macaroni on it? Ah, Selia. That made sense... She most likely made it for Ash during an Arts and Crafts session that she sometimes convinced Hayden to do. It was a kind gesture... But it began to make Ash worry further, just how long had he been out of it.

Him head turned to the right to see a wall... A dull, grey wall. How amusing... At least it showed him that there was a line for him to pull if needed, to open curtains? Oh... He hadn't noticed them at first, but curtains were pulled over, blocking his view of what might be on the other side. Why would they hide him? Had he done something wrong... How hurt was he? A simple nod downwards answered that, most of his body was wrapped in casts. Despite his natural regeneration... It was often very sloppy and would set things out of place, meant to hastily knit flesh together in emergencies. Now that he had medical attention, some simple supplies could be used to help stabilize his body so it could heal naturally whilst those with magic were put to use on more important, pressing cases where an individual could not regenerate.

That was fine with him. His arms were covered in the same stuff they used for his legs, casts. His torso however stayed mostly the same, bandages wrapped tightly around his stomach and chest... Wait... There was a note on his chest? It seemed to be pinned to scraps of clothing that couldn't be so easily removed. Ash wanted to read it, but whenever he strained his head to see it, his body was rattled with pain, resulting in a gasp to escape past his lips as he relaxed... What was he going to do now... His memory was shaky, and... He swore he could taste something odd upon his lips. A type of energy that he couldn't remember, that he couldn't put his finger on where it had come. Why was it there... And why did he feel so empty inside...?

Now, the Iramasha was left to his own devices, unable to move and left with a note that he couldn't read. He was tempted to use some of his abilities to let him read it... But... Something screamed in his head that it couldn't take anymore stress. That he had to stop harming it just to get a little bit farther. It... It made the boy simply stop moving or squirming, body setting into the bed as fully as possible as eyes turned upwards to stare towards the ceiling... It was like his first time here... All those years ago... Only he remembered it being more self-induced, caused by a careless use of his powers to save those around him. At least he saved people... Now? He didn't even know how he got here, his memory too ruined at the moment to recollect much due to the emotional and physical trauma he took. It wasn't as great as the pain others felt... But he wasn't as great as them either...

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Recovery Period (Azure)   Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:50 am



Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock. The clock continued to slowly bring to a head the next second. The next minute, hour, day, month. It seemed that time became incompreable for Azure Iramasha as he walked the quiet halls of the Vanguard Hospital. He himself was there to recouperate from the damage he had been dealt during the Iceland conflict between himself and the Shadowfall forces. He was here, reluctantly, against his will. Previously the man had been wandering, letting himself sit and fester in the hell that was The Husk and his wounds. The wasteland drowned out his sorrows and replaced them with empty halls and corridors that were walked endlessly, a haze of a memory. But, sadly, he had to come back. He was brought back whether the man had truly wished to be back or not.

Naomi, Kokoro and Kimiyo. The Miyake sisters all had it out for Azure it seemed, making it relatively clear that if he weren't to come back he wouldn't be who they believed him to be. That's why he was once again winding his way down endless halls of white and green that sent out soothing rays of warmth, at least, they were meant to. Azure's body reacted quietly to the emptiness of the Vanguard Hospital, an air of despair hung against the ceiling of the rooms as if death himself walked the halls. Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock. The white halls blended in and out as Azure knocked on them, repeatedly tapping to an unexisting beat. The time came and went as he fliped from one side of the hospital to the next.

"I'm just tired. Why here? This place reeks of death. I should be alone, just for awhile. Just so it can fix itself."

Right, fix itself. The Husk that scratched and stirred within Azure's very soul could just be "Fixed". It was so simple, the mending of a soul that has been broken and twisted inside out. It's simple, is it not? No, not truly. Nothing about the soul is simple when its become such a distorted piece of work. That's all that really mattered. Azure was unrepairable as it saw in the current moment. And with that being the case, it only meant that he would do anything and everything he wanted to fix it. There needed to be a way to fix it that wasn't someone digging their ugly and dirty hands into his already tainted soul.

Oh well, the husk giggled within Azure as he continued to walk around the empty hospital. A wave of anguish quickly washed over the hybrid king as his body shuddered. The spiritual energy he sensed, there was little that could keep him from it. Dammit, Dammit, Dammit. A jolt of energy washed along the man's being as his bandages unraveled only slightly as the pressure from his movements sent them spiraling. In mere moments, the man was no longer in the hallway and now made it his duty to arrive in a relatively close room. The door slammed open, breaking against the hinges and cracking all along its structure as his eyes scanned the grey walls.

The welts formed quickly, eyes filled of pure liquid as the tears began to stream down the once humble Hybrid King. Azure Iramasha quietly wept as he inched his way towards the mangled and broken Ash. His son, daughter, whatever the boy wanted to be mattered little to him. The state that his son had been placed in was inexcusable, it only brought a feeling of despair and pathetic fatherhood to the surface of his mind. Finally reaching his way to the side of the thick bed sheets, Azure dragged along a chair stationed nearby to the bed. Plopping his way down, he sighed and wiped the tears dry from his pale skin.

"I'm sorry.."

Azure Iramasha could not speak, and did not plan to. The Vanguard Leader was broken, only being able to react to things in small doses. His son was yet another obstacle that he had to lift himself over now that the husk stood within him.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: The Recovery Period (Azure)   Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:17 am

Artist: Ib OST - Song: Memory All Alone Version - Word Count: 732

Someone had arrived. Or rather... Something. Ash was never told the news as to what had happened to Azure, but at first sight, it was obvious something was wrong. The way he slowly stumbled in, how silent he was. But most of all... What he just plainly saw. What had happened to his father? The only family she had in her life, who had hurt them? Why did they... They feel so hurt. Not hurt emotionally, but deeper than that, deeper into their very being. It just brought sour feelings and emotions to Ash, making him feel all the more worse over his father's state and something he could not remember for the life of him.

His head slowly turned to follow Azure, watching as the being slowly sat down in a chair besides the bed and simply... Simply wept. And cried. And showed sorrow. Sorrow that only hurt Ash more than he needed, pulling at the strings of his heart to react once more to a situation that made him feel sorrow for another. Azure was sorry... It... It made sense why he would be sorrow, but it still brought a question to Ash's mind. Why was he? It wasn't his fault... He could have stopped Ash, sure, but the child wanted to go. The child wanted to help his father. The child wanted to mean something, to matter... And they did impact something. A single city was a draw, no land gained nor loss within...

Ash tried to speak, but what came out first was a raspy gasp for air. Something inside of him was hurt, making talking just difficult at the moment... But even so, he had to speak. He had to say something... He had been silent for far too long, out of commission and unable to even react to the world around him. He had to talk to someone... And he hoped that his father, despite how he looked, was still... Was still him. His father. The main figure within his life, the one that gave him a direction to go in when he had nowhere to go, nor any leads of what to do. Ash just wanted something to be happy. Something to be normal... Something to not be shattered into millions of pieces, as she had seen happen to her in the middle of the war. His first war.

"...D...Dad? Why do you look so pale? I'll be fine... Y-You know what they say... Break a leg, right?"

A very pained smile was given to Azure. Even in a time of great pain... He had the nerve to crack a pun, trying to cheer up his father. He knew sometimes it made him furious and other times it made him chuckle... And just any reaction was okay. He didn't want to see him so sad and distraught.

"Bones heal... Cuts heal... I'll be fine. It... It just hurts, okay? You don't need to cry for me... I'm fine."

A lie. He could feel it within his heart.. It was a lie. A big, fat, stinking lie... But he didn't know why. The memories of the battle were still a bit hazy, but memories of just... Everything falling apart flashed through his eyes at times. Eyes still stared towards Azure, the pained smile still shown upon his lips as he tried to maybe let his father get into a better mood, to remember that Ash was his little trooper... He came back from injuries like this once, so why couldn't his little trooper do it one more time? Seeing Azure like this... It hurt. Ash wanted it to stop. He wanted it to just go away and for his father to return with a smile... Maybe some cake or something for the two of them to share, or maybe balloons with smiley faces... The ones that people in hospitals on the T.V.s get.

But... That didn't seem to be the case, but Ash still wished for it... The one thing that Azure could sense on Ash's being was the note attached to his shirt. It had the energy of another shinigami, one who had been tainted by Shadowfall. The energy was made to keep the note on Ash's body no matter what until he read it, but in his current state... He's lucky to get a sip from a glass of water. On the note were three words clearly written in black blood.


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The Recovery Period (Azure)
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