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 Starting only to End (Steiner and lilith)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Starting only to End (Steiner and lilith)   Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:01 am

The girl had often felt like this was all she was anymore, the little heartless terror that could never escape her actions, the dog who was leashed by her destruction... was she a monster?

The constant sense of disappointment lingered with her, what she was and what she had done for so long made her regret everything, she came here seeking penance but had found little so far. The feeling of pushing away those close to her or even losing anyone she came to find as a friend...Mel was nothing but alone anymore more so than ever. She had come to find herself creating her own cage, isolation was easy for her cutting away from those that want you to be something else and forget what you are is easy, for they don't know what it was like and she could never show them..... would they have even taken notice?

Her leave and application for movement from the initiative to the Boros Guard may have seemed sudden, but truly Mel had been within this ideal for awhile. Staying away from the first line of attack was the way she could control the darkness within her, lest it consumed her very soul and she showed her true colors ... she was to weak to contain what part of her wanted to become that evil again ...she was broken.

The world was springing into chaos slowly things going array all over the place some information on people long dead and others who were monstrous or those of unknown origin began emerging... eventually a trail would be followed and they would wind up on a hunt. defense lead to prisoners which lead to confinement which lead to interrogations...and information. And that's what they were doing here, gaining some knowledge

A unnatural being of their like appearing to the world and attacking bases like they were nothing to him ... it was odd to say the least, but his utter appeal was repulsing ... he reeked of blood. Mels eyes scanned this smiling figure as he conversed with another of the Boros Guards individuals, a man assigned to this particular interrogation along with her, one Steiner Franz a man with some experience in matters of recent times and a cool head to match. He was a patient and kind guy, Mel didn't seem to mind him much though she kept to her reclusive ways avoiding even eye contact with the man as he spoke. The figure before them was seemingly nothing more than some spark of genocidal killer ...and his eyes didn't linger from her even as he spoke words to the other man

I might take you when i kill him?

Her mind snapped as she turned to look this man in the eyes, he had hit the spot that hurt the most. He could threaten her till her dying day but even as the kind hearted man offered some semblance of peace he struck the branch with fire and threatened to kill her comrade ... she was lost before she could even know. As she walked over to the man her nails dug into her hand piercing through as small drips of blood seeped out. Within a second she had grabbed this mans arm and the screams would begin.

Im through waiting... speak.

The ice ripped out intervals within his arm shooting forth as the ripped apart nerve and tissue alike going up ice ripping out of his arm till it was a crippled mess all before shed grab onto it, ripping it from it's socket, no blood spilled ... the wounds were frozen solid just like his blood...she was the bad cop but she was damn good at being the bad cop.

Her eyes triggered across this room as her breath faded her heart rate increasing as she saw what she had done, she was always going to be like this... always a beast. Her face now mixed with anguish and regret as she pushed her hair back turned as the girl shook walking out of this place. Those cold eyes of the man still staring at her as all he did now was laugh... she had let her darkness slip and as she ran into the hall shivering she could only muster tears as she clasped her arm trying to regain composure as her grip tightened teeth clenching as she cried.

Why am i such a damn monster.

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Steiner Franz
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Starting only to End (Steiner and lilith)   Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:07 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: Nuclear Fusion- Word Count: 1,514

Steiner had always wondered what had gone on inside of the interrogation rooms in the Boros Guard's HQ and now standing inside of one for the first time, looking upon the face of some vile monster who had assaulted, and wreaked havoc upon his brother in arms, he now knew what went on in there. Inside of these rooms, monsters, freaks, and psychopaths who were loyal to those with nothing, but evil in their hearts were placed to be forced into handing information over about their foes. But that information was not to be handed over so easily as the majority of the people brought in here were as sinister and low as a snake with its' fangs bared. Steiner had dealt with forces like that before, he had seen the darker side of things over the last few months, and he had the scars to prove that, but right now he was here, in this room, to act as a voice of reason. A voice that remained oddly silent as he watched the girl do her work and with good reason he remained silent. At first this had been simple: ask a question, get a witty retort, Mel threatened him, and then he would pretend to calm her down and try to act as a mediator between the two. Trying to pry information from the prisoner to the best of his abilities, but so far they had gotten nothing.

The man had a sick grin on his face and much like Mel had, Steiner could smell the blood of his sins on his hands. He didn't really want to be here, he felt dirty just being around scum like this, and would much rather be out training or performing simple patrol routes around the city. Yet, he had agreed to help in this interrogation, and to help Mel complete this particular task to the best of his ability. Yet, the best of his ability didn't seem to be anywhere near close enough to what was needed to pry any sort of info out of the monster before them. It was as he said something stupid that Steiner tried to reach out for Mel's shoulder before she did something she would regret, but she was way too fast for the young hero to stop, and she had already grabbed him by the arm, digging her nails in like they were the claws of some kind of wild animal. She demanded that the man speak and that she was tired of waiting. In a way, he too was tired of getting no where with this particular villain, but knew that violence would not solve a thing in this particular moment. As he reached out to stop her from going further, she took things up a notch.

The man let out unholy screams and Steiner could visibly see ice shards begin to rip through his arm like it was a piece of raw meat being cut by a butcher's cleaver. A bit of blood would splash across Steiner's face, but Steiner wouldn't react to it much more than drawing a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe it off his face. She tore his arm off with little to no regard to the mission that they had been sent here to accomplish and he watched as he screamed blood murder. He flung obscinities and howled as loud as he possibly could as Mel stormed out of the room, probably in shock of what she had just done, and as she exited into the hall Steiner overheard what she had said, his eyes drooped down, and his head lowered till his face was covered by his hair. "You see what that bitch did! Fucking bitch! Fucking...", as he continued to shout he would be cut off by Steiner who had just about enough of his tongue for his own merit. He had closed the door to the interrogation room, for only a moment he, and the prisoner would be alone. Steiner, control yourself. The voice of reason, Valus, tried his best to calm down the young man, but Steiner Franz was having none of that right now, and pushed Valus far down.

"I am normally calm and collected, but I will not have you talk down to her." Steiner had grabbed the man's skull with his left hand and applied pressure to his cheeks. It was painful, but it wasn't going to kill the man, just make him a bit more understanding of what was going on right at that moment. "You will watch your tongue and maybe if you do that someone will give you your arm back. But for now, I'm going to leave you a parting gift to help you understand the type of person you are...", Steiner uttered silent as his eyes glowed blue for only a moment as the criminal stared into his eyes. In that instant he would begin to relive his past cruelties and scream in pain as his body was wracked with pain from all of his past endeavors. All that slaughter, all that mayhem, and all that pain that he had induced would be relived by this singular person, but this time he would be the victim. Killing himself over and over again, maiming himself over and over again, destroying his family over and over again. In essence, for a sinner, and vile man this was the ultimate punishment. Steiner sighed, adjusting his coat as he walked away from the man, who had stopped screaming, and was now convulsing in shock. He wouldn't die, no...Steiner hadn't used enough Judgement Energy to make that a reality. He wasn't a murderer, just a righteous man who couldn't stand watching people cry. Especially people who had already gone through their own fare share of torment.

He walked out of the room as he saw the man began to foam at the mouth before passing out in shock. He closed the door and lightly walked over to her, making sure to be careful of what he said from this point on, and calmly collecting himself a bit before he began to speak. "Everything is alright and no you aren't a've just had a rough go of things.", Steiner said as he tried to catch up to her as best he could. He felt a little drained from using his ability, but he quickly shook it off as best he could to give Mel a smile as best he could. "Though, ripping a guys arm off it a bit too far for a basic threat that he won't be able to come through with. He is locked in a cell, nothing he can do to anyone in there.", Steiner said as he looked back at the cell where they had just came from down the hall. He wanted to reassure her that she wasn't a monster, overprotective of her allies sure, but a monster she was not. She was a person, just like him, and they were both flung into this madness together, and that they would be alright just as long as they kept what made them people and didn't turn into the villains they locked up here, everything would be okay. At least that was what he thought.

"Thanks for sticking up for me though, arm ripping aside, that was pretty cool. We won't be getting anything out of him for a bit...", Steiner said as he knew he was probably passed out from the pain. "I will send a doctor in there to get that arm fixed and we will start again tomorrow?", Steiner queried with a confident smile, he had to show her he was calm, and hopefully she wouldn't find out he himself had lost it. She was in distress, he could tell that much, but he would help her to the best of his ability, and that wasn't because they were comrades. It was because he actually cared, she was a person as he had thought earlier, and people shouldn't be alone when they are in distress. That was just common sense to him, at least to a guy who had suffered as much as he had. In truth he had never had anyone, not a single person to actually care for him, and take care of him. His parents hated him, his foster parents were there for him, but they weren't really there for him now. In honesty, the closest thing he had to a friend was Valus, and that was quite sad to the young human. Valus was a mentor and there was very little beyond that for him, he needed real friends.

And that was in itself the problem. How could you possibly make friends when you were training, dealing with threats to mankind, and getting the piss beat out of you. Really he had no time for it, but he really wanted some friends, and maybe he should try to make some now. "I'm Steiner, by the way. We haven't really been properly introduced.", he said cheerily as he possibly could.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Starting only to End (Steiner and lilith)   Fri Mar 11, 2016 12:39 am

Artist: Undertale OST - Song: Your Best Friend - Word Count: 1877

Even after joining the well known protagonist organization of the human realm, Yuzuki had quickly found that their methods were far from in the realm of Justice. While we were ‘fighting evil’ it made no difference since we as an organization were no different from them; destroying the homes of others by harming and even killing other living creatures. Yuzuki while having her own trauma to deal with had never been the type to indulge herself in this type of carnage and she had to grow up with a mother that thought killing humans was still okay. Even with that violence inbeded into her family somehow it was much more peaceful than the ideals and morals of anyone on earth. This was the conclusion the princess had made after being here for a short period of time; perhaps through time and effort she’d be able to mold the minds of others. It, while being such a far fetched dream, it was something Yuzuki was more than willing to reach for and in her mind the first step would be this mission given to her. However due to her timid and very emotional nature this was proving much harder than when she first reached that door boss. The emotional roller coaster that took place in that hell hole was too much for her to even remember the full details of the events and unfortunately this was starting to look like another door boss.

It seemed that her other two partners were far more ready for a situation like this, their confidence already damping the young princess’ spirits. If anything knew Yuzuki well enough then they’d know that pretty much any disturbance in her psyche good or bad would end in her periotic emotional break down. It also seemed that their planning process at went at a much faster speed than the Sugiuran could handle, and perhaps since she didn’t really have much input that they didn’t really noticed or feel the need for her to participate right away. What would she be able to do anyways, never once at Yuzuki have ever needed to interrogate someone and while she didn’t know if her own allies had either they both fearlessly walked into the room.


After being left alone Yuzuki couldn’t help but notice her vision starting to take on that familiar blurring; however she couldn’t tell what exactly was causing this reaction. Was she ashamed of herself for her insecurities, was she fearful for the person they were interrogating or was she more worried about what her friends would be forced to do under these situations. Negative thoughts were piling upon each other the more she thought about the situation which only forced her deeper into a corner against her feelings. While it never really helped before out of pure reaction and habit Yuzuki shaky hands would have reached behind to grab the bunny ears of her hoodie before tugging it up and over her head. Once she got the protection of the hood she wanted it wouldn’t take long before her tears formed one after another. The child still wanted to be able to hear the others however not stay too close to the door as to get hit by any oncoming traffic (i.e. get tripped over, or get the door slammed on her). So the best choice would be to stay watch of the door by being across from it, leaning against the closest wall to slide herself down into her infamous crouching position.

The talking between the two can be barely heard from Yuzuki position even with her heightened hearing, perhaps due to her sharp sniffling however the sound that did come out as clear as day was the horrible cry of someone getting hurt. Much like that of a frightened child Yuzuki couldn’t help but fling her hands to both of her ears, trying her hardest to press down on them as to cancel out any more of his cries. Just from the scream alone it sounds like something horrible had happened, was it the cries of one of her allies? Maybe, it could have been the male in their group as the voice sounded closer to that however he seemed too young to match the tone. If it was the person they were interrogating, than the situation was much more worse than it should have been. With a shutter the female slower paced crying reversed on itself, as to lower the sound of her crying her would have shoved her face into her knees and used to her arms to hug her legs. Just the thought of the blood and he pain twisted her stomach and made her feel ill, if it wasn’t enough the sensation was moving itself up her throat. And while she wasn't going to throw up then and there, it did leave that sickening feeling only to linger there as to remind her of her fears.

If anything the sound of the doors opening was a bit helpful in drawing her attention away from her anxiety building up. She seemed clearly upset and rushed out of the room; perhaps she too didn’t like the violent approach maybe if she didn’t do it then all that was left was the boy inside of the room still. Well, was in the room, while it did take him a few more moments than anticipated he did leave in a rush to talk to the female member. It seemed for now that none of them had noticed the Sugiuran which gave her copious amount of time to try and clear her nose with a few deep sniffles. Once that was finished the female would have lifted herself off from the ground using one of her hoodie’s sleeves to wipe off the tears from her face.

“Thanks for sticking up for me though, arm ripping aside, that was pretty cool. We won't be getting anything out of him for a bit…”

Arm ripping..?
If anything Yuzuki would have heard the rest if it weren’t for the mention of the cause of the horrific scream. As she had feared the worse was that one of her teammates had resorted to violence; something in which no-one has to take. It was heartbreaking in the least, and even though the Sugiuran never got to see how it all went down, the proof was that no-one else was hurt in the hallway, or at least physically. It was a bad choice but not one Yuzuki could hold a grudge against her own conrads for; at least she would be the one to try and fix the messes that were left behind. Maybe everyone will learn what is best that way; so with that thought in mind Yuzuki would have casually activated one of the gadgets attached to her body, in which was none other than her ‘endless pockets’. This was most definitely not to pull out her sacred weapon as she was commonly found doing, but instead she retrieved a small medkit from it’s absys. Bad guy or not he was still living, he had his own life to live and while other may say the opposite he still had a soul.

“U-um.. I.. I’m going to go tend the wounds..” Keeping her voice as soft as possible the Sugiuran deminior was closer to that of someone much shyer than she really was. She didn’t even bother trying to keep eye contact with the others as the uncomfortableness it would cause would lower her resolve to do the right thing. If anything it was better that way, since she quickly left to the other room without listen to a word of their replies. It shouldn’t have mattered anyways, upon their exit it didn’t seem that they noticed her at all, she may have even scared them by speaking up. However due to her sudden excitement of helping someone out, her normal relaxed state spiked out once again. While no-one else was in danger she couldn't say the same thing for that of the door handle since once she gripped onto it the obvious indents of her palms and fingers were visible. A terrified squeak left the female as she thought of the possible punishments could have been for breaking work property, or perhaps what the others would have said about the manner. As what was common Yuzuki couldn’t help the tears starting to form in her face once more as she quickly went into a panic.

“I-i.. I’ll fix it!” With that panicked response it shouldn't be surprising that a minor form of adrenaline was kicking in at least; so as she rushed inside of the room the lack of control on her part Yuzuki would have “lightly” slammed the door. Lightly is never something to be taken seriously by the female as lightly could be strong enough to crush someone's skull or even leave permanent damage to objects and buildings however in this case it was merely damage to the walls and some of the hinges of the door. Thankfully it it still meant the door could stay closed, something which relieved the girl, but still upset her for the fact that she broke it in the first place. But she had much more important things to handle such as fixing the person that they broke; how was she going to do this? She had no idea especially since she didn’t even know the extent of the injury, but from the screams she knew it was bad.

Of course in her fragile little world, Yuzuki never expected anything to this degree, she never thought that a person could get injured this badly. And even though the blood was frozen in place just the thought of the gory mess violently turned her stomach, involuntarily Yuzuki would have turned towards the wall trying her hardest not to throw up whatever she ate that morning. Even though she was hunched over dry heaving intensely that still didn’t turn her away from the thought of helping this person infact how gruesome the scene was to her made her want to help even more. By activating her storage unit, Yuzuki was capable of taking one of her medkits out, going straight for the gause, she saw people getting bandaged up all the time on tv shows. From that logic all she had to do is wrap this around the wound and they will be set. However it seemed way more difficult in practice, because when Yuzuki finally begun to hold onto what’s left of the man’s arm a loud crunching sound echoed the room. Along with the sound the little princess couldn’t help but whimper, another overflow of tears forming in her eyes as she tried her best to bandage everything she broke. Something simple like controlling grip was much harder to her than most would have so with each time she held onto him, she only seemed to further the damage. Those small tears started to turn into a hysterical mess, as she came to understand more and more that she was only making matters worse. Without there being anything further that she could do Yuzuki would have ‘carefully’ left the room, trying to keep the door still functional, as she tried to wipe up her tears streaming down her face.

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Starting only to End (Steiner and lilith)
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