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 Opening Act: [Infiltration]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Opening Act: [Infiltration]   Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:58 am

"… Recalibrating systems… Preparing for infiltration."

A gruff voice stated as its owner sat back, his knee and foot planted in the ground as one hand slowly gripped the hilt on his back. "… Conditions met, initializing pain inhibitors…" This peculiar gray-haired man spoke, his blue eye glowing. He appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties, his entire body covered with a peculiar suit. There was flesh, yes, but it could only be seen on his face. Everything below that was shades of darkness and dull browns, which comprised the mechanical suit around his body. His two eyes were looking at the dull gray wall before him, reflecting on why he was here.

Two days before, he had picked up a distress signal while on patrol in the lower part of Japan. Analyzing the distress signal, he decided that it was worth investigating, as it described a prisoner held against their will in a walled in compound. This had also supplied him the cooridinates. After getting the mission approved back at command, Kurama the Ripper had deployed. Arriving at the scene on his motorcycle, he had discarded the costume he had been wearing, a peculiar shinto priest's garb that he had picked up at the local tourist's hotspot. Little did he know that this was not typical for this location, but he had simply been trying to blend in.

Diving into the sewers beneath the building, he had approached the outside of the compound from down below. He had found security, of course, but they had been swiftly dispatched by his blade. Though it was a bit strange… it was as if they had wanted for him to eliminate them. The cyborgs that had been used almost easily presented their weakest places for him to cut through with his blade, their electric currents running through his Electromagnetic Force blade and into his suit, empowering it beyond its normal state.

Pausing before the wall, he slowly withdrew his blade, looking at it. This would be the first time that he had attempted this particular technique. Closing his eyes and getting in touch with his inner Chi, his eyes widened. Blue and yellow shocks began to race out from his arms, swarming around the blade as he slowly brought it upwards. "Begin Operation!"

With that declaration, he brought both of his hands down, slicing the blade forwards as it expanded outwards, creating a duplicate of itself on Kurama's side as the two blades ran perpendicular to one another across the wall. From this action, the wall was broken…

But something else happened. A single shard, the cornerpiece in the dead center of the slash, rocketed outwards. It struck Kurama, smashing directly into his face. "Gr-Graaaaaaah!" The young man roared as blood dripped down from his face, a clawed hand grabbing the rock as it was promptly discarded, smashing into the wall as he cradled the side of his head in one hand, his teeth clenched as he slowly walked forwards.

"Hello…? Is anyone… here…?" He asked, walking into a peculiar room…

As sirens began to blare.


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Opening Act: [Infiltration]
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