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 Vanyel Xioyang [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Vanyel Xioyang [WIP]   Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:30 pm

Human Template

Basic Information

- Name: Vanyel Xioyang
- Titles: Wielder of the Dark Chi
- Age: 23
- Gender: Male
- Affiliation/Rank: Xu Family Manor (Former), Rouge (Current)

- Appearance Description:

Of all of those who have wielded Dark Chi, none have been as evil, nor as vicious as the infamous Vanyel Xioyang....

Vanyel is a very dark character, with white, matted hair, which has a blue strip on the right side of his hair. He wears mostly blue clothes, which consists of a blue shirt, with a blue sweater that he wears, attached to his back. He wields a dagger, and three kunai weapons, along with various hidden weapons, which he keeps in his jacket. He wears black combat boots lined at the toes, and the heels with steel, for extra offensive and defensive assistance. He also wears gloves, with the fingertips lined with steel as well.

He also carries a sword, which has blue wrappings around the hilt, and half of the blade of the sword is black, with the other half being silver. The hand-guard is golden, shaped like a hawk's claw. With the hand-guard being gold, you would think it would bend and break easily, right? Nope! The handguard is very resistant, and is also able to cut people, making the handguard itself a mildly dangerous weapon, not just the blade. Under the handguard, there is a small loop big enough for his middle finger, to which he uses this to spin the blade around, for attack, defense, or just to readjust his grip.

Vanyel's physical makeup is relatively normal. He's slightly muscular, due to his martial arts training, with pale skin, due to his enjoyment of the night, and his lack of fondness of day. He has dark circles around his eyes from his lack of sleep, due to spending many nights awake, trying his hardest to perform dark, evil Chi spells, banished by the Xu Family, because of their righteous code. He is considerably handsome, despite the drawbacks of his appearance.

His face is very young, but also very dark, as if he's constantly sad, depressed, or mourning. But his psychotic grin doesn't say that. He always seems to be grinning like a maniac, because that is what he is. An insane, sick man, obsessed with evil Chi rituals, as well as his own Dark Chi rituals that he created. His eye color is sorta...strange. His sclera are a dark gray, while his irises are a ocean blue, a strange color for a dark person like Vanyel.

- Appearance Picture:



- Personality:

Vanyel is very cold to people, treating them as if they were nothing more than a speck of dirt on his boots. He cares little for anything, aside from those who somehow warm his icy heart. He has rarely cared for anything, even from when he was young. He is also very torturous, often finding a new thing to torture every day, creating new methods of torture on the spot, and loves to watch things die. This guy is FUCKING MENTAL, losing his sanity at a semi-young age from lack of sleep, and constantly researching evil, ancient spells, from the old days of when Chi was first used. Vanyel is very sadistic, a really bad combo with his insanity, often laughing like a maniac many-a times before focusing on the task at hand. He has such a hatred for happiness, unless it's his own, he will seek to destroy everyone's happiness, to make sure he is the only one happy with life, which would increase upon someone's sadness. This man is the true definition of evil in a human. He uses his Chi for evil purposes, whether it be to create evil rituals, or even rituals for simply to torture someone. He has created many different ways of using his special Dark Chi, creating weapons, fusing it to make different kinds of blasts, discs, and more.

Vanyel is cocky, arrogant, and proud, and will always refuse to let anyone work with him, or let anyone get in his way. His arrogance is also responsible for one of his greatest downfalls. He always expects himself to stay in control of a fight, staying on the offensive constantly, caring little about defense or strategy, believing that staying in control of a fight will always lead to victory. He is a solo fighter, making multiple enemies everywhere he goes, sometimes without even meaning to. He is addicted to combat, working out in his spare time to keep himself in shape, and then punching the ever loving hell out of a punching bag, often breaking it, making him laugh even louder. This man is the true pinnacle of insanity, caring nothing for any living being, aside from his own safety, and would watch the world burn, probably sitting in a lawn chair, eating from a nice, fresh bag of popcorn, laughing like a maniac when he senses someone die. He has a habit of tracking someone down at random, then torturing them, and wanting to execute them, but normally they die before he even gets the chance to "play".

He also has a MAJOR temper, often throwing a big fit when things don't go his way, often by unleashing his Dark Chi, hurling the evil energy in all different forms, not bothering to stabilize it, but simply wishes to get the anger out. His anger will never end though, as he gets angry very easily, and tracks down someone to kill to get a rush of energy, or simply to get the psychotic rage out. However....he does have a normal side to him. When he isn't angry, or remembers to take his medicine to keep himself just on the borderline of sanity, he acts very calm, cool, and collected. He still gets angry easily, but he is very calm most of the time when he's on his meds. Vanyel is also very vulgar, never having even one sentence without a single curse word, often swearing about everything. He rarely is seen not cursing, unless he is on his medication, to which, once again, is very calm and collected. But whenever his insanity returns, he once again becomes a gibbering, cursing mess. He also has a small habit of giving the finger to many people, making many people hate him, or even attempt to attack him, to which he responds by retaliating with his own powers.

He is very social when on his medication, almost as if he were never insane in the first place. But don't be fooled by the calm demeanor. This man is DANGEROUS, he still has his murderous tendencies, never laughing, or enjoying the killing when he's calm, but rather look, and act as if he has no remorse in killing, to which, he does. Either when he is calm, or when he's insane from not taking his meds, he enjoys killing. If you see him anywhere, run. Run as fast as you can. Get as far away from him as possible. This man might be the most evil, and the most dangerous Chi user, in the history of Xu Family.

"Hahaha! I will show you the true power of the Dark Chi!"

Soul Evolution Powers

- Natural Attributes:

High Chi Capacity: Vanyel has a very large amount of Chi, which has been tainted by his evil heart, creating Dark Chi. Although his Chi has been tainted, it still functions like normal Chi, able to perform the exact same actions that normal Chi would be able to, but with a little twist. With his Chi tainted with darkness, the skills he uses are coated in a black veil of Chi, mixed with a crimson tang to the energy. When around him, people would start to feel a feeling of fear and uneasiness, which would gradually increase overtime, which is why some don't like being around him, since he always makes others feel uneasy, but that is mainly because they are normal humans, and they don't amount to his power. Higher rankings of power would be able to shrug it off as if it were nothing.

Martial Arts Expert: Vanyel's skill in martial arts is...well...schizophrenic. His best skill when using his martial arts is the speed of which he can move, and connect his attacks. When he starts using his martial arts, such as his custom "Tolling Bell Kick" martial arts set, consisting of high speed, but powerful hits to the head, arms, and legs to stun opponents and make them lose balance, giving Vanyel high control over a fight. Although he is very skilled at martial arts, he can sometimes over-rely on his skill in it, often forgetting that he has other skills, and when people figure out his strategy, he may run away, trying to remember if there is something else he can use to attack, completely forgetting that he has his other Chi skills to use. He mainly uses his Dark Chi Rituals and Spells, and when they fail, he often forgets about his other skills at his disposal, such as Yin and Yang Surge.

- Racial Powers:

"No....this is not Chi....this is.....something greater...."

Soul Force: Vanyel achieved Soul Force from sheer dedication, and training. Lots and lots of training. After years of training, he was finally able to achieve Soul Force, extending his life span ten times the normal limit of a human's normal life capacity to that of the Shingami, but it it unknown how long he could live his life. It is possible he could live for thousands of years, or possibly more. Only time will tell now. Another thing that Vanyel achieved through Soul Force was the ability to amplify his strength, stamina, and speed, making him much more powerful, versatile, and dangerous.

- Evolution Powers:

Enhanced Martial Arts: Vanyel is an experienced martial artist, with Soul Evolution increasing that skill. He had most of his martial arts stripped from him when he was banished from the Xu Family Manor, but even the Xu Family Manor leader could not completely take away his martial arts. He still had the basics, Shallow Kung Fu, along with the martial arts he has created, which focus on powerful, stunning strikes to the legs and head to make the opponent lose focus, as well as keep Vanyel in control of the fight, with the opponent being stunned and with the loss of balance, this martial arts set, named the Tolling Bell Kick, is very hard to master, as the skills within it are hard to connect without constant practice, and the set itself it a strict secret, unless Vanyel willingly teaches it to someone.

Enhanced Speed: With Soul Evolution, Vanyel has become considerably fast, with him able to run almost 75 MPH at a simple jog, with his top speed being about 100 MPH when he's running. Although he is fast, he does get exhausted mildly easily, after 1 to 4 hours, he will need to rest and regain his energy before dashing around like a speed demon. His speed is very high, but it fails in comparison to his strength, with his strength ten times greater than his speed. Although with he enhanced strength and speed, it also leads him to become even more cocky in fights, often relying to much on his strength and speed, which can cause him the fight.

Enhanced Strength: When Vanyel achieved Soul Evolution, his strength increases tremendously, with his martial arts training, combined with Soul Evolution, he was able to effortlessly punch down a tree out of rage, and was able to stop a car with one hand, a feat normally impossible for normal humans. Vanyel soon realized that he had underwent a state of some sort of evolution, which enhanced his powers. But with his massive strength, comes it's downsides. As said, he cares little to none for defense and strategy, side from his own which is "hit it until it drops", or "torture it!!!". Not the most effective strategy, which often ensures either a victory or defeat. Depending on how Vanyel acts and fights, his strength and arrogance can be one of his biggest weaknesses.


Chi Powers


- Chi Powers:

"Finally! The legends are true! Dark Chi is MINE! Hahahah!!!"

Dark Chi
Enter the world of corruption.

One of Vanyel's main powers, and the main item that drove him insane, Dark Chi is exactly what it seems. It is Chi, but it's evil, tainted. The Xu Family believed the Chi would change if the user's heart changed, which is why they kept a righteous code, making sure all the members would keep a pure heart, and avoid falling down a dark path. Unfortunately, Vanyel was one who was immensely interested in this dark path. The man was insane. Dark Chi originally started as a legend in the Xu Family, something that drove them to create the clan. Chi was something a few centuries ago, humans could control very weakly. It was rare that some could even manipulate Chi to the point of making it visible. But when humanity evolved, and were able to control Chi, that is when the factions, and the sects of the Jianghu were created. Many who learned to control Chi wished to use the power of it for evil.

That is when they learned that a person's Chi was in alignment to their heart. If they were evil, well, they created a new version of Chi, one darker....much more was not the Chi the humans knew. This...was pure, unadulterated, evil. And thus...Dark Chi was born. Many wield Dark Chi, but none wield it to the extent, nor with the skill or deadly power as Vanyel. Many would think this man was a pure embodiment of Dark Chi, that is how corrupt his soul is. Vanyel is one of the sole wielders of Dark Chi that can control it to the maximum, even with his insanity. It's unknown how he does it, you can't get five seconds into a conversation with him without getting a blade swung at you. But it is said that he isn't even insane, but merely, that the Dark Chi has corrupted him to such an extent, that he is no longer in control of himself, and that Dark Chi is doing it for him, but no one knows the real truth...

What IS Dark Chi?

In short, Dark Chi is the life energy of someone who has an evil heart, so only the ones who's heart is as black as midnight would be able to become as corrupt and evil as Vanyel has. Dark Chi isn't just the evil life energy of a human, but the Dark Chi seems to change one who wields it, darkening them to their very core. Some who's will is strong enough can resist it, but some, like Vanyel, feel victim to it, unable to resist it, and gave in to the insatiable urge of the evil Chi. This drove him into madness, making him the infamous maniac everyone in Karakura knows today. The Dark Chi gives access to new, and much more versatile abilties that normal Chi would have.

What does Dark Chi DO?

Dark Chi is pure evil, giving antag humans the ability to unlock new heights, as well as change their personality, depending on how much willpower the human has. If their willpower is strong, they can withstand the urges to the point where they wouldn't go insane, but they would be able to tap into Dark Chi. The way to unleash Dark Chi to the fullest, unfortunately, is to lose your mind, letting your most inner evil control you, and your maximum power at that point would be unleashed, with the amount of power being relative on their tier. The way to obtain Dark Chi is simple. A human with Chi powers would at first hear whispers in their head, like a demon in the back of their mind. The whispers would slowly drive someone MAD, making their evil heart even more corrupt, making them like Vanyel, a crazy, powerful bastard, with no sense of reason, and will attack anything they want, depending on what their personality was before hand. Dark Chi is very dangerous to the weak-willed, and if a human were to get a hold of it, they could be corrupted and driven to evil. Do not take Dark Chi lightly....

What are the abilities of Dark Chi?

Chi Corruption: Chi Corruption is something that Vanyel discovered while he was researching the old legends of Dark Chi, where he learned that Dark Chi was considered a infection, where the evil aura from others would infect someone else's Chi, and eventually drive them insane, infecting every last bit of their Chi. Normally, the targets would be the weak-willed, since they were easier to corrupt, but the Chi technique was lost in time....until now. Vanyel, after years of training with his Dark Chi, was finally able to create his own version of it, albeit it being much weaker. It can't just corrupt anyone. It could only corrupt someone who has a Willpower skill one or two levels below him, with someone with a Willpower of two levels below him being much easier to corrupt than one level. He does this by outstretching his arms, allowing the crimson-black energy flow out, crawling around on the ground, which would turn into a mist, and if inhaled, it would get into their nervous system and their blood, attempting to infect them with the evil Chi. But the person is able to fight back, under two ways, One, is their willpower is just as strong, or stronger than the one who is infected them, and two, the person who is fighting back is on par with their strength, or near their strength level, with the same thing on Willpower as strength, the level being one to two levels below the one infecting.

Chi Sealing: Vanyel, after months of research, has finally discovered a way to seal off someone's Chi, similar to how the Shinigami use Senka, it will seal off the Chi flow by severing the "meridians" of a Chi user. This is a rather difficult task, because Meridians are extremely hard to sever when the target is moving, so Vanyel uses this move most of the time alongside a binding ritual, spell, etc. This spell essentially uses Chi to speed up one's movements to the point where they would not be visible, and they would be able to get behind said opponent, and sever the main Meridians in someone's arms and legs. This can be used in multiple ways, with one way using it like Senka, with the user moving at very high speeds to get behind an enemy, slashing at their arms and legs, before their Chi would explode outwards, overloading one's body and killing them. This version of Chi Sealing is very difficult to perform, since most people cannot slice someone's acupoints that insanely accurate, and most would not be able to slice open acupoints so cleanly to perform this technique, so Vanyel rarely uses this, as even he can't perform this version very well. The second version is much easier, but still used more with a binding ritual, spell and all that. This version of Chi Sealing is where Vanyel once again slashes at an enemy's Meridians, only cutting them partially, allowing the opponent's Chi to leak out. This is a very painful method, and that is what makes it one of Vanyel's favorite techniques. This also has it's downsides, with this version of Chi Sealing able to be stopped if the victim can get enough healing to repair the broken Meridians, and the Chi would eventually restore itself over time.

Chi Rituals/Spells: Vanyel can cast and create rituals and spells made from Chi, with a small difference between them. The Chi Spells have slight weaker effects, but require less time to cast, and rituals are extremely taxing, with high power, but takes much longer to cast, with the incantations of Chi Rituals being much longer, and the requirements for casting much high as well, so Vanyel doesn't always use rituals for practical use, but more of for traps and sneak attacks. He mainly uses spells, with the majority being blasts of energy, physical boosts to him, as well as Chi discs, energy volleys, and more. The physical boosts have the same effect as the difference of spells and rituals, with the ritual boosts being more powerful, but take longer to cast and are very difficult to use in quick situations, and the boost spells take less time to cast, but also have weaker effects and last a lot less than the rituals. There are multiple types of Chi Rituals and Spells, but the one with the most of them is most probably the offensive spells/rituals, with high attack and area power, but are sometimes impossible to control, and they can be avoided. Depending on the power of the attack, the control over the attack can vary. If it's a extremely powerful attack, the move might be restricted to where he fired it, but if Vanyel strains himself, he can very rarely, move the attack. However, if it were a weak attack, he could fire it in rapid succession, moving it incredibly easy. The strain on him moving the attack is very great, with the majority coming from Focus, and Willpower. Moving an attack that is very powerful gives him a migraine, as well as making his body sore afterwards, since he doesn't normally move the skills unless he wants to, or has to.

Universal Tools: Vanyel, when he was young, was most skilled with Chi, but not with his ability to simply morph Chi and use it as a weapon, but also in his exceptional skill with creating weapons, and wielding them with amazing skill. His can create a near limitless amount of different weapons, and even common tools, such as screwdrivers and more. He always prefers the weapons, mostly his different sword weapons, as he is the most skilled with, and is at his peak of skill when he wields his katana, which has the name of a legendary blacksmith on it, Kunitome. He had requested the katana to be the best that the evil sword-maker could make, and it was. The sword's name was "Kuro Kumo", translated to "Black Cloud", it was the most deadly sword the sword-maker had ever forged. Vanyel intended to keep it that way. He murdered the man with his own creation. After that, the blade stayed by his side during most of his time in his life with the Xu Family, but the sword was taken from him when he was banished from the Xu Family, so Vanyel improvised. He created a Chi weapon of it, with the design perfectly accurate to the original, so whenever Vanyel uses a katana, he will always create this blade out of his Dark Chi, which makes foes who know the legendary blacksmith shiver as they know the deadly power and evil intent within a blade made by Kunitome, wielded by the most insane person to ever roam Karakura. However, his weapons are not incredibly strong. The weapons ARE able to be broken, but not all of them are able to broken insanely easily, such as a bo staff, or a dagger. His katana is the hardest to break, since it's his favorite weapon, and the main way to keep the weapons and tools from breaking is through his Willpower. His weapons mainly are broken if the opponent's Willpower overwhelms his own, which would make the weapon shatter into black and crimson energy, which would return into Vanyel's body after a short time.

Yang Surge: Vanyel is capable of releasing a powerful, white blast of Chi energy called Yang Surge, which has the power of a Gran Rey Cero, and can cause major damage, but the scale of damage depends of how he manipulates the surge of energy. He can manipulate the energy blast into multiple ways, with one of them, and one of his preferred methods, firing it into a large AoE blast around him, causing major AREA damage, which begins by him charging up the blast within him, which would take a post, if he were to charge up the blast at minimal power, and if he continued charging it, the post count would continue to go up. Another way to use this is concentrating that energy into a blast in front of him, damaging many things in the line of sight. This can be charged up, and has the same limits as the AoE version. Charging starst at one post, then increases with how powerful he wants to make this attack. Although the Yang Surge is SUPPOSED to be a white blast exerting from someone in the form of Chi, but since Vanyel has Dark Chi, the dark, corrupt version of Chi, his is...different. His Dark Chi is black, with a internal crimson tang. Since his Chi is corrupt, his attacks are not only changed, but also enhanced. How so? The Yang Surge is enhanced in the way of range, power, and aftereffects. The range from the blast of energy increased from 2000 meters to 3000, and the effects that would normally would affect people...are not the same.

Awakening: Enter the demon within.

- Awakened Appearance: Vanyel's Awakening does not change his appearance physically, but surrounds him with a black aura, a crimson energy mixed within it. Vanyel's eye color changes to a deep crimson red, with the whites of his eyes turning pure black. His awakening does not main in the form of appearance, but the Awakening mostly mains in the form of the powers that Vanyel gain from his Awakening. More on his appearance, his clothes switch from blue to black, and the white areas on his clothing switches to a deep crimson red.

- Awakened Powers:

Enhanced Strength: Vanyel's strength is already decently high when he isn't in awakening. When he enters the Awakening state, his strength is multiplied, giving him an insane amount of power, but also, a great weakness. He will always either use brute strength to win a fight, leaving him open to attacks, if they can break his combo of attacks. Once someone gets past his attack, he's got nothing to stop it.

- Fully Awakened Appearance: (Describe what your human looks like when Fully Awakened)
- Fully Awakened Powers: (Describe what powers your human gets in this state)


Background History

- Background:

Vanyel was, at first, a normal child, born into the Xu Family martial arts faction, a clan of...strange martial artists, who use a ruler to fight with their martial arts, instead of a sword or their fists. The Xu Family had a special, secret martial arts style for their strange weapon, called the Black Ink Ruler. The style was for Chi users, with the basis of the martial arts being to use Chi is the form of black ink that would be created at the tip of the ruler. The set was powerful, but also had flaws. The Black Ink Ruler was mainly used for offensive combo attacks, caring very little for defense. Vanyel was interested in his school's fighting style and learned it, but he wanted more. He learned that he had an affinity for the life energy some humans have called Chi. Although....when he found out what he can do with changed him.

Vanyel was an evil child, often seen looking up dark chi rituals that usually required far more chi that he could muster, even with every once of Chi he possessed, he could never come close to performing these rituals. Most of them time, he would use so much chi that he would pass out, laying there to be found by the higher ups of the Xu Family, sometimes being reported to the Headmaster for trying to perform these techniques. He often ignored them, and continued his research of Chi in secret. He was born with Chi, but had very little control over it, but he learned to control it overtime. Although...when he learned to control it, he quickly realized his limits, and tried his hardest to get stronger, eventually losing most of his sanity from constant experiments on Chi rituals, making him retreat into isolation, muttering to himself.

When he reached adulthood, he was an expert at handling Chi, one of the best in the entire Xu Family. The headmaster of the Xu Family, Xu Yunzheng, was very impressed with his skill, but was worried about the evil and conflict within the madman's heart. Due to his worries, he sent Vanyel away to a special island with Yin Ping, the village's elder, to help him suppress the evil inside him, through deep meditation and hard training. But by that point, it was already to late for Vanyel. He had already lost his mind, and all the training did for him was give a better control over his Chi, and the training only made him stronger. So, Yunzheng had no other option. With sadness in his heart, he had no other option. He had to banish him. The Xu Family code forbade all people who had an evil heart, or evil intentions.


General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength:
  • Soul Sorcery:
  • Soul Dash:
  • Soul Detection:

Chi Skills
  • Geppo:
  • Vindeca:
  • Tekkai:
  • Yang Surge:

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[mod]Beep Boop! Just checking in real quick to see if this is still being worked on! If it is, just drop a message right on here, if not, you can ask for this to be archived riiight here!

If you don't respond in three days, rules state that I will have to move it into archived, so if that does happen, just drop a message over to the staff request thread and we'll move it right on back to WIP![/mod]


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You have permission to archive this! This is actually the old app for Vanyel. The new one, finished and approved, can be found here.
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Movin to archives on request.

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