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 Personality Update

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Personality Update    Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:22 pm

» Name Of Character: Animum Desponde
» Link To Character:
» Upgrading: [Personality Update rather than upgrading]

The positive Personality: After meeting carter on that fateful winter night? Animum’s softer side has been brought out by the one true angels efforts. Below is an explanation of her positive personality rather than her “regular” personality.

Hope: Animum has gotten a bit of hope thanks to carter in their interaction. It honestly can be seen through the changes in how she acts and behaves. Such as when she was interacting with carter she was very light..cheerful and carefree. Beyond this she tends to have a more positive outlook. Such as when things look grim, so long as she knows that the one person that is important to her is still out there? She generally speaking won’t give up hope. Beyond this it means that most the time she can be considered easier to interact with.

Honesty: Animum tends to try to be honest when she can, seeing as in her life she has had so many lies told to her, so many things that she wasn’t able to know because individuals had not been honest to her in the first place. Thanks to this of course she thinks that the best policy a person can adopt is to be honest, and sincere in everything they do. Even if that sometimes means getting in some nasty circumstances, because to her even if something is dire? It’s better to be honest and deal with the problem there instead of having to deal with it later down the line, especially because if you aren't honest, then who can trust you. Words are important, and can be a powerful tool, which is why she chooses to use it for a more sincere purpose.

Eater Of Despair: One of her most interesting personality traits is that she draws in other people's despair and makes it her own. Probably because naturally she has a connection with the rakshasa of despair sunshine asthavon that is nearly at a soul deep level. Of course the way that this shows is through a strange momentary change in her personality whenever she takes on another persons despair, it stains her soul a slight bit, before it is leeched off and sent directly to sunshine asthavon. But the byproduct is that being next to her naturally allows her to remove a person's despair, and make it her own. Personality wise this can be seen by a darkening of her expression or a lapse in silence as she processes and pushes through the despair that she is feeling.

Wellspring Of Calm: thanks to animum being more balanced following her meeting with carter, she has become much calmer than she was previously, often being able to use her mind and suppress the dark emotions that might have previously overcome her thanks to her link to despair with the rakshasha sunshine asthavon. This means personality wise Animum is an extremely cool cucumber. Being able to make unbiased and important decisions even in the most difficult of situations that arise for her.

Sarcasm: Something that Animum has rediscovered, is that she is quite the miss sass. She loves to give people shit habitually as a way of endearment. Bantering freely rather than remaining quiet and off in the corner, that is the main thing that has changed in her positive personality. Which shows especially when she is with the people that she holds the closest to her, given she will often use words like.. “riiiiiighttt” or possibly other kinds of sass that may not be obvious, but generally can be discerned by her heavily accented tone.

Joyous Charisma: Animum is also just in general a very happy person, given that thanks to carter she is able to see more then the bad in the world, she is now also to see the good in mundane things, such as people helping eachother. This is mostly because she doesn’t see things in mere shades of gray anymore, she see’s both the white and the black, and just this minor change has brought her major major happiness, which is why mostly individuals will find her to be light and cheery. She doesn’t look haunted as much anymore.

Embarrassment: Animum does feel embarrassed from time to time, most beings do, and when this happens she can either act indignant or she may act squirelly, or stop talking, throw something at the person, or even do something along the lines of blushing and having her face turn a deep crimson red. This is because mostly of carter, as thanks to the mans persistance he broke through the damn of despair and allowed these emotions to push through.

» Why: in the following thread she has had a major change in her personality thanks to the efforts of carter.

» Extra: [Anything extra to add?]


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Personality Update    Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:25 pm

Approving this due to it simply being a personality upgrade. Read through it quickly and saw nothing that would be wrong or anything bad really.


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Personality Update
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