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 Bitch, I've Always Trained like Goku

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"...So here we are..."

The man let out, his right hand slowly setting the bag he had brought on the ground. The hat that he wore had a very large brim, preventing his eyes from being seen. Standing there, the male looked back and forth, slowly tilting his head back as his eyes finally came into view. Pure emerald irises looked back at the plain around him, taking note of the desert wasteland.

"Ah, yes, it has been a while since I was here, hasn't it?" He remarked, slowly raising up his right arm as he inspected it. "And it has been... far too long... since the last time I used this body of mine... Why was that...?" He asked not even so much himself as the area around him. "It really affected me, didn't it...?" He asked the world around him, before slowly looking up into the sky. "But... nah, what she would have wanted... is just about anything but this."

So it was that the man looked at the wasteland, before slowly leaning back. His right leg shot out to the side, his body leaning all his weight onto the other leg, stretching it out. "Tsss...." The twig-like man let out, his body shifting to the other side as he let out another small noise. Looking straight ahead, he then tossed his upper body down, his fingers stretching as his arms did the same.

Continuing this stretching routine, the man finally let his form stand up again. "Very well... Let's do a little warm up!" With that remark, a strange knife made out of plasma appeared in his right hand, sliding downwards as it ripped off the jeans he was wearing, leaving him with cut shorts as he began to twirl his body around.

...Rapido... Avaces.... With that thought, Colin Washi's body began to move dramatically faster. "I'm... Colin Washi...." His voice let out, his eyes looking outwards as his right foot stepped in front of his left, then his left in front of his right, creating a kind of circular motion. In reality, energy was pouring through his insides, pushing through him in a rotational pattern.

Pushing his right foot into the ground, the tilly hat on his head blew off from the amount of speed he was exerting, his mouth opening wide as all the energy resulted in his foot pushing into the ground with an extraordinary amount of momentum.

The man flew like a bullet. That was not quite right. After all, a bullet could not reach the speeds which his body was going. Subtle muscle movements sent the flames that should have resulted from this speed from forming, regulating the heat around his body with cooling breezes as the sand behind him shot up into the sky with each step, the amount of momentum he had kicking up a huge wave in the sand from where he had been.

Continuing his stride, the Eagle God pressed his right foot into the ground, his body curving around as the principles of rotational kinematics took ahold of him. Pushing his foot into the ground in an almost an instant later, he felt the wind pass by his blonde hair, his cybermind kicking into gear as it began to rapidly perform calculations. The only enemy that I've got... is me. I can outrun everything else

With that, the man's feet continued to press into the ground at rhythmic intervals, turning exactly .2 degrees with each and every step, making over twenty loops in the space of a second. His breath began to slide in and out, his wind manipulation the only thing ensuring that he could obtain oxygen to his brain. His eyes closed, continuing his microscopic steps as he began to step in exactly the same places in exactly the same ways, creating a large ring twelve feet in diameter of boot prints.

Watch your step, watch your st-- The man's eyes snapped open, his arms throwing themselves out as he lost control, his right foot failing to step on solid ground as it stopped a centimeter above the ground. "Tsk." He let out, his body turning to the side as his momentum began spinning around and around and around. "Excuse me..." He let out, as the wind that he had gathered into the center of the circle began to slowly escape, before being pulled back into his body as it spun around. Four steps now, the same four steps, his body becoming a blur of his green t-shirt and blue jeans and pale legs as he accelerated, faster and faster.

Straight, straight, straight...! He thought, his eyes completely closed as the inner parts of his ear became filled with Rapido Avaces moving counter clockwise to his movements, before coming to a stop. "Perfect!" He exclaimed with a smile, before he ceased his movement. As he did so, all the trapped wind around his body began to rise, his mind processing the currents as wind manipulation around his feet allowed for him to rise, his torso leaning forwards as he began to laugh as the tornado formed around his body.

"Here it comes...!" He breathed out, his hands snapping to his sides as his body leaned forwards, his eyes wide behind his glasses. Looking at the incoming pieces of sand, a wave of wind struck at the base of his tornado, lifting it off the ground as his eyes glowed with their cybernetic enhancements.

The grains of sand appeared before him, and as they did so the swords began to flash. The sound barrier became ignored quite a while back as the brutal fangs of his blades cut and slash each and every one of the grains, his mouth breathing hard as he continued his barrage... until one smacked into his forehead.

In that instant, he stopped, panting. "Dead... Damnit... I'm really out of practice..." The man spoke, his body releasing itself to the winds as he allowed for them to continue carrying him, his body gently rolling opposite the vector that was dragging him towards the middle of the sand twister. At last, he reached the top, and was promptly ejected.

Colin's body flipped, his arms grabbing around his legs before finally coming to an absolute stop. "Damnit. Damnit." The man said, his mouth letting out a breath of air as it brushed the hair out of his face. His head gently tipped back, looking up into the desert sun as a single hand went over his eyes. "...Yeah... that's right... I forgot it, didn't I...? The reason I fly... the Freedom of the skies... Freedom... I'm Free..." With those words, Colin moved Windscar to his side, feeling the thick layer of captured wind that had formed along its blade. "You've become rusted, my friend... I'm sorry... that's my fault. Guess we're two peas in a pod, huh?" He asked his blade, before holding it up to the sky.

"Then... it's time... to sharpen... once again...!" He exclaimed, his form spinning once again before Rapido Avaces let out a massive pulse of momentum pointed up, throwing Colin's body down. As he descended, he lightly moved his body to the side, his right leg gently leaning back as he looked forwards. "Sharpen!" He declared, as the blade emitted a huge cutting slash of wind into the ground, blowing away an ocean wave's worth of sand as it counter acted against Colin's descending velocity, propulsing him forwards as his arms and legs began to break into a dash.

Holding the blade behind him, he lightly began to move it back and forth. As he did so, the sand slid across the blade over and over again. Colin began to move his feet to the side, running well past the last circle he had attempted to create. Now, his circle was forming once again, though a solid line slid on the outside of the ring. Faster...! The male thought with a smile, beads of sweat racing down his face from the heat he had accumulated. Down below, his sword was red as embers, the sand continuing to slide against it before at last it rose out of the ground, Colin's hands both gripping against it as he tilted it first to one side and then the other, making small oscillations as he cooled it off.

"Yeah." With that word, Colin's body came to a stop, all of the speed in his body turning into Rapido Avaces as he outstretched his right hand, the momentum flowing into it as he let out a hot breath. A bit more dangerous now, isn't it? He thought, extending the hand before his eyes. Waves of energy fluidly moved outwards into the hand, Colin's eyes permanently fixed upon it. Softly closing his eyes, the fingers began to move. Rotations began to emerge, the energy turning into a sphere within Colin's hand as he gently breathed in and out.

My true technique... Feather Marble.. or... Rapido Avaces... His eyes snapped wide, his T-shirt billowing behind him as he brought his long legs up, the palm pushing down into the ground. However, the sand was pushed aside by the force of the attack digging into it, Colin's hat being blown away as his clothes billowed about, the sphere expanding as it attempted to keep its shape, small amounts of chaos appearing as they stretched and dispersed outwards. "Got it..." He let out with a sigh of relief, letting the chaos' subtle billows push him into the air, the shield of reiatsu leaving his hand as he slowly came to a stop.

Reaching up one hand, he gently brushed the sweat from his brow, his long fingers trailing along his scalp as he shrugged. "That's a good sign, at least. I think... I can grab my old level of sophistication. I just need to work a bit more at it." The man let out, chuckling a bit as he turned his head to the side. "Oi, oi. You're slow. I've already finished with my opening warm-ups. I left you such a nice trail, to." The man said with a smile, as the Eagle God gently drifted back to the ground in front of the one he had brought with him to this barren land...



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Bitch, I've Always Trained like Goku
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