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 In Pursuit! Hanako's Return Home!

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: In Pursuit! Hanako's Return Home!   Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:49 pm

(Time Section 5 POST)

It was all of the sudden to Hanako that she finds herself in the backseat of a luxurious hover car with her wrists and ankles cuffed. Despite just waking up in the car after being grabbed and blacked out earlier, Hanako knows that she is heading back home...her past of agony. Hanako tried moving around, but she noticed that her wrists are cuffed behind her and hooked onto something while the same with her ankles. Even her weapons are missing. Much to her amazement, she was not blindfolded or gagged, but at least she has her seatbelt on. Leather seating and red linen all around her...It is quite pricey for someone with a dog that has its head split in two. Something was not adding up though, how did the bounty hunter know she was going for him or how come she did not sense him before. Hanako thinks she is slipping on her awareness. With Koichi out of her sight, uneasiness creeps under her skin.

(Masculine Speaker) “Good morning, princess. Don’t bother screaming for help, the glass is thick and so is the car, so your voice can only be heard in this car. I believed that you are aware of where you are going.”

Hanako listened while looking around like a wolf looking for a way out of its cage, she looked at the window and it was pitch black. It must been made to keep people in and out from seeing each other. If the car was thicker, it would have been flying lower than its normal flight height. Suddenly, the g-force kicks in and Hanako knows now that they are in the speedway, the only way to outrun a lot of powerful people. If her thoughts were correct, she is indeed heading back to her past, the Shikijou Mansion in Osaka, Japan.

Hanako remains quiet while hoping that Koichi is hot on her trail by now. There is no telling what Naoki Shikijou would do to her. She would have referred him as her father, but since she left that family, she is only Hanako with a surname that is empty while she has no recognition of Naoki Shikijou being her father. It angers her to even remind herself about Naoki Shikijou being her father. She damned his name and a tear formed in her eyes, remembering Hikaru and Kimiko. That bitch who killed them both...she would smile to see her suffer like Hanako did...but what is the point when Hanako became that bitch in the process? That is why she refrained from killing anyone, even Senorn Nero Iramasha whom she did shot at before, but intentionally for his arm so it would not kill him in an instant.

Iramasha...the person she could only see with that name was that dog boy who nicknamed her, “Curvy Lady” and treat it like a compliment instead of a mockery. Koichi, why that man intrigued her so much? He did rescue her from the two men along the way to the battlefield of Fuma Park and he protected her when Hanako did not know that Senorn was an ally. His loyalty...a trait that dogs has...It is too early for her to say that Koichi could be the sweet eighteenth birthday wish that she shared to herself in an empty pub.

(Masculine Speaker) “Hanako Shikijou, I thought you are more vocal than this? Are you scared? Little girls are not supposed to go on their own, ya know?”

...Enough with the mushy stuff, that bastard is asking for it.

(Hanako) “I may be smaller than your oversized husk, but for your coal brain! I am not goddamn defenseless, you witless raccoon!”

(Masculine Speaker) “That’s more like it. Talk dirty and I’ll see about arranging a hotel date for us.”

(Hanako) “Fuck off, Poodle, you’re not my-!”

Suddenly, another surge of g-force knocks Hanako around and she hits her head against the thick blackout window. Hanako grunted in pain as everything was blurry for her. Everything around her begins to dim down as the voice from the speaker was becoming more of mumbling than talking. Hanako’s neck loosens and Hanako falls into the darkness of sleep.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: In Pursuit! Hanako's Return Home!   Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:25 am

[ D o g H y b i r d K o i c h i ]


[ P o s t i n g M u s i c ]