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 Vizard Winter Training [Hero Quest Mission]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Vizard Winter Training [Hero Quest Mission]   Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:55 pm

The first thing that Kenta could say about the Iramasha Settlement was that it was HUGE! The large piece of land was bigger than Hawaii, and from what he could see on the island from the boat he was travelling on, the settlement was what anyone could describe as a paradise. Kenta didn't really know how the message from Cirno came to him, but when the offer came he couldn't refuse. But Kenta wasn't going to be at the bottom of the island, he was going to the top.

The Vizard could see his destination on one of the highest mountains, an igloo. It wasn't that hard to miss, tropical paradise all around, then there's an igloo. Kenta decided not to question it, he's seen a lot of weird shit back when he was a Lieutenant, and more when he was banished to the World of the Living, and this was on the top of the list.

Immediately when the boat docked, Kenta briskly and respectively made his way off the boat, making his way through this paradise on Earth. As he walked, Kenta thought back to why he made this decision, why he decided to come to this place. All his life as a Reaper he had a purpose, and that was to listen to his Captain, protect the Soul Society, and guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife. When he was banished he lost his sense of purpose.

In three short years he found himself working a dead end job with crappy co-workers and a boss that sucked at flirting. He spent all that time living as though the Soul Society was hunting him, instead of living his immortal life anyway he wanted, he could have gotten almost any job, gotten into a relationship, anything! But he didn't. To make matters worse he started to neglect his Zanpakutō, his partner that he worked so hard to get was reduced the occasional voice in his head that helped him get through the day.

He stopped using her, besides the occasional training session that usually lasted only thirty minutes. Even Xander got bored of his lifestyle. At first Xander kept trying to take control of Kenta's body, but soon got bored and cut off all communications. Kenta enjoyed the silence for a while, but it soon got empty in his head, if that makes sense.

So, Kenta decided that enough was enough. He wanted a reason to pick up his sword again, he wanted a purpose to fight for again, no longer was he going to stay neutral to the world. All these battle happening between good and evil, people fighting the good fight. He wanted that again, he wanted to be able to look upon his accomplishments with pride.

Soon the air got thinner, the temperature dropped, and the moon showed high in the sky. Tired from his exertion up the mountain, Kenta set up a makeshift tent and started a fire to keep himself warm. Looking up, Kenta could see he was close to his destination, he could roughly estimate that he could get there in four hours once he woke up. The next day, Kenta took down his tent and kicked away the burnt wood to start his trek up to Cirno's house.

He was certainly glad that he brought the furred jacket that Eregantou recommended to him to buy, he would thank her later. Kenta adjusted his beanie to make sure he had full head coverage and checked his snow boots just in case the laces were undone as he walked the final stretch to the top of the mountain.

"Hello? Anyone here?"

"Aren't we all just a little bit Hollow inside?"

-Kenta Yamada

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