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 Steiner Franz Skill and Tier upgrade

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Steiner Franz
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Steiner Franz Skill and Tier upgrade   Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:39 am

» Name Of Character: Steiner Franz

» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: Steiner would like to jump up to being on the cusp of jumping into tier 3 at 4-1 or hitting 3-5 respectively. Further are some skill upgrades I hope to be passing through:

General Skills For Host
Durability: Beginner to Adept
General Speed: Beginner to Adept
Strength: Beginner
Weapon Skill: Beginner to Adept

Ziamichi Skills For Host
Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Beginner to Adept
Control Over Spirit: Beginner
Seal Strength: Beginner
Sync-Rate: Beginner

Will Skills For Host
Willpower/Determination: Adept to Advanced
Mental Deduction: Adept
Pain Endurance: Beginner to Adept
Focus: Beginner

Human Skill Sheet
Anima Stone Strength: Beginner to Adept
Soul Sorcery: Beginner
Soul Dash: Beginner to Adept
Soul Detection: Beginner

» Why: The goal is to reach a higher tier and to have my skills also gain some boosts as well to further Steiner as a character. He has fought a 1-5 and a 2-5+ in two different threads:

Reason for Each Specific Upgrade:

Durability: Have you ever been knocked around by a 1-5 Vizard in his Hollowfied form? Nearly had your hand blown off, only to have that very same Vizard heal you up so he can beat you up again? Or to have a Skeleton backhand you like a bitch and take you to town hardcore? In essence it doesn't make sense that Steiner's durability is a beginner level anymore, what does make sense is to have him pushed into the Adept category as he has began to get stronger as his body has began to adjust to the physical turmoil of combat with supernatural beings. Lets not even mention that Steiner climbed a mountain in his thread to find Cirno, not that it is one of the two threads I have linked, but it does make sense that he is at least durable enough to climb a mountain WITHOUT POWERS. I don't know that is just my thoughts.

General Speed: In Home Sweet Home, Steiner had obstacle courses, ran every single day in the morning, and continued to train his swordplay (which will be brought up further when I get to it). He hasn't put power into his moves, but has instead focused on the finesse way of fighting. Running every day, running obstacle courses every day, and basically focusing on a speed and finesse way of swordsmanship would definitely increase the general speed of his movement over time. It only makes sense that he would be an Adept by now in terms of running and moving in combat.

Weapon Skill: Steiner uses a sword. A lot. Like by a lot, I mean it is his chosen style of fighting is swordsmanship. He has remained a beginner in it since his adaption, but having used a sword for a while, and the beginnings of dedicating himself to his own personal style of swordplay which is a finesse style of swordsmanship which requires dedication to learning how to feint with sword strikes and understanding the motion of the blade, learning its' weight, learning how to best use momentum of strikes to increase the physical damage of the attacks, and knowing how to block and parry. In essence what had originally been a beginner in swordplay has finally began to adapt his own way of fighting with a sword, hence the movement up to adept.

Skill of Ziamichi Powers: Steiner uses basically two of his powers extremely frequently when using the power of his second spirit inside of his body. He spams the steam jet and the super heated steam with little care in the world, not to mention in his Home Sweet Home thread he is beginning to expand upon the usage of these moves to gain advantages in battle, and used these abilities to surprise Landen in Determination. In essence it would make sense that his skill toward using these powers would grow over time and he has had them long enough to begin to taking his first steps into being stronger with them.

Pain Endurance: I will put in perspective having the fingers: bones, muscles, and ligaments. Now imagine having all those shattered and turned into blood mush, only to have them healed, and returned to as good as new. Now, I'm pretty sure it would hurt like a bitch for a while and would in some way shape or form begin to push the levels of the pain at which Steiner could endure. Lets not forget taking a Cero to the face either, if not for the gem, and his own powers, Steiner would have died. Pain Endurance for the win.

Anima Stone Strength: His powers have awoken and he has began to draw out those powers, namely in Determination, and to a minor extent in Home Sweet Home. It makes sense that the strength of his stone would be higher due to the nature of the stone he has present in his own body as well. What doesn't make sense is that such an intricate part of his own power is not higher in strength. Just saying...

Soul Dash: As stated earlier, Steiner is going to be a speedster, using momentum, and finesse to fight his opponents more so than brute force. He uses Soul Dash, a lot, to accelerate his swings so that he can make up for the minor inconveniences of not being too generally fast (yet). He also has used Soul Dash a few other times as a misdirection so that he can dodge attacks and create openings. Hence why I thought it would be okay to pump this stat up to Adept at the slightest.

Willpower: Because of the Micro Burst mission that I accomplished, I would like to use this as a way to raise my willpower to at least Advanced.

» Extra: I probably won't get everything I want and I know that.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Steiner Franz Skill and Tier upgrade   Sat Jan 30, 2016 3:11 pm


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Steiner Franz Skill and Tier upgrade   Sun Jan 31, 2016 4:00 pm

After checking over this, Im gonna go ahead and approve it all except the tier ups. Im going to have the tier max out at 4-2- if that's alright. You put a lot of work into the fights but instant jumps that far forward are a bit much sometimes. Your arguments were valid and after looking at the threads Im cool with the skill ups. So, everything is approved here but the tier ups to 4-1/3-5. Its instead 4-2-.


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Steiner Franz Skill and Tier upgrade
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