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 Iramasha Update Workstation [Open To All]

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Nature Iramasha Sub-Race

I. What Are Nature Iramasha

This is a relatively new sub-race of Iramasha that was discovered around six thousand five hundred years ago as far as the PH Timeline is concerned. The first known record of a Nature Iramasha being born was recorded and his name was "James Mizumuzi". However, for the longest time, they remained relatively silent and hidden among the Iramasha until sometime in the 2410's. The reason for this is because they were unsure how the others within the clan would react. This is especially had for reason when one looks at the brewing tension between Hybrids and the other races of Iramasha. Many of them were uneasy because of the fact the Hybrid Iramasha yielded so much potential, yet the instabilities of that sub-race led to some segments of the race wanting to see them expunged.

After a while, however, the Nature Iramasha unveiled themselves to the clan and slowly started to intergrate themselves into the race over the past six years or so. Thus, they learned that The Nature Iramasha are a sub-race of Iramasha that are born with or attune themselves to material elements found in nature. Therefore, they harness a special type of aether energy that is referred to as "Nature Aether". Nature Aether is something that allows the Nature Iramasha to thrive off the elements of nature, enhance their body, reach peak levels of material magic and it is what their body is entirely made of. As, unlike other Iramasha, they primarily live off the Aether Class they are attuned to.

For example, a Nature Iramasha who had an Aether Class akin to "The Nature Iramasha Of Fire" could potentially have their body's internals made completely from fire. This could cause them to bleed flames that return to the earth, have an extreme warmth to their body and their Nature Aether would be extremely flammable and volatile in nature. Depending on what element they attune themselves to, it could also have an effect on their regular Aethers color. Such, as in the fire example, this Aether User would more than likely have an orange, red or white aura to their Aether and attacks.

These also can influence a Nature Iramasha's personality after time. As, for instance, a Nature Iramasha who held the Aether Class of "The Nature Iramasha Of Storms" could have a cycling personality. They could shift through the fury of a storm by being constantly angry, and then they could shift to a depressive state akin to a regular rainstorm. Or, if you had someone who possess the Aether Class similar to "The Nature Iramasha of Forest Life", they could potentially take life slow and feel really mellow towards life overall.

II. Attributes Of Nature Iramasha

Aesthetics: One of the first things that is noticeable about Nature Iramasha is that their appearance usually is tied in some way to their Aether Class. For instance, it would be possible for a tree-based Aether to have something like oak-tree limbs extending from their forehead; or wood covering their elbows and ankles. In another illustration, a Fire based Aether Class could have something like their hair being made entirely from flames, or having bright amber eyes which show a fire behind their pupils.

Additionally, each them they energize themselves with Aether, it will often reflect the different Aether Classes they have. It could be possible to feel a great cold in the area if you have a Nature Iramasha with a winter aether, while someone with a gravitation based Aether Class could increase the pressure within the area around their body. These Aether Class elements will also influence the way their Aether looks. As, when powered up, it could be possible for Nature Iramasha to have their Aether resemble fire, water or electricity for some of the more basic elements.

Furthermore, they seem to have more traditional clothing than compared to most other Iramasha. This is because many of them appear to make their own garments from their element so that they can be more closely attuned to their power. So it would not be out of the ordinary to see Nature Iramasha wearing shirts made of fire, pants made from grass, shoes made of clouds and things such as that.

Attitudes/Personality: The Nature Iramasha appear to have a strong inclination towards nature. So much so that they believe that anything which threatens it should be dealt with promptly. Therefore, one can assume they are very strong willed when it comes to their elements. They also appear to have a strong sense of community. They managed to stay undetected by most other Iramasha for many thousands of years and that level of commitment took a great amount of team work to achieve. So the sense of family and kinship in this segment of the Iramasha is great.

Additionally, as stated before, it is possible for their attitudes and personality to also stem from the Aether Class they are attuned to. Such as a Nature Iramasha associated with fire being hot headed, or one with an Aether Class of water being relaxed and easy-going. It's really up to the Iramasha in question to determine how they will be influenced by their element. As one can assume they often feel great mental strength, happiness and relaxation when they are within their element.

Thus, for the most part, the Nature Iramasha appear to be a non-aggressive race of Iramasha. At least before you endanger their nature. In which case, they turn more hostile and are willing to do what it tkaes to eliminate the threat for their habit.

Beliefs: Many of the Nature Iramasha believe that the beauty of nature if sacred. Therefore, a large deal of Nature Iramasha seek to protect these environments throughout the Iramashsa Realm and elements of nature found beyond it's walls. When they are in the field of nature, they can feel a great spiritual calling coming forth to their body and they feel obligated to maintain, protect and establish different types of environmental zones. They believe that their purpose is mainly to act as guardians of nature and to protect their element at all cost.

Granted, this speaks for a good deal of Nature Iramasha. There are individuals who do not see it as this mainstream belief and seek to deviate from it. As there are different segments of the Nature Iramasha's populations that simply admire it, but believe many of the mainstream believers are just full of themselves and they don't feel as spiritual or mystical about their elements. They just consider it a special power and nothing more.

Languages Spoke: Nature Iramasha are capable of speaking with most type of animal and plant life because of their harmonization with Nature through their Nature Aether. So they have been known to speak many types of animalistic tongues. Additionally, they can speak most human languages as wlel if they are able to study many of the language based grimoires found in the Iramasha's realm. And, lastly, they can often speak telepathically with most other Iramasha or among themselves.

Favored Occupations: Many Nature Iramasha are drawn to occupations which allow them to be one with nature. Therefore, many of them are known for their farm work, wild life preservation, resorting wonders of nature throughout the world and other similar things are up their alley. With their Nature Aether, they can accelerate greatly in anything which pertains to the outdoor world and they will shine at it like no other. After all, it is almost their life duty and to not excel at it would be almost a crime to them.

Population Stats: The Nature Iramasha appear to have the smallest population out of the Iramasha. This is due to the fact that there is often a limited amount of constructs which can be forged form pure nature. Therefore, it is estimated there are around a few thousand to tens of thousands of Nature Iramasha. Therefore, most other races of Iramasha consider them an endangered species and do not want to see them die out. So, as of now, they appear to be under protection by most of the Iramasha for these reasons.

Preferred Locations: Most Nature Iramasha prefer to stay within their own elements. For example, a Nature Iramasha who has Aether related to water would undoubtedly prefer to be near lakes, rivers, streams and oceans in order to better feel at home. So, because of this, many Nature Iramasha are described as being very scattered when it comes to the places they settle into across Iramasha Island. And, when they venture past the Iramasha's home, they can become further divided to the point where it's harder to locate them based on how well they mend into the environments they call home.

Racial Relations

Angel Iramasha: Angel Iramasha are considered to be one of the most favorable races of Iramasha to the Nature Iramasha. This is because they seem sincere in their intentions, often restore polluted locations and they just generally feel relaxed around them. Therefore, they are very friendly and pleasant around most Angel Iramasha. It's apart of what is helping to keep them in the clan when diplomats from the royal angel families meet with many of the Nature Iramasha.

Hybrid Iramasha: When it comes to hyrid Iramasha, most Nature Iramasha are accepting of them. However, like with most Iramasha, there is still a general timid nature felt and they interact ever so rarely. Furthermore, they are more leery of those mixed with Devil Iramasha blood, however. If only because of their current stand-offish relationship with the Devil Iramasha as a whole.

Devil Iramasha: For the most part, many Nature Iramasha are distrustful and uneasy around Devil Iramasha. This is because they are the more aggressive race within the Iramasha and they sense nefarious intent among many of them. Therefore, they try and keep their distance away from the Devil Iramasha. There have been reported occasional conflicts between the two and this is apart of the reason why the Nature Iramasha are gauging their trust in the Iramasha as a whole. One wrong move and the civil nature between the two could be thrown out of balance.

Iramasha: They seem to be rather timid among most of the general Iramasha race. This is because of the fact they have hid in secrecy among them until their presence was revealed sometime in the early 2410's. Therefore, they are still gauging most of the Iramasha in terms of how they act. Henceforth, they appear to be warming up to the Iramasha slowly and consider them to be relatively decent people. And, because of this fact, they are allies for the time being.

Shinigami: Since Shinigami seem to try and preserve the balance, some Nature Iramasha are open to them and consider them allies. Others remain neutral because of the fact they haven't done a very good job. Still, however, there is low levels of hostility felt towards this race.

Demons: There is a GREAT dislike for many demons in the Nature Iramasha community. This is because they are considered to be one of the greatest destructive creatures in the known realms. Therefore, a great amount of demons can be held responsible for the vast destruction upon Earth, Soul Society and other realms in which their elements thrive and flourish in. Henceforth, they consider demons to be enemies and are incredibly hostile to them more often than not.

Sugiura: The relationship between Nature Iramasha and Sugiura aren't that great when compared to other races of Iramashsa that have interacted with them. This is because the Nature Iramasha are still a relatively new sub-race and haven't had a chance to properly understand them or encounter one another. Therefore, they hold no opinion on them.

Humans: The relationship that Hybrid Iramasha have in regards to humans can be varied. This is because they are fond of the ones who seem to be in favor of preserving a lot of wild life and the environment found throughout earth. While many of them can also harbor a strong hatred for those who just carelessly destroy, pollute and build-over important territories. Therefore, it can go either way in terms of love or hate when it comes to the Nature Iramasha's relationship with humans for the most part.

Quincy: Nature Iramasha generally aren't fond of Quincy either. This is because they understand that the core concept of this race is the total and utter destruction of everything their powers touches. Therefore, they aren't too warm to Quincy. However, they will not attack them or be outwardly hostile until they have noticeable proof that they are destroying their environments. Once they have that, then they will spare no expense to eliminate them.

Arrancar/Hollow: Arrancar are held with a similar disdain as demons. This is because they are considered an antagonistic force of nature and they wish to expunge most hostile and aggressive Arrancar from their regions. Hence, they are not on good terms with either Arrancar or Hollow.

Vizards/Ziamichi: Like most Iramasha, Nature Iramasha do not have a formed opinion on Vizards or Ziamichi. This is because they are too diverse in nature to judge as a group. Therefore, they take each individual as they come as opposed to grouping them together.

III. Racial Abilities

Animal Communication: Many animals from the animal kingdom are known to love and adore most types of Nature Iramasha. This is becuase of the fact that a lot of Nature Iramasha are able to communicate with, understand and command animals that are found within the environments their Aether Class is associated with. For instance, a Nature Iramasha would a water element would more than likely be able to speak to and lead various types of fish, frogs, alligators and other types of creatures found near or in large bodies of water.

Animal Mimicry: Many Nature Iramasha are able to imitate the animals which inhabit their Aether Class elements. So much so that they can create multiple Sub-Aether Classes which host their abilities in some cases. For example: if you had a Nature Iramasha with an Aether Class pertaining to any sort of forest, they could potentially have a Sub-Aether Class which imitates a greasily bear. This could give them the ability to have a bear-like strength, senses and other bodily traits that enhance their overall being.

Nature Aether: Nature Aether, as described earlier, is the essential life essence of Nature Iramasha. Once they have decided their element, or are born with it, they can begin to cultivate and enrich their Nature Aether. In turn, this will allow them to be greatly in-tune with their natural element. However, there are more than a few usages for Nature Aether. Below are the ways it is used for the most part.

Secondary Source Of Energy: For the most part, many Nature Iramasha use Nature Aether as a secondary source of energy. It can help to increase their stamina, speed and durability during a fight by having this extra outlet of power to tap into. It can be recharged so long as they are within a close range of their natural element. For instance, if there was a wildfire caused by external forces, a nature Iramasha could begin to absorb it into their body and use it as extra energy in order to keep them active in a fight. It can also be used to further enhance and augment their material magic as well.

Extended Life & Recovery: While the nature Iramashsa are not immortal, unlike most other races of Iramasha, they can live indefinitely so long as their body does not lose all of it's Nature Aether. It's possible for them to be damaged heavily in battle, faint from large amounts of Nature Aether lost from their bodies, go into coma and things such as that. However, if there is even a drop of it in them, they will, at some point, restore themselves and continue to live. In order to properly kill a Nature Iramasha, one must evaporate all the Nature Aether within them or destroy their bodies so that they are broken down and brought back to nature.

Otherwise, as long as they can feed form their nature, they will continue to restore themselves. For instance, it would be possible for a Iramasha with a Plant Aether Class to heal themselves by going into the forest and resting in an area with heavy plant life. However, this plant-life must NOT be created by their own Aether and should be something found naturally in nature. So long as that requirement is met, they can heal over time.

Great Material Magic Inclination: Out of all the races of Iramasha, Nature Iramashsa naturally have the strongest affinity for Material Aether Magic. So much so, it's even possible for Nature Iramasha to have accelerated magic growth in this field and they can reach higher levels of Aether Magic faster than most other races if they focus on Material Magic. Furthermore, they can empower most of their Aether Magic with their Nature Aether in order to make it stronger and more potent. For instance, they could merge their Nature Aether in with a spell that causes an explosion to take place and produce something akin to a lava eruption if they possess a lava Aether Class.

And, unlike other races, they can create healing potions quite easily. An illustration of this would be them taking plant-life from the Iramasha Realm, breaking it down with their Nature Aether and then staring it in a bottle in order for it to be used to heal themselves at a later point. This Material Magic can also even extend to them understanding the nature of their element around them; such as if they possessed a plant Aether Class and they could begin to understand the plant-life around them. Extending to the point to where they could attach their Nature Aether to them and use them as extra-eyes in combat.


Recovery Speed: This refers to how fast the Nature Iramasha's body restores itself. As mentioned before in "Extended Life & Recovery", the Nature Iramasha can restore their body as long as they are within the element of their Aether Class. However, this goes into more detail and explains the mechanics of it. So, in the sections below, you'll see how the recovery speed varies on each level.

  • Beginner: At the beginner level, it will often take around fifteen post for a Nature Iramasha to restore their body in combat. They will gain six percent of their health back so long as they stay within their element that isn't generated by their Aether. The range of effect that this ability has is a twenty meter radius. So, the nature iramasha in question must be that close to their element for this ability to be triggered.

    Additionally, this ability does not apply if they are attacked in the middle of attuning themselves to the nature around them. Therefore, it is important they learn how to shield themselves. There is also a eight post cool down associated with this ability at this level after they are done using it. So, if they are hit or stop this ability, it will diffuse and they will wait ten post before they can use it again.

  • Adept: At adept level, the time it takes for Nature Iramasha to restore their bodies will be ten post. This means that they can gain ten percent of their health back when they are not taking damage. They range of effect at the adept level also expands for the Nature Iramasha. They must be within fifty meters in order for this ability to be triggered. Additionally, the cool down time at this level is around eight post before it can be used again.

  • Advanced: Once Nature Iramasha reach the advanced level, it will take them eight post in order to restore their body back to normal levels. This means that they are capable of roughly gaining 14 to 15 percent of their health back per post. Furthermore, the range of effect doubles to one hundred meters. So, if they are within a one hundred meter radius of their element, they can trigger this ability. The cooldown time for this ability at advanced level is also five post.

  • Master: After attaining a mastery of this element, they will gain a mass boost when compared to their advanced counter parts. It takes Master Restorers only five post to restore their bodies back to normal as long as they are in their element. This means they can gain roughly twenty percent of their health back per post so long as they are not disturbed. Additionally, at the master level, they simply need to be within a three hundred meter radius of their element in order for this ability to begin taking effect. The cool down time at master level is also only four post.

  • Grand Master: Finally, Grand Master are the most irritating Nature Iramasha to deal with in terms of their recovery ability. This is because they are capable of restoring their health upwards of twenty five percent per post. They also only need to be within a five hundred meter radius in order for it to take effect. And, lastly, the cool down time for grand masters is only three post.

Nature Alteration: Nature Alteration is the natural ability for most Nature Iramasha to transmute objects and the environment around them into their Aether Class. This is made possible by the fact that their Nature Aether acts as a medium to convert and alter the metaphysical and naturally made particles of the universe into whatever the Nature Iramasha desires. At least, within the constraints of their energy, skill and nature element. Therefore, since this is an immense ability, there are different ways that it is used based on how skilled one is. In the sections below, you'll see how it varies from level to level.

  • Beginner: At the beginner level, most Nature Iramasha are capable of transmuting small objects into their Aether Element. These range in size from material such as rocks, small walls, tree limbs and things of that nature. These can take place within the span of one post for most non-living objects. While energized objects are more difficult in nature and will take two or three post in order for the Nature Iramasha to convert. They can also shift and transmute a small portion of the environment around them for about ten meters to be shaped in their element. For example: if there was a plum of smoke around them, they could transmute it and turn it into a wave of fire to chuck at the opponent.

  • Adept: Towards the adept level, things start to stabilize a bit more for the Nature Iramasha. First benefit that they receive is that they are capable of transmuting larger objects. These can range from entire vehicles, to street poles and even small buildings. They can also deal with energized attacks better at this level. For instance, if a cero was heading in their direction, they could attempt to convert it and break it partially or fully down into their Aether Element. As, at this point, it would only take one post to break down elements. Granted, it would still be hard to focus on it at this level. Additionally, they can cause greater transmutations in the environment around them. With a range of a few city blocks at full strength, it's possible to turn a rainstorm into a firestorm with enough control and focus put in.

  • Advanced: Upon reaching the advanced level, Nature Iramasha reach greater heights of control when it comes to their transmutation. The objects that they can perform transmutation become much larger than before. For example: it would be possible to turn a sky scarper or large aircraft into their Aether Element. Such as a Nature Iramasha converting an entire battleship into ice. Additionally, they can deal with energized constructs to a much greater degree at this level. As they can influence constructs such as a barriers and attempt to break them down by converting the particles that make up the shield into their element so that they can bypass it. And, at full strength, it's possible to begin influencing the environment by upwards of two hundred meters or so.

  • Master: After attaining a mastery of transmutation, most Nature Iramasha will reach near the pinnacle of their skill with this ability. As, for starters, the scale in which they are able to induce transmutation on objects becomes much grander. They can transmute entire mountainsides into their Aether Class with enough power and focus. Additionally, energized constructs become easier to manage at this level when it comes to converting their particles. Multi-layered shields, complex magic spells and other metaphysical occurrences are able to be potentially broken down and converted into the Nature Iramasha's element. Finally, the range in which this ability can have an effect is upwards of roughly three hundred meters or so.

  • Grand Master: The final frontier of the Nature Iramasha's transmutation comes at the Grand Master skill level. At this stage, they'll be able to perform transmutation on objects equal to small cities at full power. This also makes dealing with the intricate natures of metaphysical and physical particles much easier for the Nature Iramasha to deal with. As they can handle multiple transmutation against numerous attacks with a greater precision and control than ever before. Furthermore, the range in which they can effect the environment extends to six hundred meters at this point and makes them a force of nature to deal with.



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The Iramasha's Home

I. The Iramasha Realm

[The pictures below illustrate what a good deal of the Iramasha's home appears like for visual reference.]

The Iramasha Realm is located high above the atmosphere of the Soul Society. As of 2416, it has expanded to the point of infusing it into the realm of the afterlife and becoming it's own dimension. So, at this point, the primary way to access it is through interdimensional travel. Most Iramasha can teleport to and away from the realm as they choose, however. This is a natural instinct that is born within them.

For the most part, the Iramasha Realm is considered to be a vast and luscious place. There are many types of wild plant life, mythical creatures, dream-like landscapes and multiple moons and sun that encompass the isle. It's almost akin to seeing a fantasy-book come to life when one first ventures into their home.

It is also worth mentioning that the realm itself resembles a flat planet. The Realm is also around three times the size of Earth and appears to have the bulk of it's mass nations towards the center. Since, as of now, they currently have seven billion active beings in their realm. These include Iramasha, all their sub-races and other races that were given clearance to live there.

As for their technology, they appear to use an infusion of hi-tech equipment intermixed with magic and elements of nature. So, as one travels through the different nations of the Iramasha realm, they'll often see mixtures of these found in most of their weapons, cities and so on.

I. The Alekto Barrier

The Alekto Barrier

This is a special zone and one of the first many will encounter to reach The Iramasha Realm. Many will find themselves being transported to a realm which has as sky-like ground filled with cloudy mist as far as the eye can see. There are a few mountains off in the distance, but these are extremely far away for most and are heavily secured by The Iramasha Military. As, in those regions, many sorts of different Iramasha Union members are noted to rest and survey the realm.

They are needed there because this is a heavily monitored zone. In order to access the Iramasha Realm, you must first manage to get pass the Alekto Barrier. In Greek, the word "Alekto" means "unceasing". And, in the case of this barrier, that is exactly what it does. The realm itself is able to manage, block or allow different types of dimensional travel, teleporation and other similar methods of entry or exit. This is mainly overseen by those apart of The Iramasha Union in order to maintain security over their world.

This means that most Iramasha that are not wanted for any crimes or under investigation can come and go as they please. Most will often carry some type of badge or gem which allows them automatic clearance. These are referred to as "Lavra". It is a greek name meaning "an alley, a passage." and this name was given to these artifacts because it allows most Iramashsa passage. A special type of Aether is attached to the stones, verified by The Iramasha Union to check for tampering and then the person itself is scanned and approved or cleared.

If they are approved, they can transport ahead into the Iramasha Realm. If they are denied, then one of three things will happen. A majority of intruders are simply able to be thrown back and warped out of the realm more often than not. Should the intruders still remain, then the Iramasha Guard themselves will investigate and check the matter out for themselves. A report will also go to The Iramasha Union and this person will be watched heavily. Lastly, depending on a case by case bases, The Iramasha Guard can also check and clear varying people after investigating them.

I. The Gia Front & Galene Seas

The Gia Front is the first zone that many will encounter in The Iramasha Realm. Since the world itself is flat, The Gia Front encompasses a majority of the planet. This is because the forest goes in a full 360 rotation across the planet and you have to travel through these out lands in order to reach the main cities. Though, it is worth noting that towards the edges of The Gia Front is another section called "Galene Seas".

[Note: Out of The Galene Seas, the name "Galene" is a Greek name meaning "calm seas." In mythology, this is the name of a sea nymph and goddess of calm seas.]

This is an important sub-zone of The Gia Front because of the fact you'll find many different underwater societies, isle regions and sky cities which levitate over The Galene Seas. Additionally, if you continue to further go out to sea, you'll even get to see a dynamic view of the cosmos itself. As the waters keep flowing until you reach the edge of the planet and they fall off into space. From there, the water is broken down, converted into Aether and cycles around the rotating mass to redistribute Aether throughout The Iramasha Realm.

Now, as for the forestland of The Gia Front, there are many sights to behold as you venture deeper into the world. One will see trees that expand for hundreds, if not, thousands of meters in the air. While mountains with snowy peaks, summer tops and fall summits will extend to similar lengths. There will also be multiple small and big sized chunks of floating land that various Iramasha inhabit. And, in the skies themselves, there will be three red moons that can be seen at all times, while two large suns will be seen during the day time. They can vary in color from white, red or orange on any given day.

Within the Gia Front, both at land and at sea, there is a heavy amount of wild life found as well. It isn't uncommon to find dragons, Pegasuses, giant phoenixes and other types of mythical creatures roaming these lands. In fact, The Iramasha are constantly discovering new species within The Gia Front and it isn't rare to see those form The Nature Shaman's and Hybrid Association attempting to undercover new species.

I. Achim Square: Nature Iramasha Home

[Note: Achim is a Greek name believed to probably be a form of Jehoiakim, meaning "Jehovah raises up." This is in reference to how high their village is in the clouds.]

Achim Square is located in the northern sections of the Gio Front. Residing upon the peaks of mountains which extend for 10,000 meters in the air, The Nature Iramasha's village is found at the top of this summit. Here you can see all sorts of wonderful clouds, the three moons of Gio Front in their splendor and there is a heavy amount of plant life to go around. You'll also find many sorts of floating land masses that the Narture Iramasha travel back and forth from. There are all sorts of different isles for shops, living districts, shaman teachings, equipment stores and so on.

I. Lake Iosias

[Note: Iosias is a Greek name which forms off of Hebrew Yoshiyah, meaning "whom Jehovah heals. This is in reference to the mystic nature of the lake and it's high potency of Aether]

Lake Iosias is a massive lake which is five times the size of Lake Michigan. There is a high amount of rock and water found in this location. The chunks of earth can be found floating in the streams, but there is also a heavy amount of plant and tree life as well that is scattered in the waters and on the lands. And, at night, all of them appear to light up as all the different plant-life, wild life, waters and more illuminate with Aether.

This is why Lake Iosias is considered to be a place of spiritual healing, meditation and release for most Iramasha. The waters are extremely beneficial towards recovering from battle, the plant life found here is potent enough to make the best types of equipment for Iramasha once they break it down and the Aether which overfills the lands helps Iramasha attune themselves with their element if they train.

I. The Sotiria Nation

[Note: Sotiria is the Feminine form of Greek Sotiris, meaning "salvation." They named this nation that because of the fact it seems to be the central hub for most Iramasha which do not come from a sub-race]

This is one of the major clusters of Iramasha population in their realm. It is a nation that is roughly two times larger than Northern America. Therefore, it is rather easy to get lost venturing through these lands. However, it is essentially the base of operations for many General Iramasha. There are still sub-races of other Iramasha that live here, but hundreds of millions of Iramasha call this nation their home. In the Sotiria Nation, they make up 60% of the population, while Angel Iramasha make up 15%, Devil Iramasha 15%, Hybrid Iramasha 9% and Nature Iramasha make up 1%.

Although, that is not counting other races which have found their way to this nation. As there are some humans, Quincy and shinigami that call this place their home. Most of them are able to attain citizenship through The Iramasha Union and getting approval from them. It's much rarer to see a demon or Arrancar here because of the fact their races are met with heavy prejudice and often only The Royal Devil Company takes them in.

With that said, the Sotiria Nation has a great variety of different stone-based structures. As the architecture is a mixture of ancient-Greece architecture mixed with plenty of plant life and semblances of technology. In most cities there are teleportation stations which allow Iramasha to travel between different stores, districts, towns, cities and so on within the Sotiria Nation and make travelling easier. If not, many people get around either by their own supernatural ability, riding atop the mythical creatures of The Iramasha Realm and sometimes by aerial craft which are powered by the worlds Aether.

I. The Royal Devil Company [Devil Iramasha]

The Royal Devil Company is considered to be one of the major nations within The Iramasha Realm. It is comparable in size to Russia and most of their cities are stationed around colossal mountains which can extend from a few hundred meters in the air, to tens of thousands of meter in the air. There are also many villages on the forest lands below and a plethora of sky cities which populate The Royal Devil Company's land.

It is not uncommon to see them running military drills in this region as well. As The Royal Devil Company likes to flex the strength of their faction. So, because of this aggressive nature, this nation is known for it's highest crime and violence rate as Devil Iramasha are known to be tempered and feisty. It is why they've even allowed some of the more darker creatures of the world such as Arrancar, Hollows and Demons into their ranks if they go through the proper procedure via The Iramasha Union to register their citizenship with The Royal Devil Company.

This is also known as the hottest nation within The Iramasha Realm as well. The Royal Devil Company's nation can go through wild heat extremes, droughts and so on without the proper Aether Weather control. As, many Iramasha are known to manipulate the atmosphere and climate in order to better adjust their environments. Granted, many of them enjoy it as it makes enduring their world a lot harsher for other races. It's why they give praise to the sun in some parts of the nation because of the fact their suns shine the brightest in this nation and they consider themselves very blessed with the strength they have.

I. The Angel Society

The Angel Society is considered to be another primary nation within The Iramasha Realm. It is equal in size to a country two times the size of India. Much of it's architecture is crafted with the most holy of aether. Therefore, much of it looks like a picture out of heaven itself and feels like it to. As many travelers and citizens who are apart of this realm are constantly under a tranquil haze. The Holy Aether which makes up this nation seeks to soothe illness, ease mental tensions and help relax the body so that they can live in harmony.

It is why there are many holy temples, churches and places of meditation. The Holy Aether and Aether found within The Angel Society is some of the most pure, pristine and prime sources of Aether available within The Iramasha Realm. Therefore, they worship it greatly and thank the gods for their holy powers by trying to live to a high moral standard and live their lives as proper angel's should. Helping the innocent, providing for the poor, defending the weak and other similar sentiments are shared among most Angel's.

So, it is for this reason they often don't look too favorably upon those that deviate upon this. They can tolerate and accept them, but some prefer to banish and expunge Angel's that move from the norm. It is why there are often separate districts that house different types of "Fallen Angel's" and those that steer from this type of thinking. As there is a divide among Angel Iramasha that believe they do not have to uphold themselves to such standards and seek to make their opinions known. So there is underlined tension within The Angel Society because of this.

I. Salome Square

[Note Salome is a Greek form of Hebrew Shelomiyth, meaning "peaceful." This country was called that in hopes of making it a central nation of the Iramasha Realm where all races could co-exist following The Divide.]

Salome Square is considered to be the central hub of the Iramasha Realm. The reason for this is because it has equal amounts of Devil Iramasha, Angel Iramasha, Nature Iramasha, Hybrid's, General Iramasha AND other foreign races which are permitted to live in this country. It is roughly three times the size of Russia and has nearly every type of terrain one can imagine. From sandy beaches filled with tropical buildings, to forest-like cities, concrete jungles, mass floating cities and everything else in between. It's even where Earth itself got some of the ideas to rebuild their structures like this following the 3rd World War based on the Iramasha's influence in the effort to repair the planet.

Digressing, you can find a HEAVY presence of Iramasha Military in this nation because of the fact this is where their headquarters is. You can also find the central hub for The Iramasha Union in Salome Square as well. So many high ranking political officials, military agents and royal often live or come through this country. It also where a high number of the Iramasha's Military bases and storage centers are located as well. There are an endless supply of businesses, homes and things to do in most cities located within Salome Square. There is never a dull moment.

And, since it is the melting pot of Iramasha World, there are subtle tensions from the sub-races which join this region. However, the Iramasha Military usually suppresses this information in order to avoid any sort of civil war. There have been minor conflicts which have stemmed from Devil Iramasha attacking Angel Iramasha, or hybrid's being targeted for their organs in hopes of using them to attain new power. Meanwhile, The Iramasha Union has been focused on maintaining it's control and attempting to dispatch any sort of minority group that attempts to attack them or go against them for the greater good of their kind. As they do not wish to return to the way things were before The Dividing War occurred.

So there is a supposed dark side to this country, but many only see the light of it and wish for that to remain for as long as possible.

I. The Hybrid Association

The Hybrid Association is the biggest cluster of Hybrid Iramasha in the Iramasha Realm. Their terrority, however, seems relatively smaller when compared to some of the other main nations. The Hybrid Association takes up a space similar in size to America. The terrain it covers is mostly rocky, hilly and filled with tons of mountains. Therefore, the environment is rough; but there is how the Hybrid Iramasha appear to like it.

The architecture of this space also appears to take on a more traditional edo style feel. There are many sorts of different temple based cities scattered about the moutains and they are all kept in the most pristine of conditions. And this is because most Hybrids are very selective in who they let in their doors in fears of being hunted as well. So, their military is often considered to be watching you at all times from how diligent they are in their duties.

The Hybrid Association is also considered to be one of the coldest climates in the Iramasha Realm; as the temperature seems to be similar to that of Russia's winter more often than not. Of course, that isn't to say there isn't Aether Altered zones where the climate and weather is adjusted for those who aren't a fan of the bitter cold. For the most part, however, most Hybrid's seem to stick together and have a strong sense of unity based on their breed. So, from this, most of the inner workings of this society are rather unknown to most.

Most Hybrid Iramasha keep to themselves and are often on a "need to know" bases from how most of their attitudes are. So, many feel the atmosphere of the people are just as cold as the weather around the Hybrid Association. Therefore, one must be careful when venturing to these lands and always keep their eyes open in this land of bitter frost.

II. Realm Effects

Climate Control: There are often various platoons of Iramasha that alter and change the weather of The Iramasha Realm in most regions of the world. These are often done by The Iramasha Uion, Royal Families or other factions in order to adjust the climate to their needs when they need it. They send Iramasha who have skilled Aether Control in order to manipulate the weather and change it to make rain, snow, increase heat and other similar feats. These can even be requested for a fee and they often ask that Iramasha keep up to date with the ever changing weather of their realm.

Aether Atmosphere: While most of the realm is coated in Aether Energy, the Aether found in the heavens and in the clouds are of a much richer and potent variety. When an Iramasha attunes themselves to the stream of Aether near these misty locations, it is possible for them to accelerate their training as their body absorbs the large quantities of aether found in these clouds. It is why sky based locations are often the preferred locations of many angel temples, training facilities and military drills because of this fact.

Healing Water: Most of the water on Iramasha Island is enchanted in some way or another. Many of the lakes, rivers, oceans and streams of water are capable of replenishing energy, healing wounds and otherwise helping to clear the mind when consumed in large quantities. This is because the realm is ripe with Aether Energy and this helps to influence it's restorative effects. Many Iramashsa are even noted as going to many different types of fountains to help restore their youth (which, in the PH verse, is where the fountain of youth myth stemmed from), or they venture to different spas after war and battle in order to help their body heal faster.

Enchanted Plant-Life: Most of the plant life found on Iramahsa are enriched with high levels of Aether Energy. As such, when the materials that they are made of are broken down, they can be used to produce highly potent pieces of magical equipment. They can be used to create potions, enchant weapons and increase the potency of a users magical ability. That is primarily the reason why the realm is so filled with forest life and why the Iramasha often consider their natural habits quite sacred.

Warp Points: There are different transportation pads scattered throughout the Iramasha Realm. These are filled with high sums of Aether Energy and create exact wormholes which the Iramasha use in order to travel from city to city, and realm to realm wherever these Warp Points are located at. They can be as small enough to cover one person, or they can be large enough to transport an entire army. Whatever the case may be, there needs to be a pair of Warp Points created in order for the link to work. I.E. if Work Point A was set up in another city, then in the next town over Warp Point B needed to be established in order for it to work. (So these can also be found in areas outside of the Iramasha Realm when they inhabit various places)

III. Notable Creatures

The Creatures Of Iramasha Island: There are a wide variety of animals and creatures which inhabit The Iramasha Realm. These range from dragons, to Pegasuses, to Phoenix's and every other type of fantasy like creature one can imagine. They are quite abundant in this realm and The Iramasha often use them as pets, battle companions or to simply admire them in their undisturbed environments.



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The Iramasha Union

I. What Is The Iramasha Union?

The Iramasha Union is considered the primary faction that most Iramasha join. This organization was founded 11,000 years ago following the four thousand war known as "The Divide" by most Iramasha. During this time, nearly every race of Iramasha had been at war with one another and a great amount of casulaities and destruction had taken place as a result. In order to avoid this, The Iramasha eventually settled on forming a unified front called "The Iramasha Union".

Thus, this faction handles a great deal of political ties for The Iramasha. In most realms that they find themselves in, The Iramasha Union will often attempt to represent them if they should break another realm's laws. Failing that, they will attempt to rescue them as well if diplomatic means cannot be established.

So, one can also assume that they handle most disputes among other Iramasha as well and is their form of government. Many laws are passed through the Iramasha Union and a majority of Iramasha usually acknowledge their power. This excludes most types of tribes or unions formed outside of it's reach. As there are documented cases of other factions outside of The Iramasha Union. Depending on how extreme they are in their views, they can be considered neutral factions or enemies.

With that said, The Iramasha Union also act as enforcers through The Iramasha Military. This is the force that is often used in order to upheld their order within or outside of The Iramasha Realm's bounds.

The Iramasha Union also serves to protect the balance, but not in the way one might think. Many often equate this with the souls and lives of people and managing who has power and who doesn't. That isn't quite the case for Iramasha. Most Iramasha acknowledge that the business of souls is better left to beings like Shinigami and Demons, but they do lean towards preserving and restoring the actual world itself.

As most Iramasha are often known to be spotted assuring the physical planes themselves are kept in tact due to the fact most Iramasha possess one element of the universe in their Aether. Whether or not they decide to assist the people they find in these lands is up to each individual Iramasha or group to decide. Many Angel Iramasha find themselves captivated to help the innocents, but it isn't an obligation for most Iramasha outside of possibly keeping alliances.

Allies: Gotei Reformed, Vanguard [Through Iramashsa Relations], Sugiura [Royal Devil Iramasha ties to Western Kingdom via Shimura]

Neutrals: Vizard Corps, Yayjuu

Enemies: Monsuta, Shadow Fall, Enemy Iramasha Factions, K-World

Alignment: Neutral Good

I. What Are The Benefits?

Representation: The Iramasha Union, as stated previously, will often represent most Iramasha if they should find themselves in trouble in lands away from their terrority or from the Iramasha Realm itself. They have strong diplomatic relations with many different nations across Earth and the Soul Society, but they will also attempt to negotiate with those in the Demon World, Hueco Mundo and the Sugiuran Realm. This is because they prefer enforcing the laws upon their own kind rather than others.

Protection: Most people who are apart of The Iramasha Union will have protection of some kind or another. If they join a combative branch, it is almost certain that their family and friends will often be under a selective protection program to ensure their safety. The Iramasha who joins any branch can also sign-up to have they themselves protected as well. These can range from different NPC's, to private characters upon request and different types of wild animals found across the Iramasha's Realm that are tamed and trained to guard and fight.

Wealth: Those who are apart of the Iramasha Union will often be paid handsomely for their duties. Every position in the organization has a chance to be paid and they often have enough to always live on their own. The higher-ups within the Iramasha Union will often generate enough income to buy entire arces of land, invest in expansive equipment, defenses and feed multiple families.

Equipment: Most members of The Iramasha Union often have access to materials to create low to heavy grade equipment. It is not unusual for the higher-ups within The Iramasha Union to be able to create weapons of mass destruction if they must. They have also have stockpiles of potions, shields, assault weapons and every type of item one can think of in the different military and Iramasha Union vaults scattered across their different bases. This faction is heavily armed to the teeth for the most part.

Power/Authority: There is a certain level of power and authority that an Iramasha gains as they rise through the ranks of The Iramasha Union. They are able to command chunks of The Iramasha Military, enforce the laws of The Iramasha Union, create new laws, keep other Iramasha in check and enforce the Iramasha's presence on different earth territories they watch over. They'll even be able to order different types of wars, missions and assassinations. And, many will often have diplomatic immunity in some cases or face reduced charges in most incidents against the law. So the higher up you go in the faction, the greater political influence you'll generally attain.

Land: The Iramasha Union possess a great deal of land within Earth, Soul Society and the Iramasha Realm itself. They have established many different bases throughout these realms and they are considered the defacto enforcers of The Iramasha Realm. And, with their resources, they are also capable of producing entire islands from scratch if they need to make more room. So it is not unusual for those in power to request their own private islands be made.

Earth territories -- Algeria, Chad, Libya, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania

Uniforms: Most of the Iramasha Union has some form of uniform with them. The General Iramasha are often represented in red and gold colors, The Devil Iramasha present themselves in red and black colors, The Angel Iramasha prefer white and blue colors, the hybrid's are associated with black and white and the Nature Iramasha prefer green and black. These make it easier to distinguish other Iramasha and what factions they belong to. However, uniforms are not usually enforce.

Generally, if they are representing the Iramasha Union, they just ask that most members wear a arm-badge, crest or something on their person which has their rank and The Iramasha Symbol placed on it. This is often to avoid confusion and tether them to the organization. Most of these items will also be imprinted with a special Aether that can weed out fakes or impostors more often than not. Since The Iramasha Union will request that they mark these badges with a high-class spell which otherwise lets other Iramasha be aware of their ran.

I. The Iramasha Union Positions

I. The Iramasha Guard

The Iramasha Guard is considered to be the primary fighting force of The Iramasha Union. They often help enforce a lot of the laws in the areas that The Iramasha Union control OR their allies in some cases. They are also often the first portion of The Iramasha Union to be called into battle or war. Therefore, if you are fighting inclined, it's more than likely you'll end up here.

The Commander controls a great deal of operations within the military alongside their advisors. They can divide the troops as they see fit, determine what occurs in war situations, manage equipment and so on.

The Commander General is second in charge and their word is almost as strong as the commander themselves. As they almost have the same power as the commander, but the commander can overrule them in some instances.

Meanwhile, The Elite Guards are considered to be some of the most effective and strongest soldiers that The Iramasha Military has. They are often there for muscle, tactician ability or ingenuity. They also have a fair bit of power and are often the enforcers when neither the commander or commander general is present.

Lastly, you have the troops which are considered the grunts of the military. However, when neither of the higher ups are often, they are often referred to the as the enforcers of the Iramasha Union. Since, after all, they are the muscle that helps keeps the balance and order. Some respect them, others loathe them; but they are there to do a job and they do it well. It's even considered a crime to harm or attack one of them without justified cause.


Commander General:

Elite Guards:


I. The Iramasha Council

The Iramasha Council are considered some of the highest class of Iramasha within The Iramasha Union. This is because they work alongside most leaders of the different factions and help to represent the Iramasha as a whole. Therefore, they help to make a great deal of laws, advise the military, meet with other races and other similar tasks. As, it's even possible for them to action in the Soul Society itself with proper approval from the Soul King. Thus, there are two Iramasha Councils for each race as they want each race to have equal representation.

General Council

Devil Council

Angel Council

Hybrid Council

Nature Council

I. The Angel Society

The Angel Society is considered to be the most protagonist based force within The Iramasha Union. They often strive to bring light, hope and wonder into the world by protecting the innocent, bringing miracles into existence and trying to uphold a strong morale compass in most endeavours they find themselves in.

The Leader Of Angel and Heir To Angel's will often have a heavy say and influence on whatever The Angel Faction will do within The Iramasha Union. Even those in The Iramasha Council and Military often acknowledge them as they are the face of The Angel Iramasha for the most part. Since, to avoid biases, The Leader of Angel's and Heir To The Angel's often share the same amount of power so that there are two public faces.

Nobles are often put in place in order to help uphold the will of their people and leaders. They are considered to be royalty for the most part and they often form their own families to reinforce it. For any noble that is listed, they can officially start registering anyone who is apart of their family as royalty more or less.

Courts are considered any Angel Iramasha that is apart of The Angel Society. They will often be represented and protected by Angel Iramasha. Many of them are even marked with holy seals which signifies they are not to be harmed against any races of the Iramasha. This was done following The Divide and ensures that consequences are had if someone from The Angel Society is attacked by other factions of The Iramasha.

Leader Of Angel's:

Heir To Angel's:



I. The Royal Devil Company

The Royal Devil Company is considered to be the primary faction within The Iramasha Union that most Devil Iramasha join. They often represent most Devil Iramasha and are considered to be the most aggressive branch of The Iramasha based on the Devil Iramasha's combative, blunt and up front nature. Therefore, because of this, they often have the most effective protection squads for those under their care.

The Devil Iramasha Leader shares equal power with The Heir To The Throne. The only difference is that he can potentially veto his heirs policies. Other than that, they are both free to create laws, allocate resources, enforce order and handle most things within The Iramasha Union that pertain to Devil Iramasha.

Meanwhile, Highborns are considered to be royalty; similar to how The Angel Iramasha have Nobles. Those that are highborns can often begin creating their own royal families and registering them within the database of The Iramasha Union. With these families they can have a great amount of political influence, resources, power and assistance from The Iramasha Union and Royal Devil Association.

Lastly, you have the Counts which are the bulk of Devil Iramasha who are apart of the Royal Devil Association. They are all Devil Iramasha who have signed up to join this faction of The Iramasha Union. Many of them often have their own plots of land given to them, protection given by The Royal Devil Association and many of them can be optionally marked by The Royal Devil Family so that it is a criminal offense to harm them by other races without proper justification.

Granted, most of The Royal Devil Iramashsa's lawyers are known to be extremely aggressive in their trials and are often able to get their clients out of most trouble. So, many Devil Iramasha are rumored to be criminals by other portions of The Iramasha.

Devil Iramasha Leader:

Heir To The Devils:



I. The Hybrid Association

The Hybrid Association is the Hybrid Faction of The Iramasha Union. These are where most Hybrid's usually end up joining in the Iramasha Union. They give them housing, protection, jobs and education in exchange for joining their faction.

The Hybrid Leader usually has a majority of oversight in regards to most activities within The Hybrid Faction. They are able to allocate resources, adjust their military strength as needed, issue out large-scale battle plans and other privileges that most other Iramasha Leaders possess. So, much of the same can be said for their Heir minus the fact that the heirs orders can potentially be veto'd by The Hybrid Leader.

Imperials are considered The Hybrid Iramasha equivalent of Nobles and Highborns. These are the royals of The Hybrid Iramasha and they can often register with The Iramasha Union to begin making their royal families. Like most others, they will be heavily protected, funded with heavy resources and given a high amount of wealth in order to maintain their power and influence.

Lastly, you have alliance members which are heavily protected out of most Iramasha's. The reason for this is because Hybrid Iramasha are sometimes hunted because of the potential their genes have. Henceforth, it is often a great offense to kill them since most of The Union wanted to persuade people away from killing them off like in The Divide.

Hybrid Leader:
Heir To Hybrids:


Alliance Members:

I. The Nature Shamans

The Nature Iramasha are broken into Shaman levels when compared to other branches of the Iramasha. The Leader of the Nature Branch, he attends meetings in the interests of the branch and leads the Nature Iramasha of the branch into battle or other things for which they are required. His voice speaks for all of them. Meanwhile, The Lieutenant Shaman is second in command of the branch, and can replace the Head Shaman if they need presents itself, speaking with the same amount of authority. At the same time, the Strike Shaman is in charge of knowing how to react in a combat situation, using the elements around him/herself to aid the other Iramasha.

Additionally, the Battle Shaman specializes in using weapons and agility to fight his battles, being battle support to the other Iramasha; while The Care Shaman is to relieve soldiers, acting like both a medical unit and a general medical practicioner. Typically, they use their Nature Energy to heal others. Lastly, The Nature Shaman has a special task: to keep an eye out for other Nature Iramasha, saving them from whatever fate they may have fallen into and supporting them out of it, making them feel welcomed and understand what is going on.

Head Shaman:
Lieutenant Shaman: -OPEN-
Strike Shaman: -OPEN-
Strike Apprentice: -OPEN-
Battle Shaman: -OPEN-
Battle Apprentice: -OPEN-
Care Shaman: -OPEN-
Care Apprentice: -OPEN-
Nature Shamans: -OPEN-

I. Template To Join

Iramasha Union Template

Iramasha's Name: [Self-explanatory]
Iramasha's App: [Link their app]
Branch + Position: [What branch + position are you looking to join?]
Reason: [What is their reason for joining?]

[size=16][u][b]Iramasha Union Template[/b][/u][/size]

[b]Iramasha's Name:[/b] [Self-explanatory]
[b]Iramasha's App:[/b] [Link their app]
[b]Branch + Position:[/b] [What branch + position are you looking to join?]
[b]Reason:[/b] [What is their reason for joining?]



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