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 New Face to Squad 7 [Squad 7 members only]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: New Face to Squad 7 [Squad 7 members only]   Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:12 pm

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”. . . Where are you going ~?”

Animum had inquired rather softly, her clear gaze lingering on the dragonic individual. One brow perked while the other remained in a neutral position on her forehead. The vice captains expression other then this slight quizzical break in her otherwise neutrally drunk expression would next shift a tad more. She had listened then to carters reasoning and to more importantly how the fight itself had happened in the first place. The more he said? The more the girl had been internally cringing because it sounded exactly like something this man would pull, and because of that while yes, she was angry that this had happened , she more importantly would understand it, and not really give him too much trouble on the subject before finally she turned her gaze over to the man who had called the captain a child.

It was amusing, to be honest that someone would make such a mistake as to mix up the angelic shinigami with a mere child. However she could understand it, from a purely critical point of view. Given there still was some baby fat on the otherwise lean physique of the captain that stood before her. There was a boyish tinge to him that could certainly lead to someone making that kind of mistake. Yet, on a purely irrational basis she had been irked by that statement. That someone would even insinuate that carter was a child bothered her more than what she wanted to admit, and because of that she had calmed herself before allowing a purely unbias retort, calm and cool as a cucumber to escape her plump lips.

”..Honestly. . This “Boy” could make ur life hell you know hon.”

With that thinly veiled threat in the form of a kernel of knowledge put out there she had shifted her attention elsewhere, or more specifically to the girl that had just sneezed a heaping cloud of sulfur in her face after sniffing the bottle of alcohol she had loosely dangling in her fingers. Thanks to that, Animum Desponde would wrinkle her nose, the smell of rotting eggs overpowering every other kind of reeking stench that was in the room, And yet she wouldn’t say anything scathing or rude, even in her marginally tipsy state. Instead Animum would tilt her head back and state in an almost joking way.

”..Geez that absolutely reeks. Where did you hide that kind of smell?”

Even as she said that though, she had to wonder. Did she deserve to be here? Even with her own desolate background, she honestly wondered how long this could last. Because of who and what she was, she just hoped that this possibly would work out, because these people honestly had been good to her, and she wanted to do what she could for them, this . . .Unlikely band of misfits.

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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: New Face to Squad 7 [Squad 7 members only]   Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:28 pm


Yoma laughed when he was informed that the child was the new captain of the Squad. Yoma then proceeded to pick up some of the tiny rocks when the captain told him to and pocketed them into his pouch he carries on him. then his captain told him to stop and take a seat. Yoma simply did as he was told taking a drink but instead of drinking it he started to heat it and evaporate the drink slowly with his flames. Blowing the odor of the alcohol into the area. Yoma sighed and laughed at how the captain stated that is he was called a child again then they would have to spar. Yoma laughed but at the same time some new had seemed to arrive to the party.

“hey welcome to what remains of this place, the captain wants you to take a seat and have a drink so relax and have some fun.”

yoma spoke directly to the new guy with basically with what the captain told him.Then continued to burn the alcohol and let it fill the area even as sherri filled the area with her own odor.

“man what a smell tho Little Captain. That info you gave are you sure it's best for someone like me to know it? i'm not the best person to give information to. i can easily use it against you,”

Yoma spoke jokingly about other half not expecting anyone to understand. he even laughed at the fact that the vice said that apparently that child could also make his life hell. apparently this captain had some strength behind him but doesn't all captains contain that potential yoma thought to himself.

Yoma doubted his reason for being here things were interesting but it still felt as he was wasting his time on something simple.

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Subject Post 23PostSubject: Re: New Face to Squad 7 [Squad 7 members only]   Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:45 pm

Well watching what was going on so far hadn't given him to much insight as to everything that had happened and he was honestly okay with that fact for now. He looked around for a decent place to sit down for the meeting. He almost smiled a bit when it was suggested he have a drink. He really didn't like to consume alcohol very much and seeing one of the two new people so clearly deep into their drinking based on the empty bottles somewhat disturbed him. He found that it clouded the mind and cause hasty decisions that were usually regretted later. Not that he would never drink but he simply preferred not to most of the time and especially when there was business to get done.

He did do his best to relax but he wasn't worried about having any fun. This was a squad meeting after all. Fun wasn't what came to mind when he thought of meetings. He watched as it seemed Yoma taunting their new captain which regardless of rank seemed like a bad idea to him. This was somebody they were going to have to work with for a while so it was good idea to at least get along with him fairly well. He didn't say anything about it though figuring that he would learn that for himself sooner or later. He looked around at all of them thinking to himself what an odd bunch they really did make. Then again from the outside looking in MOST groups probably looked strange. Not to much was going on yet so he decided to wait for the captain to start this little meeting.
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New Face to Squad 7 [Squad 7 members only]
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