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 The Disciples of Cirno Finally Meet!?

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Disciples of Cirno Finally Meet!?   Sun Jan 03, 2016 6:37 am

What a wonderful day to go out for a stroll? No, actually, what a wonderful day to actually just exist? The feeling of peace, joy, and serenity was one that was new to the human, but a feeling she began to happily accept with open arms. The trials of the day prior still haunted the back of her mind, but it wasn't enough to truly ruin her mood today. Elysia couldn't let it stop this nice stroll, the place was just so beautiful that it was impossible not to just take a quick walk around to see all the sights that it would have. Just recently she saw the beauty of the stars and the beauty of an angel showing their true powers, what more did the land around Cirno's home hold?

The human was dressed in a large, fuzzy coat with dark brown fur. She didn't want to bother Cirno once more to work her magic to keep her warm, she she simply opted in for what she had arrived with. The fuzzy coat covered her body almost entirely, draping her from head to toe with a large hoodie covering her enough that her eyes barely poked past the hoodie. Honestly, she looked like a small bear walking around on two legs with this coat on, considering the fact that it even trailed down to her feet and a few inches behind her. 'It would fit her perfectly!' ha, that store clerk was just a liar trying to get a few bucks... At least it worked.

Every step Elysia took was slow and steady, leaving a thick trail through the snow on the ground as she neared the edge of the lake Cirno's home was near. Elysia had only seen snow one other time... And that was arriving here! Every step through the snow brought a small smile to the lips of this human who was once weary of everything in life. Every time she shook her coat to let the thin layers of snow fall away from it's fur, it brought a bit of joy to her. Honestly, she was like a big child at this point, but what was one to expect when she had already changed so much from the time to arrived to now? She knew she would have to return to the life of violence and war sooner or later, so why not try to enjoy the good feels while it lasted?

A thought began to slowly cross her mind... What if others had arrived to Cirno's home and requested training of her? With how open the angel seemed to be upon their first meeting, it definitely wasn't an idea too absurd, to be frank, it was extremely possible. Was Cirno really that famous though? She was told of Cirno's feats through a figure that mainly resided in Karakura forests, making it somewhat difficult to get the knowledge of her... So just how much else did this angel do in her free time? Pondering the question wouldn't do all too much for Elysia, but it would leave her a question to ask this angel when the time came, for now, her thoughts would reside on the possibility of others within this harsh winter land... Would she be able to meet some of the others that Cirno accepted and perhaps get to see the others that this wonderful being has brought love and kindness too?

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Disciples of Cirno Finally Meet!?   Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:01 am

Artist: Hama Takeshi - Song: Sora Ni Utau Shoujo - Word Count: 837

Steiner Franz had been one of the first to arrive at the top of the mountain, but even he had known he was not alone. Standing on the top of the mountain looking across the beautiful landscape below he wondered where the Angel of Ice had wandered off to. She was probably busy, after all she was a being with a great burden of her own on her shoulders, and he would not stick his nose into her affairs. Absent mind-idly playing with the collar of his patchwork jacket, Steiner found his mind wandering to what the others must have experienced when they met Cirno. He had felt great pain and sorrow, his mind being invaded by someone he barely understood or knew, and then he had felt relief. The relief of sharing those thoughts with a person who was open and warm and willing to talk things over with him. He grunted, letting out a deep sigh in the process that produced steam in the cold morning air, and turned to look down the path that would lead him back to the world outside of the mountain.

He had been here for long enough, spent long enough being doddle on by a lady such as Cirno, and now he knew it was time for him to return to the real world. He knew he had powers now, how to turn them on, and use them was another story entirely, but he knew they were there if he needed them. He smiled as he began to step down that all too familiar path, the enchantment placed on him to keep him feeling warm, and to keep his stamina high while he was on the mountain keeping him going. Scaling back down the mountain reminded him of the time he had tried to climb up it. The hardships that he had faced in the cold and harsh climate of the mountain that he had been called to. It caused him to remember the call of the woman who would help him become a better man, a man who could change the world, and help the people of that world from ever feeling the torment he had lived through. Steiner let out another sigh as he looked back up to the peek, he had only been walking for a few minutes now, and already he missed Cirno and the feeling of contentment that she gave him. He would have been happy just living up here, just helping Cirno with whatever task she deemed for him to accomplish, and protecting her loved one. But that wouldn't be him fulfilling his end of the bargain.

These new powers of his were given to him to protect and save others, not just the people he cared for, but people in general. Race, creed, or affiliation were of no import to that code. He would do whatever he could to stop the violence, to stop the war, and put an end to the madness, but for now Steiner Franz had to get down this mountain and begin to work on himself, by himself. That is when his eyes caught a woman walking the same path as he had. He stopped in his tracks and looked at her for a second. She had whitish blond hair, piercing bronze eyes, a scar above her nose, and beautiful tanned skin, she was attractive to a guy like him. He grinned widely as he waved at her. She was probably another potential hero on her way to meet Cirno and he didn't want to keep her for too long, but Steiner was interested in just who Cirno had attracted to the top of the mountain beside himself. And this was his opportunity to do so.

"Hey!", he found himself yelling as he began to lightly jog up to her, choosing to not go full run as he might slip on the snowy path, and fall to his death. That would be a horrible way to end this journey, Steiner thought to himself as he made his way toward her. "Are you on your way to see the champion of justice, Cirno?", Steiner said as he grew closer to her, his smile still on his face as he extended his hand. "I don't know where she went, but I would have no problem helping you get to the top. I'm Steiner Franz, someone she has already helped, and I was just on my way down the mountain when you caught my eye.", Steiner said with honesty as he reached his hand out for a hand shake. He found himself shaking a lot of people's hands recently, it was a form of respect for him, and a traditional greeting to people he had just met from where he was from. All the while he smiled and tried to be as nice as he possibly could, he didn't want to have her think he was some kind of creep, or to discourage her from completing the quest she was on.

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The Disciples of Cirno Finally Meet!?
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