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 Starting only to End (Steiner and lilith)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Starting only to End (Steiner and lilith)   Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:01 am

The girl had often felt like this was all she was anymore, the little heartless terror that could never escape her actions, the dog who was leashed by her destruction... was she a monster?

The constant sense of disappointment lingered with her, what she was and what she had done for so long made her regret everything, she came here seeking penance but had found little so far. The feeling of pushing away those close to her or even losing anyone she came to find as a friend...Mel was nothing but alone anymore more so than ever. She had come to find herself creating her own cage, isolation was easy for her cutting away from those that want you to be something else and forget what you are is easy, for they don't know what it was like and she could never show them..... would they have even taken notice?

Her leave and application for movement from the initiative to the Boros Guard may have seemed sudden, but truly Mel had been within this ideal for awhile. Staying away from the first line of attack was the way she could control the darkness within her, lest it consumed her very soul and she showed her true colors ... she was to weak to contain what part of her wanted to become that evil again ...she was broken.

The world was springing into chaos slowly things going array all over the place some information on people long dead and others who were monstrous or those of unknown origin began emerging... eventually a trail would be followed and they would wind up on a hunt. defense lead to prisoners which lead to confinement which lead to interrogations...and information. And that's what they were doing here, gaining some knowledge

A unnatural being of their like appearing to the world and attacking bases like they were nothing to him ... it was odd to say the least, but his utter appeal was repulsing ... he reeked of blood. Mels eyes scanned this smiling figure as he conversed with another of the Boros Guards individuals, a man assigned to this particular interrogation along with her, one Steiner Franz a man with some experience in matters of recent times and a cool head to match. He was a patient and kind guy, Mel didn't seem to mind him much though she kept to her reclusive ways avoiding even eye contact with the man as he spoke. The figure before them was seemingly nothing more than some spark of genocidal killer ...and his eyes didn't linger from her even as he spoke words to the other man

I might take you when i kill him?

Her mind snapped as she turned to look this man in the eyes, he had hit the spot that hurt the most. He could threaten her till her dying day but even as the kind hearted man offered some semblance of peace he struck the branch with fire and threatened to kill her comrade ... she was lost before she could even know. As she walked over to the man her nails dug into her hand piercing through as small drips of blood seeped out. Within a second she had grabbed this mans arm and the screams would begin.

Im through waiting... speak.

The ice ripped out intervals within his arm shooting forth as the ripped apart nerve and tissue alike going up ice ripping out of his arm till it was a crippled mess all before shed grab onto it, ripping it from it's socket, no blood spilled ... the wounds were frozen solid just like his blood...she was the bad cop but she was damn good at being the bad cop.

Her eyes triggered across this room as her breath faded her heart rate increasing as she saw what she had done, she was always going to be like this... always a beast. Her face now mixed with anguish and regret as she pushed her hair back turned as the girl shook walking out of this place. Those cold eyes of the man still staring at her as all he did now was laugh... she had let her darkness slip and as she ran into the hall shivering she could only muster tears as she clasped her arm trying to regain composure as her grip tightened teeth clenching as she cried.

Why am i such a damn monster.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Starting only to End (Steiner and lilith)   Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:07 pm