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 Chao Yuexian [WIP]

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Coding In Template By:


Magus Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Chao Yuexian
» Titles: Three-Rained Dragon, Ninth Mountain Throne, Wanderer of Worlds, North God (Běishén), Immortal Sovereign, The Ancient
» Age: 19,000
» Gender/Sex: Mayokin Apache Attack Helicopter/Female
» Origin:
» Kingdom: East
» Affiliation/Rank: Eastern Kingdom /


Body: Being a dedicated female Martial Arts Practitioner, Chao Yuexian possesses a fit yet slender body. As a cultivator, muscle mass is no appropriate indication of actual strength on top of feminine genes keeping her thin. At the same time, as someone who trained her body before her ability to use psionic enhancement, with the habit of physical training carrying on since her transcendence into immortality, her body is tight and sturdy. Past her naturally supple skin lies inexplicably hard muscle that, when strained and flexed, feels to be in possession of the constitution of a mountain. Of course, without actually straining her muscles Chao Yue’s body is as squishy as ever. That smooth and soft skin of hers further serves to hide the true potential lying beneath it.

In accordance to how she was trained, often with tools and methods that others would consider abusive, it’s expected that her body is coarse, rough, and filled with boundless power to call upon at a moment’s notice. While the latter is naturally true, the methods used to train the body were tweaked to ensure the maintenance of her body. For example, the swinging of a sword to developed Chao Yue’s arms and familiarity with the weapon; usually, one could come to expect calices to form on her palm. Or in the case of practicing hand to hand combat, the punches and kicks performed may lead to coarseness of the knuckles, knees, etc..

WIth the use of magic-enhanced wear and cultivation methods, such as gloves that took the damage of plunging one’s hands into a pot of sand over and over again, but let the feeling and grating pain through, or a coating aura to mitigate some force to prevent bruising and by extension imbalances in the constitution of different parts of the body. In actuality, most of these methods were some forms of defense in actual battle. The aura that mitigated force was obviously an outright physical defense, and the gloves were a way to prevent being cut off from using weapons or talismans, while retaining the sense of touch to use many utilities and weapons to their fullest extent.

So, suffice to say, Chao Yue’s body is by no means physically weak, while still lacking certain deficiencies and imperfections as a whole. But, what of the actual body’s appearance? In terms of body shape, an accurate word to describe would be “desirable”. In whole, Chao Yue’s body is an hourglass. Starting from her slender shoulders and their back, to a moderate but full chest, thin waist--and tight yet soft abdomen--and somewhat conservative hips. While the actual mass on her chest and rear aren’t particularly large, both are exaggerated considering her training, in reference to next-level squats and powerful chest workouts, which lie under her breasts and therefore allow them to protrude.

Considering her height of 5’6, overall Chao Yue isn’t particularly tall, though neither short. That being said, she certainly looks fairly tall. Chao Yue’s already slender enough; combine that with her fairly thin and long legs, and she looks taller than she should. As expected, these thin legs still deter others from knowing exactly how much power they really hold. Her muscles are also incredibly flexible. As a martial artist, what use is there in developing powerful muscles and physical strength, if they can’t be used to their fullest extent?

While her skin is flawless, thoroughly even throughout her body in skin tone and feeling, Chao Yue

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:A moderately sociable person, Yue doesn’t shy away from conversation; conversely, she doesn’t actually mind the silence of solitude. Either situation can be comfortable, though generally that’s only as a result of controlling it. That is to say, in conversation Yue actively gears things towards her preferred direction, at her own pace. In terms of solitude, there isn’t really anyone but her to control the situation, so that’s simply a given. Usually, Yue is the one approached for one reason or another, but a solid and confident response is easy to muster.

After years of experience and training, ideals don’t occupy Yue’s thoughts all too often. Not to say that she holds onto some ideals, but the rigorous lifestyle led up ‘til now has also discouraged any baseless hope. Miracles are generated through circumstance, luck, and effort. Such a cultivator instead keeps reality and the present in mind; contrary to her apparent age, Yue rarely ever loses herself in thought. Partially a result of combative instinct, as well as wisdom from experience, the girl constantly vigilant towards her surroundings. Or rather, she’s particularly attentive even without much effort, though not to some supernatural extent of instantly deducing everything about a person at a glance--but, a decent amount can be inferred with inspection.

Simply for courtesy’s sake, Chao Yuexian likes to be prompt and cordial in any situation. Putting in an effort to do so is another matter altogether, as persons at her level generally assume eccentric personalities and lofty actions. It’s the thought that counts? This is especially true when it comes to receiving any sort of greeting, letter, or any sort of long-distance communication. Why specifically that? Although Yue is one of the many that can be at almost any place at any time, following the aforementioned trend of eccentricity Yue enjoys the novelty of communication at long-distance. Especially letters; while not particularly invested in writing, to occasionally put her thoughts down on paper is an appreciated passing of time. Despite that, Yuexian makes no use of diaries or journals.

This courtesy of hers, and favourable position on letters, have progressively turned Yuexian to actively be organised. Though a cultivator doesn’t frequently occupy themselves with too many material things, what little she does get her hands on, Yue makes it a point to keep orderly. At this point, it’s more so a habit to be tidy, and at times she may exhibit OCD characteristics, to the point of reprimanding others for being messy. As a matter of course this preference is focused on her own belongings, so things really only go to the extent of reprimanding.

Life is a many perilous trials; especially for Chao Yuexian, though that’s mainly her fault. That is to say, pressure was an entity she constantly handled, even at a terribly young age. Combined with her somewhat aloof personality and eccentric nature? Under typically any sort of pressure, ranging from physical to psychological, Yue can keep focus. Though it’s not to the extent of being calm, cool, and collected--as that’s not quite her type of personality--her prior experiences are enough for her to be relaxed and careless. Sometimes, to a fault.

As mentioned before, Yue doesn’t often initiate conversation, despite having no problem doing so. She possesses a decent level of social skills, more than enough to get her by, but through and through Yue is an introvert. Surprisingly, she actually finds comfort and enjoyment in social situations and being around people. Her introvert status is more or less at her core, where her thoughts and feelings are expressed, but at the same time kept to herself. The scales are gauged through comfortability on an individual basis. The more she’s familiar with you? The easier it is for her to open up, allowing you to see exactly how introverted she is. Ironically, the closer you are to Yue, the further she distances herself, simply because she’s comfortable with the thought of not keeping you company out of social convention and politeness. At that point, her actions seem a lot more genuine and sincere. In the flip side, the further you are, the more sociable she is. If it’s not necessary, she probably won’t approach anyone of her own volition, but when she does, an outgoing persona comes out.

Despite the reversal of how people usually are, becoming closer to you as they open up and find comfort in your presence, the other party’s feelings are by no means distantly understood. Longevity offers numerous experiences and chances to feel every emotion on a spectrum equal to the number of colours in the world. You can’t call her empathic, but Chao Yuexian can in the very least come to some vague understanding of how someone’s feeling, simply through relating to them. There’s no super-power involved here, or extreme talent in deduction. Just, relating to the person, plain and simple.

Curiosity killed the Chao. Sheer interest in any number of trivial things has easily driven Yuexian into the most troublesome scenarios. Constantly mentioned is the benefits granted to her from experience and wisdom, and yet she still has yet to find any control when it comes to the unknown. Without prudence or concern, Yue might just abandon whatever she was doing on the spot to confront the subject of interest, though such an extreme action is only solicited by a substantially curious matter.

The social convention of modesty and humility is widely recognised, even by the “do-what-I-want” Chao Yuexian. In fact, that’s just being polite--the basics of etiquette. Deep down inside? For good reason, Yue finds herself generally superior to the overwhelming many. Of course, that’s just personal opinion, and she recognises that, so unless seriously questioned by a close enough associate, Yue wouldn’t convey these thoughts. Overall, though? Without a doubt, she places herself not only above others in terms of many subjects of talent, but importance in the weighing of lives. An individual often places themselves as priority, right? The precedence Yue sets herself extends to a many fields and circumstances. Although looked at somewhat disdainfully for that, it’s a matter of fact that this selfishness was often times the trait that set her apart from a form of bones and dust.

Of course, the politeness is always extended towards unfamiliar faces. Along getting to know you is a devolving speech-pattern that gets into gritty, dry-humour remarks that would sound angry if she ever raised her voice. Of course, as aforementioned not quite calm and composed, on basis at least she’ll stray from being rude. But familiarity brings out a true face, and that true face is snark and biting statements that chip at even the thicker skinned people. Of course she doesn’t say these things out of malice, and in fact says insults lovingly, hence the differentiation between those she knows, and those she doesn’t. So in the end, oddly enough being insulted by her should in turn be flattery, as Yue considers the subject as a close relation.

So in light of all that’s been said upto now, obviously Chao Yuexian--though better the opposite--doesn’t mind being the centre of attention in any situation. Yue will handle it accordingly. Publically, sure there’ll be some elegance portrayed, but step into her comfort zone and something along the lines of “Oi, fuck’er you lookin’ at?” Again, she generally says harsh words lovingly, sometimes with a smile and chuckle as she teases you. The thing is, it’s fairly difficult to ascertain this. Yuexian’s sass stays on the same level even when she’s legitimately hostile and angry. The only way to differentiate is typically by body-language and expressions, like anyone else, as only the rare occasions garner a change in tone.

Following the thought-train, it’s awfully difficult to enrage the woman; you don’t typically see your elders getting angry, lest that just be their personality, right? At times, Yuexian may just get to the point of being annoyed, but it takes a lot of time spent prodding and progressively getting on her bad-side to actually bring out any legitimate hostility. Especially putting into effect her superiority-complex, overall casual emittance, and tempered characteristics. So generally, get her to that point and you may just be calling all hell to reign on you.

In the end, as a stable person Yuexian rarely ever change moods towards any direction--not just sobriety from anger. You can’t quite call her at an emotionally neutral. More accurately, she puts on--and legitimately feels--amused airs most of the time. If there’s nothing to actually be amused with? She’ll think up something, or find discrepancies in anything to keep her lifted. Life’s no fun when you’re down in the dumps, so stay out of the alleyway. This isn’t baseless optimism, but the effects of experience telling her: be tempted by negativity, and you’ll burn through something you’d rather keep alive and well. Lift your spirits too high, and you’ll either find false hope on the scaffold or be too broken by the next letdown.

A good question to ask is, in the end, does Chao Yuexian ever worry about the consequences? So far it’s been stated that she worries about the consequences of the future on herself, but what about others? She’s at times polite and considerate towards strangers, a free mouth alongside friends, and--tentatively--a wise woman with a lofty standpoint in mind. She acts without reserve at times, or holds back depending on the situation. But generally, that’s all in her own self-interest. Especially when putting forth care for another. That ‘other’ is someone Chao Yuexian values, for most intents and purposes. In selfishness, she acts. So when it comes to the wellbeing of others? Her actions aren’t often committed with that in mind.

Put Chao Yuexian on the line of creativity and practicality: she’ll lean towards neither side. At different points in time, Yuexian was one or the other, sometimes both when considering all factors. At this point? Her actions just apply what’s familiar. She believes herself to long-since touch reached, or at least glossed, the pinnacle for some time. Though she’s priming, an already predetermined path--of her own volition of course--has been laid out before her. Yuexian simply follows her own guidelines and understanding. So on the side of creativity? She’s exhausted any originality and discoveries, in her view. In terms of practicality, by no conventional means does she actually follow reasonable guidelines either.

The guideline and path aforementioned for the most part only refers to her growth; Chao Yuexian is most certainly not the greatest in overall foresight. Especially when it comes to the specifics of future plans. To the point of roaming location-wise, the woman’s trips typically follow intuition, or in the very least she aims for generalised areas that are believed to be in line with her endgoal ambitions. The intricacies of the future are not of any interest to Yuexian at this point.

» Likes: Simply for courtesy’s sake, Chao Yuexian likes to be prompt and cordial in any situation. Putting in an effort to do so is another matter altogether, as persons at her level generally assume eccentric personalities and lofty actions. It’s the thought that counts? This is especially true when it comes to receiving any sort of greeting, letter, or any sort of long-distance communication. Why specifically that? Although Yue is one of the many that can be at almost any place at any time, following the aforementioned trend of eccentricity Yue enjoys the novelty of communication at long-distance. Especially letters; while not particularly invested in writing, to occasionally put her thoughts down on paper is an appreciated passing of time. Despite that, Yuexian makes no use of diaries or journals.

This courtesy of hers, and favourable position on letters, have progressively turned Yuexian to actively be organised. Though a cultivator doesn’t frequently occupy themselves with too many material things, what little she does get her hands on, Yue makes it a point to keep orderly. At this point, it’s more so a habit to be tidy, and at times she may exhibit OCD characteristics, to the point of reprimanding others for being messy. As a matter of course this preference is focused on her own belongings, so things really only go to the extent of reprimanding.

Similar to so many others, Yue’s reaction towards being right in a debate differs according to who she’s having a debate with. To appease the opposition, if they don’t stress themselves falsely right too aggressively, Yue will let the debate go to prevent anyone--including herself--from getting too upset. It’s far too troublesome otherwise; however, only in the case of anyone at the level of acquaintance and below. For a more familiar face, if she’s right, and knows it? Yuexian will push and push, placing more importance on being right than the other side’s feelings. Of course, that’s because their relationship is close enough to mend itself even after a heated argument, so establishing intellectual dominance can take precedence this time around. The triumphant feeling afterwards is pure bliss, after all--something of an incomparable joy.

» Dislikes: The eccentric Chao Yuexian: such a word is often mentioned, mainly because of how rooted her personality is towards this adjective. Truly aloof and aberrant, Yue takes on an energetic personality. After all, life is such a boor when you’re mucking around in an emotional dump. Though she isn’t one to be optimistic, a depressive attitude gives Yue a frown--whether Yue is the melancholic one, or someone nearby.

Like anyone else, Yuexian disdains in being wrong, though she can accept it at times. What’s more difficult to accept, is a stubborn person. Or rather, to be more specific Yue dislikes someone wrong, incessantly professing themselves right. Though not violent in nature, these kinds of people are one of the few to actually set her off. Of course, acting this way on purpose isn’t going to generate much of a reaction from her. Yuexian’s an introvert, but she isn’t socially stupid. Unless confronted with a particularly good liar, fake incompetence isn’t going to get far with her. In fact, while she also finds strong dislike in such a person, these actions instead solicit her curious side. She’d far sooner inquire why someone was, by her definition, acting stupid, than get angry at them for thinking they could fool her.

As a result of her superior-complex and aforementioned incompetents, having to justify herself is unpleasant. There’s an understanding that some people need things explained to them, but especially in the case of her proving right in any number of situations with the person present, being questioned instead of garnering their faith becomes a tiresome thing. Her actions have on occasion made her heretical to the public’s eyes, especially out of defiance of preconceived “truths”. The act of justifying herself brings Chao Yuexian back to those moments, if only in thought--not to the extent of some sort of PTSD reaction.

Following the development of organisation is the prioritised work environment. While her home is preferably kept clean at all times, to some extent there’s the allowance of negligence. Any sort of work-relative area or office, or something along those lines, is kept much more in order. Mainly for the sake of professionalism, but Chao Yuexian--albeit not focusing on how others see her--combined with her preference for etiquette, sees something like an office or official workplace as not hers, but the organisations. Not that Yue is an active worker given her point in life, but responsibility is something which runs strong through her, and in turn dislikes when she--or others--have disrespect for their allegiances through presentation of the environment… ironically. Maybe it’s just the hypocrisy speaking when Yue provides her heavy snide comments?

Motivations: Against the odds of how she lived the first few decades of her life, the point in time where most people are susceptible to a change in methodology and perspective, Chao Yue has a strong sense of morality. Though it’s not to the extent of her acting as a champion of justice and righteousness, a simple and blatant wronging before her isn’t always ignored. Generally, she’ll keep her nose out of things, and act as per her own code of conduct. From her understanding, most events have a lot of context that needs to be understood before she even begins to approach the situation; however, when things get bad enough, even without grasping all there is to it, Yuexian may step forward and intervene. That is to say, one of the driving entities that keeps the long-lived Yuexian going, is self-respect. Namely staying true to herself and acting in accordance to how her personal moral guidelines dictate, and not bending to the will of others.

On the other hand, Chao Yuexian easily presents mischievous scenarios as a result of her own meticulous machinations. Most immortals tend to search for even the slightest glimmer of interest to keep them occupied, as there are many years ahead of them--so why miss the little things? Conversely, their longevity brings utter boredom to the table as an eventuality, so to keep themselves occupied those like Yuexian give into their own curiosity and desires (to a reasonable degree). Therefore, one of the major motivations for Yuexian is amusement. For someone so easily detachable as herself, it’s simultaneously hard, and yet easy, to look around for anything to play around with, going anywhere from cooking, to annoying other beings. Whatever works, really.

Despite all the claims of Yuexian’s detachment and self-centrist desires, likely the strongest drive that keeps her going is the emotions of others. The fear on an enemy’s face? The utter joy of a close friend? Though the woman is introverted at her core, what puts a smile on her face more than anything is the reactions of her opponents and companions. Personal experience brings little fascination to a person whose mostly gone through everything; finding satisfaction through other’s experience places a sense of value in life. Since, the metaphysical entity within everyone, a soul or whatever one would call it, is shared by all of sentience, and so to share those experiences of life with one another--that’s what really makes longevity worthwhile, beyond all the pain and suffering to accompany outliving everyone else.

Fears: Being organised is only a habit formed from some other trait, yes? Thus, this habit can be superseded by a more core characteristic, such as adaptability. By a wide margin, Yuexian prioritises adaptability over organisation. As a matter of fact, she takes pride in her ability to go with the flow and change her stance in accordance. She also likes the feeling of changing to fit her circumstances. To Yue, this represents growth. Her experiences and years lived up until now is more than enough to fill dozens of lifetimes, and admittedly there are times she feels that her life has been too long. After all, there may be unlimited sources of entertainment, but not all of them can be accessed by just one person. Despite desperately clinging to life in the hopes of finding such lost sources, boredom frequently overwhelms her. Thus, the prospects of growth mean all the more to an old bat like her. In other words, Chao Yuexian also has a pervasive fear towards stagnancy; the life of one such as herself must keep moving forward, or else face a lack of meaning to that very same longevity characters of her disposition would have craved and empowered themselves with in their youth.

As a result of her superior-complex and aforementioned incompetents, having to justify herself is unpleasant. There’s an understanding that some people need things explained to them, but especially in the case of her proving right in any number of situations with the person present, being questioned instead of garnering their faith becomes a tiresome thing. Her actions have on occasion made her heretical to the public’s eyes, especially out of defiance of preconceived “truths”. The act of justifying herself brings Chao Yuexian back to those moments, if only in thought--not to the extent of some sort of PTSD reaction. Conversely, the prospect of futility in her efforts despite having come such a long way--similarly to the meaninglessness aforementioned--is a fearsome thought to Yuexian.

In the end, as a stable person Yuexian rarely ever change moods towards any direction--not just sobriety from anger. You can’t quite call her at an emotionally neutral stage. More accurately, she puts on--and legitimately feels--amused airs most of the time. If there’s nothing to actually be amused with? She’ll think up something, or find discrepancies in anything to keep her lifted. Life’s no fun when you’re down in the dumps, so stay out of the alleyway. This isn’t baseless optimism, but the effects of experience telling her: be tempted by negativity, and you’ll burn through something you’d rather keep alive and well. Lift your spirits too high, and you’ll either find false hope on the scaffold or be too broken by the next letdown. Being approached by the concept of either eventualities under the circumstances--to Chao Yuexian, that feeling associates itself to a mental parasite eating at her from within. The imbalance of emotion and passion in turn with her rationale as an adult gives avenue to self-destruction; death itself has a lot less of a presence before the woman, if not less than earlier in her life. Responsibility over her own demise? What person wouldn’t find the object of their end a frightening thing, when it lives within you closer than anything else in the universe?

Death is generally something everyone is, if not scared of, wary of. Usually the root of that wariness is from all sorts of things, which in Yuexian's case, is closure. The long life she's led has brought her to truly only desire a definitive number of things, and reaching the conclusion will finally make her empty. Living only striving for the unreachable, even with all her years of wisdom, for the first time Chao Yue will not know what to do with life. One of the major reasons Yue can control her emotions and not lose herself in rage and love, is due to this pervasive fear of closure. On the spectrum of love, knowing there's an eventual end to thing is a frightening prospect, resulting in straying from getting into an affectionate relationship; on the flip side, flying into a rampage is easier to avoid from the mentality of knowing that her actions generally ends the interaction, even if not doing so brings negative prospects. Chao Yuexian's primary philosophy is despair in finality. Because nothing's really sad, until it's over.

III. Character Background

Chao Yuexian

The winter nights of Xiyu City were as eccentric as it’s own Zhou Empire’s experts. With the bipolar nature of the occasional spring-esque breeze through the populated streets even late after the local star’s slumber, and other times enough snow to drown a dragon, the beloved child of Prince Chao, the Northern Duke of the Zhou Empire, was born to his legal wife. Xiyu City could be seen from the heavens while they engaged in festive moods in honour of the Duke’s first daughter, Chao Yue.

As the festival died down and the roads were being cleaned of the remnants, two shadows side-by-side crossed distances of kilometres within seconds. Following behind at near equal speeds were innumerably more shadows. The centre building, Duke Chao’s palace, reached as high as the nearby mountains to display all their grandeur. This spectacle easily attracted attention, as was its artistic purpose; whether the attention was good or bad was up to those it brought near. This night would be considered the Duke’s darkest day.

On this night, the two shadows arrived at one of the palace’s many towers, within lying the sleeping Prince, his legal wife, and in the rocker near the bed, their daughter. The two shadows’ arrival awoke the Prince, an experienced warrior in his own right as their cultures leaders should be. Sensing the two, the Prince got up from his bed in recognition of their presences.

“Brother Xi’an Fan? It’s late, and your arrival is ever so conspicuous; for what reason have you visited?”

“Brother Chao Feng, my wife and I require some assistance.”

Xi’an Fan and Chao Feng became blood brothers many years ago, before Chao Feng’s inheritance to his position. During a self-searching journey through the Empire’s renown “Dark Forests”, held within countless beasts of tyrannical power, Xi’an Fan had saved the Duke from death. Ever since, a friendship bore of equals, despite Xi’an Fan’s unknown background and Chao Feng’s at-the-time Duke of a father. In fact, Chao Feng always felt indebted to his life saver, who proved an even bigger genius than himself, who was praised in the North for his rapid grasp of the military arts in mind and matter.

During their conversation deep into the darkness of the sky, Xi’an Fan conveyed the chase of himself and his wife. Many people of different worlds were chasing them down, and they asked Chao Feng to hide their child. Of course, Prince Chao who loved Xi’an Fan like a true brother and felt indebted for his life, without regards to who was actually hunting his beloved brother, accepted the request. Shortly after, Xi’an Fan and his wife fled the scene. The next morning, Chao Palace was bathed in blood.

The chasing shadows awaited Xi’an Fan to exit the Chao Palace, not wanting to take unnecessary measures such as intruding into the building of a national figure. However, upon waiting to find two shadows exit the palace, it was found that one presence was missing: the infant in their arms. The shadows broke into two groups, just nine entering the palace whilst the rest continued on and chased after Xi’an Fan and his wife.

Considering they were going to intrude in the end anyways, the shadows felt no need to keep their covertness. They stormed the palace in a mad search for the infant, slaughter following their wake. The warriors of the palace detected the chaos immediately, and a larger-scale battle ensued. By the end, few guards of all levels were alive. The nine figures swept through the halls with indiscretion as to who they killed, women and children included. Even Prince Chao’s wife was not spared, and when confronted directly, out of grief and sorrow Chao Feng gave in. He offered the intruders a child, and immediately after they left.

The child of Xi’an Fan and his wife, was spared. Instead, Chao Feng offered his own daughter to the assailants. While it was of great pain to do so, his word, honour, and loyalty to his brother was greater. In the remains of the palace where havoc was wrought, Chao Feng decided to raise Xi’an’s child as his own daughter, until his brother’s return.

Amongst all his children--the majority being illegitimate, Chao Yue seemed to be offered the most love. Most around them wrote this off as Chao Yue being the youngest, as well as the only girl born to his late legal wife. In truth, it was more so attributed to the fact that he felt the need to protect her the most. Not only was she truly the daughter of his brother, but it was soon discovered that during the chaotic attack on Chao Palace, Chao Yue as an infant was hit and lost her ability to manipulate psions. Thus, as also the weakest and powerless daughter, Chao Feng gave her the most attention.

The demands of society bore harder on her than Chao Feng could ever shield her from. Though no directly challenged, the whispers of the servants and fellow nobles that came to pay respects to their Northern Duke struck at Chao Yue. Her suffering from their pressure was seen, and in protection Chao Feng sent her to a vacation home in the nearby mountains: The Ninth Mountain Springs.

As indicated by the name, the vacation home housed waters from a spring, in legends claiming the water to hold restorative properties. in truth, psions remnant of a legendary battle in the past embedded underground water with healing properties, so when it erupted into a spring in the mountains, wounds would heal when submerged in its water. This detail would prove vital to Chao Yue’s growth as a bodily cultivator.

The affairs of the Northern Dukedom were largely centred around the Chao Palace Invasion. Afterwards, the Duke spared no effort in recovering his power both personally and politically, as well as looking into exactly who the assailants were. The attack caused him no little amounts of suffering on a mental level, to the point of involving his sons in looking towards the Imperial family for revenge. At some point during the investigations of who the nine intruders were, it was found that the group which chased Xi’an Fan came from the Imperial Capital, with a good amount of evidence to point to either the Imperial Family being the ones to chase Xi’an Fan, or advocate the manhunt.

Meanwhile, Chao Yue lived in peace amongst familiar faces everyday, playing with the guards specifically chosen for their strength and personality--people who wouldn’t discriminate against Chao Yue and her lacking strength; otherwise, bringing her out to live in the vacation home would’ve been redundant.

The only issue was the lack of love Chao Yue felt from her doting father, who had showered her with love. His lacking presence was much more daunting than the piercing stares her powerless body earned her. The main alleviant to this loneliness were the twelve personal tutors her father sent to educate her as she grew older. From the subjects of the sciences and maths to calligraphy and etiquette. These twelve teachers quickly learned Chao Yue’s favourite past time to be learning, or rather, unearthing the unknown. Her particular interest in small novelties and doting on the small details when being taught, even understanding more advanced material based off of the rudimentaries taught proved this well, especially her fascination with archeology and literally unearthing the unknown.

That interest in the mysterious quickly translated towards her attempts to find out exactly what her father was hiding from her--the plans on attacking the Empire, specifically. Chao Yue was a mere toddler at this time, so albeit her display of prowess in deduction, such a child removed so far away from home couldn’t possibly be expected to actually succeed in anything depth’d. At most, Chao Yue found that her father was preparing for a fight, and alongside removing her from the piercing gazes of the nobles and servants around that looked down upon her body, Chao Feng placed her away from the palace to make sure she would not be affected by the battle to come.

To that extent, Chao Yue lost heart. Having understood her physical disposition and the protective intents of her father, the girl resigned herself. The livelihood of her inquisitive nature quickly died down, and she simply quietly went with the flow of her daily life. Naturally, her twelve teachers recognised that languid state and tried earnestly to cheer her up, both in self-interest of their jobs, as well as legitimate care for Chao Yue. The years that went by where they taught this small child all that she knew and witnessed her growth, as a matter of course built affection for the girl.

The only thing that offered a change to her new monotonous life of study and familial isolation was the events during Chao Yue’s midnight star-gazing. For the curious girl that found interest and colour in the unknown, the heavens above were of utmost glamour. Even after her sudden change in mentality, a favoured past-time in the night was to watch the stars, study the skies and understand the heavens. Having lived in the mountains, the solitutde of nature made star-gazing especially enchanting, all of which only accentuated the sight of a shining star, descending to the earth.

Contrary to physics, the falling star made little impact, and landed astonishingly close to the area Chao Yue chose to star-gaze. Of course, the curious girl found no other option but to approach the star that only caused a small crater. On site, within the uplifted dirt that surrounded the “star”, a small and indiscreet rock lied. It held no luster or characteristic of fascination, but its sheer fall and existence was more than enough to entice the young Chao Yue. Without hesitation, she moved closer and eventually picked up the rock. Naturally, the first thing felt was a searing pain on her fingers, and against her will, the motion of tossing away the rock as an instinctive reaction to the pain did nothing to rid her of it. Instead, the rock stuck to her skin, continuously transmitting an intense heat. Through her watery eyes, Chao Yue witnessed the rock slowly recede into the skin of her palm, and eventually, disappear as if her body absorbed it.

A flurry of thoughts wrung through her mind, like foreign memories invading the psyche. Memories of grandeur ran through, like the life of some grand Emperor Goddess. The overwhelming surge quickly put Chao Yue to sleep. The next time the girl woke up, the world looked a little different.

Chao Yue awoke within the villa of the mountain, in the usual bed she fell asleep on. As a matter of course, even despite the small impact, the meteor attracted plenty of attention, and for the rock to land nearby Chao Yue’s star-gazing site, naturally the servants and guards of the villa were alarmed. With haste, they went over to the site to retrieve Chao Yue, all of them especially frightened by the fact that the girl was found within the crater, unconscious. Fortunately, nothing terrible was apparent. Delivering her back to the villa and calling upon the resident doctor, nothing wrong was found, even with psionic medical techniques used. At most, they could only await Chao Yue’s reawakening.

The new colours of the world around her aroused Chao Yue’s curious nature, and she wondered about what exactly made things look “different”. To be honest, nothing was actually “different”. They just ‘felt’ and ‘seemed’ different than before. Like every object in the villa was shifted in some random direction, or every colour in existence slightly changed a hue. Nothing particularly debilitating, but incredibly distracting and fascinating.

After a few days, Chao Yue also noticed a slight change in mentality, and the twelve mentors took notice to a revitalised student. Her melancholic and bland actions from before seemed to have never existed; once more, Chao Yue treated the world with fervor. If anything, the only astonishing detail in this change was the girl’s frantic research into martial arts.

At first, the teachers assumed this to be a new interest, but instead of her usual reactions to finding interest in a subject, where she would occasionally read into it and simply understand, with martial arts, it seemed Chao Yue was actually attempting to apply it. When it came to alchemy, Chao Yue was widely interested and studied the subject, but never took to actually applying what she learned. Same with botany, in which she took pleasure in the presence of flowers and plants, sometimes spacing out in the villa’s gardens, but she never took to actual gardening. With all this in mind, Chao Yue’s actual practice of martial arts was a curious matter.

When asked upfront, the girl honestly replied, “Father’s trying to protect me from a fight, so if I could do it myself, can’t I go back?” Chao Yue undoubtedly found enjoyment in her time in the mountains, becoming close to the servants, guards, and teachers, but none of these relationships could quite match up to the familial affection she so craved.

When Chao Feng discovered this change of pace his daughter portrayed, the doting father naturally acted. As a duke, naturally Chao Feng had an army, and among the generals, a few were known to have become warriors sheerly through their body. Generally, a soldier learned to utilise the mystical arts through psionic control; on occasion, you’ll have a soldier either unable to use psions, or simply lack proficiency. As a result, they physically train themselves to an appropriate degree. In the case of generals, which in this culture were always some of the most powerful warriors known, having reached such a height sheerly through martial arts was a feat in and of itself.

As a result of his daughter’s new interest, Chao Feng sent three of these generals to the Mountain Villa. There, Chao Yue would have the opportunity to choose her thirteenth teacher, that would guide her in the martial arts. Of course, Chao Feng had no intention to actually allow Chao Yue to return until either the battle concluded, or he simply felt it safe enough to warrant her return. But, to at least appease his daughter until the time was right, the Northern Duke acted as such.

Born, mother died, switched at birth, assassinated adoptive parents, raised by adoptive grandfather. The inability to train innate techniques from having a severed psionic sense pushed to try practicing physical ability. Inability to use psionic techniques drove her to instead use weapons as her conduit for lethality. Beloved teacher from army and

Xìnniàn Sect

The visiting Xìnniàn, looking for a disciple as per the promise of late Grand Elder to the Chao family, found interest in Chao Yuexian's ability of weapon handling. With the attraction of seeing they could restore her psionic abilities [false claims ofc] and the prospects of using the Xìnniàn Sect's resources for herself, Yue agrees. Being there, she realised just how different the treatment she received was from prior assumptions. Mistreated as a talentless instructor by fellow instructors and students alike, there were clearly no attempts to restore her psionic abilities. The students verbally mistreated her, though the training of an iron body inherently led her to an iron heart, and since her combative ability was high enough to ward off any physical abuses, there were really no issues. The instructors also didn't actually go so far as physical abuse since that was considered too petty for them to concern themselves with someone so weak, on a political and combative level, in comparison to them.

Dignity Reclamation

Upon a visit from her family members half a year into joining the Sect, a visit from the Imperial Empress comes as well. Her beloved uncle somehow disrespects the Princess and demands him to kowtow in apology. Of course, the supposed disrespectful actions he took were pretty baseless, and her uncle was at least relatively proud--not enough to refuse apologising, but enough to simply deeply bow, not kowtow. When the Princess has her guards demand Yuexian's uncle to kowtow or die--at the vehement persuasion to refrain by her head guard since that uncle is still the son of a prominent Prince (essentially the title of chinese Duke equivalents post translation)--Chao Yuexian interfered. Fighting with her was one thing, but touching her family was the proverbial camel-back breaking straw. Upon the princess's execution order as the guard was about to act, Yuexian stepped in the way. Whilst in training in her free-time, the methods taught to her by her teacher in strengthening the body exceeded everyone's expectations by far as she concealed her strength. In fact, it reached the point of question on whether the power she exerted was sheerly through physical capacity. Little did Yuexian know, her conscious control of psions was inhibited from her infantile injury, but the baseline racial ability to produce psions was not. Without knowledge, the methods of her physical training was progressively and constantly fusing psions into her body, strengthening it as if physical strengthening magic was in perpetual use. With surprising efficiency, Chao Yuexian dispatched the guard, showing mercy by not killing him with the same intent her target exuded. Defiance was never a prevalent action against the Princess of the Empire.

Cyan Calamity

Spirited Away

Imperial Life

The Seven Province Competition

The Power Within

Realising Your Roots

Farwell Zhou Empire

The Immortal Isles

Establishing A Sect


Chao Yuexian [WIP] 8Bvy1N8


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VII. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:
Sample #1
Chao Yuexian's slumber, like any other ancient being, never really consisted of actual sleep. Generally, practicioners like her entered a meditative state for the sake of cultivation during recuperation. The physical body naturally regained its strength, otherwise the whole merge of cultivation and rest would be redundant altogether; however, more importantly, the mind not only regained strength, but grew in strength. Or, in the sense of cultivators, the soul grew strength. This was all philosophy on power, so the actual substance of this belief was subjective and therefore irrelevant to anyone besides cultivators--at most, it was a religious practice.

The matter of fact was still that sleep, to the woman, wasn't truly "sleep". A strand of consciousness as a basic practice was to be set aside, aware of the surroundings during meditation for self-preservation. Yuexian’s ancient era was, after all, "rowdy", to say the least. As a result of this "set aside awareness", when the doors of the black castle Chao Yue resided in shifted, she quickly reacted. Well, she'd like to have reacted instantly, but the accumulated dust on her body and around the room nearly entered her mouth from the jerking of her facial muscles.

Her expression of astonishment quickly shifted to disgust before her lips tightly shut. Shortly after, the entirety of Yuexian's body shook violently, all the dust around her vibrating away in an ellipse. With that, the woman quickly rose to greet the new master of the castle. Some many years ago, not that she could accurately recall, the ancient Yue came across a well known king, renown for... something. This event was far enough in the past for Chao Yue to forget. In the end, as an attractive wanderer with no official identification during the time period, both Yue and the king held interest in each other; the king, moreso some superficial affection, and Chao Yuexian, a fascination with the land he occupied.

Governments changed nonstop throughout many centuries and millennium on any number of planes; in fact, the occupying tyrants and different dynasties changed so often, it formed a blur to Chao Yuexian's recollection. So, for the conspicuous black castle the renown king lived in to show features of a time nearing Chao Yue's own immemorial generation, naturally the curiosity within her bloomed. In the end, fulfilling both the king's desire to have this woman nearby, and the woman's own desire to explore the origins of the mysterious castle that allowed entry only to "chosen ones" as it turned out, this King included, Yuexian founded residence in the castle.

Her self-isolation deep within a hidden room of the castle eventually let those nearby forget her visage, and after the King's passing, all beings within were quickly evicted. For an indeterminate amount of time afterwards, the Black Castle was quiet. Chao Yue, taking notice to her sudden isolation, paid little heed and returned to cultivating her lost power. Thus, when the doors of the castle reopened, the woman found it suitable to greet the new "King".

With her usual grace and trained etiquette, Yuexian greeted the King briefly, attempted to explain a few things concerning the origins of the castle as far as she knew--an attempt, considering she had no idea whether her words were heeded, not that she cared--and went back to cultivating. Her level of interest with the new King himself wasn't all too depth'd; after all, even with the old king, the castle itself is what enticed her. For the time being. Soon after, his sheer existence within the castle brought many, and it wasn't often that someone held such a level of charisma. From here, Chao Yuexian's interest in the man himself bloomed.

Exiting the hidden room, Yuexian came to greet the man once more. Whether or not he was aware of her staying in his castle without permission--again, it was a negligible detail. If anything, had he desired her leave, she would've fled without a fight, since even if she did adamantly desire residence in the castle, with ease and insight into the soul Chao Yue realised she wasn't his match. Whatever the outcome, the matter of fact was Yuexian's raise in activity.

For quite some time, she roamed the castle, often engaging in conversation with the new guards and even the king, prying into what exactly made him worthy of the castle's acceptance, and where his particular charisma originated. Whether from the man himself, his actions, or the whispers of the guards and occasional visitor, to some extent Chao Yuexian understood his aspirations. And, with increasing interest in these goals and the man, the Ancient offered her services. Time was far too boring purely spent cultivating, after all. Whether or not her personal motivations coincided with his was a different matter altogether, as well as whether she personally agreed with his view on the world, and the actions he would--and did--take to enact and support these aims.

Yet, since her offered services, few matters of excitement came up. Her decision to join his personal group...what was the name?... Yuexian's decision to join was mainly fueled by the assumption that events of excitement and energy would come and go. As one could guess, it was a major disappointment to discover the languid atmosphere of the castle. So, when another being of immense presence arrived, as if it were natural, Chao Yue's interests were once more sparked.

Exiting her room, Chao Yue approached the Throne Room to greet the King once more, taking time in her walk to gaze upon the castle's intricacies and admire it. After all, the Ancient was one to appreciate scenery and mundane novelties. Hopefully, this new presence would share similar sentiments. Even with so many people in the castle, there was little livelihood, and by extension a sense of loneliness for Chao Yue to covet. Though, she appreciated even that much.

On her way, there was no distractions, and out of both familiarity and her own level of strength, there was no one to stop her. The aura of nobility and seniority she exuded did well to discourage anyone approaching her, though it was mainly them knowing the strength in her presence. The aura from Chao Yuexian shouldn't create too large of an impact anyways, so much as her elegant gait. Arriving at the Throne Room, the woman respectfully pushed open the rear door and approached the throne from behind. Without moving to stand before the king, regardless of his actual recognition of the act Chao Yue bent in a curtsy appropriate for the current era's noble etiquette.

"Chao Yuexian greets this King."

After taking the formalities the Ancient placed importance on, both out of personal belief, habit, and legitimate respect for him, Chao Yue walked forward unreservedly to stand at his side. Bending forward in an inquisitive posture, the woman brought her face closer to the man and tilted her head. For a moment, her eyes rested on the beverage in his hand, quickly returning gaze to the man. Chao Yue's preferences in drinks, evidently, was not shared with the king. Her physical preferences, however--this King seemed suitable. Not that she would act upon the thought, for a number of reasons.

"Something of interest is happening, I presume? Care to speak about it?"

Regardless of his reply, the swinging open of the main doors to the castle told the woman more than enough. Straightening her back and looking forward, Yuexian analysed those who entered, once more out of habit and personal interest. Though, moreso than the young appearance that seemed of minor attraction--on a number of levels--his speech caught her ear. With some arrogance and seniority, though the rhythm he spoke with was grating, Yuexian understood a few things. Firstly, this boy was undoubtedly the presence of interest that drew Chao Yue from her room. Second, his attitude wasn't pleasurable. Nothing at the level of irritation, as the years have tempered the Ancient's sense of tolerance, but neither appreciable. To some extent, Chao Yue understood that this may just be a personal quip as a result of her upbringing and beliefs on presentation, as is the origin of many of her issues. Either way, this appearance seemed to be the first step on the path of excitement that the King was supposed to bring her.

After the boy finished speaking, Chao Yue turned her face to the king atop his throne, quietly awaiting a reply. Only if found necessary and appropriate, Chao Yue would interject. More or less, if it were her "turn to speak". Otherwise, she was just here to observe, and if anything, comment about the event afterwards. To that extent, the Ancient simply stood there, by the throne, and smiled politely.

Sample #2

    "Hate is not the opposite of love; apathy is." - Elie Wiesel

"Disdain is the easiest emotion to overturn into affection."

The irony in being strong is the vulnerability of carelessness. Any number of immortals, Dao Cultivators especially, will without exception be subject to the effects of arrogance in strength, whether they're aware or cautious as ever or not. It's sort of an eventuality, as some even consider it a rite of passage alongside ascending into true godhood on the scales of power. As a matter of course, Chao Yuexian had experienced this 'rite'. Somewhere along the lines of her earlier ascension in strength, long before she was regarded as having reached the "pinnacle".

More than anything, stepping on a grievously poisonous bug was the most embarrassing of ways to go for an “Ancient”. A patron of death in one of the many religions on countless planes once perished through similar circumstances, despite being regarded as one of the most powerful amongst the celestial ranks. As one could guess, Chao Yuexian stepped on a bug. During her attempts to increase power through external means, such as harvesting the remains of exceptionally powerful creatures to develop tools to accentuate her abilities, the Ancient went barefoot into an infamous forest, known to claim the lives of countless warriors who wanted to test their mettle.

And now? Here she was, serving a young boy who looked some two or three years younger than herself. Of course, as an immortal existence, their true ages were far further apart. Reason being, his late mentor was a renown medicinal guru, and he--the only disciple and successor to all the "miracle doctor's" methods--was the one person she knew in immediate vicinity that could cure the particular poison held within the bug. Yuexian was, at this time, a being that hungered for power by developing her body and abilities. The ranks of medical knowledge wasn't too desired or relevant to her studies; considering the affluent background she came from, Chao Yue was educated on the subject, but after so many years, the majority had been lost.

Ever since, she struck a deal with the young boy to watch and protect him from any adversaries for three months. Her absolute strength was the main factor in being subject to such a small amount of servitude despite the literal life-saving performance he offered. Despite that, her impatience increased further, for two reasons: One, the attitude the boy carried. As her life-saver, she did owe him much, but the confidence and arrogance in his tone and way of carrying himself was devoid of all traditional forms of etiquette and manners taught in the halls of nobility. Even worse, the way he looked at her was the same as those immoral sons of dukes and emperors that desired Chao Yue. Though it's a subjective matter, the Ancient could be considered desirable on an aesthetic level.

The second reason was even more compelling. The very forest she now dreaded as a result of her being poisoned, was the same forest the boy made way towards. The boy was incredibly secretive, not that Yuexian was particularly interested in anything but paying her dues. The location was unsettling nevertheless.

"Mmm, we're going to go way deep into the forest, alright?"

His voice wasn't unpleasant at all, and even carried a soft tone, though to Chao Yue it only sounded like carelessness despite the danger in the surroundings. In response to his directions, the woman's face furrowed in reluctance. With clear displeasure in her voice, Yue replied,

"Deeper? I'm guessing you're well aware, but the deeper we go, the stronger the creatures."

"And that's why you're here, right?"

His amused laughter struck a few of Chao Yue's nerves, not that she acted on that feeling. The blatant dependency he put on her was by no means enjoyed. While he may have found interest in Yuexian, whether it be her whole being or just her appearance, at this point the Ancient looked at him with even a bit of disdain. As with most Ancients, considering their culture's value on power, Chao Yuexian found little attraction to anybody weaker than herself--which in and of itself was an incredibly high standard, though reasonable to her degree.

Around two hours later, the pair finally found themselves nearing the centre of the forest. Of course, any creatures they encountered along the way was repelled by Yuexian considering her strength. The whole way through, the boy held a smile even in the face of certain death; generally, Yue admired the brave, but in this situation what was seen was not courage, but an incompetent lack of fear.

The further they went, the more apparent a hidden mountain within the forest became. Even with Yuexian's ability to fly as per her cultivated strength, from an aerial perspective there was no mountain in the forest; nevertheless, the mysteries of the earth were wider than the imagination could hold. At most, the woman wrote it off as a magically hidden feature of nature. At first.

The anxiousness on the boy's face alluded to a different truth. His eyes were always fixated on the peak of the mountain, and the excitement washed away his powerless and innocent smile of carelessness; instead, the steely face of determination and desire revealed itself. The wide change in his demeanor was as unsettling as the infamous forest itself, as per Yuexian's perspective. That one gap in appearance was enough to spark the woman's curiosity.

"Boy... what's so interesting about that mountain?"

Yuexian expected some sort of reply to deviate her focus on his mountain-affixation, or anything to leave the question unanswered; surprisingly, the level of excitement he held was enough to put down the guard on his secrecy this time around.

"It's not the mountain that's interesting--it's what resides in it! A Dragon God!"

Just as Chao Yue was about to shout in fear and immediately demand to go back to the nearby town the boy came from, two harmonising roars resounded throughout the entirety of the forest. It echo'd back and forth with such force, the trees near and far all shook violently while the Earth shook, all dancing to the same frequency.

"!!! Boy, this is what you came for!? A quick death?! Come on, we need to go! This is not time to blank ou--"

While Chao Yue was chiding him whilst motioning to run away, the boy's steps only carried him forward, towards the mountain. There was a voice within her saying 'Just leave him and go! Your life is priority!' In opposition, another voice said 'come on, just forcefully grab the boy and go! Two lives is easier on the heart to save than one!' After all, Yuexian owed him her servitude, and the moral conscience within her was infrequently silenced.

In the end with little internal struggle, the woman bolstered towards the boy with her hand grabbing his arm. Contrary to her intentions, Chao Yuexian's body froze. Two unfathomable presences pressed down on her from above, and as her gaze rose to the sky, two serpentine creatures with long snouted whiskers, looking beneath them with malice in their eyes.

"F...Flood Dragons!"

On offshoot descendent of the true dragon race with Eastern appearances, Flood Dragons represented the closest existence to this plane’s civilisations to an actual dragon. Naturally, their power was far below a true dragon from any number of planes, but inherently far above mortal beings. Even the renown “Běishén” had difficulty combating these creatures, and yet here they were! Two at that!

"Boy!! Now is the time to ru--!!!"

Once more contrary to her intentions, the boy wriggled loose from her grip, and with speed unprecedented compared to his powerless existence, he shot off towards the mountain at speeds higher than what mere mortals could perform. Unfortunately, the distance crossed in a second was incredibly inferior to Chao Yuexian's speed, let alone the two flood dragons whose durable bodies were by default more than enough to surpass Yuexian's abilities.

"Mortal, you shall not intrude on these lands!!"

One of the celestial beasts roared in the language of the ancients, demanding the child to stop. Additionally, both creatures shot forth in chase. With increasing reluctance and a scowl, Chao Yuexian felt no other choice but to go after him as well.

Throughout the sky over the trees and land below, explosions rung unceasingly. From her observations, Yuexian felt that both Flood Dragons were on par with her in strength; therefore, by no means would she be capable of resisting their full-frontal offensive in a mad desire to chase after and stop the boy.

Of course, the sound of reason and instinct for survival continuously resounded in her mind. 'Go, leave the child behind! He's not even that great of a person to begin with--he brought this calamity on us, so what due grievances are we to suffer with his death!' And yet, Yuexian fought steadfast in her position to protect him. Though true, she didn't particularly like the boy, the fact that he saved her was irrefutable, and what worth is she if her word could not be kept? Survival was important, but what determined proper living was the quality of life. The devil within her heart would only continue to expand and overwhelm her mentality should she ever falter.

That was simply who she was. A stubborn girl, willing to lay down her life if only to live true to herself. Chao Yuexian may not be so righteous as to always uphold justice; there was selfishness in her heart that put worth on things and people. And today, it was exactly that selfishness to be the person she could, and would be. Even at the cost of her life.

"AGHH, Screw it! Today, Flood Dragons, it will be two who fall, or three! No less!"

The battle progressed nowhere, and her stalling only offered to keep the dragons a constant distance away from the boy. Eventually, she would undoubtedly fall, and in turn, him. Having never been a fan of useless actions and wasted death, the only acceptable alternative to Yue was their fall. Of course, that was an improbable situation, unless her firepower rose a notch. To do that? Beyond simply the magical force of psions, Yuexian would be pressed to add something from the depths of her soul--enough to overcome the opponents worth two of her. That amount of energy drawn from her origin may as well be the equivalent of giving up all her cultivated power--to return to mortality, with probably few methods available to reverse what was lost.

Eh... I've always complained about how life was too long anyways.. As long as I don't leave behind regrets, right?

Assuming this to be her final moment, Chao Yuexian distanced herself from the two flood dragons and closed her eyes, reaching into the depths of her soul to draw out maximum power. With a rough shout, immeasurable power began emanating from the Ancient's body--at the very least, enough to challenge both her opponents' might. In turn, their confidence in a true dragon's descendents conveyed itself. With a powerful charge, the three collided.



The darkness and silence receded. Yuexian's eyes opened with a glossy look. Her sight blurred, and only offered to reveal indiscernible shapes and movements. Surely, death awaited her at the corner, and against all odds, the feeling of life flowed through her. Had it not been for the inability to move anything but her face, and the lack of any power within her soul, Chao Yue would've assumed herself dead.

Mulling over the state of her existence, the blurred shapes became clearer. The sight before her? Maybe the prospect of death served better. What she saw...

A Dragon God.

"You've heard correctly, boy... Those who pass my trials, I pass unto them my powers. But, the more people who enter my trials simultaneously, the higher the difficulty."

"That's fine. Then, can I take it now?"

"If you so wish, though the burden on you will be twofold."

Chao Yue only exhaled when the visage of the Dragon God's head receded into the shadows. Afterwards, the boy who spoke with the grand beast turned and bent down. He only rose with Yuexian carried in his arms. The unexpected action instantly threw the already confused woman into a fit. Had it not been for her inability to move, she likely would've kicked and flailed around in his grasp.

"!!! Boy, what are you doing! Rather, w-what is going on here!?"

"Mmm, your confusion isn't unwarranted.. Just that, it's a long story.."

"Just as it looks, I have all the time in the world now! So feel free to explain! For what I've done for you, you owe me that much at least!"

In response to her displeased face, the boy could only offer a wry smile. Had she not been held in her arms, the boy might've even raised his arm to scratch the back of his head, cliche as ever.

"I guess, to make a long story short, from the words of my late master's patients, I heard of a dragon who lives in a hidden mountain within this forest. If you overcome the tribulations he gives, the dragon will offer you a portion of his power."

..... W-wha?? His desire to charge into a forest that held flood dragons of all things--that was crazy enough. But for the boy to desire a path to power through a Dragon God? Sure, tales of this happening were by no means nonexistent. But nonexistent did not mean prevalent. Above all else, his actions happened to drag Chao Yue into things as well! There were no regrets in her actions, though undoubtedly she would bite her lip in dissatisfaction for having lost her power, and, beyond that, unexpectedly her mobility as well. Just, to give all that for what sounded like a distant dream? Of course she felt frustrated!

"Ahh, fine!! Leave me be, then; I heard the last bit. Just leave me here for now, and take me back to the city after you've finished the trials."

The boy showed only an astonished face. And after that, a furrowed brow that hinted irritation.

"The dragon said the trials may last anywhere between 6 months to several years."

Silence. For a few moments, neither of them said a thing. Only after quite a while, Chao Yuexian broke the silence with a sigh.

"Let it be so, then; I've risked my life for you, as you saved mine from prior. With this, my debts are paid. Leave me here nonethele-"


The boy's sudden shout surprised Chao Yue, especially as his loud voice reverberated throughout the cavern walls in an echo.

"It'd be a waste for such beauty to simply rot away in a cave so devoid."

Yuexian only offered a blank stare towards the young boy, whose face wore a serious and stern expression. For a moment. Quickly after, the Ancient broke out into laughter, giggling away the serious atmosphere.

"Hahaha, that's quite a statement, boy! But it's not so easy to court a lady, you know!"

The flowery words he spoke didn't quite touch a heart-string in her, but to any other gal in this situation, Chao Yue had doubts that his charm wouldn't succeed. To the Ancient, it was moreso seen as an adorable attempt of an earnest young man--an amusing assertion, if anything.

"Fine, fine--take me away, boy. Either way, I've resigned myself to death already. I can't move anyways, so the only difficult to be had is for you."

"Mmm.. Thanks, for cooperating. Though, I'd have to ask that you not give up so easily. The words from before already dealt a big enough blow to my confidence."

With a wry smile, the boy set forth into the darkness that held the dragon, Chao Yuexian still in his arms. Mere minutes later, that wry smile transformed into something far darker.


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