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 Never Lucky

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Sonia Bond
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Never Lucky   Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:16 pm

Sonia Bond was having a great day.

She was even whistling while she walked, that’s how good if a day she was having. In her hand she was holding a small tulip, the flower being left on her pillow by the acquaintance she’d met the night before when Sonia had decided to ‘live a little’ and go to a local bar. The entire night was amazing with good talk and good…times. Said acquaintance was also, apparently, well versed on how such encounters should go because the only trace of her presence in Sonia’s apartment was the tulip Sonia was currently twirling in her fingers. Sonia held the flower to her nose and took a small sniff, her smile getting only wider as she did so.

Plus, she’d just got out of a restaurant that served some of the best hamburgers she’d ever eaten, so that was a plus. Also, the cookies and cream milkshakes were godlike.

It was the little things that made the blond Quincy happy. She was never one to let things pile on and pull her down but lately she’d felt like she’d slammed into a wall in terms of…well, everything. She didn’t feel like moving away from home was turning out to be all that of a great idea but her Grandmother had insisted. Personally Sonia thought that Lily had sent her away to get away from the Street Monks but she never voiced that particular thought for fear of her Grandmother’s wrath.

Karakura wasn’t a bad place, to be sure. It was the center of everything going on in the world and Sonia was honestly happy to be there. No one looked at her twice and she’d barely used her powers at all for any reason. You wanted to be safe? You went to Karakura. You wanted excitement? Karakura. You wanted to be accosted by some random white-haired kid on a search for an ancient Quincy relic that could purify your very being so that it could be turned into a relic? Karakura. Or maybe that last one was just her own experience, but she could hardly blame that on her location. That could have happened anywhere.


Still, things had been going rather swimmingly but Sonia was really craving one thing; the company of other Quincy. Well, several things if you included the girls that had just walked by her, giggling as they did so, but one could not have it all. And Sonia really did want to connect with fellow Quincy if nothing more than to see what they were [/i]like[/i]. Sure, she’d met a few back home with her family but they had seemed so…bland. Lily had told her that not all Quincy were stuck up and snobbish, but a good amount were due to their ‘Quincy Pride’ and the belief that they were somehow better than your average person. The dubious look on the blonde’s face had made Lily laugh. Sonia thought herself no better than anyone else, unless you gave her a reason to think such thoughts. Then she could be as savage as the next guy.

Sonia didn’t know why but she was of the notion that perhaps the Quincy in Karakura were of a different breed than anywhere else. But maybe that was the thought that creeped into ones head, romanticizing the idea of something because it was so unknown. The blond was someone who always wanted to see the good in anyone, sure, but the taste of the few Quincy she met back home was rather bland. Somehow she’d thought Karakura would be swimming in Quincy. It had only been a few weeks, granted, and she hadn’t really looked all too hard. But with her eventful evening and a good meal under her belt Sonia felt that now would be a good time to venture out and see what she could shake loose from the center of the modern world.


…or, you know…that.

Sonia turned her head and watched as a man several yards away was booking it like the Devil himself was on his heels. The woman he’d apparently purse snatched was, admittedly, unfit for running in high heels and a short skirt that showed miles of legs that Sonia had to tear her eyes from. She pondered a moment, weighing her options as she watched the man get further and further away and, with her Grandmother’s voice screeching in her head to show some drive and not be a lazy ass cat, Sonia let go of the flower that was clutched in her hand and held her hand up, [url=]Nicht Ablösbar[/url] forming quickly. The shot she fired was low powered and would have been laughed at by anyone else had it hit them but Sonia wasn’t in the habit of maiming your everyday human. She led her shot, though, and it hit right in front of the fleeing man who stopped and jumped back as the small flash that was released made him reel back and fall onto his behind.

A quick use of Hirenkyaku had her in front of the man who was clutching the woman’s bag, his face fearful but, and maybe it was a trick of the light, confident. He got up quickly and stood there a moment, his beady black eyes scanning the blond woman in front of him with more intelligence than Sonia would think a purse snatcher could have. How in the world could anyone think they could get away with such a petty crime in Karakura, one of the most secure places in the known world? The blond tilted her head in confusion and held out her hand, her brain automatically forcing her to make sure this man understood her and therefore refrained from her normal use of slang.

“Not very polite, I must say,” Sonia began, raising a delicate eyebrow expectantly. “Now why don’t you hand me that purse and move along, yeah? No need to make this any worse on yourself.”

Fuck you!!”

The statement was so forceful that Sonia was taken aback, her eyes blinking rapidly at the hostility. No one had been so rude to her since she’d taken residence in Karakura, and her mind quickly came up with a ‘no searches found’ on if she’d actually witnessed or heard of any crime since her stay began. She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by the man flinging the purse in her general direction. She pursed her lips in annoyance as she dodged the makeshift projectile and was about to comment on the overall rudeness until she noticed the man was on the run again. The rude comment and general interrupting of her day left Sonia mildly annoyed and this time she wasn’t going to let this man escape with his dignity intact.

Nicht Ablösbar appeared in her hand almost instantly, the small shortbow glowing lightly as she lined up her shot and fired at his left leg, intending on temporarily incapacitating him until his thieving ass could be captured.

Until the loudest red blur Sonia had ever seen seemingly blocked her shot, the red form landing right in her line of sight to the man in what Sonia would have called the best superhero pose she’d ever seen. Defiantly a ten out of ten.

“Uhhh…” Sonia slurred a moment as she lowered her shortbow. “What?”


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Never Lucky   Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:53 pm