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 Saber Of Solidity [Volound's GEM-Mas Equipment]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Saber Of Solidity [Volound's GEM-Mas Equipment]   Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:10 am


Custom Iramasha Gem
  • Name: Saber Of Solidity
  • Type: Offense
  • User Type: Open to any race

  • Appearance: The Saber Of Solidity is a sword that appears as if it is entirely made of steel. From the hilt to the tip of the blade, everything is coated in a dense, silver material that gives it quite the supernatural edge in combat. The reason for this choice is because this reflects the heavy desire within Volund to perfect his weaponry skill.

    As, at the root of it, there appears to be a desire to use this as a tool of justice for those who cannot defend themselves. Even past all the flaws within his persona, the light of Cirno seemed to look pass them and bring out this pure desire.

  • Background Info: There was a man whom requested The Angel Of The Ice bring out the utter most of his swordsmanship for the cause of protecting those whom he cares for. Whether it be family, friend, ally or innocent; the man yearned for a blade which could help him achieve this task. After reading into his soul, Cirno decided to take this task up and forge him The Saber Of Solidity.

  • Effects: The effects that The Saber Of Solidity induces is stated as below:

    Dense Edge: The first special ability that Saber Of Solidity holds is called "Dense Edge". So long as this blade is within five meters of the user, the spiritual energy of the host will become three times denser than normal. This will then turn their energy into a form of thrashing influence on the battlefield. As the potency of his attacks would become enhanced by three times. And, in that respect, most of his assaults would be akin to a wrecking ball smashing against even those of higher tiers than his own.

    So, one can even assume that this dense material that blade is made of would make for quite the dangerous sword by itself. As, The Saber Of Solidity is capable of damaging even those of master durability or hierro. It can mow down entire city blocks, beat down foes to a bloody pulp and cause heavy impact strikes to most material that it touches; spiritual or physical alike. Ergo, it can be used to slash through magic based attacks or cut through numerous layers of defense.

    Additionally, this density would spread to his body and increase his durability by three times as well. Which, in turn, will then allow him to better bare the brunt of destructive attacks used against him. Since, the opponent would feel a heavy wall standing between them and harming Volund while this blade is active.

    This is because the effects of this weapon draw forth from his inner sincerity to drive towards his path of success. Ergo, one of the requirements to wield this blade is that he must never forget two things: to work towards his road to achievement, and to never forget to use this blade for the noblest of intentions.

    The former condition is needed due to the fact that this gem was forged from his ambition to obtain accomplishment; even going so far as to endure a more stern and serious attitude towards it. So, from that strong determination is where The Saber Of Solidity draws its effect. If he falls out of this state of focused mind, then it's abilities will waver and begin to fade.

    The latter provision is required based on the circumstances around its creation. Since Cirno is an angel, it is only natural that her effects draw from the purest of intents. As, more than anything else, most of her creations siphon mental strength from the users mental state, emotions, values and desires. So, if this weapon is summoned out of wickedness, malice or any selfish or greedy aspirations -- then only 2/3's of it's potency will be of use to Volund.

    Additionally, another limitation to this blade is that it must be used for five post. After the fifth post, a two to four post cool down must be enforced in order to prevent his body from sustaining injuries. This is because the energy from the weapon weighs down on his soul and can induce forms of spiritual damage. This can cause him to feel light-headed, induce sensations of pain and make it difficult to summon his ability and slow him down outright.

    Material Extraction: The secondary ability that The Saber Of Solidity wields is that it is capable of breaking down and turning into a liquid state of being. Once it is broken down by Volund's will, it can then be recrafted into any weapon, shape or form that the wielder desires. This because Material Extraction taps into the inner knack that Volound possess to create weapons.

    And, since this mystic material is quite potent, it should sync well with his prowess. So, in a way, it can be used for him to have a base to forge future equipment from if he is able to study and master the material that this blade is compromised of. This can be used both in combat and casual threads.

    It should also be noted that the same limitations of Density Edge apply to Material Extraction. Ergo, he will need to use the utmost of focus and concentration in order to determine what type of tool he'd yearn to forge. Otherwise, it simply won't work.

  • Notes: N/A


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Saber Of Solidity [Volound's GEM-Mas Equipment]   Wed Dec 30, 2015 6:04 am


After reading over the weapon and taking her power, skill, and the limitations placed on it into account, I've reached a verdict. The Saber is accepted unless another staff member has qualms with it.

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Saber Of Solidity [Volound's GEM-Mas Equipment]
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