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 Yavriil Iramasha: The Great Sage [Rework WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Yavriil Iramasha: The Great Sage [Rework WIP]   Fri Jan 01, 2016 3:15 pm

Song: Hol Up Orange - By: Triple-Q - Word Count: N/A

Basic Information

Name: Yavriil Iramasha
Age: c.3500- February 29th
Zodiac: Rabbit
Race: Angel Iramasha
Position: Diplomatic Figure
Epithet: The Spellmaster, The Great Sage

Height: 5’9ft / 175cm
Weight: 1100 tons /2425085 lbs


The most accurate singular word you could use to define Yavriil is "honest". She is one of the most honest person most people would meet, and in several ways. While it is true that Yavriil telling a lie is just about as rare as a platypus giving birth to an elephant, her honest demeanor primarily refers to the lack of a facade. Most people at least have a few aspects of themselves that they hide behind a mask, so to speak, in that they act differently from their true feelings. While Yavriil also has a few things to hide, she will always act upon her true feelings, and if she was to feel one way, rather than denying it or acting in a way which suppresses this feeling, she would warmly accept it, even if this feeling contradicted what she thought. Even that is a rare occurrence, as her thoughts tend to match up with what she is feeling.

Her honesty can be taken and applied in different ways. Most commonly, the traditional sense of the word, in that she wouldn’t tell a lie. As said earlier, if there were any, one could count the times Yavriil has lied on their fingers, taking into account the entirety of her life. If there was something to be said, she wouldn’t lie about it, and if anything, she would simply keep quiet, as opposed to saying something dishonest or blunt, which carries on into another part of her honesty.

At times, Yavriil can be utterly blunt and tactless. Although it’s seen as virtuous for her to not lie, some people occasionally see it as an annoyance, as she may say the truthful words that people would rather not here. In several ways, one could comment that she was too honest. sometimes lacking any recognition for what was better off left un-said. In other words, tactless.

Another way of looking at her honest characteristic is the purity in her; many people lie to themselves or others, even in the aims of protection, but Yavriil stays truthful even in these situations, to both others and herself. Even in times of distress, she has failed to blindfold herself and avert her eyes from the truth--Yavriil would go head first and take on the truth before her, no matter how unfortunate or saddening it was.

Easily the second most dominant trait in Yavriil’s array of quirks is "impulsive". Easily put, the woman acts purely on impulse. Most everything she does is a result of her impulsive nature, whether it’s a combative instance, in which her impulse dictates her actions and how she fights, or it’s a matter of what food she’ll eat for dinner. Most all of her choices are done through her feelings at the time, with little consideration for what was rational or ‘better’.

Though ‘impulse’ is generally what defines her, there are still moments in which she can use logic and legitimate thought to perform an action--though the result generally tends to agree with her impulsive decisions, for whatever reason.

A by-product of her impulsive nature, Yavriil is often found wriggling her way into other people’s business. Typically, Yavriil comes across a situation where she simply feels like playing her hand to effective its outcomes. Either that, or she finds interest in an event that simply grabs her attention. To her, other people’s circumstances are often irresistible. She’s frequently fascinated by other people’s lives, and would like to see how they play out. As a result, the woman is often referred to as meddlesome, as she inserts herself into other people’s business, whether they prefer it or not.

Often times, she does so with only her personal interest in mind, and occasionally these interests coincide with the subject’s well being or their own best interest, so while it may seem to be an annoyance, often times Yavriil would be treated as helpful during her meddling times. This isn’t an absolute, however, as there are still occasions that arise in which she is instead found to be the antagonist of the event, and her efforts, whether she intended them to be so, are taken negatively. Regardless of the outcome, why, or what she has contributed, suffice to say, Yavriil truly is a meddling gal.

For the most part, One can see her to be an optimistic person, more or less. While she does tend to look on the bright side, it’s less of an optimistic trait so much as finding the enjoyment in the circumstances. Unfortunately, this enjoyment can turn out twisted, where the misfortunate and troubling times of others are what Yavriil seeks, and finds to be the brighter side of the event--that doesn’t dismiss the occasions where she is legitimately seen to have an optimistic outlook. Once in a while, her point of view is agreed with by others, and the enjoying factors she finds in the assorted circumstances are seen to be a truly good thing, for whichever party it primarily affects.

Her meddlesome and ‘optimistic’ side both contribute to the concept of Yavriil having a neutral standpoint in the circumstances. Generally, she will choose neither side in a fight, debate, or whatever situation which divides two people. Often times, she may even act as the overseer of the occasion--out of her own accord, of course. This neutral standpoint often remains unchanged, and only even does so in the event that she wholeheartedly agrees with one of the people, and can’t find herself agreeing with those of the opposing group.

In more ways than one; Yavriil often takes the neutral route, finds enjoyment in the circumstances regardless of whether they’re truly ‘good’ or not, and frequents other people’s lives. All these factors are a hard feat to accomplish when one has shed and drawn as much blood as her, all while retaining such longevity and inherent wisdom. The main reason why she’s able to continue being such a person is her open mind. Taking a neutral position, she’s open to understanding multiple view-points, and even without agreeing with them, she would usually take them into consideration. As a result, aside from her actual physical flexibility, one could call her mind “accepting”, so to speak.

One of the few traits retained since her human years. As seen in the past, Yavriil can be quite the dedicated being, and with a goal in sight, her determination to reach it is endless. She is someone found to never back down when she wants something--considering her impulsive desire, she might stop wanting it and back down; however, when the occasion arises in which she truly has something in mind, Yavriil will be one of the most adamant people to exist, pushing through barriers once thought impossible in her lifetime just to achieve her goal.

- Social Butterfly, takes initiative to start conversation and topics
- Always aware of her surroundings, and not in the sense of combat, but emotionally. Being aged, she intuitively grasps most people's feelings from their expressions and actions, etc.
- Takes her time with things
- as she takes her time with things, Yavriil is generally lax even in high-stress situations and pressure
- Lax, socially/emotionally aware, and most of all impulsive, just the slightest interests will attract yavriil and have her act
- self-concerned and impulsive, Yavriil priortises the emotional aspect of things from the logical and rational. organisation is less important than adaptability (in the event of being unable to prevent mass death, she may bite her lip and feel overwhelmed by regret, but with few deaths, she feels even more responsible because out of all actions, she failed to even rescue those few people, so she may go out of her way to do something drastic in saving them, e.g. personal guidance into SS or reviving them through her powers)
- happy-go lucky and optimistic, she can be considered highly motivated and energetic
- again focusing on the emotional aspect of things, she may want to be right or do things in the interest of end-goal status (emotionally), but generally she tries to prevent conflict over protecting correctness
- But above all else, Yavriil is true to herself and faced with choosing the standpoint of others, if there are no perspectives she can agree with her very own will be formed, regardless of what others think.
- Her overall sociable and outgoing presence is not deterred from attention. While she doesn't actively seek it, and often times will go for the route of humility when faced with watchful eyes all over, she's barred from no actions. She does what she wants at all times, suffering either consequence regardless.
- By no means is Yavriil a saint, and she very adamantly refuses to think of herself as such. There's admittedly both good and bad in her, though she favours the former
- Calm and collected combined with her sociability are some of Yavriil's more defining traits; that being said, there are times--albeit rarer than diamonds--where she can become angry. Generally, she'll keep her composure, so when actually pushed to the extent of anger, her wrath tends to be accompanied by a storm--literally sometimes. In fact, her anger can force her into a special state where emotions control her, and the times Yavriil is taunted hard enough usually force here to this point. On this matter, there is only a thin grey line.
- heavy dealing with emotions, and her own vast experience combined with the wisdom to grasp others' feelings as aforementioned, have brought Yavriil to easily connect with others. Beyond that, she reaches the level of empathy--suffering and joy are both relatable, and every feeling inbetween the spectrum.
- Don't expect to see only those two sides of Yavriil: calm and disturbed. Yavriil is easily prone to moodswings. The thing is, while easy to see by her words, she understands the repercussions of her actions especially when dictated by her feelings. Thus, while she is brutally honest on average, she restricts herself from some actions when deemed appropriate or inappropriate.
- Yavriil holds tact, certainly. But as always, truth is prioritised. She may try to approach the situation with some padding in her words and actions, but never will the iramasha outright lie. If need be, she can just as easily say the unfavourable face to face.
- So, at this point it's clear that Yavriil is fairly in the middle in terms of caring about her actions and other people. To specify, Yavriil will go a step further to accommodate others, mainly because clear cut opposition and getting on their bad sides usually makes things harder in the end, so it's a matter of convenience to some extent. However, she will not outright deny her own perspective. There's a line drawn between social awareness and socially dictated. At which point, "fuck the peace sign and load the chopper"; when she comes to the point of outright defiance and opposition, no hands are held behind her back. "I've got no clue what's in the deck, and my hand is flipped up; I'm an open book, so read away and understand exactly what you've brought upon yourself."


Shadin Yuudeshi:

Zin Yuudeshi:

Ketsu Iramasha:

Ryou Iramasha:

Azure Iramasha:

Halo Iramasha:

Raiden Iramasha:

Sapphire Iramasha:

Yukuri Iramasha:

Cirno Iramasha:



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Yavriil Iramasha: The Great Sage [Rework WIP]   Tue Jun 14, 2016 6:54 am

[mod]Beep Boop! Just checking in real quick to see if this is still being worked on! If it is, just drop a message right on here, if not, you can ask for this to be archived riiight here!

If you don't respond in three days, rules state that I will have to move it into archived, so if that does happen, just drop a message over to the staff request thread and we'll move it right on back to WIP![/mod]


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Yavriil Iramasha: The Great Sage [Rework WIP]
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