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 Iramasha Update Workstation [Open To All]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Iramasha Update Workstation [Open To All]   Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:45 am

Coding In Template By:


Enter The Iramasha

I. What Are Iramasha?

What Are Iramasha: Otherworldly beings. That simple phrase is enough to describe what Iramasha are. They embrace the nature of all the metaphysical and physical constructs which compromise this universe. Unlike Danava or Sugiura, they do not derive their powers by becoming the embodiments of concepts, nor does it come by reflecting their elements from the mind. Rather, their power comes from the world around them.

Formerly classified as "Chaos Energy", The Iramasha draw in power from "Aether". Aether is the medium that Iramasha use in order to attune themselves to their power and awaken their mythical prowess. Through this instrument of energy can their bodies begin to channel in and summon the element of the universe they wish to draw in power from. Once they become aware of the construct in which their body is attuned to, their personality traits and powers will begin to shape soon after.

As you will see in the italics, an example of an Aether is used can be seen:


Digressing, the universe is in constant motion. And, because of that, the prowess which the Iramasha's body reflect have the capacity to evolve, alter and adapt to this ever-changing world. As the Iramasha trains their body, progresses through life and becomes further self-aware as time presses on, their elements can advance and transform. It will require intense training, but unlike most races, The Iramasha have immense customization over what they WANT their powers to be.

II. How Are Iramasha Made?

Material Reproduction: Although the bodies of the Iramasha are mythical in nature, they still can reproduce through traditional means of sexual intercourse. That means that the bulk of Iramasha are often produced by breeding. The birth cycle can vary wildly for Iramasha, however. Some are capable of given birth within a matter of days, while some have been known to hold their offspring within themselves for years.

Most interspecies reproduction is also possible with most known races, but if the Iramasha breeds with an external race, their genes will often fight to be the dominant one to the point of trying to block usage of the non-Iramasha parent's racial traits. This applies to all methods of Iramasha creation

Aether & Energy Reproduction: Since Iramasha feed on the world around them, it isn't exactly difficult for them to construct their own offspring by creating them with their energy. It may take some time to cultivate, but Iramasha are fully capable of producing children with their Aether. This process can take anywhere from hours, to days, to weeks, months or years depending on how skilled they are with their Aether Control. It's also possible for up to four Iramasha to come together to merge their Aether to create children as well. [This applies to mating with other races as well. As Aether can intermix with other energies.]

Reincarnation: It is possible for Iramasha to reincarnate themselves at the cusp of death in some cases. Often, Iramasha with high Aether Control have been known to recycle their Aether Class into a new being and continue on the cycle of their legacy. For instance, Cirno Iramasha is an Iramasha who is a reincarnated host of the Former Angel of The Ice. She was killed in battle, but managed to produce one last Aether Ritual to reincarnate the winter and holy elements of the world to infuse themselves into a new being to live on for her.

Mineral Extraction: Since Aether exists in between realms and monitors phenomena across dimensions, it isn't out of the question that the bodies of the Iramsaha can be made from the constructs in which they start out with. For example, it is possible for Angel Iramasha to be born in churches as these are often places where holy and angelic themes are often found. While, for Devil Iramasha, they could be born following catastrophic events of destruction due to the nature of their decaying Aether.

Conversion: Iramasha are also capable of converting both living and spiritual creatures into their race. However, the party being converted must consent to it prior to transforming. (I.E. the player or creator has to give permission. So it can be forced as well if the creator or owner of the character wishes it to be.) With that, many sorts of rituals can be done which breaks down the persons body, fuses them with Aether and allows them to be born-again as an Iramasha.

The primary danger of this, however, is the fact that once you become an Iramasha -- you are more than likely locked in that race. It may be possible to shift into another race if you are killed by something like a demon, but it is extremely difficult if not impossible to revert once this change is made.

III. Aether Energy

Aether Energy exists on a plane of existence which is found in between most realms. The Iramasha's body acts as a bridge between them and they are able to attune themselves to this force. This is because their body has specialized pathways of energy which allow them to become in sync with this force and become empowered by the forces of the universe. The reason this is important is because Aether is fabled in legend to be the force in which the Gods themselves used to forge elements of the universe.

While that isn't exactly true, the reality of the matter is that Aether is a transcendent energy which contains the needed metaphysical minerals to create elements and otherworldly powers. As the particles of Aether Energy infuse numerous constructs from the physical, spiritual and mental universes into their molecules. This is done so that they are able to observe and absorb elements from existence itself and then, in turn, they are able to bestow this prowess to Iramasha.

Hence, this is why Iramasha are able to attune to and modify their powers: as all the resources they need to are already embed into the nature of Aether Energy.

It's simply a matter of honing in on a singular element and devoting ones self towards mastering it and understanding it. That is the hard part of the matter. One does not simply decide one day that they wish to change powers or ascend their current abilities. The Iramasha must study the element they wish to control, endure life experiences which help cultivate their mythical spirit and train their body to the limit in order to induce these changes. It is why meditation and focus are important to the Iramasha; as it helps them to try and alter their universal energy to change "channels" and create a new medium for their powers to thrive in.

Aether Energy Simplified

Simplified Version - Aether Energy exists on a dimension in between all realms in the PH verse. The particles of Aether itself observe phenomena in the universe, absorb this information into their molecules and they turn it into metaphysical minerals. By cultivating and honing into these minerals, the Iramasha can use their body to grow and mold the powers they desire with practice.

Extra Note: Aether is only accessible to the Iramasha to because their body body acts as a bridge between realms and the will of the Iramasha enforces the change they desire.

IV. The Theory Of Personified Energy

It was once believed that Iramasha could wield multiple forms of energy. This is why most races often confused them for having "Chaos Energy", "Spiritual Energy", "Nature Energy" and "Holy Energy". However, this is simply not the case after further research and study had been conducted on the structure of the Iramasha body. It was discovered that most Iramasha bodies are capable of forming secondary and tertiary cores of energy which reflect their sub-races or Aether Classes.

From this, they were able to discover that the secondary class seems to be more important than the tertiary class. The reason for this is because they believe Aether Energy itself allots Iramasha attune themselves to the universe, focus on the power they wish to cultivate and grant accessibility to most of their racial traits and abilities. However, it seems that the personified energy itself is the medium which allows for abilities to come to life.

As an illustration, The Iramasha of Flames would most likely have a "Fire Energy" which allows for their heat and fire based abilities to come to life. Through this mechanism of power could bring side effects ranging from the ability to become empowered by extreme temperatures and fire, the capacity to generate fire, thermal resistance and other abilities which are trained and honed in by the Iramasha in question. Thus, as they refine and enrich this energy, the more they are able to harvest and birth more extreme abilities for themselves.

Personified Energy Simplified

Personified Energy Simplified: Personified Energy is simply excess energy that the Iramasha can use to help their stamina in combat. The primary source of personified energy is Aether Energy by default. When they become attuned to their powers, they can sometimes develop two, three, four or even up to five separate sources of energy depending on their Aether Control racial skill. They can also sometimes be considered the medium for which their special abilities are enforced through.

V. Aether Classes -The Iramasha's Main Power

Aether Classes is the nature which your Iramasha's powers take on. While it isn't forced, most Iramasha who are able to come up with a namesake often find themselves becoming further one with their powers. This then leads to more self-discovery, and, in turn, progression of their powers to form more complex abilities. The reason for this is because it is similar to the way in which most practitioners of kido receive enhancements from incantations. Once they give life to their construct through naming it, it is often sealed to their spirit and it cultivates itself into a stronger force because of that bond made.

Furthermore, it is important to have an Aether Class, as without it, most Iramasha are not eligible for release forms. The reason for this is because the Aether which compromises and flows in and around the Iramasha must have source of concept to identify. This is done through the ritual of labeling their namesake and bonding it to them. Without that seal, there is simply nothing for the Aether to hone in and thus -- it has nothing to evolve.

This doesn't limit them from attempting to experiment with their bodies to form alternatives, but it won't give them a traditional release.

Aether Classes Simplified

Simplified: The easiest way to remember Aether Classes is that they are your Iramasha's primary power. It has a namesake, and this namesake gives it enhanced power and allows them to have their release forms as it makes a seal in their body which allows them their ascended states.

VI. Sub-Aether Classes, Mutli-Aether Classes & Merged Classes

Sub-Aether Classes: Sub-Aether Classes are different from main Aether Classes. The reason being is because these are powers, YES, but they are directly related to the spectrum in which The Main Aether Class is rooted in. So, for my own example, Cirno is The Angel of The Ice since she is apart of the angelic branch of Iramasha. Her primary Aether Class is a merged one deals with Winter and Holy based powers. Focusing solely on her Winter element, she was able to make sub-classes of Ice, Wind and Cold control based on the range her Aether Class covered.

Thus, the incorrect way to create Aether-Classes would most likely be to create sub-powers which are unrelated to the primary Aether Class. For example, it would make absolutely zero sense for a Fire Aether to somehow begin using ice or lightning related abilities/powers with their Sub-Class. It would make more sense for that Aether Class to have heat, lava or anything that pertains to extremely hot or destructive/burning elements.

Summed up: Sub-Aether Classes are just additional powers that an Iramasha can learn as their Aether Control becomes more powerful. These powers are in DIRECT or SEMI-DIRECT relation to their Aether Class.

Merged Aether Classes: Merged Classes deal with Iramasha whose powers are a combinations of elements. More often than not, most sub-races will have Merged Classes. For instance, most Angel Iramasha's Aether will have "Angel Of The -Element/Construct/Theme-" in them. With this namesake, they will have their genetically passed down trait of holy/light elements bestowed upon them along with whatever unique element is individualized to them. So, for my example, Cirno's name is "The Angel Of The Ice". Her merged element takes properties from holy/angelic constructs and merges them with winter based elements to become an Angel of The Ice. So she would have powers pertaining to snow, ice, wind and holy constructs with her profile.

Summed Up: Merged Aether Classes are just infused elements which allow for a broader spectrum of power for the Iramasha. This is primarily associated with Iramasha Sub-races as opposed to the General Iramasha.

Multi-Aether Class

Multi-Aether Class: This is something that is exclusively found within Hybrid Iramasha. Multi-Aether Class Iramasha are Iramasha who were able to form multiple separate Aether Classes. This is different from Sub-Aether Classes because these are often considered two separate power sets. Whereas Sub-Aether Classes take powers DIRECTLY from the spectrum in which the main Aether Class covers, Multi-Aether Class Users are able to forge and create separate classes.

An example of a hybrid could be an Angel and Devil Iramasha who had a kid. As you know, both Angel and Devil Iramasha have predefined Merged Classes the deal with light and dark constructs. So, this child could become a Multi-Class Iramasha (and Hybrid Iramasha by proxy) by being born with both of these elements already infused into his being. While, at the same, he'd hold the potential to form his own personalized element to add to the mix. (i.e. wielding limited Angel/Devil prowess alongside an elemental prowess such as fire or vibration control)

They would have separate namesakes for their Multiple Aether Classes as well. So, in the example above, it would go as followed:

"The Root Of Devilkind" would be his namesake for his Devil Iramasha powers.

While "The Core Of Light" could take root to his other parents angelic prowess.

Then "The Essence Of Vibration" could be his own unique power if he should so choose to develop one.

It isn't restricted to just angel/devil hybrids, as they can also come in the form of multiple elements. Such an illustration would be having a hybrid of Kinetic Manipulation and Mass Manipulation being used at once. The primary thing to remember for multiple Aether Classes is that they should still have a loose form of relation with one another.

Angel/Devils are loosely related because they the opposites of each, kinetic/mass manipulation are loosely related as these are scientific constructs that make-up the universe. You need to have the capacity to explain how these multiple elements come together to make a theme for your character when making a hybrid Iramasha.

Summed Up: Multi-Aether Classes are separate powersets that Hybrid Iramasha can unlock. These are often given to them at birth because of a genetic mutation in their body which is passed down by their parents. Because of this, they can often form 2-4 Aether Classes and they must be in loose relation to each other in order to work. Multi-Aether Classes are often difficult to manage, unstable and take effort to manage due to this nature.

VII. Brief Summaries Of Sub-Races

Having said that, it is important to note that the Iramasha can expand into many different sub-races. The reason for this is because there is a vast nature of elements, themes, emotions, constructs and so on which make-up the universe and gives it life. Therefore, it is said that there are countless sub-species of Iramasha, but we will only reflect on what is the most saturated pool: Angel, Devil, Hybrid and Nature Iramasha.

The reason why these sub-races exist is because it is possible for royal, rare and strong bloodlines to form which allow for certain traits to be passed on from generation to generation. This is NOT enforced for ALL Iramasha, as you do NOT have to force them to undergo this. However, for those interested, it goes as followed:

Angel Iramasha: This sub-race class of Iramasha often has Aether proprieties which reflect holy, positive and otherwise "heavenly" elements when they are born. Otherwise referred to as "The Light", Angel Iramasha often have Aether Classes which compromise of purification, prowess which empower the constructs of angel's (obviously) and other such powers and personality traits that mimic "divinity".

Devil Iramasha: Inverse from Angel Iramasha are "Devil Iramasha". They are considered a cousin of demons and thrive off of "Nether Energy" as opposed to Aether. Nether energy is considered the root of all things degenerative, destructive and negative. These can range from classes of Aether which encompass elements pertaining to poisons, darkness, death-forces (and consequently, Death Energy is common in the Royal Families of Devil Iramasha) and otherwise decaying or negative forces in the universe.

Nature Iramasha: Nature Iramasha are considered a class of Iramasha that are often rooted in having Aether Classes which reflect elements of nature. These range from water, lightning, fire, ice, rock and other traditional elements of the known universe.

Hybrid Iramasha: Hybrid Iramasha is a coin termed for an Iramasha who is capable of having more than one Aether Class. This means that they have either infused elements, or they have separate elements in which they are able to mix and merge as they choose. However, unlike most other races of Iramasha, Hybrid's are often more unstable and difficult control due to the complications which arise from fusing Aether Classes. It is why they are more rare in number and thus require more effort to create.

These are all BRIEF descriptions. There will be sections later on which expand upon these summaries and go in depth into them.

Iramasha Sub-Races Simplified

Iramasha Sub-Races Simplified: Since there are many different compounds that make up the universe which Aether takes power from, the amount of Iramasha Sub-races is vast and almost infinite. And due to the population of Iramasha, the Aether Classes of more powerful lineages can be passed down from generation to generation until their genes mutate and they form their own sub-race. There could be many sub-races that are attuned to material or spiritual constructs. The Nature Iramasha represent elemental compounds, Angel Iramasha angelic/light themes, Devil Iramasha negative/destructive elements and so on and so forth.

VIII. Death For Iramasha

Heaven: It is possible for Angel Iramasha to have their spirits tethered to the heaven realm when they pass on. This is due to their obvious affiliation to the holy element. However, there is also a chance to tamper with the death cycle of an Angel Iramasha by external influence. Such as if a powerful demon managed to send them to hell or something to that effect.

Hell: Obviously, in contrast, it's possible for most Devil Iramasha to be sent for hell. But, like their angel counterparts, there is also the opportunity for them to die of other methods and pass on. Such as if an Angel Iramasha killed them, cleansed their spirit and sent them to heaven. It's also equally possible for them to be reincarnated just as well.

Reincarnation: This is probably one of the more common things that occur with Iramasha. It is possible for Iramasha to set their spirits up to reincarnate into new Iramasha upon their death. This sort of thing occurred when the former Angel of The Ice was on the brink of death and passed down her prowess to Cirno Iramashsa; the New Angel of The Ice.

Return To Their Element: This is in reference to the primary Aether Class they attuned themselves in life. It is possible for their body to simple break down, become pure Aether and their body could return to the essence of their power. For instance, it would be possible for a Fire Aether to become one with the element of fire upon death. Such as infusing himself into an eternal inferno or something to that effect. Some Iramasha have even opt'd to break themselves into the element of Aether itself and spread their power down through generations of Iramasha.

IX. Other Racial Abilities

Aether Armament: Sometimes referred to as "Aether Arma", Aether Armament is considered to be a weapon forged when an Iramasha has a strong understanding of their Aether. They can begin to materialize a spiritual weapon equal to a Zanpukto at around the adept stage of their Aether Control. Although, it will have great limitations until they reach advanced Aether Control.

Digressing, Aether Armament is meant to be a weapon which reflects all they've attuned their Aether Class to be. Therefore, it is mostly limited to what their energy can produce. As Aether Arma's have been known to range from small objects, weapons, companions and even small pocket dimensions in some cases. It's really up to the owner to create a balanced system on how their Aether Arma operates and one which is related to their Aether Class.

For example: It would be possible for a Water Aether Class Iramasha to create an Aether Arma which takes the form of a box and stores high volumes of water for when they are in regions where water is sacred, or if they want to have an additional source of water to use when a battle get rough. Or a more powerful Iramasha could create a small realm of fire around a twenty meter radius in order to encase an opponent within their world of flames and heat; having multiple flame based waves, arrows, bullets and other heat or fire related projectiles come at them.

It's mostly up to your imagination and how well you can craft a weapon. So it takes intense study and most Iramashsa spend many weeks, months or even years thinking out their Aether Class so that they can properly materialize it into the world. As it's a very sacred and important weapon to them and they want to take the time to make it right.

Aether Mind: Only Iramasha are able to otherwise communicate with Aether Energy due to the composition of their ethereal bodies. Because of this, they are often able to form their own networks of telepathic communication with one another. These can be small or vast depending on the way in which they are maintained, created or used for. Often times they are used in mass because it is their way of transferring knowledge, information and feeling through secure and closed means of networks. And because of the low energy it takes, most Iramasha can use Aether Mind so long as they are conscious.

However, the more vast it becomes, the more strain it is to maintain. Imagine attempting to host thousands upon thousands of conversations, transferals and meetings on one network. It can add up and it'll add up fast. Therefore, most often leave some form of object or energy to help manage the many different connections coming through. Such as creating an Aether Stone to help process the information on the network, or investing in a special powers to help maintain larger networks. Others tend to just be more selective in the people who are allowed into their group. As many Iramasha can create their own specialized networks with people of their choosing.

So that means Iramasha can also open this to outsiders of the Iramasha, but they must create trace amounts of Aether Energy that are synced to the person in order to allow them into their networks. These can be transferred physically, or shared through the mind by teleporation if they are able to sense the person in which they want to communicate with.

Longevity & Appearance: One hundred years compares to one human year for most Iramasha. Therefore, it takes quite awhile for them to really reach their peak. And, even then, some of the more powerful ones often have increased lifespans beyond that. As, it is quite possible for Iramasha to live upwards of hundreds of thousands of years if the conditions are met and they aren't killed in combat. The same can be said of how they maintain their appearance with their Aether. As, while some can age, others choose to use their Aether to maintain their vitality and youthful looks.

Aether Merge: Aether Merge is the ability which allows most Iramasha to merge with one another if need be. They can perform this ritual by merging their Aether together in order form a fused being. However, it is limited to only two people at a time.

Additionally, it cannot be forced as the meeting as to be mutual. As their personalities, powers and skills will often combine as well. It is also considered an extreme act of trust, compassion, openness, and sometimes, Romanticism when an Iramasha is able perform Aether Merge because of how intimate the connection must be.

Furthermore, the combined being will a Merged Aether Class and will often take the tier of the more dominant host. There is no known time limit to the fusion, but it is possible to make them separate by injuring them to the point of submission.



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Iramasha Update Workstation [Open To All]   Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:45 am


The Iramasha's Racial Skills

I. Aether Control

Aether Control: Aether Control refers to how in sync an Iramasha is with their Aether Energy. This is a very important section because it determines the strength, potency and control that an Iramasha has over their powers. It will shape the way in which their release forms are handled, how in-depth their powers are and how personalized their abilities can become. This is why many Iramasha spend countless years training, meditating, researching, studying and enriching their Aether Control so that they can realize the strongest version of themselves.

  • Beginner Aether Control: Beginner Aether Control allows an Iramasha 1/5 of control over their prowess. This means that most of the applications of their Aether Classes are basic in abilities, they are unable to have a release form and their synchronization with the universe is rather low. Therefore, at this level of control, there isn't much room for intense customization. Often times are restricted to only 1-2 abilities based on their power as well (exceptions may be made). It is recommended Iramasha advance to adept for better control.

  • Adept Aether Control: This is the level that is recommended for all Iramasha. The reason being is because it allows 2/5th's of their prowess to come to life. As, for starters, they are now eligible for their first release form in this state. Additionally, they are able to use up to four abilities per power. And, with a greater understanding of their class, a bigger arsenal of techniques are open to them. As they can customize their abilities more easily with adept Aether Control and unlock their Personified Energy more often than not and last longer in battle. As, with Beginner Aether Control, they are often solely reliant on Aether Energy alone.

  • Advanced Aether Control: Further perks come at the level of Advanced Aether Control. 3/5th's of their power are now unlocked and they can begin to further cultivate their powers. To begin with, they now can have up to six abilities per power. Moreover, they also are able to form tertiary sources of Personified Energy more often than not at this skill level as well. This aides in the effort of making them endure and last longer in combat. Their energy is also extremely potent on this level and they can more than likely withstand quite a few rounds with 0 tier forces themselves.

  • Master Aether Control: One is almost at their limit here with Master Aether Control. At Master Level, Iramasha are able to unlock 4/5th's of their Aether Class. With it, they now have access to their second release and are a force to beg reckon with. Along with that, they will often have up to 8 abilities associated with their Aether Class Powers. Additionally, they can have quaternary sources of energy to make a cringing pain to deal with in combat due to how it assists in maintaining their stamina. They'll also have a strong understanding of their body at this point and can customize most of it at their will. As they'll have a vast control of racial techniques, abilities and other similar feats.

  • Grand Master Aether Control: This is the peak of Iramashsa Aether Control. Grand Master Aether Control unlocks their full power. Once they reach this level, they will have 10 abilities associated with their Aether Class Powers. Furthermore, they'll be eligible for a third release and they'll have up to five sources of personified energy at maximum. More than likely, they'll have full control over most racial abilities, powers and so on to customize as they see fit. It is often a breeze for them to use energy as they are the complete masters of it at this point.

II. Aether Arts [Metaphysical Hand-To-Hand]

Aether Arts: The forces of the universe are infused into physical combat in order to differ the hand-to-hand of Iramasha from other races. While the sky is the limit for learning basic fighting styles that are associated with their general strength and speed, The Aether Arts focuses more on utilizing their ethereal nature to help them in combat. Since they are considered beings in tune with existence, they project an exoskeleton shell around their bodies that acts as a representation of their metaphysical selves.

This shell is referred to as an "Empyrean Vessels". It can take on any sort of physical attribute, as the appearance is totally up to the user. It can be made of fire, compromised of air, made of energy or whatever else have you. It can even detach and separate into multiple pieces if that is what you wish. What is more important to understand is that Empyrean Vessels are used for adding additional punch and flare to an Iramasha's hand-to-hand.

Empyrean Vessels incorporate the constructs of the universe, Aether Class and powers into their being in order to augment their fighting style. It can even be used as a means of "hierro" when activated because it serves as a shield as well. Since, while activated, the opponent will have to maul through two powerful embodiments to reach the foe. Though, in exchange for this, they draw and nag on the physical stamina and energy of the user they are in-sync with.

Thus, to properly describe how it is used in combat, an Empyrean Vessel with Adept Aether Arts skill could create a technique that turns into an eruption of fire the moment the user punches a foe. More than likely, this would be associated with an Aether Class of fire. And, instead of drawing on their energy, it would pull the needed fuel to generate it's enhanced combat from their physical stamina and energy.

As, more than anything else, Aether Arts is suppose to be an expression that they can use the universe as their own body. And, with this exoskeleton around them, that EmpyreanVessel is suppose to represent that fact. Thus, below, we will get into the different levels associated with Aether Arts in order to see what each level does for the Empyrean Vessels in question. For these levels are used to determine their stamina, endurance, striking power, control and so on.

Simplified Version Of Aether Arts: The Aether Arts is a form of enhanced hand-to-hand combat. It draws in on the power of Aether and the Iramasha's Aether Class in order to channel powerful energized effects. Instead of draining them of their Aether, it simply taxes their physical endurance, stamina and energy.

This is considered an extension of the Iramasha's body due to the fact they draw on power from the world and create a external extension of their body. This is called a "Empyrean Vessel" and it can take many different forms, infuse itself around the users body or mend to their owners vessel. The feats of Empyrean Vessels can range from punches that explode on contact, kicks that can freeze on contact and things of that nature.

  • Beginner Aether Arts Skill: At this point, your Iramasha's Empyrean Vessel has low stamina, speed, durability and strength. Their strength may be able to improve with tier, but their stamina will still be poor. Therefore, you should focus on training your Iramasha to get to their adept level. As at this stage, Empyrean Vessel's are rather easy to burn through. An example of a beginner level Aether Arts Skill is having your Iramasha produce a punch capable of freezing an entire car, or a kick that is able to accelerate their striking speed.

  • Adept Aether Arts Skill: Once you reach Adept Aether Arts, your Empyrean Vessel will become more combat ready. Many users will start to see their vessel improve in resilience, potency and agility. So all sorts of infused Aether Class attacks will be easier for their physical stamina to bare and conjure up. An illustration of an adept Aether Arts Skill attack would be one that is capable of unleashing a wave of fire across an entire city block with a single concentrated punch. Or, in another example, a headbutt capable of producing an explosion upon impact strong enough to destroy a city block.

  • Advanced Aether Arts Skill: After achieving an Advanced in Aether Arts, the Iramasha's Empyrean Vessel is something to be feared. The reason for this is because the advancements continue to come in with their stamina, durability, effectiveness and speed. To give an example of what an Advanced Aether Arts skill user can do, one with an Aether of Gravity could attempt to increase the pressure within a 100 meter radius by two or three times in order to try and crush an opponent with a stomp that spreads his Aether outward. Or, an Aether of Lightning could have accelerated burst of speed comparable to shunpo and create stunning techniques that paralyzing multiple foes with precision taps across their body.

  • Master Aether Arts Skill: Following becoming a master of Aether Arts, most Iramasha's Empyrean Vessels often command recognition and awe. For the next step in their evolution has brought their Aether Arts near the pinnacle of ethereal combat. To illustarte this point, someone with a Master in Aether Arts would have the potential to create a towering giant of an Empyrean Vessel. With this giant, they could obliterate mountains and the surrounding landscape with their strength and control. Or, in another example, one with Master Aether Art Skills who had an Aether Class of Water could produce entire tsunami waves of water with two mighty stomps of their feet. For they could break down the earth around them into water and begin throwing huge volumes of water at foes.

  • Grand Master Aether Arts Skill: This is often considered the pinnacle of Aether Arts. At Grand Master Level, many Empyrean Vessels are considered to be legends of The Iramsaha. This is because they are capable of preposterous feats of power. An illustration of a Grand Master Aether Arts user would be one who forged an Empyrean Vessel capable of engulfing entire cities within fire through highly focused punches. Or another whom could forge an Empyrean Vessel able to land a thousand kinetic punches across an opponents body within a minute of concentrated focus.

III. Aether Stones

Aether Stones: Aether Stones is the concept of infusing various constructs of their Aether Class OR elements from the universe itself into sacred gems, crystals or objects. The form it takes doesn't matter as much as the abilities, principles and systems infused into the item. As the objective with Aether Stones is to have easily summonable powers, knowledge, enhancements, abilities, spells, defenses, healing or WHATEVER else have you sealed in the mystic object in question.

Thus, as an illustration, it would be possible for someone with advanced Aether Stone skill to infuse high volumes of Aether Energy into an Aether Stone. This would be down in order to have an emergency packet of energy to siphon from in times of low energy. The Stone in question would need to be activated with a mental trigger and they'd need to be within five feet of the stone in order for it's energy to be transferred into them. The limit could restore upwards of 50% of their energy in this example and allow for them to turn the tide in a battle by surprise.

So, from that basic example, you can get the jist of what they are trying to achieve with them. The Stones have a wide means of versatility depending on the level of mastery you have over this element. Hence, below, we will go into what each different level can do with this skill.

  • Beginner Aether Stone Creation: 1/5th of their Aether Stone prowess is unlocked with Beginner Aether Stone Creation. At this stage in Aether Stone creation, you'll be rather unskilled in creating your various objects, weapons, shields and other Aether Stone related equipment. You are often stuck with things that don't have a lot potency or they have very basic functions to them. Something such as summoning a gem, stone or other style of equipment which can shoot lightning from your Iramasha's Aether Stone. Beginner Aether Stones are often very temporary in nature or have one-time usages as well.

  • Adept Aether Stone Creation 2/5th of the Iramasha's Aether Stone ability is achieved at adept. This is the stage where you want to have your Iramasha be at in Aether Stone creation. The reason being is because the construction of your Aether Stone is more refined, solid and embed with the world around it. Thus, as a result, you'll be able to create mote potent effects, more capable functions and personalized your stone more. For example, you could perhaps create an Aether Stone that is a sword which is able to heal ten percent of a person's overall health or energy.

  • Advanced Aether Stone Creation 3/5th's of an Iramasha's Aether Stone control is awakened at advanced level. When reaching this point, they are able to create more complex and intricate stones because the effectiveness of their craft has increased exceptionally. Therefore, you are able to produce more powerful Aether Stones and have a large amount of free-form customization with it. For example, you'd be able to create a sword which is able to consume external Aether into it's blade and unleash attacks which are comparable to cero's at an opponent. Or, you could create healing stones which recover a persons health upwards of 3/5th's.

  • Master Aether Stone Creation: 4/5th's of an Iramasha's Aether Stone prowess is unlocked at this point. After achieving this level of control, they are able to make them with so little as mental thought. Which means they can infuse and inscribe the minerals of Aether into their stones at will. Thus, they can craft and mend their Aether Stones on the fly. More than that, when they do decide to sit down and take time to create a stone, the potency, strength and functionalities of it are quite daunting. For example, my own Iramasha, Cirno, was able to produce a shield of divinity which could withstand multiple hits from attacks strong enough to destroy entire chunks of a city.

  • Grand Master Aether Stone Creation: Total control over Aether Stone Creation is alloted at this level. Once they reach Grand Master, Iramasha can almost effortlessly produce Aether Stones. Which means that they can make some of the most potent, complex and terrifying stones of the Iramasha. These are the kind of Stones which are capable of empowering entire cities with energy, create state of the art defenses for various territories and being intricate enough to have a wide variety of modes, abilities and functionalities to their stones. Tread carefully with this one.

IV. Aether Magic

Unlike previous racial skills, this one requires their own section. The art of Aether Magic is one that is rather complex and is often rivaled in importance and desire as an Iramasha's Aether Control. Thus, in the sections below, you will begin to understand and learn the practices of Aether Magic.

Aether Magic: Aether Magic is the practice of calling upon the minerals of the universe to do your bidding and assist in combat. All of their magic draws on forming their own personified reality through Aether and overlaying that within limited areas to induce their effects. Therefore, because of this nature, they are often able to create a wide variety of supernatural phenomena. However, it becomes more complex than that. So, before venturing further into their magic, it's best to describe systems associated with Aether Magic.

Skill Range: This is rather basic concept to understand. Each Iramasha Spell will often have some form of skill range. This is done in order to classify the level of skill needed to create a stabilized spell. Keyword: stabilize. It is possible for Iramasha who have lower skills to use more complex methods, but they will often face devastating side effects and form unstable magic. This is often used as a means of gamble as it can just as well turn on the user as it can the target. They'll often also see slower summoning speeds, smaller reaches and will most likely strain their brains and bodies to perform higher forms of magic, but that is the game they play with Skill Range.

Important: The skill of your Aether Magic is vital to how complex your magic can be.

TypesOf Aether Magic

Essential Aether Magic: Essential Magic are predefined spells which have been passed down through generations of Iramasha. These can be easier to summon and activate because of the fact most of them have default protocols embedded into their nature which activate when called upon. While it is possible to try and fine tune Essential Aether Magic, it usually takes an adept in Aether Magic to do so. An example of this would be if there was a spell which produced explosions, an Adept Aether Class user could attempt to infuse elements of lightning into it to make it a bit stronger if that is what their natural Aether was.

Personified Aether Magic: This more so deals with the Iramasha's own personal spells. More often than not, this will be the go-to for most Iramasha. The reason being is because Personified Aether Magic is less taxing on the Iramasha, is more in-tune with their element and allows for them to customize it to their hearts desire. While they can infuse their elements into the other types of Essential Aether Magic, it's increasingly easier to do it with their own construct.

An instance of Personified Aether Magic being put into motion would be one who had an Aether Of Lightning conjuring up various magical effects which pertains to that construct. For example, they could produce spells of magic which could "stun" attacks into place. Such as releasing a wave of light around a target, having the light hit them and then transferring their element into the light and having it paralyze the opponent or stun an attack in place.

You have to be creative in order to properly utilize Personified Aether Magic.

Classes Of Aether Magic

Material Magic: Material Magic is one of the less taxing forms of Aether Magic. This is because Material Magic is the practice of enforcing physical changes upon an object, person or thing. For example, they could direct the Aether around or within themselves to spread and cover a one hundred meter region in order to alter the amount of gravity to crush a foe. Or, for something extremely basic, they could rapidly increase the volume of energy within a confined space in order to produce explosions on the fly without much effort (depending on how extensive they want the damage to be).

Therefore, since most Iramasha are in-tune with the universe, it is possible for them to easily make alterations to the environment without taxing their complexity too gravely. It's all about aligning themselves with the different elements that compromise existence and tampering with them ever-so slightly through their will. And, since this is still magic, it is possible for them certain laws of science in order to induce their effects. For example, they could wave their energy over a ball of fire in order to freeze it with a quick Material Spell. This is because their will is attempting to tap into the element of "ice" in the universe, overlay that construct over a defined area and enforce their perceptive reality upon that object, space or person.

Immaterial Magic: Immaterial Magic is probably one of the more complex things that can tax an Iramasha's Aether Magic. The reason being is because this is where more of the metaphysical spells and magic come into play. As Immaterial Magic deals with extensive modifications to the universe itself to where it borders on subjective reality control.

To further illustrate this point, a form of Immaterial Magic could spread across a one hundred meter range in all directions. In this defined region of Aether Control, a spell that is capable of unbounding objects or people from this plane of existence and into the realm of Aether could produce a means of evasion for one post by means of incorporeal form. As, the opponent would be unable to strike this defined region due to it being a different plane of existence.

Or, in another example, they could cast a spell capable of destroying constructs on an even more extreme level. If they could lock on to a target, such as an energy blast, they could attempt to have the material of destruction become inscribed into their energy. With this construct of the universe infused into their energy and the space they wish to alter, The Iramasha could spread it and try to obliterate said energy attack.

So, as you can tell from these examples, Immaterial Magic takes extreme skill and is often reserved for those who have a fine control over their Aether Magic. This is because it can backfire quite easily on lower levels, takes up high amounts of energy and strains the mental focus of Iramasha in order to summon it.

Mental Magic: Mental Magic is the practice of merging THE constructs of will within their subjective universe and assaulting an opponents psyche with it. So, like Immaterial Magic, this is rather complex form of Aether Magic and takes precision and strong will or mental deduction to pull off. An example of how it is utilized could be simple enough: imagine if one has The Aether Class of Fire. With this, they could create a spell which unleashed a burst of light at the opponent. This light will not hurt, but if it makes physical contact, it can then attune itself to the opponent's mind and make it feel as if their entire essence in burning. In turn, it's suppose to induce a paralyzing amount of perceived pain in order to stun the opponent and allow the user to attack the unguarded foe.

So, as you can tell from that example, Mental Magic is about taking elements of the universe, converting them to the mental realm and attempting to inflict their constructs for mental warfare. This can be used offensively or defensively depending on how skilled and knowledgeable the practitioner is. As, for example, it would be possible to take the construct of "evolution" and attempt to enlighten the mind of a foe in order to increase their intelligence, mental processing speed and things of that nature. Thus, you have to be creative in order to properly use this magic.

Bodily Magic: As the name implies, Bodily Magic deals with anything pertaining to the living bodies. Whether that be the Iramasha's own or their enemy or ally. More often than not, it's less complex and taxing on the Iramasha to use inner bodily magic because it focuses more so on systems they are familiar with that pertains to their own being. Therefore, most types of speed boost, strength boost, body modification and regeneration or healing is done through this type of magic; even if it pertains to others.

Aether Magic Skill

  • Beginner Aether Magic: Most magic for Beginner Aether Class users are hard to cope with. The reason being is because their range, speed, complexity and potency are rather weak and leave much to be desired. For example, Beginner Aether Magic could have healing spells which take multiple post in order to take effect. Or, they could have simple sphere of fire shoot from the users hand in order to attack the opponent. Often times it's really, really basic.

  • Adept Aether Magic: Adept Aether Magic is where things improve quite a bit for Iramasha. The capacity of their Aether Magic becomes enhanced and their magical prowess becomes easier to control and it's effectiveness progresses. Illustrations of Adept Aether Magic spells are ones that are capable of healing cuts/minor wounds, brief augmentation boost that can last upwards of one or two post and material spells that increase the range of their alterations; such as a turning a small area from fire to ice.

  • Advanced Aether Magic: The Iramasha's prowess over the minerals of the world become further enhanced advanced Aether Magic. This is where most Iramasha start to become revered in their magical talents due to the extent in which their magic can reach. Examples of how far Aether Magic spells can go are shown in the following illustrations: Material Spells that deal with wind could potentially create mass gust of air capable of cutting through steel, enhancements that can last for multiple post and extend their abilities by 2-4 times, bodily that can forge newly crafted limbs from minerals in the world around within the same post and things of that nature.

  • Master Aether Magic: The compounds of the universe are one with the Iramasha of Master Aether Magic. They are now considered frightful forces of magical arts by many in the Iramasha and are seen as experts in the field of magic based fighting. Exemplary feats of strength that Master Aether Magic users are capable of goes as followed, but not limited to: immaterial spells that can cover distances comparable to mountains, bodily magic that can heal multiple users at once, material magic strong enough to cause mass natural disasters (toranados, hurricanes, tsuami's, earthquakes etc) and mental magic that can make many of weak will paralyzed with illusion based pain.

  • Grand Master Aether Magic: The Legends of Aether Magic, Iramasha who attain Grand Mastery of this skill are fabled in belief that they are "Masters of The Universe". This is because they reach a point where they attain supreme control over the minerals of Aether and are capable of inducing terrifying effects upon those who dare to cross them. Such examples are followed, but not limited to: immaterial magic which can be used in rapid succession, users who are able to often create spells in mid-combat, material magic that can swallow whole cities in destruction and Essential Magic which can create barriers strong enough to safeguard entire armies and withstand a cero oscuras blast.


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The Iramasha's Releases

I. Ether Lock [Customized Forms/Constant Release]

Ether Lock: For Iramasha who have no interest in going through the traditional release cycle, there is a method that allows them to remove the need for transformations and that is "Ether Lock". Ether Lock is the process of shattering the inner core of an Iramasha's Aether Class Seal in order to break and release their Aether Power.

By doing this, they will then be freed from the constraints associated with Ether Morph and will rely solely on their own power and systems to manage their powers. So, at any time, an Iramasha can do this, but it will take an extensive amount of training to reform one if they desire to return back to the traditional system.

II. Ether Morph: Immersion

What is Ether Morph - Immersion: This is the first release that most Iramasha and Iramasha Sub-Races attain. Being that they are mythical creatures who draw on power from constructs of the universe, their release stages are focused on immersing them with the world around them. Thus, the first part of Ether Morph aims to immerse the internals of the Iramasha's body with their Aether Class.

This stage of power is unlocked by having at least an adept in their Aether Control under the racial skills of the Iramasha's application. Once they have that, they'll have achieved 2/5 of their power and are able to begin evolving their body to better deal with the rigidness of enhanced combat.

Ether Morph Immersion Aesthetics: Generally, when an Iramasha is able to release in their Immersion State, they often take on some form of attributes related to their Aether Class(es). For instance, if an Iramasha had a Fire Aether, they'd most likely have physical morphs pertaining to, well, fire. Their eyes could turn red, their hair could turn into flames, the aura around their body could erupt into an inferno and other similar things of that nature could help to signify their change.

Common Ether Morph Immersion Perks: Primarily, the abilities and attributes they unlock in this form serve to make their body further immersed with their Aether. If they had something like "The Aether Of Speed", then in their release they would have that element of the universe infused into their body. This would allow them access to fast healing factors for their body, quick summoning of attacks, rapid perception of the world and quick understanding of material as the Iramasha's body continues to immerse itself in their element.

Additionally, as a secondary side effects, they may also see augmentations in their overall power. This ranges from speed (physical and metaphysical when it comes to summoning powers/energy), volume of energy, strength and durability. The depth of these augmentations are, however, based on their Aether Control racial skill. Therefore, the skill augmentations will be listed below.

  • Adept: 1.5 times
  • Advanced: 2.5 Times
  • Master: 3.5
  • Grand Master:4.5 Times

And, unlike other races, most Iramasha can stay in their first forms indefinitely with no time limit. This is due to the fact that they can sustain their forms so long as they have enough energy and health to maintain it. When their health or energy becomes low, they will automatically descend back into their base form until they recover. And this can happen rather fast depending on how much energy each of their powers/abilities/techniques use up, or based on how much damage the foe is able to inflict upon them.

Ether Morph Immersion Incantation: Akin to the ritual they underwent when activating their Aether Class, most Iramasha also have an incantation that they can use during release. When using this incantation, it can help further the augmentation based effects of their transformation just a bit further.

Example: "Ether Morph Immersion of Fire, I call upon you to scorch the earth and blaze the path to victory!"

After stating their incantation/title of their Ether Morph, they can then receive the following EXTRA boost to their release augmentations based on skill:

  • Adept: 0.2 extra boost to their release augmentations
  • Advanced: 0.3 extra boost to their release augmentations
  • Master: 0.4 extra boost to their release augmentations
  • Grand Master: 0.5 extra boost to their release augmentations

III. Ether Morph: World Fusion

What is Ether Morph - World Fusion: After reaching 4/5th's of their power and attaining a master level Aether Control, the Aether associated with the Iramasha will then seek the next step in progression with their release forms. This evolution brings them to merging with the world itself and shaping the very universe around them to their own will.

Ether Morph World Fusion Aesthetics: The Iramasha's bodies can indeed under go a change related to their Aether Class, but physical transformations are noted to be irrelevant at this stage. Instead, the focus is on morphing the world around them. For example, if we had a Fire Aether, then their World Fusion could make the skies around them filled with fire or turn red. Or, if we had a Snow Aether, the heavens could become filled with ashen clouds and start snowing. Focus more so on morphing the space around them as opposed to the character's body itself.

Common Ether Morph World Fusion Perks:

The primary thing that comes to mind with their World Fusion is this: how do their powers influence the world around them? The purpose of this form is to have their powers reach an apex point and have the character fuse themselves into the universe they are attuned to.

For instance, a fire based World Fusion could overwrite the laws of existence and burn through and attempt destroy both physical and metaphysical constructs within a contained area of one hundred meters in every direction. In turn, this could result in all sorts of matter and attacks melting/burning from the Iramasha's assaults; even other fire attacks could potentially be devoured by World Fusion Flames.

As, the important thing to remember is this: The World Fusion seeks to bring out the a personified universe of the Iramasha into existence and have their will fully imposed upon the world. What sort of powers and abilities can one come up with in order to bring out this prowess fully? Some try to influence it through weapons, others channel it into energized auras around their body and some even try to create servants or familiars to enforce their will.

No matter the method, it is up to you to determine how your characters World Fusion will unite their subjective universe with the space of existence around them.

Furthermore, like the prior form, The Iramasha will also see augmentations in their overall power. This ranges from speed (physical and metaphysical when it comes to summoning powers/energy), volume of energy, strength and durability. The depth of these augmentations are, however, based on their Aether Control racial skill. Therefore, the skill augmentations will be listed below.

  • Master: Seven times enhancement from their BASE form
  • Grand Master: Ten times enhancement from their BASE form

Ether Morph World Fusion Incantation: Akin to the ritual they underwent when activating their prior form, most Iramasha also have an incantation that they can use during this release as well. When using this incantation, it can help further the augmentation based effects of their transformation just a bit further.

Example: "Ether Morph Of Fire Fusion, unite me with the flame so that I may realize the burning blaze of the inferno realm!"

After stating their incantation/title of their Ether Morph, they can then receive the following boost based on skill:

  • Master: 1x Extra Boost to their World Fusion augmentations
  • Grand Master: x0.5 Extra Boost to their World Fusion augmentations

Again, there is no time limit for this release form, but Iramasha have noted it is easy to fall back into their base given how simple it is to burn through energy. Therefore, they must be in total control and observe their injuries and energy level. As once either builds up, this form will become difficult to utilize and they'll eventually break down into their base once it becomes low or they become too injured to sustain the form.

IV. Ether Morph: Peak Eclipse

What is Ether Morph Peak Eclipse: Peak Eclipse is the final stage in an Iramasha's release cycle. At this point, they have total and utter control over most of their powers. With it comes a strong sense of fundamental knowledge about how the universe works and an absurd level of power at their disposal. Thus, most Iramasha just refer to this as a mass eruption of energy swelling within them due to how much strength it generates.

Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Aesthetics: This is dependent upon the character at this point. There are some that go further physical transformations, but it isn't the standard. Some don't change at all and simply attain a mass boost in enhancements to their bodies. This is due to the fact that the Peak Eclipse form focuses primarily on making them as strong as possible.

Common Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Perks: For the most part, an Iramasha is free to shape their power within the limits of balance, limitation and reason at this point. This is where they have the utmost of control over their subjective universe and will use it to devastating extents to end a fight or war if possible. The augmentation boost for this form extends up to 17 times from their base form can last until the Iramasha is beaten into their base form, or burns through their energy reserves until they descend back into their former form at half strength.



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The Aether Magic

I. Aether Magic Spells

Aether Magic Template

Name Of Spell: [What is the name of the spell?]
Type: [Personified Or Essential Aether Magic?]
Class: [Material, Immaterial, Mental or Bodily Magic?]
Skill Range: [What is the recommended skill range for this spell?]
Effects: [What effects does the spell perform?]

[u][b]Aether Magic Template[/b][/u]

[b]Name Of Spell:[/b] [What is the name of the spell?]
[b]Type:[/b] [Personified Or Essential Aether Magic?]
[b]Class:[/b] [Material, Immaterial, Mental or Bodily Magic?]
[b]Skill Range:[/b] [What is the recommended skill range for this spell?]
[b]Effects:[/b] [What effects does the spell perform?]

II. Aether Magic Premade Material Spells

Beginner Material Spells

Aether Magic Template

Name Of Spell: Fire Eruption
Type: Essential Aether Magic
Class: Material
Skill Range: Beginner
Effects: Fire Eruption is a basic Aether Magic spell. The practitioner directs an influx of Aether towards their palms, the tips of their mouths or whatever they wish for it to gather and fester. Then, after they've had a chance to charge, the user will then be able to shoot off waves of fire capable of burning through opponents, shields and many objects in their way in the best case scenario. It is similar to a cero in this regard, but empowered by magic and able to assault metaphysical and physical constructs.

Aether Magic Template

Name Of Spell: Aether Twister
Type: Essential
Class: Material
Skill Range: Beginner
Effects: Aether Twister is a basic Material Spell. The user will direct their Aether energy towards the target of their choosing. Once they've identified the target, they will then begin to summon up supernaturally charged winds with their aether. Which, at that point, a cyclone which expands for roughly a half city block will emerge and attempt to submerge the opponent within it's gales. The primary damage will mostly come from projectile being flung at rapid speeds within the tornado, along with the fact that within the vortex will be winds strong enough to cut through flesh, armor and various types of defenses.

Aether Magic Template

Name Of Spell: Gravity Push
Type: Essential Aether Magic
Class: Material
Skill Range: Beginner
Effects: By guiding a fine sum of Aether particles towards a small target, The Iramasha in question can trigger the element of gravity to be summoned from their material prowess. With this, they'll be able to direct it to a foe or object in order to increase the amount of pressure baring down on them. In turn, it would act as a constriction type of spell because it is meant to restrict and limit their movement. As, with this spell, they increase the gravity around their mark by upwards of three to five times earth's gravity.

III. Aether Magic Premade Immaterial Spells

Name Of Spell: Divine Intervention
Type: Essential
Class: Immaterial
Skill Range: Grand Master
Effects: Upon the activation of the spell, the Iramasha who used it will bend the very fabric of reality and illusions, in essence it is referred to as the pinnacle of Immaterial Magic. By first using a large volume of Aether the user is able to cast it through the use of a catalyst, usually done through the eye, or one of their other senses ie. Ears, Nose, Mouth and Touch. The spell was created by Astral Iramasha over eight thousand years ago to ward off death and change fate.

The spell can be used to change or alter fate, this means the user can literally change the very boundaries of space-time by overlaying the metaphysical and the physical realm. When the user desires they are able to rewrite fate by using the very thing which makes up the universe: Aether. Therefore when used the being affected will shatter like glass and disappear. Shortly thereafter the affected person will reappear or go back a short period of time. The spell is usually employed to cheat death and rewrite fate so you avoid the killing blow, but with such an effect there are drawbacks.

Firstly once the spell is used and the effect resolves the body part used as the catalyst will no longer work, so if an eye was used the ability to see out of it is gone, if an ear was used then you can no longer hear out of it and the user can only regain the sense by replacing it entirely or getting an Angel Iramasha with a Master or higher in healing to heal it for them. The spell is also limited to how far back you can change fate, there is a maximum of forty minutes backwards that you can change the events that occurred, no more than that. The spell is primarily for those with masterful control of Aether, it cannot be used by someone with lower skill since the lack of control would make it unstable and potentially erase them from existence. The spell is incredibly dangerous and to learn it one must seek out Astral Iramasha himself, who created the spell.

Name Of Spell: Healing Hand
Type: Essential Aether Magic
Class: Immaterial
Skill Range: Advanced
Effects: A very simple yet very useful spell which focuses on the metaphysical aspects of healing. By using the aether around them the Iramasha is able to create a field around the wound and reconstruct whatever is enveloped in this field. This field is usually defined by the formation of a glowing light which emanates from one hand to the other which envelops whatever it is reconstructing. Masters of the Aether Magic can even use Aether Stones as conduits to create the markers and reconstruct whatever is in the field. This spell can easily be employed by armies to keep them healed and in perfect fighting condition when fighting. Grand Masters don't even need conduits and can just will this field into existence.

This spell can also be applied to objects, not just people as it allows for both inanimate and animate objects to be reconstructed.

Name Of Spell: Warping Hand
Type: Essential Aether Magic
Class: Immaterial
Skill Range: Master
Effects: Considered the opposite to the Healing Hand the Warping Hand instead uses aether to warp, distort and break down what it is targeting. Unlike its counterpart it cannot be used as a field and is instead only able to be generated through a hand. The spell allows the user to implement aether into whatever they are touching and in doing so they can begin to break them down on a spiritual level due to the aether causing disruptions in their particles, ultimately leading to a very painful experience and a chance at death although exposure is what kills and the longer one is exposed to it the less they can handle it.

Name Of Spell: Summoning: Necropolis
Type: Essential Aether Magic
Class: Immaterial
Skill Range: Master
Effects: By using Aether to create an intangible body the user can then proceed to break the very boundaries of the metaphysical and physical realms by calling upon those who's souls have passed on. This process is not very effective in combat although is a very important spell when it comes to intelligence gathering and interrogation. The spirit is as it was when it was alive which means that the personality and psyche are exactly the same although all physical powers don't work and the spirit can only use mental powers if they possessed them when they were alive.

IV. Aether Magic Premade Mental Spells

V. Aether Magic Premade Bodily Spells

Name Of Spell: Aether Aura
Type: Personified Aether Magic
Class: Bodily Magic
Skill Range: Adept
Effects: Aether Aura functions exactly the way its name should be. It functions by forcing out the user's Aether energy to be released or 'unleashed' from their body into a metaphysical manifestation of their element capable of harming anyone within the vicinity of 50 meters in a form of an aura. While there are some Iramashas that have the passive ability to produce an aura of their respective elements, this Aether magic takes it to a step further to be capable of producing devastating effects depending on the user that utilizes it.

What makes it unique that it does respond to the respective element of the user. Take for an example, if an Angel Iramasha of Fire were to use Aether Aura, they could temporarily unleash a burst of aura that would cause victims to catch on fire if one were to get close to them within the range of the aura itself. It doesn't have a determined level of effect because it is very dependent of the user's tier, their Aether Magic skill as well as how well they are capable of controlling their element to alter its effectiveness. For more complex elements like Space-time Manipulation and such, it is up to the user's imagination to determine the effects of their aura if they were to use Aether Aura.

Not just that, users would be capable of changing/customize the effects of their aura as much as they wish once they reach Master level in Aether Magic, to be able to intensify the purifying nature of Angel Iramasha, strengthening Nether Distortion of Devil Iramasha or even temporarily bolster their physical strength to terrifying levels. The application of the aura is simply limitless as long as it is within the user's capabilities and their imagination to strengthen & widen the spectrum of their physical and magical abilities, even just for a short while.

It could only last for 2 posts at best, trying to further increase the duration of Aether Aura could very well damage the user's body internally and externally. Drawbacks would vary from person to person depending on how they utilize it, however, there is a common drawback among every user of Aether Aura. That is, the users become fatigued both physically and mentally. This is because the user's Aether energy is forced out of their body to manifest the metaphysical form of their respective elements, pushing beyond what an Aether energy should 'normally' behave, thus causing the user to become weakened as a side effect. Again, side effects may vary from user to user and it may worsen the side effect if Aether Aura is abused repeatedly. Worst case scenario if Aether Aura is abused, the user's blood vessels would burst and either immobilize them or worse, death. So, use it with caution.

Aether Magic Template

Name Of Spell: Protect
Type: Essential Aether Magic
Class: Bodily Magic
Skill Range: Beginner
Effects: Protect is a basic bodily magic that all practitioners would be able to use in any situations. It works by beginning to clapping their hands together, quickly coat their entire body with a thin layer of Aether energy and once a physical attack, an energy blast or an object have a direct contact with their body, all of the coating of Aether energy would compress to the affected area and create a light boom of energy that would completely null the attack or destroy the object upon contact.

The full coating of the entire body is to ensure that there is no blind spots that may endanger the user, so it provides a full safety against all possible directions that an attack may come from. The drawback behind this is that it could only works against a single target. If used against multiple attacks, it is practically useless. It is capable to be used against adept level strength and energy blasts akin to that of a Hadō #30. It is almost instantaneous to use Protect, with only little to no time delay inbetween. Higher level of Aether Magic users may only be able to strengthen this, at best, against advanced strength level and energy blasts akin to an average cero of a Menos. It has a cooldown of 2 posts before it could be used again.

Aether Magic Template

Name Of Spell: Lightning Movement
Type: Essential Aether Magic
Class: Bodily Magic
Skill Range: Adept
Effects: As its name may suggest, this Aether magic temporarily imbues the element of electricity to the user's body whilst increasing their speed. Much like its rumored name, it allows the user to 'move as fast as lightning itself', which is, of course, an exaggeration.

It works by first packing dense Aether energy within the practitioner's muscles into their legs to enhance the performance of their physical speed, and coat the rest of their body with more Aether energy that would burst into a body of electricity that covers across the layer of the user's skin.

This, in turn, by using the packed Aether energy as a type of 'fuel' to be burnt by the muscles in the user's legs, this would enhance their physical speed by a level. For example, beginner to adept, adept to advanced and so on. This, however, does not apply to Master and above but they would experience a twofold increase in their physical speed without surpassing the rank above theirs.

Together with the user's enhanced speed would come together with their body coated with electricity. Those without strong durability within the level of advanced or immunity against electricity, they would face against a body of electricity akin to half the power of a lightning bolt's. The application of this ability varies from user to user and the damage of what this coating of electricity may apply would differ from person to person depending on how they use it but practical use of ramming against their opponents and delivering the shock of electricity from their body to the opponent, running past opponents to deliver a trail of shock and so on. It has to depend up to the creativity of the user to fully utilize the Aether magic itself.

This Aether magic would last for only 2 posts and does not that much of a significant drawback other than a considerable consumption of the user's Aether energy. However, it is better to not abuse this Aether magic. While it doesn't have any cooldown and could be used repeatedly, abusing it over and over again would result the user either being temporarily crippled, causing the dense pack of energy in their legs to explode or overwhelmed by their own coating of electricity and end up damaging themselves over time. It is recommended that this Aether magic should only be used 2 to 3 times and no more than that.



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The Aether Arts

I. Aether Arts Techniques/Abilities

Aether Arts Template

Name Of Technique: [What is the name of the move?]
Mastery Level: [What is the recommended level range for this technique? Master, advanced etc]
Effects: [What effects does this technique induce?]


[u][b]Aether Arts Template[/b][/u]

[b]Name Of Technique:[/b] [What is the name of the move?]
[b]Mastery Level:[/b] [What is the recommended level range for this technique? Master, advanced etc]
[b]Effects:[/b] [What effects does this technique induce?]

II. Aether Arts Techniques



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History Of The Iramasha

I. The Creation Of Their Race

[Timeline placement: Estimated 500,000 years ago]

Many believe that the Iramasha Clan were brought into existence ten thousand years ago as far as the PH timeline is concerned. However, that isn't quite correct. That is when the emergence of the Iramasha's many different sub-races became more prevalent. The race itself is considered to be hundreds of thousands years old. Many estimate that it is around five hundred thousand years old; but historically it is hard to determine for most. Thus, it makes sense to start from the beginning: Aether.

Aether is the key origin of the Iramasha Race. Their bodies were created solely around this mystical element because it recorded and encapsulated the minerals of the universe. Therefore, many assume that their existence is tied in with needing to preserve the elements of the PH Verse. For while Shinigami were tasked with the duty of maintaining the soul cycle, many Iramasha were believed to have been given the task of taking care of the world itself. They studied the constructs of what tied the universe together and sought to master them individually so that, as a whole, they could maintain the structure each different realm should any force destroy that balance.

It is why many of the higher-beings of each different realm found interest in Iramasha. If an element, construct or land was destroyed; these people could repair that destruction and restore their world back to it's splendor. Therefore, early on in the Iramasha's history, the creators of worlds such as the Living Realm, Hueco Mundo, Soul Society and other similar realms appeared to be on good terms with Iramasha because of this fact. The only one that was not had been the creators of Demon World based on the fact they had no interest in anyone maintaining their world but them.

Therefore, since these higher beings held a curiosity in the Iramasha race, the next step of their evolution and progression would come in the form of both Truth and The Soul King coming to approach them as a whole. Truth was considered to be the founder of the Living Realm, while the Soul King had been creator of the Soul Society. Each of them wanted to sway them towards the path of neutrality for the sake of the order of the world. Hence, they ventured out in discovery of these new beings...

II. The Overseeing Of The Iramasha

[Timeline placement: Estimated 100,000 years ago]

The Iramasha were discovered roughly one hundred thousand years ago by both the Soul King and Truth. Around this time they were mostly scattered and divided and hadn't decided on a whole realm, organization or sense of unity. There were many different tribes of Iramasha that believed a variety of different things. Some believed they should be the rulers of the existence since they held the power to destroy or uphold the balance. Others believed they should only be there to preserve and restore because of the abilities they were born with. While others believed that they should simply remain in secrecy and stay away from the known PH Worlds at large and focus on their own.

So, sensing this divide, and wanting to avoid a disbalance, both the Soul King and Truth discovered a large settlement of Iramasha which had taken root in the out lands of the Soul Society. These Iramasha were apart of a large banding of relatively neutral people who simply wanted to live among their own kind. Since, as the centuries went on, many of them simply wished to establish themselves and find a place to provide a stable future for themselves. Therefore, they appeared to be attracted to the out lands of the Soul Society since not many ventured there, it was a difficult place to access at the time and because it was a large enough realm to house their people.

Hence, with these factors in play, both the Soul King and Truth were able to approach them with an offer. The two of them requested that most Iramasha who were willing to settle down and speak with them should come to the out lands of the Soul Society. And, once a large enough gathering of Iramasha were assembled, the two would offer them a sub-dimension to call their own within the Soul Society. They could craft their own culture, rules, structure and so forth. All these beings asked were that they were to remain neutral in their stance and avoid seeking any biases towards taking any sort of strong position in terms of antagonism or protagonism.

Seeming pleased with these offer, a great deal of Iramasha went along with the proposition. However, naturally, not all agreed with this. Therefore, there were a fair number of Iramasha that were still scattered throughout Hueco Mundo, Earth and some portions of Demon World as a result. Eventually, as time would carry on, the majority of Iramasha rule seemed to go with the Iramasha Realm found within the Soul Society. Even to this day there are still subsets of these minority Iramasha that exist, but the bulk can be found within the Soul Society at this point. And that is how the Iramasha Realm eventually got it's first start.

III. Birth Of Sub-Types

[Timeline placement: Estimated 50,000 years ago]

The Iramasha Realm grew and flourished over a period of thousands of years of construction. In this time the foundation of their world was set. From forging climates, to designing different regions of land and creating many wild-life which would begin to inhabit this diverse world. However, at the same time, many Iramasha from other tribes started to migrate and travel into the Iramasha Realm. It is upon this immigration that they discovered a mutation in their race.

The first of these mutations were labeled as "Devil Iramasha". It is believed that their origins are tied closely with Iramasha who built tribes within demon world and mated with demons to develop this sub-race of Iramasha. As they yielded similar characteristics as these distant relatives, and many mistook them for demons, but later research would classify them as an entirely different race.

Though, this discovery was important to the Iramasha as they realized they needed to be careful in who they mated with. As, throughout the centuries, another sub-race started to emerge called "The Angel Iramasha". These Iramasha are rumored to have been started between an Iramasha and former Angel Of Truth. Upon their mating paved the way for many Angel Iramasha to be born throughout the coming centuries as they continued to reproduce.

Then, as General Iramasha, Angel Iramasha and Devil Iramasha started to share these lands, another mutation occurred: Hybrid Iramasha. Hybrid Iramasha were classified as any Iramasha who were able to be born between the blood of multiple different sub-races of Iramasha, or as one who was capable of wielding multiple Aether Classes. So, as the years continued to spiral on, these mutations started to become overwhelming and a divide was eventually made among the Iramasha.

This divide came because of the fact that the Iramasha and it's sub-races started to develop entirely different characteristics which put them at odds with one another. So, it would begin a war among the Iramasha in years to come.....

IV. The Divide

[Timeline placement: Estimated 15,000 years ago]

The Great Divide of The Iramasha is a four thousand year war that started because of the contrasting desires of The Iramasha, Angel Iramasha, Devil Iramasha and Hybrid Iramasha. The Devil Iramasha of this era were extremely aggressive and wanted to become the dominant, leading species of the Iramasha because of this fact. Meanwhile, many of the general Iramasha only wanted to live in peace and wished to remain neutral as the Soul King and Truth had requested of them. While many of the Angel Iramasha saw the Devil Iramasha as a threat and promptly took to war to dispatch of them.

Eventually, many of the general Iramasha joined the war and there was a mass amount of casualties on all sides during this conflict. Since, during the bloodshed, a large number Hybrid Iramasha started to showcase just how fast they could evolve and adapt as they were caught in between all of the combat which had broken out. This left all Iramasha generally unnerved at fast they could evolve and grow into their powers. Therefore, it is in this war that a large portion of the modern day Hybrid Iramasha gained their stigma. As Iramasha, Devil Iramasha and Angel Iramasha were known to slaughter and skewer Hybrid Iramasha wherever they found them in order to lower and neutralize their threat during the war.

Additionally, it was during this era that a lot of the separation of races occurred within the Iramasha Realm. As all Iramashsa and sub-races of Iramasha made their own locations, bases and structures to prevent losing them in the conflict and to have a base of operations. Even long after this divide concluded, many of them still exist today as a result of this war. For a great deal of royal families and powerful tribes were established during this time in the Iramasha's history. So they ensured that these segregated regions would remain in tact so that their power could remain.

As the bloodshed started to reach into the millions, there were eventually leaders established from each faction of Iramasha during this time. When these people were put into power, they were tasked with trying to resolve the war in order to prevent any further destruction of wild life, death of their people and disbalance of their realm. Therefore, they decide to unite their people under a diplomatic ruling and decided to form one whole nation as opposed to multiple different factions. In turn, as one nation, they would put an end to any further conflict and attempt to deal with the aftermath of the battle.

Though, it would take many human generations in order for this stigma to be washed away wholly. For the most part, however, many Iramasha knew they needed to cease with their conflict because of the fact it could not go on forever. It would bring about the end of their race and that isn't something they desired much at all. Therefore, it was easier for them to delegate their differences than to continue onward with the war. Since, in the end, they would need to understand how to co-exist with each other as the centuries came along and move away from their differences.

There are still many stigmas put in palce from this war even in many modern Iramasha today, and it is why there is a delicate balance that is had in keeping the peace among the Iramasha and why it is important the Iramasha Union stays in place. As, at the end of the conflict, their newly named organization was founded and named under that one desire. They didn't have to wholly get along with one another, but they needed to be united for the time being as this was the world they built and they didn't wish to see it destroyed as there was no other like it.

V. Unveiling Of Iramasha

[Timeline placement: Estimated 10,000 years ago to the year 2007]

After a thousand years had passed, it seemed that the Iramasha had finally stabilized. There were still many things that needed to be overseen by the newly formed Iramasha Union, but they were not tasked that their delegates and followers could not handle. More than anything else, everyone needed times for the wounds from The Divide to heal and be forgotten or lessened. A vocal minority still held strong feelings in all sub-races and general Iramasha alike, though they had all been but expunged from the realm by the higher-ups within The Iramasha Union; as this was more beneficial to them than the previous arrangements of being random tribes.

Additionally, many of the Angel Iramasha figureheads within the Iramasha Union started to assist with the effort to unify the Shinigami into one faction with the help of other royal families in the Soul Society around the time. Having gone through a similar war for control, the Iramasha were equipped with the knowledge, manpower and resources to otherwise assist the Soul King in maintaining the order of his realm and they served as enforcers of this will. So, since the creation of the Gotei 13, The Iramasha Union has more or less been on good and allied terms with the Gotei 13.

Although, in later years, they preferred to keep their existence downplayed and hushed. This is because they hadn't really gone out of their way to make their race known to most of the others in the realms of the Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, Earth and other similar dimensions. It was rare to know of an Iramasha in this time period, but that would change in later years. This is due to the fact that The Iramasha had noticed the world was changing throughout the centuries that flew by. The balance of the known realms were becoming further put into disarray and now they noticed that perhaps it would be better to advance and evolve WITH the world.

Therefore, the Winter War with Aizen in 2007, many of the Iramasha started to make their presence more known as the unveiling of other supernatural creatures skyrocketed in this era. As, two years after that, the Iramasha made a global announcement along with most other races to the humans that they existed. For, at the time, it was a mind-crushing event for much of the earth who had not became spiritual aware to see such creatures come out the woodwork. It would also turn a new page in Iramasha history and take them one step further towards evolution as they started to venture beyond the walls of their realm and began to spread their wings throughout the years to come following this unveiling.

VI. Modern Day Iramashsa

[Timeline placement: From 2010 to now ]

Around 2010, most of the Iramashsa had been trying to mainstream themselves into the Earth and Soul Society in order to make their transition into the world more smoothly. They worked closely among the Gotei 13, many of the heroic faction on Earth and tried to step up their defense against anthologist forces. A great many Iramasha played a pivotal role in the battle for the Soul King as well that took place from 2013 to 2014. This was a short lived war in which The Kokuryuteshi's leader, Kin Iramasha, waged war against the structure the Soul King set-up in both the human world and Soul Society.

A great many factions played a heavy part in this battle and it was an important battle which would lead to a long lasting era of peace following his containment by the Soul King at the end of the war. As most of that faction went into hiding following the end result of that clash. This then lead the Iramasha to begin developing and learning at an accelerated rate based on the fact they were taking in knowledge, experiences and battles from realms outside of their own.

From 2015 to 2150, there was a high amount of techniques and information learned about the Iramasha. It is apart of what sped up their growth and led to the development of modern Iramasha. As this is around the time they began growing in numbers, expanding their military strength, creating more complex fighting styles and overall using this peace time to prepare themselves for any sort of war which they may find themselves in the future.

As, from 2150 to 2200, this cautious nature would pay off in the fact that they were one of the primary races prepared for World War Three on Earth. It was an eruption of the Arrancar, Demon and Hollow populations exploding on Earth which caused them to leap into action and join the fray in order to help mend the balance in the Living Realm. This conflict only drove to further accelerate their evolution and the Iramasha were pushed to the brink of power during this long lasting war.

Eventually, after the war had concluded, many of them took apart of the effort to help start rebuilding, restoring and stabilizing Earth after most of the populations of demon's and arrancar started to level off. They helped restore cities, built new weaponry, increased manpower on earth and decided that their strength was needed now more than ever. Hence, ever since that day, most Iramasha have been going back and forth between their realm, the Soul Society and The Living Realm in order to repair the damage done, create that which was destroyed and otherwise keep a better balance on things.

Along the way, in the early 2410's, a new sub-race of Iramasha had been discovered and they wanted to assist in these efforts. Most Nature iramasha were considered to be a timid race, but that is only because of the fact they were aware of The Great Divide and did not wish to make themselves unveiled until the time is right. So, as of now, most Iramasha are beginning to accept them and diplomatic relations are trying to be made to better integrate their kind into the clan.

As, overall, The Iramasha hold a rather positive outlook for the future and see their race benefiting from the chaos of the world. After all, the universe is a chaotic place and they consider themselves the masters of this cosmic element that we call existence. So all that is left for them is to master it and see where the tides of fate will take them and their people.



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Coding In Template By:


Iramasha Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: (What is your Iramasha's name?)
» Titles: (Do they have any sort of title? Perhaps nicknames or titles they’ve earned)
» Iramasha Age: (What is your Iramasha's age? i.e. every 100 years for an Iramasha equals one for a human)
» Regular Age: (Give their regular age by human years)
» Gender: (What is your Iramasha's gender? If they have one.)

» Affiliation/Rank: (Are they allied with any org, faction or the Iramasha clan itself? Or are they just rouge?)

» Type: (The Iramasha have sub-races, so it's natural that you'd put the type here. For most, you'll put General Iramasha if you aren't having your character use the sub-race information. If you are using a sub-race, just put your sub race here.)

» Physical Appearance Description: (You can write what your Iramasha looks like here. You can also choose to add or remove this if you decide to add a picture.)

» Physical Appearance Image: (If you have an image of your character, you can add it here.)

II. Personality Traits

» Personality: (What is your Iramasha's personality like? This may be written in any way however it must be at minimum 2 paragraphs for it to be approved.)

III. Character History

» History (This is the section where you write out their history. They must be at least three paragraph's with four to five sentences each.)

IV. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities (You can make multiple different sections for any sort of general skill they have. This can range from general strength, speed, defenses and things like that.)

V. Equipment Section

» Equipment (Does your Iramasha have weapons or other type of equipment in which aids them in battle? Do they have any extra items that your Iramasha keep on them? If so -- post them!)

VI. Racial Abilities

» Aether Magic (Does your Iramasha know any sort of Aether Magic? Post their style of magic and spells here and in different sections.)

» Aether Arts Techniques & Abilities (You can add in Aether Arts abilities and techniques here.)

» Aether Stones: (What type of control, abilities or stones does your Iramasha produce from this racial ability? Feel free to put them here)

VI. Aether Class

» Aether Class Name: (What is the name of your Iramasha's Aether Class?)

» Aether Class Power: (What is the primary power of your Aether Class?)

» Aether Class Abilities: (What abilities does your Iramasha gain from this Aether Class?)

» Sub-Aether Class Power: (Sub-Aether Class Power refers to additional powers which are directly connected to your Iramasha's Element. For example, Cirno Iramasha's Aether Class was named "The Angel of The Ice". So she had Sub-Aether sorts of wind, ice, snow, cold and angelic prowess. Use something similar for your own as this section is optional.)

» Sub-Aether Class Abilities (These are just abilities that come with your Sub-Aether Class Power)

VII. Ether Morph - Immersion

(You can have this release at any Aether Control, but it is recommended you have it at adept for it to be stable.)

» Ether Morph Immersion Incantation (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

» Ether Morph Immersion Appearance (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

» Ether Morph Immersion Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

VIII. Ether Morph - World Fusion

(You can have this release at any Aether Control, but it is recommended you have it at master for it to be stable.)

» Ether Morph World Fusion Incantation (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

» Ether Morph World Fusion Appearance (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

» Ether Morph World Fusion Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

IX. Ether Morph - Peak Eclipse

(You can have this release at any Aether Control after 0-3, but it is recommended you have it at grand master for it to be stable.)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Incantation (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Appearance (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

X. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Remove this message afterwards)

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Aether Stones: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


[size=13][center][color=black][b]Coding In Template By:[/b][/color]

<center><div style="width: 509px; border: #9c1b2b 3.2px solid; box-shadow: black 1px 1px 6px; border-radius: 2em; text-align: justify; padding: 15px; line-height: 12px; font-size: 13.3px; background-image:url(''); color: black; "><div style="background-color: #9c1b2b; width: 534px; border-top-right-radius: 3.2em; border-top-left-radius: 3.2em; margin-top: -14.7px; margin-left: -13px; text-align: center; color: white; letter-spacing: 2px;">THE IRAMASHA TEMPLATE</div>
[center][size=29][color=#9c1b2b]Iramasha Profile

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#9c1b2b]I. [/color]Basic Information</div>

[b]» Name:[/b] (What is your Iramasha's name?)
[b]» Titles:[/b] (Do they have any sort of title? Perhaps nicknames or titles they’ve earned)
[b]» Iramasha Age:[/b] (What is your Iramasha's age? i.e. every 100 years for an Iramasha equals one for a human)
[b]» Regular Age:[/b] (Give their regular age by human years)
[b]» Gender:[/b] (What is your Iramasha's gender? If they have one.)

[b]» Affiliation/Rank:[/b] (Are they allied with any org, faction or the Iramasha clan itself? Or are they just rouge?)

[b]» Type:[/b] (The Iramasha have sub-races, so it's natural that you'd put the type here. For most, you'll put General Iramasha if you aren't having your character use the sub-race information. If you are using a sub-race, just put your sub race here.)

[b]» Physical Appearance Description:[/b] (You can write what your Iramasha looks like here. You can also choose to add or remove this if you decide to add a picture.)

[b]» Physical Appearance Image:[/b] (If you have an image of your character, you can add it here.)

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#9c1b2b]II. [/color]Personality Traits</div>

[b]» Personality:[/b] (What is your Iramasha's personality like? This may be written in any way however it must be at minimum 2 paragraphs for it to be approved.)

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#9c1b2b]III. [/color]Character History</div>

[b]» History[/b] (This is the section where you write out their history. They must be at least three paragraph's with four to five sentences each.)

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#9c1b2b]IV. [/color]Natural Abilities </div>

[b]» Natural Abilities[/b] (You can make multiple different sections for any sort of general skill they have. This can range from general strength, speed, defenses and things like that.)

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#9c1b2b]V. [/color]Equipment Section </div>

[b]» Equipment[/b] (Does your Iramasha have weapons or other type of equipment in which aids them in battle? Do they have any extra items that your Iramasha keep on them? If so -- post them!)

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#1c5e94]VI. [/color] Racial Abilities</div>

[b]» Aether Magic[/b] (Does your Iramasha know any sort of Aether Magic? Post their style of magic and spells here and in different sections.)

[b]» Aether Arts Techniques & Abilities[/b] (You can add in Aether Arts abilities and techniques here.)

[b]» Aether Stones:[/b] (What type of control, abilities or stones does your Iramasha produce from this racial ability? Feel free to put them here)

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#1c5e94]VI. [/color]Aether Class </div>

[b]» Aether Class Name:[/b] (What is the name of your Iramasha's Aether Class?)

[b]» Aether Class Power:[/b] (What is the primary power of your Aether Class?)

[b]» Aether Class Abilities:[/b] (What abilities does your Iramasha gain from this Aether Class?)

[b]» Sub-Aether Class Power:[/b] (Sub-Aether Class Power refers to additional powers which are directly connected to your Iramasha's Element. For example, Cirno Iramasha's Aether Class was named "The Angel of The Ice". So she had Sub-Aether sorts of wind, ice, snow, cold and angelic prowess. Use something similar for your own as this section is optional.)

[b]» Sub-Aether Class Abilities[/b] (These are just abilities that come with your Sub-Aether Class Power)

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#9c1b2b]VII. [/color] Ether Morph - Immersion</div>

(You can have this release at any Aether Control, but it is recommended you have it at adept for it to be stable.)

[b]» Ether Morph  Immersion Incantation[/b] (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

[b]» Ether Morph  Immersion Appearance[/b] (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

[b]»  Ether Morph  Immersion  Abilities[/b] (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#9c1b2b]VIII. [/color] Ether Morph - World Fusion</div>

(You can have this release at any Aether Control, but it is recommended you have it at master for it to be stable.)

[b]» Ether Morph  World Fusion Incantation[/b] (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

[b]» Ether Morph  World Fusion Appearance[/b] (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

[b]»  Ether Morph  World Fusion Abilities[/b] (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#9c1b2b]IX. [/color] Ether Morph - Peak Eclipse</div>

(You can have this release at any Aether Control after 0-3, but it is recommended you have it at grand master for it to be stable.)

[b]» Ether Morph  Peak Eclipse Incantation[/b] (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

[b]» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse  Appearance[/b] (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

[b]»  Ether Morph Peak Eclipse  Abilities[/b] (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#9c1b2b]X. [/color]Skill Sheets</div>

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please [url=][b]READ THIS THREAD[/b][/url] before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Remove this message afterwards)

[u][b]Iramasha Skill Sheet[/b][/u]
[list][*][b]Aether Control:[/b] Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
[*][b]Aether Magic:[/b] Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
[*][b]Aether Arts:[/b] Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
[*][b]Aether Stones:[/b] Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master[/list]

[b][u]General Skills[/u][/b]
[list][*][b]Durability:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]General Speed:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Strength:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Weapon Skill:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner[/list]

[b][u]Will Skills[/u][/b]
[list][*][b]Willpower/Determination:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Mental Deduction:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Pain Endurance:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
[*][b]Focus:[/b] Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


<div style="letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 14px; border-bottom: solid 1px black;;">[color=#9c1b2b][/color]Roleplay Sample</div>

[b]» Role Play Sample:[/b][i](Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)[/i]

</div><div style="background-color: #9c1b2b; width: 537px; border-bottom-right-radius: 3.2em; border-bottom-left-radius: 3.2em; margin-top: -21px; color: white; letter-spacing: 2px;">END OF THE IRAMASHA APPLICATION</div></div></center>


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Angel Iramasha Sub-Race

I. What Are Angel Iramasha

Angel Iramasha are considered to be Iramasha who have Aether that are attuned to "holy" elements. So, as one might imagine, they take heavily after angelic priorities as a result. They were created as a result of needing a sense of righteousness and light in the world. Henceforth, they are considered to be messengers of light in most context as they seek to enforce a sense of morality, preserve balance or otherwise assist in helping souls find their way in life.

Thus, one can consider their primary role to be that of invoking good in the world. These are often through acts of purging evil spirits, healing the sick, producing miracles and otherwise trying to assist lost spirits, both spiritually and psychologically, discover their inner light.

As for where these Angel's are located? Many of Angel Iramasha often reside in the Iramasha Isle located within the Soul Society, but they have branched out to other dimensions and aren't restricted to that location. There are some that live on Earth, others that roam the Soul Society and a few that patrol the realms of Demon World and Hueco Mundo to keep watch of odd events which occur in these regions.

II. Aesthetics Of Angel Iramasha

Aesthetics: Most Angel Iramasha often take the form of a humanoid shape. Though, the color of their eyes, hair and other cosmic appearances can vary wildly. Additionally, it's worth noting that many of them are often seen as having wings, possessing halo's or other "angelic" garments. Based on the way their energy is, many can often sense a sensation of relaxation and calm around them. As their Aether energy is meant to soothe and ease the soul to bring about serenity in the world around them.

Attitudes/Personality: Furthermore, many Angel Iramasha are often depicted as being kind, serene, loving and overall positive in terms of their persona. They have a natural inclination towards holding mental states that are considered healthy and otherwise jovial in nature. However, that does not mean they cannot divert from this status quo. As there have been Angel Iramasha that have become fallen angel's in the sense of their personas becoming corrupted or falling prey to general weaknesses in their character.


Languages Spoke: Angel Iramasha are capable of speaking most languages. This is because they varied holy grimoires which have the knowledge of many different recorded languages. If they study them and adapt, Angel Iramasha can cover most known human languages. They also can speak telepathy to one another like most Iramasha.

Favored Occupations: Many Angel Iramasha prefer occupations where they are able to provide a service to the community. Whether it be a peace officer, doctors, providing for the poor or other similar task; Angel Iramasha will always exceed at tasks and jobs which have them serving others.

Population Stats: There isn't an exact number, but there appear to be somewhere towards 800,000,000 to 900,000,000 Angel Iramasha in existence in the Iramasha Realm itself. Some estimate that there are even a billion Angel Iramasha at this point.

Preferred Locations: Many Angel Iramasha seem to prefer staying within The Angel Society. If they wander, Angel Iramasha may seek locations which need dire repair. Such as war-torn nations, disease filled areas and other similar locations. They'll also appear quite often around Churches and other places of holy worship such as temples.

Racial Relations

Devil Iramasha: Much of the newer generations of Angel Iramasha seem to accept them for what they are. This is because they want to move from the past and try to move towards a united future for the Iramasha so they can function as a whole better. However, there are still many older Iramasha that have a dis-taste for them and it's a delicate balance between going to war and not going to war with them in some cases. So there is a voice heard within the Angel Community about their lingering tensions, but most Angel Iramasha would prefer to avoid that.

Hybrid Iramasha: Newer Angel Iramasha also accept Hybrid Iramasha for what they are as well. However, they are cautious around the more unstable ones and tend to tread carefully around them. While many others believe that they should be purged from the older generations before The Divide. This is because they've seen the kind of damage that Hybrid Iramasha can cause if they advance too fast and lose control. Yet, many still wish to want to reach out to them and help them.

Nature Iramasha: They are actually happy to see the Nature Iramasha. The reason for this is because the birth of this new sub-race gives them hope that they are evovling in a good direction. As many of the Nature Iramasha seem orderly and more focused on preserving the nature of the worlds; as opposed to seeking to cause chaos or trouble. So it's always new to have a new ally like this on their side.

Shinigami: The Angel Iramasha consider them to be great allies for the most part. They've worked alongside them for many years and hope they continue to persist despite the rough climate they are under. This is the majority opinion. The minority opinion of them are that they are growing weak and that the Angel Iramasha, or the Iramasha as a whole, should take over and deal with the Soul Society for the Soul King.

Demons: They have conflicted feelings when it comes to demons. While they believe a great many of them are chaotic beings that should be purified, they also want to believe not every soul of this race is wicked. As a majority of Angel Iramasha feel conflict and hostility towards them, while others wish they could work with them in order to ease the tensions in the world. So it's a mixed bag when it comes to demons, but they will not hesitate to slay them if they pose a danger and are quick to judge them.

Sugiura: They have some connection to the Sugiura race, but it isn't as powerful as the Royal Devil Family. They see them as potentially good allies and they don't see any reason to give them trouble. Therefore, while their impressions are great, there hasn't been much interaction between them and it's mostly left at that.

Humans/Quincy: They have a rather strong urge to want to assist, protect or fight alongside humans for what they perceive is the greater good. And, much like Devil Iramasha, The Angel Iramasha appear to lump Quincy and Humans together in the same cloth. Many Angel Iramasha will also try and purify corrupt humans as they understand that some humans hold a great capacity for hideous crimes. While other angels believe they should just be left alone to do as they please.

Arrancar/Hollow: As far as Arrancar and hollow go, many Angel Iramasha consider them a dangerous species and often try to purify them because of it. They still believe that they can find release, but they need to be purged of their sins in order to do so. Much to a similar thread as to how they feel about demons. However, they will not do this to those who are legitimately apart of The Iramasha Union.

Vizards/Ziamichi: There doesn't appear to be much of a unified stance on Vizards or Ziamichi. This is because they are too varied and different to lump together. However, some Angel Iramasha will accept Ziamichi of their own, while others may reject them if they are not purified. It varies based on family, clan and individual angels. However, the majority are inclined to accept them; if only out of their perceived sense of good mortality.

III. Special Abilities Of Angel Iramasha

Holy Aether: Holy Aether is considered to be one of the alternative forms of Aether Energy that Angel Iramasha are capable of using. Essentially, it is a form of Holy Energy that serves a medium for some of their Angel Abilities and class powers. It can be used a primary source of power for the Angel Iramasha and only grows more potent the further they increase their overall Aether Energy control.

Purification: This is a natural skill that most Angel Iramasha possess at some capacity. This allows them to ward off evil spirits, dispel tainted barriers, weaken negative spirits and perform other similar feats against creatures like demons, arrancar, hollow and other vile beings filled with hostility. Below, you will see what they are capable of at each individual level and how you can potentially use this skill. Note, it is not limited to just this usage, but it gives you an example of how to utilize this sub-racial skill

  • Beginner: At the beginner level, most with purification are able to do small scale purification. This means that they can attempt to dispel small portions of a barrier formed from something like demonic energy, purify weaker hollow/arrancar/demon/negative spirits and lower or negate the damage of attacks formed from wicked energies. Keep in mind, at this level, it's rather hard to control; but can become more potent and useful if the beginner is on the stronger end of the tier spectrum.

  • Adept: Around the adept level is where this becomes a more useful ability. Regardless of tier, most adepts seem to have a pretty fairly potent usage of their purification skills. Their purification capacities can begin to form basic techniques, the area of range they can influence is capable of spreading for a range comparable to one or two city blocks, they have a better time purifying more vile creatures and their defense against negative energies is much more potent. Often times they can diffuse a fair amount of an opponents attack; such as if a 2-1 Angel Iramasha were fighting a 1-1 demon, they could attempt to null ten to twenty percent of their attack.

  • Advanced: Once one becomes more advanced in their purification skills, most Angel Iramasha begin to become more feared in nature. This is because they can form more complex techniques, further the range of their purification abilities to multiple city blocks, can cleanse hordes of monsters and they have a natural defense against negative energies. Illustrations of this level of control is the fact that They can even heal those who have been tainted by demonic energries, create holy shields that expand for five to seven city blocks which can attempt to ward off attacks by hollows and otherwise infuse this holy influence into their other abilities.

  • Master: An Angel Iramasha with a master in purification is often quite feared by those with vile intent. The abilities which they are capable of producing can become quite intricate and wide scale; possessing the capacity to extend their purification over great distances for many hundreds of meters. Additionally, they are often capable of defending against armies of satanic forces with the how potent their holy purification becomes. Many of the weapons they forge will often be rather legendary in terms of them infusing their holy influence into different objects, the environment around them and into others. They can even goes as far as attempting to purify disturbed thoughts, concepts and so on.

  • Grand Master:Upon reaching a Grand Master level of purification, Iramasha are walking embodiments of purity. Their mere existence is capable of sickening those with the most vile of energies. Additionally, many of their techniques and abilities with their purification skill are the most potent and powerful they will become. It is capable of reaching upwards of one thousand meter in range and they are able to create some of the most complex techniques with their purification mastery. They are able of using multiple purification techniques and abilities at a given time, can purge armies of negative forces and take many of the things they were capable of at a master level to a much grander scale.

Heaven Summoning:Heaven Summoning is referred to the ability of summoning portions of the heaven realm into the material plane. These can have a wide variety of effects and is often compared to the similar ability of demons where they are able to produce portions of hell to empower themselves further. Therefore, in order to illustrate what this racial skill does, it will be broken down level by level in the sections below.

  • Beginner: Most Angel Iramasha who have a beginner level of Heaven Summoning are able to produce small portions of the heaven realm around them. This is often to the extent of producing a five to fifteen meter range of it around themselves. When it is summoned they are often able to increase their physical and natural capacities by upwards of a 1.5x multiple. And, since this is a low level, the duration in which it is summoned is often condensed to a few post at best; this varies more so on their tier at this level.

  • Adept: Around this level is where most Angel Iramasha will begin to see more benefit to having a Heaven Summoning skill. As, around this point, their area of effect can extend upwards from twenty five to forty five meters. Additionally, the amount they are able to augment themselves bolsters a bit and can extend their physical and supernatural capacities upwards of a 2 to 2.5 times multiple. Furthermore, tier factors less on this level and depends more on their mastery and skill in order to keep the heaven realm summoned. Lastly, at this level, they can begin tampering with basic summoning abilities and techniques; such as summoning divine arrows, weapons, constructs and creatures around them. However, they are limited in the fact that it must pertain more so to angelic lore. (I.E. Cirno was able to summon the Lance Of Longius through her heaven summoning)

  • Advanced: Once an Iramasha is able to reach the level of Advanced Heaven Summoning, their skill unlocks new doors for them. One of the new abilities they are capable of performing is altering the environment around them with this heaven summoning. For example, an Iramasha may be able to modify the levels of light within an area in order to blind opponents; or they may be able to purge other foes in a holy solar flare by increasing the amount of sunlight within the environment. However, like the summoning, it must be related more so to phenomena you'd find in heaven. Furthermore, the range in which they are capable of spreading this ability can reach upwards of eighty to one hundred eighty six meters. And the augmentation multiple can now extent to their mental, supernatural and physical capacities; giving them a 3 to 3.5x multiple in these areas. More than that, at this level, they are capable of summoning more complex summons at a faster rate and greater quantity.

  • Master: After reaching the level of Master Heaven Summoning, this racial skill often reaches the point where heavy customization is possible. As, around this level, Angel Iramasha can create and form their own artificial and miniature version of heaven. These are often referred to as "Heaven Spheres" and they take on the values, priorities and elements of an Iramasha's mind, heart and soul. For example, my personal Iramasha, Cirno, could infuse the constructs of her frozen element in order to create a winter heaven where she could have her winter and holy elements readily available to summon.

    Moreover, the range of effect that a masters Heaven Summoning possess can extend upwards of two hundred to four hundred meters. And, their augmentation boost can range anywhere from a 4 to a 4.5 times multiple in regards to their mental, supernatural and physical capacities. This can even spread to others around them whom are marked their allies and other Angel Iramasha can even become empowered by this if they wish. Furthermore, their summons are now personalized and tailored to the Iramashsa and they can have many sorts of different creatures, weapons and constructs at their control.

  • Grand Master: Once an Iramasha is capable of reaching a Grand Master of heaven summoning, they are considered to be legends of heaven. The area of effect in which this ability can expand ranges from seven hundred to nine hundred meters in every direction. Additionally, the augmentation boost to their mental, physical and supernatural functions can range from a 5 to a 5.5 times multiple. They can even enhance and empower their own weapons and other equipment in the area with it. Thus, these influences can turn the tides greatly in a war for the allies of an Iramasha Angel with grand master summoning.

    They'll often have a vast control over their Heaven Sphere at this point and can summon a plethora of intricate and complex techniques from it. They can even attempt to create their own laws within these spheres and create a miniature world within them due to their grand mastery over this skill. Therefore, it is not recommended that an Angel Iramasha with Grand Master Level Heaven Summoning be underestimated.

    Note: It is still recommended that most Iramasha try and keep their Heaven Summoning within a smaller range as the bigger it becomes, naturally, the more difficult it is to control and maintain. So please bare this in mind.

Healing: Most Angel Iramasha are capable of using their Aether in order to heal themselves and others around them. This is because of the fact that their holy properties seeks to restore and keep most living and non-living things in their most pristine and pure state. Therefore, below, you will see what Angel Iramasha are capable of doing with their healing ability across the spectrum of different masteries.

  • Beginner: At the beginner level, an Angel Iramasha's healing is rather minor. They are often capable of using their Aether in order to heal themselves or others from minor injuries. These can include scrapes, bumps, bruises, cosmetic issues and slight damage to a persons organs or restoring low quantities of blood back into their body by creating it through their Aether. And Angel Iramasha have the ability to restore the energy of those around them in combat. As an illustration of a technique, one Angel Iramasha at the beginner level may be able to restore the energy of their allies by upwards of five to ten percent once or twice per thread for instance

  • Adept: Once they are able to reach the adept level, an Angel Iramasha's healing becomes much more potent in nature. They can assist others in recovering from moderate to major blood loss, repair deeper burns, attach lost limbs, ease nerve damage and other similar feats. Additionally, they can restore upwards of fifteen to twenty percent of a persons energy. And, they can begin tampering with the metaphysical and spiritual side of healing. As they are capable of slowly repairing something which otherwise makes it difficult for the afflicted to use their supernatural powers. It may take some intensive recovery, but they can slowly heal them. Thus, these level of adept healers often make up the bulk of the Iramasha's healing forces.

  • Advanced: At this point, The Angel Iramasha who possess an advanced in healing evolve and turn into quite the fabled healers. The extents of their feats can range (But are not limited to) from restoring severed limbs and internal organs, mending nerve damage and even restoring once critically or fatally damaged cells. Additionally, their body is capable of naturally restoring it's energy reserves by ten to twenty percent once per fight. Furthermore, metaphysical injuries become more mendable by The Iramashsa in question. They can restore broken spiritual weapons, restore sealed abilities and can assist in the cleansing of a persons soul. Lastly, they are able to recover the energy of those around them by upwards of twenty to thirty percent and they can extend this capacity by many city blocks.

  • Master: When reaching the master level of healing, The Angel Iramasha turns into a guru of healing. The depths of their abilities can help reverse the effects of aging on living and non-living objects, the area of effect that their healing can take place over is enough to cover dozens of city blocks and they are capable of complex healing and physical techniques. For instance, one may be able to even fully restore a Shinigami's Zanpakutō at a master level; or they may be able to bring someone back from the cusp of death at a large-scale level. Along with that, master level Iramasha have a natural capacity in their body that restores their energy twice per thread at a twenty percent boost. And, they can restore the energy of others upwards of forty percent.

  • Grand Master: Once they are able to step upon the level of Grand Master healing, Angel Iramasha are often considered to be pure legends of that art. The area of effect that their healing is capable of can extend for upwards of a thousand meters, they are able to induce high-speed regeneration upon themselves or others and they can restore the energies of others by upwards of forty five to fifty percent. Additionally, their body can naturally restore it's energy throughout the course of a fight by twenty percent three times per thread. And, the complexity of their healing can go to the extent of being able to heal a wide variety of metaphysical and spiritual injuries to a person. Even going as far as to restore the powers of someone who has had their soul chain severed.

Blessings: Blessings are considered to be the antithesis to the demon's cursing ability. Essentially, they are able to bless themselves, people around them and even the objects or the environment itself with this racial ability. However, one of the major stipulations to it is that it mustn't be malevolent in nature. With that out of the way, they can perform great miracles with this ability and they'll be illustrated below on a level by level bases in order to get a better understanding of how this racial ability works for Angel Iramasha.

  • Beginner: At the beginner level, most Angel Iramasha are capable of small-scale blessings. With their Angelic Aether, they can use it as a medium in order to alleviate a persons willpower temporarily, place small scale enhancements on equipment and otherwise call about small miracles; such as attempting to alter the causality around them in order to narrowly miss a dangerous projectile assault such as a hell of bullet fire or narrowly missing a chunk of debris heading towards them.

  • Adept: Around this level is where their blessings start to become a more potent force in The Angel Iramasha's arsenal of abilities. It is at this point where they are often able to bring good fortune and miracles to others around them and themselves. For example, they could create a technique which would allow them to create a minor form of reality warping that increases the fortune around a person in order to bestow them with good luck. They are also capable of provided more potent blessings upon equipment in order to increase a swords durability, a guns shooting speed and other similar feats.

  • Advanced: Once an Iramashsa is able to reach this level of control with their blessing powers, they are given a much grander sense of influence with their blessings. Often times they can give great enchantments to people and living objects. Ones which can increase a persons potential by one or two times; or they can create blessings which can be long lasting. As, for example, they can create long-lasting effects on something like a church in order to get it divine protection against evil spirits. Additionally, their form of probability control can become more potent at this point and they can attempt to make unlikely events trigger; such as trying to induce a miracle upon themselves to otherwise survive a lethal injury if they are able to cast their blessing in time. You'll have to be creative with this.

  • Master: Masters of blessings are often considered to be saints in the good will that their blessings can bring upon the world around them. They can often secure large portions of an area with their divine fortune, their enchantments can cover a wide area of effect equaling to about five hundred meters or so and they can control probability to the point of purging misfortune from others. Additionally, it is much easier for Masters of blessing to unlock the potential of others with enough training and they can create many sacred weapons which have their divine influence sealed within them. These can serve as great tools against taint, curses and other negative elements.

  • Grand Master: These are considered to be the absolute legends of blessings. At this point, most Iramashsa are able to induce outright wishes if it is within the indivdual Iramasha's power. However, this is still with the stipulation that it must be pure and non-malevolent in nature. Thus, for example, it would be possible for an Iramasha to grant a wish which would otherwise unlock a new form within a person. However, it wouldn't be possible for them to grant a wish which could otherwise destroy the universe; as that is clearly out of their scope of power and does not fall in alignment with their nature.

    Furthermore, the area of effect in which their blessing extends to can reach a range of one thousand meters or so. Within this region they can enchant many different people, objects and concepts which are influenced by energy. As, for instance, they can bless the construct of "speed" in order to augment their allies momentum by a two or three times multiple. Additionally, their level of probability control is frightening to the point of being able to cease unfavorable events in some instances. For instance, if there was an earthquake threatening to swallow a city, it would be possible for an Angel Iramasha to spread their miracles and blessing throughout the area in order to negate and cease the event to save the lives of the innocents who were put in danger by it at the cost of draining their energy.



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Devil Iramasha Sub-Race

I. What Are Devil Iramasha

Devil Iramasha are considered to be a sub-race of Iramasha which thrive on varying elements, constructs, themes and mythology of the more negative, destructive, decaying and otherwise dark tones of the universe. Thus, they can be considered to be cousins of the demon through this loose relationship. Primarily, their purpose seems to be rooted in mastering these negative forces so as to help maintain balance in the world. They take on whichever shadow element they desire and help to serve as a mediator to help give it a channel to be properly released from.

For example, a Devil Iramasha can have an Aether Class which constitutes them as "The Devil Of Disaster" and this could allow them to have abilities and powers which extend along manipulating or generating earthquakes, tsunami's, lightning storms and elements of that nature. By dedicating themselves to this art, and allowing their Aether to reach a peak distorted state, they can become living instruments that absorb and take away these chaotic elements from the world and prevent them from becoming over abundant.

This is where a Devil Iramasha's Nether comes in. Similar to Angel Iramashsa, Devil Iramahsa have a secondary source of energy which is called Nether. This Nether attunes the Devil Iramasha to their dark elements and allows them to act as a sponge to the world around them. They use this energy in order to consume these constructs from the world in order to help preserve the balance in it. Hence, it is why their cousin race known as "demons" do not appear to have a fond relationship to them. As they are often known for siphoning away their demonic elements based on The Devil Iramasha's nature.

Many Devil Iramasha can be found in the Iramasha's Realm, but they aren't restricted to it and often roam about most of the known realms of the PH Verse. Some of them seek to thrive in areas of great destruction, chaos and unsteadiness because they can feast off the vile energies of their element and continue to fulfill their biological duty. Others appear to not pay much heed to it and are often seen as rather bizarre and odd for not doing so. As it's similar to eating and breathing for Devil Iramasha to want to be in the element they've trained their Aether Classes to become.

II. Attributes Of Devil Iramasha

Aesthetics: The appearance that the Devil Iramasha can have are rather varied. However, most are often demonic or tainted in some way. Most have some form of wings, fangs, claws, horns, tails, varied skin colors (red skin, black skin, green skin etc), unusual eye colors, peculiar strains of hair and other similar traits. Though, for the most part, many Devil Iramasha retain some humanoid form or another; even if it is greatly deviated from the standard form.

Attitudes/Personality/Beliefs: Devil Iramasha can be considered the more aggressive race of the Iramasha. Many of them can come across as prideful, competitive, extremely confident to the point of nearing arrogance, blunt and overall more crude. However, because of this, many of them seem rather truthful in their intentions as they are usually more up front in their motives and reasons for doing things. And, more often than not, they usually hold and maintain very strong stances on what they believe in, fight for or pledge their allegiance to.

Additionally, because of their competitive drive, many Devil Iramasha are seen as pioneers in the many different fields that they decide to dedicate themselves to. This is because they aren't afraid of winning or losing so long as progress is made in whatever craft they take up. Whether that be in the line of combat, invention, knowledge, relationships and everything else in between. They will often have some form of intense drive to keep them moving forward in their arts and strive to do better.

And, in other populations, many Devil Iramasha are often to be considered a rather vocal force because of their more assertive and aggressive personality set. If they see a wrong being committed? They'll speak on it. If they see a flaw in a person? They won't hold their tongue. It is why many Devil Iramasha are considered to be forces that keep everyone self-aware of how they act. Though, this has been known to cause tensions among other races because of that fact.

These strong personality traits can be considered brash, ugly and downright uncomfortable to be around for those who aren't accustomed to the way they act. It is why Angel Iramasha often try to keep them in check, but Devil Iramasha aren't too fond of being told to what to do or how to act. They consider themselves individuals, royalty and a race that makes their own fate.

Beliefs: Many Devil Iramasha consider themselves agents that are capable of expunging the world of destruction. They see Nether as a tool that can be used in order to reverse the overall decay of the universe itself and even believe it can reverse the effects of entropy itself.

As they see destruction, decay, death, entropy and the void as varying elements on the chain of cataclysmic events that occur in existence. And they see themselves as agents and balancers which keep these forces in check. It is why some are at odds with demons as they bring about too much destruction and Devil Iramasha have to expunge it.

Though, more deranged Devil Iramasha have no problems with wanting to enforce more of this element on the world. They are seen as undesirables by Devil Iramasha as many aren't interested in having the world fall totally into chaos. So there is a small divide among those who want to eradicate the world of these destructive elements, and those who want to summon as much carnage as possible to properly bring out what they believe Nether is.

Languages Spoke: Like most Iramasha, The Devil Iramasha can speak a wide variety of languages from the human world. They can keep this information stored within different Aether Stones and transmit the knowledge needed to write and speak these languages among their kind. Often they are kept in research centers scattered about the territories they own and are distrusted equally to those interested. Devil Iramasha find this information if they are travelling outside of realms where they are not the racial majority.

So, among themselves, they can speak any kind of language, but many of them prefer to speak their own tongue. They can communicate with each other through the usage of Nether. Through Nether, they can project their minds intent, desires and opinions for the most part. They find it convenient since it's easier for them to speak through their Nether as opposed to wasting physical movement with their mouths. Plus,. it's a universal language and it can be easily translated even to races who do not speak it or understand it. As the magical qualities of it can have it made understood in a language that foreigners are most proficient in.

Favored Occupations: Many types of Devil Iramasha prefer to work in fields or occupations that allow them to push the limits of their body and mind. So, anything that is competitive or has room for expansion are two major things Devil Iramasha look for. A great deal of Devil Iramasha strive to become scholars to test their wit, find themselves in the military to test their strength or become engineers or inventors to create new machines, methods, creations and other tools to further the Iramasha race as a whole.

Population Stats: Devil Iramasha are considered to be one of the biggest populations of sub-races. They procreate at a high and fast rate when compared to other races. Therefore, their numbers are somewhere in the hundreds of millions.

Preferred Locations: Many Devil Iramasha prefer to scatter themselves out across the Iramasha Realm. And, when they venture outside of it, they are attracted to areas of destruction, chaos and natural disasters due to their Nether seeking these things out. They often cleanse war torn areas, regions affected by natural disaster or any other scene of mass destruction.

Racial Relations

Angel Iramasha: They are considered their rivals for the most part. This can range from a playful rivalry, to a vengeful one depending on the Devil Iramasha in question. It's just apart of the way they are since they are their polar opposite; it just can't be helped. Granted, the large majority of them seem to tolerate the Angel after The Divide. However, there are a few lurking in the shadows which still despise them for that outside of those who just treat it casually or playfully.

Hybrid Iramasha: The Devil Iramasha have mixed feelings on Hybrid Iramasha. There are some that take them in as their own so long as they have a drop of Devil Iramasha blood within. Then there are others that outright reject them because they do not like the concept of hybrids. Many of them also find them rather amusing and feel they can better measure their competitive nature against something so rapidly advancing. And, lastly, there are some that fear them and just wish they would disappear because of this abnormal trait in them.

Nature Iramasha: They are somewhat interested in seeing what this sub-race of Iramasha are capable of, but it isn't an active or strong interest. From their initial impressions, a lot of them seem timid and weak and they aren't too keen on investing too much resources to bother with them. At least, that appears to be the general feeling they have for this race. They don't appear too hostility to them apart from trying to test them to see if they are capable of anything great combat wise or intellectually.

Shinigami: For the most part, The Devil Iramasha seem quite fine with Shinigami. In recent years, however, their respect for them has diminished in terms of how they've managed their organizations and the Soul Society as a whole. They consider them more of a liability than an ally at this point. However, they don't appear to be too hostile to them outside of that.

Demons: Enemies. Devil Iramasha and Demons have mostly never really gotten along. At least ones that are loyal to Demon World. There are demons which are present within The Royal Devil Company, but they mostly do not have allegiance to the current regime in Demon World. So, it is safe to say that they'll actually support demons -- as long as they remain loyal to them.

Sugiura: The Devil Iramasha, specially those in the main royal family, appear to have a soft spot for them. This is because they've made and established ties to many of Shimura's followers, children and kingdoms in the past and they still wish to uphold that in honor of her memory. Therefore, it can be assumed The Devil Iramasha are the strongest supporters of this race in The Iramasha.

Humans/Quincy: As far as Devil Iramasha are concerned, humans and demons are one in the same. So, overall, they view these two races as sources of entertainment. The reason for this is because they've noticed that humans can be as chaotic as a demon, or as resourceful as an elder god in some cases. Therefore, they like to play with humans out of sheer amusement as they do other races.

Arrancar/Hollow: The Devil Iramasha don't hate Arrancar too much. They help cause chaos, are good prey to hunt, they assist in giving them something to feed off of and they aren't too much of a pain to manage. Therefore, they seem relatively flippant on the Arrancar and Hollow race as a whole. They've even gone as far as to allow them citizenship in The Royal Devil Company. At least, if they register through The Iramasha Union.

Vizards/Ziamichi: The Devil Iramasha don't seem to possess much of a strong sentiment on Vizards or Ziamichi. However, they do often accept Devil Iramasha who happen to be Ziamichi as one of their own. So they seem to be somewhat accepting if it happens to other Iramasha.

III. Racial Abilities Of Devil Iramasha

Nether Energy: What is Nether Energy? Nether Energy is considered to be the second primary source of energy for Devil Iramasha. It acts as a medium which causes the diverse change in these Iramasha and makes them their own unique sub-race. This is because it is utilized as a main carrier of their destructive elements of power as it is attuned to the degenerative constructs of the universe. It is also the means in which most of their racial attributes and powers stem from.

Therefore, in most of the sections below, you can see how Nether influences the Devil Iramasha's body apart from being a secondary source of energy and a means for which their Aether Class is born.

Nether Channeling: Nether Channel is the racial ability which allows Devil Iramasha to otherwise cleanse the world of its calamitous elements and prevent an over abundance of it from destroying the cosmos. They are able to absorb and manipulate these influences into their body at varying levels. Therefore, many of them often are found of channeling into this racial skill because it allows them a greater sense of control, power and strength from the battlefields they find themselves in. The higher their skill in this area of Nether, the greater the medium they become for housing the world's most degenerative constructs.

  • Beginner: At the beginner stage of Nether Channeling, a Devil Iramasha's channel over these destructive elements in the world is rather constrained. They are capable of only absorbing and negating small chunks of these destructive constructs over a fifteen to twenty meter area in all directions. This means if they were in a field of pure corruption, they could attempt dissolve and disrupt that element over that vicinity by pulling it's existence into themselves. They can then store limited amounts of the corruption they've consumed to empower themselves and temporarily take on elements which they consumed.

    For example, if you had a Devil Iramasha who was "The Devil Of Sickness", then they could attempt to consume many sorts of different sicknesses, alignments, disorders and anything which "sickens" a person into themselves. They could then attempt to manipulate these different disorders for their own gained based on their knowledge of the element. However, they will be limited to only being able to use one or two abilities from it at a time. And usually these absorption periods will have a duration of two to four post before having a two post cool down before they can consume again. It's also worth noting that, on every level, most of the areas they consume will be freed of their taint since they are still attacking as sponges cleansing the world around them as their body feeds on more taint.

  • Adept: Around the adept level of Nether Channeling is where Devil Iramasha get more breathing room with their Nether Channeling. For starters, the area of effect where it influences the environment expands upwards from forty to eighty meters based on their tier. The higher the tier, the more room they have to expand. This does not change their potency or control over the racial, but it helps in giving them a grander scope to work with in terms of the range it can effect.

    Additionally, they can withhold the energy and influence they absorb into their body for much longer periods. Instead of having two to four post to have it active, it expands to five to six post with a two post cool down in between consumption. This means they can retain the elements they consume for much greater periods of time and at a better potency and control than before. Furthermore, they'll be able to utilize 3-4 abilities at a time at this level since they'll have more experience with this racial skill. Along with that, their body will become naturally restraint to different forms of corruption and decay. For instance, their body and energy will be able to negate fifteen percent of most attacks which contain degenerative qualities to them; such as Death Energy not produced by the Iramasha or an ability which fills the air with toxins.

  • Advanced: Once a Devil Iramasha is able to reach the Advanced level of their Nether Control, most will often see a great deal of advancement in their control over this ability. To begin things, most will often see a vast boost in the area of control that this skill is able to influence over. This is because it expands upwards of one hundred sixty meters to two hundred sixty meters on the highest end of the tier spectrum. Furthermore, most Devil Iramasha can hold on to the elements to absorb for an extended period of time. This period of activity can last anywhere from eight to ten post and they have a much easier time controlling their elements at this point. So much so that they only need a one post cool down before they can activate it again. And, at this level, they'll be able to hold 5-6 absorbed abilities at a given time while it is active.

    Moreover, at this point, the resistance that their body will have to the destructive elements of the universe will increase further at this skill level. Instead of having a fifteen percent resistance like they did on the former level, this will increase to a twenty five percent resistance and they'll become much more resilient to the negative forces of the cosmos. Additionally, even without the absorption, most will feel empowered just by being in their element. Such as if you had "The Devil Of War" being placed in the middle of a civil war of some kind. Of course, the primary stipulation for this extra boost is that the incident is NOT caused by The Devil Iramasha's own power.

  • Master: After reaching the Master level of Nether Control, many Devil Iramasha will be able to devour and cleanse vast regions of most types of corruption, destruction and other taint. As one of the first benefits they receive upon reaching the master level is the fact that their area of range can extend upwards from three hundred to five hundred meters based upon their tier. And, at the master level, many will not experience any sort of cooldown what-so-ever when it comes to their absorption. However, that does not equal the fact that there is no need for caution. As there is still a limit to how much they can consume at once and most Devil Iramasha will feel strain physically and mentally if they push themselves too far with it.

    An example of this would be a Devil Iramasha attempting to consume an entire city's worth of destruction from a hurricane in one go in their base form. They would quickly find themselves overwhelmed and could suffer drawbacks and side effects from attempting to take in so much destructive influence at once. Additionally, when it comes to the usage of the powers they control, many Devil Iramasha try not to use them simultaneously or in rapid succession since it can grow tiring. Since while they access to eight abilities at the master level from their absorption ability, that does not mean they can utilize them all at once. As each ability use can steadily drain them of their supply of consumed energy until it eventually runs out as the Devil Iramasha's body is only capable of absorbing so much from the environment around them.

    Additionally, the resistance they have against these destructive elements will increase further at the master level as well. It will go up from a twenty five percent resistance up to a thirty five resistance at the master level. Moreover, at this point, it is also possible for masters of Nether Channeling to begin manipulating the environment around them so long as it is filled with their element. For example, it would be possible for "The Devil Of Flames" to try and take control of most fire within the area of influence his Aether Channel is capable of expanding to. This could lead to him being able to redirect attacks, mitigate damage done to him and having a greater sense of awareness of where these attacks form. You'll have to be creative with this one.

  • Grand Master: This is considered to be the ultimate level in which an Iramasha has total control over their absorption abilities. For it is at this point that they'll be able to expand their range of influence to horrifying levels. Most Grand Master Nether Channel users will be able to have an area of effect which extends anywhere from six hundred meters all the way up to one thousand meters on the higher end of the tier spectrum. Furthermore, unlike their master counter parts, they have a much greater sense of durability and stamina when it comes to how much energy they can consume at a given time. As they are capable of purging entire cities of corrupting elements towards this level when they unleash their ascended forms.

    And, at this point, Devil Iramasha who possess a grand mastery over their Nether Channeling can host up to ten absorbed abilities from this racial skill at a time while their absorption is active. Again, it possess many of the same drawbacks and limitations as the former, but the strain is somewhat lessened for them given their understanding, mastery, training and skill in this trait. So it also stands to reason that, at this level, Devil Iramasha are capable of resisting these degenerative elements in the universe by upwards of forty five percent with how far they've come in their mastery over this skill.

    Lastly, their terrain modifications will become so intensive that it rivals on the boundary of creating their own personal domain. As they'll be able to adjust the environment around them as they suit a lot of the times. However, this is provided that the area was corrupted prior to them arriving and not being forced by their abilities. For example, A Devil Iramasha whose Aether Class had them as "The Devil Of Lightning" could not attain this by creating their own lightning storm to devour a city. While, if an external force produced the chaotic storm, then their terrain modification could kick into effect and they could create an environment where they could fill the entire atmosphere with lightning in order to create an AOE lightning storm to take out entire hordes of enemies.

Nether Possession: This is more so the act of possessing calamitous events which occur around a Devil Iramasha with their Nether. For example, with an adept level Nether Possession, it would be possible for them to influence something akin to a small explosion and redirect the blast upwards in the air through their Nether containing the destruction and releasing it in a safe space.

They are also able to channel their Nether in order to possess varying objects as well. For instance, a beginner Devil Iramasha could attempt to possess something like a small hand grenade and have control over it's explosive elements through their Nether. Mostly, for Devil Iramasha, they are constrained to objects with a destructive intent or origin. Or, objects that have been influenced by destructive events; such as rubble or broken glass from a building being destroyed.

With that said, there are different applications for this skill as you go down the different levels. So, below, the varying masteries of this racial ability will be broken down.

  • Beginner: At the beginner level, most Devil Iramasha are able to use their Nether Possession in order to possess small-scale things. These can be compared to small knives, grenades, bats and other similar objects. Additionally, when it comes to more destructive elements, they can attempt to possess things such as small bala or low-grade explosives in order to redirect those forces in different directions. For instance, with enough effort, a beginner Nether Possession user could try and contain the blast radius of a small explosion to prevent it from damaging a larger area. Or, in another example, they could redirect a bala back at the user in question if they could keep control of it. This effect can be amplified with tier, but it will still be hard to control.

  • Adept: Once a Devil Iramasha is able to reach the adept level, their possession becomes much more potent and easier to control. For starters, they'll be be able to possess much larger weaponry. As an illustration of this would be if an adept Nether Possession user were up against a dozen RPG rockets. They could have their Nether influence the rockets, control the destructive constructs within them and have the explosions appear at random portions of the battlefield. They could also attempt to influence the speed, increase the damage or try to null it outright with it. Adept Nether Possession users can also begin to branch out and create their own personalized techniques; albeit with limited and basic usage.

  • Advanced: Upon reaching the Advanced level of Nether Possession, a greater sense of control and mass is had for the Devil Iramasha. To properly put it in prospective, an Advanced Nether Possession user could attempt to use their Nether in order to influence large missiles and possess the destructive forces sealed inside the projectiles. They can begin to manipulate these energies and spread them in different forms; such as converting the explosive power into an eruption of kinetic energy to take the opponent off guard. Additionally, the control becomes much more easier for them to use and drains them less than their previous states.

  • Master: At this point, Nether Possession users are reaching the threshold of their control. With enough concentrated effort and focus, they can attempt to possess something as massive as a nuclear explosion and disperse it's effects in a variety of methods. They can attempt to engulf their bodies in the destructive forces in order to form a layer of defense against the opponent. Or, they can try and turn all that forces into a pin-point location and try turn it back against the foe. And, at this point, they would be able to convert the energies into a variety of different forms. With enough knowledge and skill, they could convert the energies from the nuclear blast into Aether in order to have excess energy for their magic based attacks. Granted, they couldn't absorb it in this state, and it would still wear them down mentally to the point to where if it was abused too much it would be akin to having a sore muscle that just won't move no matter how hard you try to move it.

  • Grand Master:This is considered the final frontier of the Devil Iramasha's Nether Possession. They'll often be able to fully control this skill and it comes with some massive perks. One of the first is that, with a heavy focus and effort, they can attempt to harness the power of something like an atomic explosion and manipulate the energies to their choosing if they can maintain the control. For instance, they'd be able to break down and convert the energies of the blast into different forms. So, instead of having an atomic explosion, they could attempt to convert it to a different destructive element while under their possession; such as a morphing it into a vast tsunami wave or turning it into a massive lightning storm.

    Additionally, they could possess multiple forms of destructive elements at once. Such as if three grand ray cero's were shot at them, they could attempt to possess all three and redirect their destructive elements back at the opponents. Their techniques and customization would also be heavily customized to the point of setting the standard for Nether Possession users. As, for instance, one could create a technique where they possess the chaotic atmosphere of war in order to make it rain swords and knives down upon a battlefield. Or, if they were in the middle of a chaotic natural event, they could posses the element of the earth in order replicate mass shock waves throughout the battlefield. It's all up to how imaginative the user can be.

Nether Summoning: Nether Summoning is the act of using ones Nether in order to summon and create various types of familiars, differing destructive constructs and even new weapons/objects infused with Nether. To give an illustration of how Nether Summoning is used, a Devil Iramasha could use a high grade of Nether Summoning in order to summon a small meteor to flatten a horde of hollows. This could be made possible as it would classify under a destructive construct and their Nether could summon it to the field at the cost of draining their body of this precious resource.

Additionally, in terms of familiars, the more skilled you are in Nether Summoning, more potent or vast your familiar creation can become. Higher skilled Nether Summoners are capable of summoning mass hordes to fight for them, create many different powerful summons and conjure up complex beings. This same spectrum also applies to any sort of object or weapon summoned by Nether. Most Devil Iramasha can summon a wide array of weapons to their side which fall into the category of destruction.

For example, it would be possible for a Devil Iramasha to use their Nether to recreate a nuclear war-head in order to drop it on the opponent and blow them to smithereens. However, they would have to the skill and control in order to harness this power and the knowledge of how to build a nuclear war-head. As, it goes more so about expanding ones knowledge about Nether and learning all you can about the destructive elements of the universe in order to forge more grander weapons as you become more versed in Nether Summoning.

Thus, below, you will see what is possible for those Devil Iramasha who use Nether Summoning as you see the differences in application on a level by level bases.

  • Beginner: At the beginner level of Nether Summoning, most of the material they are able to summon with their Nether Energy is rather basic. For instance, they could attempt to summon a basic energized sword to their side with their Nether. Or, they could create a basic sort of familiar with their Nether. Such as creating a a flock of bats that are synced to their senses and are used to give the Devil Iramasha a greater sense of range. And, in terms of objects they can summon from this destructive element, They could also attempt to summon something like scattered chunks of earth to hurl at an opponent and use them as chaotic debris.

  • Adept:Around this level is where most Devil Iramasha become more capable in their summoning abilities. For example, it would be possible for them to produce multiple rounds of Nether infused lightning at an opponent. It would take on a black appearance and could be used to become more potent than natural lightning based on the fact that this is a destructive element being powered by a otherworldly element. They could also produce more potent weaponry from their summoning; such as creating multiple arrows infused with Nether in order to produce destructive and explosive qualities.

    And, additionally, they could produce much more dangerous objects which are in relation to cataclysmic events. For example, they could attempt to summon and create a fleet of low-grade missiles at an opponent. It's also worth noting that they'd be able to produce more intricate familiars. As an illustration, an adept level Devil Iramasha could create something like a small dragon which is capable of shooting vast waves of fire at an opponent. Or creating multiple more intelligent humanoid creatures to do their bidding. These effects may be amplified by their tier.

  • Advanced: Upon the advanced level of Nether Summoning, most Devil Iramasha become quite the tamers of this ability. For example, an advanced level Devil Iramasha with Nether Summoning could create more intricate forms of weaponry. These could range from toxic materials, long range missiles, elemental swords with great durability and other similar feats. Additionally, they can form more powerful, smarter and higher numbers of familiars. And, the types of destructive elements they can summon becomes more vast. As they could attempt to summon shock waves from an earthquake, hellish winds from a twister or the blinding light of a nuclear flash.

  • Master: After reaching the master level of Nether Summoning, the types of summons a Devil Iramasha is able to attain are rather frightening. For example, they could begin to summon large chunks of space debris at an opponent in order to take them out in a cosmic storm of destruction. Or, they can summon mass familiars to their side and form a small army of minions to fight for them. Additionally, they can forge rather powerful and potent singular familiars and inscribe more complex thought, abilities and techniques into them. And, in terms of the objects they can summon, it's quite possible for a master Nether Summoner to even produce something like a dirty nuclear bomb to explode over the battlefield.

  • Grand Master: Finally, when you reach the Grand Master level, there is a full mastery over this element. Feats of this level are akin to being able to drop entire meteors on opponents with enough effort and focus. While, in terms of familiars, they can reach their strongest potency and even have the potential to create singular 0 tier creatures or whole large armies of familiars. Additionally, it's possible to assemble and create something like an atomic bomb in terms of the type of destruction their weapons are capable of at this point.

Nether Distortion: This is the act of using their Nether in order to cause destructive events to occur around the Devil Iramasha in question. This can apply to the area around them, people near them and non-living objects. Thus, to give a proper example, a skilled Devil Iramasha with Nether Distortion could use their Nether Distortion to generate a calamitous event such as a earthquake to occur in a village. Or a more skilled Devil Iramasha could cause the components in something like a jets to malfunction and work erratically.

The applications of it can be vast, so the skill levels below will describe potential usages of it as one becomes more proficient in this Nether Art.

  • Beginner: At the beginner level of Nether Distortion, one can induce simple destructive events to occur. For example, they could spread their Nether Energy across a ten meter radius and attempt to have freak accidents occur. This could range from machines suffering mechanical failures or errors, light-bubs falling out of street lights, sink-holes suddenly opening up in the earth and other similar types of events. Additionally, they can attempt to use it in order to destabilize things such as energy attacks, but it takes focus and a fair amount of effort in order to do so at this level.

  • Adept: Once one is able to progress to the adept level of Nether Distortion, they'll often be able to further their control and reach to more potent extents. One such example will be if one spread their Nether Energy to an opponent, they could attempt to destabilize a persons energy in order to make their abilities unstable and risky to use. This could be done by making physical contact with a persons arm and attempting to infuse the Nether Energy to activate this trait. In another illustration, they could also attempt to destabilize something like a basic cero and have the energies disperse before hitting them.

  • Advanced: After reaching an advanced mastery over Nether Distortion, many Devil Iramasha will become well versed in this racial ability. As such, one illustration of how it could be used is the fact that it can destabilize various sorts of seals and barriers with enough focus. For example, if a barrier was compromised with an advanced form of magic, they could use their Nether in order to try to destabilize barrier and make apart, or all of it, collapse and shatter. Additionally, greater and more wide scale usages of causality manipulation can be induced with an advanced form of Nether Distortion. As, for example, they could cause something like an old injury to suddenly become active again in an opponent and cause injury to them. Or, they could spread their Nether for a hundred meters in order to cause wide spread blackouts in cities, defenses to go down or systems to act haywire if caught in the crossfire of this Nether Distortion.

  • Master: Upon attaining the master level of Nether Distortion, the abilities of The Devil Iramasha will reach legendary feats. As at this point they can forge many sorts of different personalized techniques and abilities that can make them rather dangerous opponents. An illustration of this is that a Devil Iramasha can use their Nether Energy in order to destabilize constructs of the universe itself. So, in a contained area, they can destabilize the element of gravity and create rapid fluctuation of zero gravity and gravity that is ten times that of earth in order to throw an opponent off. They can spread this Nether Distortion across great distances and attempt to destabilize the energies of other people caught in the current of their energy. As, for example, they can cast a tidal wave of it over a horde of hollows and have their energies become unstable and attempt to have their bodies implode from the damage.

  • Grand Master: Following becoming a Grand Master of Nether Distortion, the Devil Iramasha of this level often become pioneers of the racial ability. At this point they are capable of breaking down and distorting the very fabric which withholds dimensions together. For example, they could create a technique which distorts the boundaries between realms in order to forge their wormhole to travel to and for different worlds. Or, they can use their Nether Distortion in order to slow the pace of time around an opponent in order to slow them down and accelerate the time around themselves so that they can get the upper hand. The applications of this ability are immense and many different sorts of abilities and techniques can be forged from a Grand Master.



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Hybrid Iramasha Sub-Race

I. What Are Hybrid Iramasha

Hybrid Iramasha are another sub-race of Iramasha that is classified by a few definitions. One of the first and major definitions of a Hybrid Iramasha is that they have multiple different Aether Classes. What mainly separates Hybrid Iramasha from general Iramasha or other races of is the fact that many of them can have dual, triple and, occasionally, quad Aether Classes. Such as an Iramasha born from an Angel and Devil Iramasha could potentially have dual Aether Classes from their parents Holy and Nether energies.

However, the scope of Hybrid Iramasha could also extend to those who are born from two separate races. An illustration of this would be if the father parent was an Iramasha, while the mother parent was a human. In this instance, the Iramasha gene would attempt to become the more dominant one as many of their abilities need Aether Channels in order to properly work. If successful, then the child would become a hybrid and they could have a mixture of both races attributes into them. Potentially either turning into an Aether Class to host the mothers traits, or having bodily traits which resemble the mothers race.

So, from these definitions, interracial breeding (both with Iramasha sub-races and external races) and multiple Aether Classes are defined as Hybrid Iramasha. Therefore, because of the fact they are so diverse, the nature and attitudes of Hybrid Iramasha can be greatly varied. Although, they've made a gathering of themselves in the Iramasha's hierarchy in order to have a voice in the race in order to spread more awareness about Hybrid's. Especially Hybrid's tend to have a harder taming and managing their powers due to hosting so many different powers.

Hence, to some Iramasha, they've been uneasy around them because of the fact they can become unsteady and unstable at times. And the Hybrid Iramasha wish to wash away that stigma year by year so that people can better come to understand them.

II. Attributes Of Hybrid Iramasha

Aesthetics: The Aesthetics of the Hybrid Iramasha can vary greatly because of their mixed blood nature. An example of this would be a Hybrid Iramasha who took on Angel and Devil traits. In this illustration, they could have devil-like wings on their backs, while around their head a halo could form and give them a mixture of having both a devil and angel like appearance.

They could also have many tribal-like markings across their body made from their energy in order to otherwise mark their heritage, some could have multiple colored eyes and many often have multi-colored auras when it comes to their Aether. In truth, though, Hybrid Iramasha's appearances are more random than anything else since one can never really know what a combination of different bloodlines will result in.

Attitudes/Personality: The persona of a hybrid Iramasha can be wildly varied when compared to most of the other races of Iramasha. The reason for this is because the mixed nature of their hybrid blood can have a variety of effects on their personality. For example, an Iramasha born from Angel and Devil Iramasha parents would more than likely become passive aggressive in nature. The passiveness would forge from the docile nature that some Angel Iramasha exhibit, while the aggression would come from the more assertive portion of the Devil Iramasha's blood.

So it is for this reason that many Hybrid Iramasha do not have a set behavior as it is too differed to really place into a common pattern. However, due to all of these conflicting forces being placed on their body, there is a higher number of mental illness within the Hybrid Iramasha community when compared to others. They are also more likely to gain these as a result of being isolated from other portions of the Iramasha Community when other more fearful races of Iramasha shun them. So many of them will also face identify issues and are often unable to fully understand where they belong.

Beliefs: For the most part, many Hybrid Iramasha feel somewhat out of place within the Iramahsa. The reason for this is because quite a few do not understand where they fit in within their race. Some of the primary races within the Iramasha have no problems allowing them into their circles, while others are somewhat apprehensive upon letting hybrids into their tribes, clans and families.

A notable bit of the population are somewhat unnerved, uneased and uncomfortable around hybrids because of the stigma based around the instability of their powers. While others outright hate them for being able to use so many Aether classes. As there are some within the Iramasha that consider them a threat since they have the potential to become Multi-Class Aether Users. As such, this has led to tensions, conflict and divide in the past.

Some Hybrid Iramashsa feel anger towards those who cast them in that negative light, while others simply want to try and build a bridge to other portions of the Iramasha Clan. It is why in recent years there have been more Hybrid Iramasha in portions of the Iramasha's Government in order to try and give them a voice. There were also many efforts by Iramasha Royals to also try and unify them; although it's hard to get rid of these roots entirely.

It is why some Hybrid Iramasha have hid their talents and gifts in order to not drag attention to themselves and attempt to fit in with more mainstream Iramasha. As many simply want to fit in with the family they were born into and not be considered an outsider. It is why, when they are put together, a noticeable portion of Hybrid Iramasha have a brotherhood and try to give each other a shoulder to lean on. While others simply want to be left alone and go rouge to deal with their bloodline on their own.

Languages Spoke: For the most part, the Hybrid Iramasha do have their own special language that they can speak to each other in. It's mostly done through energy and each of their minds can interrupt it. To other races, even other Iramasha, it can sound like a gargled mess. However, to Hybrid Iramasha, it can become as clear as crystal.

Additionally, they have a storage of most known earth languages stored in various Aether Stones that they can attune themselves to if they need to understand an outsiders language. They can also speak telepathically to most races as well.

Favored Occupations: Since Hybrid Iramasha are often in search of a home, many of them seek out occupations that have them explore the world. A large bulk of Hybrid Iramasha can turn into great tour guides between the known realms of the PH verse, develop into superb archaeologist and many of them turn into excellent detectives due to their urge to find and discover.

Population Stats: Hybrid Iramasha are considered to be lower in population when compared to some of the other variations of Iramasha. The reason for this is because there can be many complications at birth and early life which otherwise kill the Hybrid Iramasha. This is due to the fact that their mixed blood nature can have all sorts of sicknesses, instabilities with their body and disturbances of their mind that come with having fused powers. It is why there are about tens of millions of Hybrid Iramasha that are currently active in the Iramasha.

Preferred Locations: Out of most of the other portions of the Iramasha, Hybrid Iramasha are more known for growing rouge. Since they often feel out of place, many seek to explore the world in search of a place they belong if they cannot find it in the Iramasha. So, unlike other races of Iramasha, they can often be found in almost any realm that exist. Whether it be exploring Earth, venturing into the Soul Society, lurking within Hueco Mundo and risking it all in Demon World; there isn't any set location for Hybrid Iramasha to live in.

Racial Relations

Angel Iramasha: The relationship between Angel Iramasha and Hybrid Iramashsa can be varied. Some open them with open arms, while others are distant and leery of them. Apart of this is because of the fact that the nature of Hybrid Iramasha can vary wildly. In addition to their wild potential for growth, there are some within the Angel Factions which would rather see them gone than continue to pose a threat to them. However, they a vocal, but small minority. Most Angel Iramasha only wish to co-exist with them and try to help them feel at home in the Iramasha.

Devil Iramasha: When it comes to Devil Iramasha, there is a more combative aspect to be had with Hybrid Iramasha. The reason for this is because they like to test themselves to the utmost of their ability and they often love to do it with Hybrid Iramasha. Therefore, they will bait, tease and do anything they can to get a Hybrid Iramasha's attention in order to clash against them in a battle of wits, strength, technique or anything else which pertains to pitting themselves against their genetics. This is because it's natural for Devil Iramasha to feel competitive for them and, unlike other races, they are often very blunt and upfront about their feelings. So, despite external appearances, many Devil Iramasha do not hold fear, hate or contempt for them. They just still believe they are the superior race.

Shinigami: As far as Shinigami goes, most Hybrid Iramasha don't seem to have a formed opinion on them. For the most part, as long as they do not bother them, they have no reason to consider them enemy. So, like most of the Iramasha, they can be considered allies until they prove themselves to be an enemy or a threat.

Demons: When it comes to demons, most Hybrid Iramasha either prefer to avoid them or feel animosity towards them. This is due to their naturally destructive traits and are considered to be a worse version of the Devil Iramasha if they were unrestrained. Therefore, many of them feel antagoistic towards them and will prefer to be out of situations with them. However, since Hybrid Iramasha are diverse, not all of them feel that way. So a fair number of them do feel indifferent to demons as a whole as well.

Sugiurans: For the most part, Hybrid Iramasha are on good terms with the Sugiura. The reason for this is because their former leader, Azure Iramasha, had ties to their people through his association with the Royal Devil Iramasha. Therefore, they see the min a generally positive light and wouldn't mind defending them if push come to shove. Granted, they are somewhat curious as to where their relationship stands given the recent changes in leadership within their realm.

With humans, most Hybrid Iramashsa find a need to protect them. At least if they are filled with angelic blood of any kind. Many of them often prefer to just let them manage themselves. However, given the recent changes in the human world, the Hybrid Iramasha aren't sure where to align themselves in terms of how Earth and the living realm should be managed. So there is a split between more Iramashsa intervention or more military enforcement to deal with the problems on Earth.

Quincy: The Hybrid Iramasha possess a similar relationship to the Quincy that they do with the humans. However, they don't consider them much of a threat for the time being. Given how low their numbers are, combined with their mixed up leadership; it seems they are more of a liability than anything else for the time being. If anything, some almost feel they need protection.

Arrancar: Arrancar are considered to be a threat to the Hybrid Iramasha. Therefore, they feel antagonistic towards them because of the fact they can greatly distort a lot of the balance between different realms; much like demons. Therefore, they aren't on the best of terms and many will often try to fight them or purge them in any way that they can.

Vizards/Ziamichi: Hybrid Iramasha don't have a full opinion on them, but they feel a slight bond to them; if only because of their own mutated hybrid nature. So, for now, they mostly have a neutral stance on them.

III. Racial Abilities

Dual Racials: It is possible for Hybrid Iramasha to use up to two other racials sheets of the Iramasha. For instance, the most common type of Hybrid Iramasha there is one that is born from an Angel Iramasha and Devil Iramasha. If this happens to be the case, there is a possibility for them to learn by their Holy Energy and Nether energy. Granted, it will make them unstable, but it can be trained over time with enough effort and practice.

Accelerated Development: The development rate for Hybrid Iramasha is higher than most other races of Iramasha. This is because their genes are heavily altered from other sub-races of Iramasha and allow for swift evolution to be had in short periods of time. However, this does NOT come naturally. If they do not train, put themselves in situations to grow or do not fight; they will not see these growths come.

This means as long as they put in the work, their bodies are naturally conditioned to become faster, stronger and develop at a quick pace intellectually based on these conditions. It's apart of the reason why other Iramasha and Sub-Races of Iramasha often are leery of Hybrid of Iramasha and loathe them to an extent. They can grow into power rather quickly and some within the clan would rather avoid that.

Multi-Aether Class: One of the primary perks of being a Hybrid Iramasha is the fact that they are able to have multiple Aether Classes. This then translates to the fact that they can wield multiple different power sets in reality. Though, for them, this ranges more-so on their Aether Control. Therefore, in the sections below, you'll learn how many Aether Classes and Sub-Aether Classes they can wield.

  • Beginner: At the beginner level, most Hybrid Iramasha will have only one Aether Class and a secondary class that is very unstable. This is because their level of control over it is rather poor given their beginner skill level and needs great refinement to be worthwhile. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get at least an adept in Aether Control when selecting a Hybrid Iramasha.

  • Adept: Around the Adept Level is when many Hybrid Iramasha will often have a strong control over both their elements. This is where their Second Aether Class will become useful and stabilized thanks to their proficiency in Aether Control. So, naturally, this will also include any Sub-Aether Classes which are associated with the two Aether Classes the Hybrid Iramasha has. Additionally, around this time, they can begin working towards a third Aether Class; but it won't be stable and will take time to cultivate.

  • Advanced: Upon reaching the advanced Level of Aether Control, most Hybrid Iramasha will be able to control three different Aether Classes and their Sub-Aether Classes if there are any. They will have a great understanding of them and will begin work towards creating a 4th Aether Class if they so choose to. However, much like the previous levels, this one will be rather unstable until they advance to the mastery.

  • Master: At Master Level, Hybrid Iramasha will now have four Aether Classes and Sub-Aether Classes available to them. Additionally, at this point, they can also make a fifth and it will be somewhat stabilized due to how much they've attuned themselves to this element. However, it will often still be weaker than the primary four traits they chose prior to this.

  • Grand Master: Finally, at Grand Master Level, there is the potential for a Hybrid Iramasha to have up to Six Different Aether Classes and Sub-Aether Classes. But, much like the previous level, the last two classes they attain will be weaker and not as developed as the first four they chose.



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