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 Years in the making! Who are these people!?

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Years in the making! Who are these people!?    Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:44 pm

[4Viz 4 HIS birthday.]

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The forests of the Rukongai were vast and lush, full of rivers, lakes, and nature. This made it perfect for the Nature Iramasha to explore. And they did. After coming to this realm and establishing their headquarters, they indeed did explore.

The nature in the spirit world was so similar to that in the living world. It was filled with nature energy, but at the same time it lacked the exact structure that is found in the living world, it was a little bit more ordered. Pierre was always amazed when he was in different dimensions, the sugiura real, the living realm, and even the living realm, all seemed to have a natural basis, but they were all different. He laid down on the grassy area next to a lake. He closed his eyes as he connected with the plants round him, just feeling their energy. Over the years Pierre had learned to mellow out. Before he was all angry and scowly,now he was still like that, but had learned to calm down and connect with nature more. As he rested and relaxed flowers and trees in the surrounding area came into bloom, filling the air with a variety of smells.

On the other hand in the sky there were flashes of golden light as another nature iramasha took a different approach to resting. Dashel was probably the fastest conscious being on the planet. With the ability to travel at light speed he count be out sped, but its not like going that fast had any other benefits besides the speed. He happily sped around the forests and lakes of the area just below the speed of sound, as to not cause damage to the area. As he flew through the sky, a trail of golden energy followed. As he lost focus he instantly sped up, quickly breaking the sound barrier a few times over, shock waves coming from the events uprooting trees, and causing the lakes and ponds to splash out.

Pierre didnt flinch at this. He was used to being around Dashel, and had become oddly accustomed to these random events happening due to Dashels unstable nature.

Though the booms were loud, there wasnt anybody else around to hear them, or was there?

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Years in the making! Who are these people!?    Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:13 pm



A meeting of minds had just concluded, Azure Iramasha and Damien Crow shelled out quite a few issues that he and the Gotei had with Azure. The time had come for it to finally reach a head as it was, the two finally coming to terms with past events and a future for the both of them. That being said, this explained Azure's odd location that day. The Rukongai, a district for pluses that weren't normally seen within the Seireitei was the location of Azure Iramasha on such a day.

The Hybrid Iramasha spent the time here in the Rukongai walking the streets to the forests near the settlements edges. Taking in the site's, the forests reminded him of the grass and greens of home. Iramasha Island shared a lot of similarities with the Soul Society's surface. Beautiful nature, kind people and general respect. The Shinigami and Iramasha weren't very different in these aspects, something that made them great co-exisiting people. Taking a deep breath, Azure found himself along a path, heading towards a large lake in the forest's cleared out sections.

The sun was relatively high that afternoon, pushing its way from the clouds as it rained down on the forest. Azure had heard of this place before when he had worked for the Gotei. The lake was a spot that most came in order to confess love and to swim as a hobby. It was large, clear blue and the perfect temprature for most to spend time in. It was something Azure had to see for himself, something that Iramasha Island also shared. Not many were around, and those that were Azure seemed to completely ignore. He was tired, the meeting that he had with Daimen only made him more anxious for the world's future.

Staring at the lake's surface, the Vanguard Leader took in the sun's strength, breathing softly as he began to speak aloud.

"There's always peace somewhere, despite all the problems the realms are beginning to share. If only it could be spread farther to these places. Then, people like me wouldn't need to exist. Heh"

The Iramasha was a depressing man ever since the encounters of Iceland. It seemed that he only grew more somber compared to the time he spent alone. Hopefully, the visit to the Lake would bring some type of joy out of Azure. He needed a break from the world, constant fighting and helping didn't meld too well with a mind like his.

Besides, he wasn't needed all the time.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Years in the making! Who are these people!?    Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:03 pm


Dashel Waves